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Sneaker links:
1. Adidas campus 2000 (true to size):
2. Asics Gel Kayano 14 (true to size):
3. Onitsuka tiger gsm (true to size):
4. Reebok club c (true to size):
5. Adidas samba (true to size):
6. Adilette 22 (half size down):
7. New balance 2002r (true to size):
8. Vans Knu Skool (Half size down):
9. Air Force 1 (half size down):
10. Converse Chuck 70 (half size down):

Here are my picks for the best affordable back to school sneakers you can buy right now.

I'm giving away a Brand New Pair of Shoes in this video the winner of the Giveaway will be able to choose one of The 10 shoes talked about in this video So be sure to stick around to the end The rules to enter will be really simple One of the best back to school shoes That you can buy right now is the Adidas Campus 2000. I mean it literally has the Word campus in the name and the reason Why it's so great is for two main Reasons for style and for price so for Style these will go with any of your Favorite streetwear looks or something That has a little bit more of a baggier Fit just based on the nature of the shoe Now the Adidas campus 2000 has an Updated shape than the original campuses In that they have a much more puffier Tongue and a much more wider profile They come in a ton of great colorways as Well to match your aesthetic but my Favorite ones always have that gum Outsole I don't know there's just Something about it that I really like And for only 110 dollars it's a really Hard shoot to beat and for sizing they Do fit true to size maybe a little bit On the larger size I'm wearing a size 8.5 which is what I wear with all of my Shoes the next shoe on the list is the Asics Gel cono 14 easily one of the most Versatile shoes on this list and by far The most comfortable so if Comfort is

Your number one priority you got to Check these out but they're versatile Because you can wear them in sort of Like a streetwear fashion in a more Casual way just for regular everyday Outfits but my favorite aspect of them Is because of the nature of the shoe you Can easily use these in the gym and that Is something that is important to me Because the more use that you get out of The shoe the more valuable the shoes Will actually be for you the metallic Paneling throughout the shoe is very Trendy right now there's a lot of shoes That have that retro 2000s run but they Also have ones that come in a bunch of Neutral tones which will fit your Aesthetic as well they'll run you about 150 dollars and in terms of sizing these Ones fit true to size I wear an 8.5 in These which is what I wear in all of my Shoes the next two on this list is the Onitsuka tiger GSM this is by far one of My most worn sneakers of the entire year They're just go with so many outfits Especially in my opinion ones that have More of an elevated look which will go Well with your shorts your trousers or Open collar shirts for example they have A nice nice low profile Silhouettes and Come in a bunch of wearable colors with These little accent colors that you see Throughout like this one it has a green On it they're very comfortable as well

And in terms of sizing they fit true to Size I'm wearing a size 8.5 moving on to The reeblock club C which is honestly One of the most worn shoes since I've Got them they just have such a simple Design but one that is just so effective Because they go with so many different Outfits whether you wear them with jeans Or shorts you can dress them down in More of a streetwear wear or dress them Up in more of like a business casual Type of environment the quality on these Is excellent for the price and for Ninety dollars that literally under a Hundred dollars you seriously cannot Miss with these Comfort is there because Of how soft the leather is I'm wearing a Size 8.5 in these and they fit true to Size this next shoe is one that I Recently bought and honestly I've fallen In love with it it is the Vans new School it is an updated look on their Classic old school model which has a Much more puffier tongue and more added Cushion in the collar it also has this Like puffed side stripe on it as well Which I think is really cool gives it Like kind of like a 3d effect and Honestly for 75 five dollars not only is The cheapest shoe on this list or the Most affordable but it is honestly one Of the best this black and white Colorway is just super classic of course And goes with a ton of different looks

They also come in a bunch of different Cool colorways as well and like I said Just for 75 dollars this is a really Tough shoot to beat and it's honestly One of my personal favorites that I have Bought this year traditionally Vans do Fit a little bit big for me so I did go Down half a size to a size eight the Adidas Samba is honestly one of those Shoes that is like taking the Internet By storm is easily one of the most Popular shoes of the last few years and For good reason right it goes with a lot Of different outfits whether you want to Dress them up or dress them down in my Opinion I find them to be very very Comfortable as well because they do have A little bit more of a narrower Silhouette and the next one thing is They have a bunch of colorways that They've come out recently that you can Grab for retail as well as Collaborations if you want to spend a Little bit extra and get more of like a Specialty type product they only retail For a hundred dollars and regardless of Whether you're sick and tired of seeing Them I promise you if you buy this shoe It will easily climb up to your most Worn in the entire year I know the Audi Lead 22 isn't a sneaker or a shoe but But it is a piece of Footwear that I Know you guys are going to wear all the Time especially when it comes to

Lounging around they're very resembling To the easy slides as well in terms of The colorways that they have and they're A lot more easier to get you can buy Them right now for retail for around Sixty dollars the 3D printed which gives Them this cool texture on them and they Do have a little bit more of a bulkier Silhouette so I recommend going down Half a size so that's why I went with an 8 on these the next shoe on this list is Easily one of the most versatile is the New Balance 2002 R I'm using the Protection pack version of these but Honestly I recommend grabbing any of the All gray ones just because they can be Dressed up or they can be dressed down Which is something super valuable to you When you're in school there's always Going to be a reason why you're going to Want to look more presentable but also They're a great shoe to just kick around In Comfort is excellent on these and They come in a bunch of different Colorways that'll suit your aesthetic as Well but I recommend going with the gray One they're honestly one of my favorite New Balances that I've ever bought as Well I have a number of different Colorways on these and they fit true to Size and I'm wearing a size 8.5 whenever We're talking about back to school shoes You have to talk about the Nike Air Force One I'm gonna be making entire

Styling video on these and updated one Which I'll leave a Link in the Description once it's ready however a Couple tips that I always recommend when It comes to buying Air Force Ones is you Always want to prevent creases so I Always add in shoe trees whenever I'm Not wearing the shoes to help uh you Know prevent creasing I've had actually Had this shoe for many many years now And the creasing isn't that bad and I Think those shoe trees really do help It's also very important that you want To keep these clean as well so I always Grab either sneaker wipes or just you Know you can always just grab soap and Use a toothbrush to them and for sizing You always got to make sure you go down Half a size so I always go with a size Eight moving along to another one of the Most classic shoes of all time the Converse Chuck 70 for 90 dollars there's So much value that you're going to get Out of this shoe because you can dress Them up or you can dress them down There's always an occasion where they Look good they come in a bunch of Different wearable colorways although I Prefer to get ones that are either white Or black or something in that's a little Bit more of the earth tones sizing as Well on these they always fit big so Make sure you go down half a size Similar to Air Force Ones so I go with

An eight biggest strength is the Commerce truck 70 unlike the Air Force Ones for example is that these literally Look better the more you beat them up so Don't be afraid to get out there and get These dirty all right it's giving wait Time the rules to enter are super simple All you got to do is just follow me on Instagram like this video be sure you're Subscribed to the channel as well and You gotta comment what country you live In your shoe size and your Instagram Username so I can contact you rules are Super simple thanks so much for watching And I'll catch you guys in the next one