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These are the 10 best pairs of vans that You can grab in 2024 for over the last Half century Vans has created some of The most iconic good-looking and Affordable shoes ever made and even in 2024 it doesn't seem like Vans is Slowing down anytime soon in today's Video I'm showing you the 10 pairs of Vans that are available right now that Are perfect for any situation whether You're trying to put together a fire fit Go skateboarding or even go hiking There's a shoe on the list for you of Course if you see any shoes that you Like I've made sure to link all of the Sneakers that we talk about in today's Video through the YouTube shopping Tab And through the links in the description Below but with that being said let's Dive right into it number 10 the Vans Mte2 well sure Vans started as purely Just skateboarding and lifestyle Sneakers over the last couple decades They've slowly grown their influence Across a bunch of different categories And with examples like the skate high Mte2 Vans has shown us that they can Create not only solid trail shoes but Also solid outdoor boots while the shoe Shares design cues from the popular Skate high this is truly a trail boot One that can withstand the elements just As good as other boots out there Vans Touts to skate high mte2 as a waterproof

Boot and that's apparently because of The internal hydrog guard liner which is Not only stretchy but watertight in Addition to that this shoe is also very Warm in cold wintry conditions because Of their proloft insulation which According to Vans is a microfiber Insulation system that feels like down But really keeps the heat inside the Shoe of course because this shoe is a Boot it's got to have an all new Traction pattern you can't be using your Standard waffle soles on the ice Vance Calls this outsole the all Trak mte2 Outsole and when it comes to comfort and Support the shoe feels great on foot It's true to size it's very plush and it Keeps your feet warm and to increase the Step in Comfort van has added an ultra Kush in soul to make the shoe feel a Little bit softer underneath your feet Well sure the mte2 does cost more than Most of the other pairs of vans on the List you are getting a decent amount for The money and this shoe is still cheaper Than most of the other boots out there Plus visually I like the way this shoe Looks it's still got that rugged Boot-like Vibe but it definitely has a Bit more of a laidback feel to it number Nine the van skate high so we just Talked about the trail version of this Shoe but now let's talk about the Original the van style 38 aka the van

Skate high first released back in 1978 The van skate high is one of the most Iconic high-top skateboarding shoes of All time the skate highes come primarily In a canvas upper accidented by suede Hits on the heel and on the toe for Added durability and of course the look Wouldn't be complete without the iconic Side stripe on the midfoot of the shoe Sizing wise the skate high does fit Pretty much true to size at least when It comes to length however if you have Wider feet the shoe has been known to Fit a little bit narrow so maybe go up Half a size not only are the van skate High an incredibly iconic high top Sneaker that look amazing even to this Day they're also priced really well at Just 75 bucks I mean let's be real I can Only really think of like one other High-top sneaker that's anywhere close To as good-looking as this shoe that's Priced even in the same ballpark I mean In my opinion this shoe was a clear Winner when it comes to greatl looking High top sneakers in this price point Number eight the Vans era according to Vans the era was the first skateboarding Shoe designed for skateboarders by Skateboarders it essentially took the Style of the Vans authentic and morphed It into something a lot more Skateboarding friendly by doing things Like adding padding around the ankle

Collar and I know it doesn't sound like Much today but back in 1976 that was Groundbreaking it also was the first Time that we saw The off-the-wall Branding on the heel of the shoe the Van's era comes in a canvas upper Accented by some extra details that you Don't have on the Vans authentic like Metal eyelids for added durability and Like most other pairs of Vans the look Is rounded off with a vulcanized midsole And Waffle outsole when it comes to Sizing the Vans era does fit pretty much True to size again they can be a little Bit narrow but for most people I'd say True to size is fine and for 55 bucks It's hard not to own a couple pairs of AAS because they come in so many Different colors they look so good and They're only 55 bucks number seven the Van slipon man talk about shoes that Have been popular for decades the van Slipon specifically in the checkerboard Colorway is one of the most iconic Sneakers of all time time so I'm in my 30s now but I grew up in the peak Warp Tour era the time that everyone was Going to Warp Tour every single year and All your favorite bands were going to be There and everyone was wearing the Vans Checkered slip-ons while this look might Not be as prevalent as it once was it's Still an incredibly popular sneaker and That iconic checkerboard style is one

That will never go away and it's also One of the only slip-on shoes it's Actually socially acceptable the van Slipon comes with a padded collar Elastic accents around the side of the Shoe to make it easier to get your foot In there and of course it features the Vulcanized midsole and the waffle Outsole and I can't overstate how great It is to be able to have a pair of pair Of shoes you can literally slide your Feet into when you leave the house and Then kick off when you get back to the House and they look good like really Really good and finding a pair in your Size isn't that difficult one because They make so many pairs of them but two Because they fit true to size and the Best part is they only cost 60 bucks and If they ever bring Warp Tour back you Know I'm going on a pair of Checker Slipons number six the Vans authentic When I say that this is a pair that Started it all this literally is the Shoe that started it all for Vans first Released back in 1966 as the first pair Of shoes that van ever made the Authentic is an icon in the sneaker World sure it's simple by today Standards but the Simplicity is what Makes this shoe so special so actually Before I got into Sneaker YouTube back In like 2010 and even before that I used To customize sneakers and the shoes that

I learned on were the Vans authentic one Because they looked amazing but two Because it was such a great canvas for Creativity may have sold that phrase From fans's website but it's true I did Customize Authentics the upper of the Authentics come in canvas accented by Metal lace eyelets of course you've got That vulcanized midsole and that waffle Outsole and actually like a lot of other Pairs of vans on this list even some of The shoes that we've already talked About you can get the comfy cush version Of the sneaker which essentially is the Slightly more padded version of the shoe It's a bit more expensive but it does Give you a bit more padding underfoot However as good as a comfy Kush feels Underfoot there are some visual Differences between the Standard Version And the comfy Kush version The Comfy Cush version's midsole is a little bit Thicker which you do notice and that can Look a little bit weird so if comfort's Your main thing go with the comfy cush Version but if you don't like the way That that looks the standard version of The authentic is great fits true to size And it's only 55 bucks plus it's the Original but in my opinion you can't Have the perfect fit without a perfect Pair of socks to go along with your Sneakers and if you've been on the hunt For that perfect pair of socks to go

Perfect with all the sneakers in your Collection and that feels great on foot All day I definitely recommend my sock Brand Apothecary I know I might seem Biased because it's a sock brand that I Co-founded but still we make some Incredible socks that I definitely Recommend checking out through the link At the top of your screen or in the Description below they come in a bunch Of different styles they feel great on Foot they're incredibly breathable and They look great with all of the sneakers In your collection so seriously check Out Apothecary for yourself linked at The top of the screen and in the Description below number five the Vans Ultra range Neo VR3 so this shoe is a Pretty large departure from what Vans Has done in the past like I mentioned Earlier on in the video they've kind of Expanded into a bunch of different Footwear categories and this is their Entry into the athletic footwear Category the Vans Ultra range originally Started as an idea from a surf boarder Who wanted a pair of Vans to rock while He was walking over to the place he was Going to surf usually on Rocky terrain And so the Vans Ultra range was born and Since it first released the sh was gone Through a couple different iterations And now we're on the ultra range Neo VR3 One of the things that van has been

Trying over the last couple versions of This shoe is making this shoe as Sustainable as possible meaning that 30% Of the material used to make this shoe Are recycled materials and some of the Other materials that were used are Actually new sustainable Technologies The upper is made up of leather as well As mesh which apparently is composed of 100% recycled pet textiles the foot bed Is made up by at least 50% biased EVA Foam or at least that's what van says on Their website not only that apparently Some of the foam is plant-based which I Think is kind of cool even the rubber Used on the heel and on the toe of the Outsole Apparently is sustainable in Some way I'll be honest I didn't really Understand what they were talking about On their website it's a lot of big words But apparently good rubber all that to Say that this shoe is specifically Designed to not only be a comfortable All day sneaker but also a shoe whose Design is partially focused on Sustainability and from my own personal Experience with this shoe I've got to Say that it's very comfortable on foot It fits true to size it's incredibly Breathable because the upper is so thin And made up mostly of mesh and the foam Midsole is pretty soft underneath your Feet not to mention the shoe looks Pretty good when you're wearing it

However all of that good stuff does come Out a price of $125 which yes is more Expensive than most of the other Sneakers that we're going to talk about On today's list however it's still Cheaper than a lot of other sneakers From other brands number four the van Sport low it's crazy that a brand with a Shoe as simple as a Van's authentic can Create a shoe that's even simpler than That but the van sport low seems to be Exactly that the van sport low is a Truly minimal '90s inspired shoe the Upper of the shoe is made up almost Entirely of like four different suede Panels and right in the center of the Outside of the sneaker you've got this Very simple and subtle Vans v logo Rounding off the look you've got a gum Colored waffle outsole and vulcanized Midsole and sewn into the tongue of the Sneaker is a tag that says Vans off Thewall Comfort wise the shoe is also Very minimal it's constructed just like A pair of Vans authentic with pretty Much no padding on the upper of the shoe Except around the ankle area however the Padding around the ankle is definitely Stiffer than a pair of Vans Aras and Sizing wise I'd say that the van sport Low fits like a pair of eras or a pair Of Authentics which is true to size However it can be a bit narrow if you Have wider feet and the good news for

You is if you want a pair of the van Sport Lowe's that come in at a very Reasonable price of just 70 bucks number Three the Vans lowland comfy Kush Leather So this shoe is quite an Departure from any of the other shoes That we looked at on today's list and That's because the upper of this shoe Comes in leather in fact The Styling Around the entire upper of this shoe Looks a lot less like a pair of Vans and A lot more like a pair of New Balances Or a pair of Jordan 1es and I don't know If you guys are sub to the channel but I Love leather low top sneakers the Air Jordan 1 the New Balance 550 all those Shoes absolutely love them so it's Really nice to get a version of that From vans in this colorway in particular The shoe kind of looks like a pair of Nike Dunk Clowes except of course with Vans paneling on the upper instead of a Nike Swoosh this 80s inspired sneaker Comes with a leather and synthetic Leather upper apparently it's a mix of Both I'm not going to lie it doesn't Feel that premium to the touch you You've got some padding around the ankle Area and also a fulllength comfy cush Midsole which feels amazing underfoot in My opinion this is a solid lifestyle Choice if you're looking for a Relatively comfortable shoe underfoot That doesn't break the bank they come in

At a price point of $85 and they do fit Relatively true to size but again like Most of the other pairs of vans on the List they can be considered narrow in Some cases I've never felt that but if You have wider feet you probably should Go up a half size and while the shoe Doesn't feel like the most high quality Shoe in the world especially when Compared to like $110 pairs of Nikes or Adidas it's still a solid sneaker Overall feels decent underfoot and in my Opinion it looks pretty good number two The Vans new school now just to clarify That's new school with a K it's not Spelled anything like what you'd think The Vans new school is an updated take On the classic Vans old school it's Basically like they took a bear of old Schools and just pumped it full air Until it exploded this shoe is like a Super bulky a super wide super chunky Version of the old school and I'm kind Of into it in addition to the pretty Standard suede material that you've got On the upper you've got this incredibly Thick tongue that's very very wide and Kind of pushes the sides of the sneaker Apart it does feel nice on the top of Your foot though kind of feels like this Pillow is pushing into the top of your Foot if you like that great if you don't Maybe avoid this one the padding around The ankle area is also puffed as well so

It's incredibly well cushioned shoe on The top half of the sneaker and then the Detail that Drew me most of the shoe was The 3D sculpted side stripe I don't know It's just kind of cool it's kind of Modern it's very skateboardy but because There's so much padding in the upper of The shoe it is a little bit more Difficult to get your foot into the shoe I actually had a pretty hard time Getting these on the first time Vans did Give you a pull tab on the heel to help You pull the shoe onto your feet but Once you get them on they do fit pretty Much to your size they can be a little Bit tight again because of that crazy Padding so if that's a problem for you Maybe go up half a size or just loosen The laces you should be just fine I Might actually wear this shoe with the Laces untied cuz it fits me just fine With the laces untied but I'm not going To lie this is a pretty wild looking Shoe and it also kind of looks like They've updated the midsole too by Expanding this heel area which I think Looks fine of course the shoe still Features that classic gum waffle outsole That's exactly the same it hasn't been Puffed like the rest of the shoe and Actually kind of surprisingly this shoe Does not feature a comfy Kush midsole Which I would have thought would have Been a given especially because the

Whole rest of the shoe is so puffy why Not make the midsole a little bit Puffier but hey let's be honest this is The kind of shoe that you only buy Because you like the way that it looks And if you do like the way that it looks Good news is it won't break the bank Because it comes in at a retail price of Just 75 bucks number one the Vans old School the old school has consistently Been at the top of the list every year That I do the list if it's not number One it's very close and 2024 is no Different if you're looking for the Perfect pair of everyday Vans the old School is way to go I love the other Shoes on the list I think they're all Great but for me the pair of vans that I Throw on the most often is the Vans old School and the reason for that is Because this shoe is incredible it's Like the perfect everyday shoe it's Incredibly clean incredibly simple but It still looks really good on foot You've got a primarily canvas upper Acent by suede hits on the toe and on The heel you've got your white leather Side stripe at least on this classic Black and white colorway and like the Vans era you also have a padded ankle Area of course like every other pair of Vans you've got your vulcanized midsole And your waffle outs soole but there's Something about this shoe I don't know

What it is I don't know if it's a Simplicity I don't know if it's the Classic styling I don't know what it is But there's something about this shoe That just makes this the perfect Everyday shoe since it's first relased Released back in 1977 the old school has Cemented itself as an icon in the Sneaker world and people to this day Still consider this their go-to shoe and The best part is if you want a pair of These they're not expensive they're just 70 bucks they're one of the cheaper Shoes on today's list and they come in Like every color ever and if you're Trying to decide between this shoe and Another classic shoe like the Air Force 1 it's hard not to pick this shoe Because for the same price as an Air Force 1 you can have like two pairs of These shirt might not be as comfy as an Air Force One underfoot but it's still Pretty comfy for all day wear and they Make a comfy Kush version if you really Need that extra plushness when I think Of ANS the old school is the shoe that I Think of and I'd love to know what that Shoe is for you so make sure to let me Know those thoughts in the comment Section down below but that pretty much Wraps things up for today if you want to Grab any of the shoes that I mentioned In today's video make sure to check them Out through the description below or

Through The Links at the top of your Screen also make sure to check out my Sock brand APO we make the best socks Out there make sure to subscribe to the Channel if you haven't yet and I will See you all in the next one