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These are the top 10 Nike Dunk releases Of 2023 so it's finally getting to be That time of year where we start to Count down the best sneaker releases of The year and I know it's only October But there are so many top 10 lists Coming that I wanted to get an early Start and when it comes to shoes like The Nike Dunk even though there's still Like 3 months left in the year we Already pretty much know what's Releasing throughout the rest of the Year and in my opinion the best releases Have already happened I mean hey I could Be wrong I've been wrong before it's Possible Nike drops a surprise insane Release on us but there's no way to know For sure but in my opinion we've already Had the best Nike Dunk releases of the Year and I'm actually holding one of Those pairs right now and the crazy Thing is you can actually win this pair For yourself which of course means I've Got to give a huge thank you to the Sponsor of today's video whatnot who Made this giveaway possible so if you Guys want to win one of these two pairs For yourself all you need to do is click That link at the top of the description Below sign up for whatnot using that Link and you get $10 towards your first Purchase but most importantly make sure To bookmark my upcoming live stream Where I give both of these pairs away

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Upcoming live stream and hang out with Me for a couple hours on Friday night Make sure to click the link in the top Of the description below sign up for Whatnot using that link and again get $10 towards your first purchase which You can use on sneakers in my live Stream not only that if you're there Live you have a chance to win one of These two pairs for yourself which I Think is a pretty great opportunity so It's definitely worth checking out but With all that being said huge thank you To whatnot for sponsoring today's video Now let's dive into the list number 10 The Nike Dunk low red panda the colorway Of this shoe draws inspiration from the Red pandas found in the East Himalayan Region and although the name of this Colorway is similar to that of the Ubiquitous Panda dunks this shoe is Completely different than that shoe the Upper of the shoe is covered in a hairy Dark brown suede to symbolize the fur of The red panda in addition to that you've Got some creamy tan colored overlays Accented by some Red Suede overlays on The heel and then this really Interesting black and white pattern on The tongue but my favorite detail is Actually the dark brown midsole of the Sneaker well not the midsole itself but The way that it contrasts the upper of The shoe it's just got this whole like

Chocy fall vibe to it which I'm really Into and this is definitely a sneaker That I'm planning to pick up when it Finally releases in fact this is Actually the only shoe on today's list That has not yet released at least at The time of filming this video and again Even though this shoe was called a panda It's nothing like the other Panda the Colorway of this sneaker the materials Of the sneaker everything about this Shoe is 10 times better in my opinion I Have no problems with that shoe it's a Black and white dunk it looks very clean I think people are just just sick of Seeing it which is a dumb reason not to Like a pair of shoes in my opinion the Red panda dunks are just a super clean Super wearable very fall vibe that I Think a lot of people are going to be Into and it's definitely going to be one Of the more popular non- collab dunk Releases of the Year number nine the Nike SB dunk glow albino and pretto so AP is well known in the Jiu-Jitsu world For creating modern takes on classic Kimonos and this Nike SB dunk low Collaboration is designed to show off Their unique Aesthetics and commitment To culture one of the coolest things About this collaboration is actually the Materials the upper of the shoe is made Up of heavy GA canvas to emulate the Materials that they use on their geese

The black Nike Swoosh on the lateral Side of the sneaker is meant to Represent a black belt and when you Actually start to pull back some of the Materials on the upper panels of the Shoe you notice that there's a lot of Vibrant colors underneath and what I Didn't realize until recently is that Those other colors are meant to Represent the other belts in the belt System and also to represent the time That it takes to perfect both BJJ and Skateboarding not only that but they Also give you a bunch of different lace Options inside the box so say if you cut Off a panel of the shoe and there's red Underneath and you want to match a red Set of laces to that red they give you The options to do that at first glance This shoe is not that exciting but when You dig a little bit deeper both Metaphorically and literally you start To learn that there's a lot of really Cool stuff hiding underneath the surface Definitely an underrated dunk in my Opinion and I was one of the people that Underrated this dunk at first and now I Kind of wish I bought one when I had the Chance number eight the Nike SB dunk low Khaw skate Club Tobias Macintosh founded Khaw skate Club when he was only 14 Years old by creating a t-shirt to show His love of his neighborhood and years Later kencha skate Club is a force in

The skateboarding community and this Shoe is designed to represent all of That the upper of the shoe comes in Light tan colored suede accented by Green and maroon hits on the overlays Designed to look like the patina on the Crenchaw sign and what I really love About those overlays are the material Usages it's actually crackled leather And it looks really amazing in person Over top of that you've got a light blue Tumble leather Nike Swoosh and a Semi-translucent blue outsole some of The notable detailing on the sneaker is A cruncha skate Club logo embroidered Into the heel as well as a crunch off Sign also embroidered into the heel plus Printed underneath the outsole so that You can can see it through the Semi-translucent blue you've got these Daycare inspired cartoons that were Drawn by Toby himself it's a dope Collaboration and I love the way that All the colors come together to create An understated but still unique looking Sneaker number seven the Nike SB dunk Low noise Aqua so this is yet another Nike SB dunk glow that is not a Collaboration but it's just as clean as A collaboration in fact this sneaker Might be one of my personal favorites on The list I try not to order this list Based on personal favorites and more on Impact to the culture and I guess

Overall wearability but this shoe man o I'd love to have this sneaker almost the Entire upper of the shoe is made up of Suede which is not something we see a Lot of on Nike SB dunk glows or even Dunk glows for that matter the base Layer of the upper is made up of a light Blue suede accented by orange overlays Which of course are also made of suede And then you've got the aqua colored Nike Swoosh again also made a Suede and Then all of this is rounded off by a Very clean single color cream midsole And El soole now to my knowledge there's No story behind this colorway they Probably is somewhere but I just can't Find it and I just really like this shoe Cuz it's such a unique usage of not only Materials but colors and it comes Together in a shoe that you don't see a Lot of definitely a shoe worth picking Up if you like these colors or you're Looking for a pair of sneakers that Comes in this color just be careful not To wear the shoe in the rain because Sway does not do well in the rain number Six the Nike SB dunk low Ramy so this Shoe actually released in two different Variations you had the low top version Which is the one that we're talking About here and also the high top version And they were both pretty similar other Than the cut and the height the low top Version came with black accents and the

Hi top version came with white accents And of course the low was low and the High was high and I'm sure the placement Of some of the art prints were a little Bit different but overall they were a Very similar looking pair of Collaborations so if you're not familiar With raml Z like I wasn't until Literally after the shoe came out raml Z Was a Gothic futurist graffiti writer Not only that he was a performance Artist A hip-hop musician he was even a Sculptor unfortunately this new York-based artist passed away in 2010 But it's really great to see his art Remembered on a pair of really awesome Collaboration Nike SB dunkow the shoe Features a printed canvas upper of Course featuring Ram's art and then that Is actually accented by a black suede Overlay of course because the shoe is a Supreme collaboration you've got supreme Hits on the lace locks and also Throughout the sneaker and all around It's a pretty clean looking Collaboration it's definitely loud and Very unique and if you love Ram Z it's a Must grab but for some of you out there I can understand why you might not love This collaboration that much all that Being said though if you love raml Z It's dope to be able to wear some of his Art on your sneakers number five the Nike SB dunkow fly Street Wear fly

Street Wear was created by Jeff Hans Known as The Godfather of Chinese Skateboarding Jeff created a brick and Mortar shop called fly street wear back In 1999 in Shanghai and since then the Brand is Blossom the concept behind this Collaboration are the Gardini of flowers Sold by Street vendors in Shanghai and You can sort of see that inspiration on Things like the Nike Swoosh the Nike Swoosh is embroidered in white and Designed to look like a bundle of Gardinia flowers in addition to that the Shoe comes in a gray leather upper Accented by bright blue suede overlays Another detail I love is the Chinese Calligraphy found on the insoles it's a Super clean colorway with a lot of Really cool hidden details that tie in Very well with the story and I know a Lot of shoes on this list in fact almost All the shoes on this list are Nike SBs Not just regular Nike Dunks with the Reason for that is because usually SBS Get the most collaborations and Collaborations are the shoes that Usually have the best stories behind Them and in a lot of cases the designs Of these collaborations are more well Thought out because for the stores and The brands that work with Nike this is Their like one shot to create something Awesome so they spend so much time Creating the best thing that they

Possibly can and when it comes to this Nike SB dunk low fly Street Wear I think Jeff knocked it out of the park this Shoe was absolutely incredible number Four the Nike SB dunk low uto Hiram uto Ham is not only one of the most Well-known Japanese skateboarders of all Time but he's also the first Japanese Skateboarder to bring home the gold uto Sneaker collaboration pays homage to a Beautiful Park in Tokyo Japan and Features some of the most beautiful Materials used on a pair of Nike SB dunk Low's this year the upper of the shoe Comes in white leather accented by this Beautiful medium gray buttery newu that Feels amazing to the touch in addition To that you've also got an olive colored Nike Swoosh and some pink hits on the Heel on the lateral side of the heel You've got a feather emblem designed by Japanese artist verie and then the Designs printed on the insole of the Sneaker are made up of little cherry Blossoms not only is this shoe a great Collaboration and also a collaboration With one of the greatest skateboarders Out there but it's also really Beautifully executed the colors are Understated but incredibly clean the Materials are amazing and the story Behind this shoe it's perfect I love This sneaker one of the best sneakers to Release all year number three the Nike

SB dunk l hitos so this shoe is based on The wildly popular naturally flavored Soda brand started in Mexico City hitos I just learned this but apparently the Name hitos is from Mexican clay drinking Drugs also called Doritos I also don't Know if I'm butchering the name so if I Am please don't def me in the comments You probably already did the upper of The shoe is made up of leather and Canvas and the reason canvas was used on The shoe is because apparently they used Canvas bags to carry these vibrantly Colored fruit to the factory the main Attraction on this shoe though is that You can cut off the canvas overlays on The upper to reveal some orange panels Underneath of course being in Collaboration The arita's Branding is Found throughout the shoe on the tongue On the heel even on the heel Tab and the Color way of the sneaker also matches The Branding my favorite part of the Shoe actually is the outsole that comes In green and orange I think it's a nice Touch you don't really see much of it But you get a little sliver of it on the Side and I think it looks dope not only That this has become one of the most Popular and coveted releases of the Year Nike Dunk or otherwise and I don't think It's just because of the design of the Shoe I think there's a lot of people out There who are nostalgic towards this

Brand whether you found it at bodegas Like I did when I lived in New York or Maybe you grew up with it it's a brand That a lot of people know and love and I Mean let's be honest the shoe also looks Pretty solid as well so there's a lot Going for this collab number two the Nike SB dunkow born and raised so born And raised was a brand founded back in 2013 by Chris spanto printup and Alex 2tone Erman and unfortunately this year Chris tragically passed away which has Been a huge loss for the street wear and Sneaker community may Chris rest in Peace he had a lot more to show us but Unfortunately he was not able to Chris Was quickly becoming one of the most Influential names in fashion so it's an Absolutely devastating loss originally These born and raised Nike SB dunlo were Supposed to release a few months back But because of Chris's passing they Decided to postpone the release and they Just released the shoe at the end of September now I've got to say that the Sneaker itself is absolutely gorgeous They did an incredible job in this Collaboration the shoe was inspired by An embodies La street called culture it Features a white leather upper accented By really nice embellished perforations On the toe in addition to that the shoe Was accented by Deep Blue Nuuk overlays As well as some beautiful embroidery on

The heel of the shoe and also a puffed Out lenticular Nike Swoosh and heel tab Some of my favorite details of the shoe Are the words one block at a time Embroidered into the toe of the sneaker On the mud guard which we don't see a Lot you've also got the born and raised Nike SB branding on the tongue tag and Then on the heel of the shoe right Towards the bottom of the sneaker you've Got on the turf plus you can't forget The semi-translucent outsole with the Born printed underneath the outsole it Looks amazing I love the pink hits and The quality of the materials used on This shoe seem significantly better than Most other pairs of Nike Dunks the Leather at least used in the midfoot Panel of the shoe feels a little bit Thicker a little bit more premium I Don't know if it actually is but it Feels that way the sock liner of the Shoe comes in leather the newu feels Very premium and of course you've got All the embroidered hits like on the toe And on the heel it's just such a solid Sneaker I think it's one of the best Collaborations of the year and the final Detail that was added to the shoe are The laces of feature the words in loving Memory printed towards the aglets Unfortunately the release of this this Incredible sneaker has been marred with Tragedy but it's still genuinely one of

The best collaborations out there and It's definitely something worth checking Out if you're willing to spend the money On resale number one the off-white Futura Nike dun Clow this is a sneaker Collaboration that has been rumored for Years we've seen images of these samples For years but we just never knew when a Release was going to happen and Unfortunately virtual ablo passed away Before there were supposed to be a wide Release for these sneakers and so it Seems like only samples were ever made And because of that these samples were Auctioned off in extremely limited Quantities through sou bees and the Proceeds of those auctions at least Partially were donated to charity the Shoes came in two different colorways Both based on pairs from the be trer School pack you had the UNC pair which Came in white blue and orange and of Course the Syracuse pair which came in Orange blue and white and honestly both Of these pairs look incredible and I'm Not just saying that because they're Worth like $188,000 and I'd just love to Have a pair I'm saying that because They're a different take on a shoe that We're very familiar with not only do They feature The offwhite Branding hits Like the double lacing that sort of Weaves through the upper of the shoe but They also feature some really

Interesting color hits like for example On the Syracuse pair you've got this Blue tie-dying or splotching effect Which really gives the shoe a completely Different look than a standard Syracuse Pair and then on the UNC pair you've got A similar effect however on this pair It's not as dramatic as on the Syracuse Pair in addition to the off-white Details you've also got the Futura hits On the heels of both of these sneakers And honestly these might be some of the Best off-white sneakers to ever release According to Shannon ablo Virgil ablo Was incredibly excited about this Release because of the fact that it Symbolized the two most important things To him when it came to Art and that's Creativity and collaboration And again unfortunately he wasn't able To see a widespread release of these Shoes but it's really nice that they Were able to release some of the samples And uh help out a charity in the name of Virgil ablo which I think is a pretty Incredible way to honor his legacy and In my opinion these shoes absolutely Have the potential to become one of the Most iconic collaborations of all time But that pretty much wraps things up for Today thank you all so much for watching I would love to know your thoughts on This list and whether you agree with it Or whether you don't so let me know in

The comment section down below again if You want a chance to win one of these Two pairs of Born and Raised Nike SB Dunk lows for yourself make check out my Upcoming whatnot live stream linked in The top of the description below hit That subscribe button if you haven't yet And I'll see you all in the next one