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In this video, we’re going to be addressing 10 common grooming mistakes that men make, and how to fix them. From dry skin to bad hair days, we’re going to cover it all! Groom yourself well and make sure you’re looking your best, not only for your date night, but for your career and social life too! By following these common grooming tips, you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling your best. Let me help you get there!


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In today's video you and I are gonna Master Men's Grooming together in Today's video we're going to be talking About the top 10 grooming mistakes men Make and how you can fix them now before We get into it if you guys are in a Fashion sneakers and Men's Grooming make Sure you hit that subscribe button down Below now let's go ahead and get into it So the first grooming mistake most men Make is ignoring your facial hair now Facial hair can be great if maintained Properly now the key is to find a style That suits your face shape from there You want to take care of it on a daily Basis so I'm going to give you guys a Few Basics on what you need to make sure It looks its best first up you want to Invest in a quality trimmer or razor to Keep your beard or mustache in shape you Also want to use a beard shampoo or Conditioner to keep your facial hair Clean and apply beard oil or beard balm To keep it soft and conditioned now on The other hand if you have a struggle Beard my best advice would be to just Shave it look there's no point in Keeping a struggle beard it never looks Good if I were you I would just shave it Until I can finally grow a decent beard Now look if the cards aren't in your Favor and you're not able to grow a full Beard no matter how hard you try then Just go with a clean shaven look there's

Nothing wrong with it second grooming Mistake that makes a huge difference is Neglecting your eyebrows look I'm Telling you do not overlook your Eyebrows it can definitely be a game Changer well-groomed eyebrows can Enhance your overall appearance making Your face more symmetrical which will Lead to you looking more attractive so You can start by plucking any stray Hairs that appear outside of your Natural brow line and if you're unsure How to shape them next time you're at The barbershop just ask them to shape up Your eyebrows now most good Barbers do This anyway but if yours doesn't just Ask also the unibrows have to go now Look if you grow one there's nothing Wrong with that we really can't help Genetics but once it gets too bushy I Highly recommend you trim it up now Third grooming mistake most men make is Avoiding skin care now look it's super Important you stay on top of your Skincare it's the first thing someone Notices about you as soon as you walk in A room so what you need is a go-to Consistent skin care system one that I Highly recommend is teach Hanley now Look I've tried a bunch of Skin Care Systems in the past and none of them Seem to work as good as teach Hanley now My skin was something I used to be super Insecure about but since I've been using

Teach Hanley it's gotten a lot better And my confidence has skyrocketed now if I were you I would start off with the Level 1 system with the level 1 System You get a cleanser that you should use About twice a day you also get an Exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin Cells and unclog pores lastly you get an AM npm moisturizer to keep your skin Hydrated now you guys can get a great Deal using my link in the description Down below you can get 30 off your first Box plus a free gift look you want to Take advantage of this deal while you Can it's one of the best investments you Can make for yourself now next grooming Mistake a lot of men make is using Strong fragrances wearing too much Cologne or using overpowering scents can Be off-putting remember subtlety is key You want to choose a fragrance that Suits your personal style but don't Overdo it spray a small amount onto your Pulse points such as your wrist and neck And allow it to dry before getting Dressed the scent should always be Subtle and only noticeable when someone Is in your personal space next up let's Talk about poor oral hygiene neglecting Oral hygiene is a grooming mistake that Can ruin your entire appearance no Matter how good you look so you want to Brush your teeth at least two times a Day for two minutes each time now using

A soft bristled brush will work but Using an electronic toothbrush would be Best don't forget to floss daily to Remove plaque and food particles from Between your teeth and one thing you Definitely need is a tongue scraper you Have no idea how much bacteria builds up On your tongue causing bad breath now Next grooming mistake we're going to Talk about is your hands and nails now If you didn't know your hands can say a Lot about you so keep your nails trimmed Preferably with a nail clipper or a file And clean them on a a daily basis you Also want to moisturize to prevent Dryness and cracks now if you really Want to take it to the next level you Can always get a manicure they're pretty Affordable and great for your nail Health I'm telling you getting a Manicure will help you just look cleaner Overall now next grooming mistake we Have to talk about is overlooking your Hair care now look your hairstyle is a Crucial part of your overall grooming Routine so you want to invest in a Quality haircut from a skilled Barber Who can recommend a style that suits Your face shape and hair type you also Want to use appropriate products such as Pomade wax or gel to style and maintain Your hair with ease you want to Frequently used shampoo and conditioner But not every day because if you use it

Every day this is going to strip your Hair of its natural oils that make it Look good and lastly always keep a brush Or comb nearby in case you have to touch It up now next grooming mistake that can Be a little weird to talk about is body Hair now body hair maintenance is really Important especially when it comes to Your back chest and shoulders now Depending on your preference trim or Remove excessive body hair to achieve a Cleaner look you can also use a body Groomer or trimmer and try different Guard lengths to control the length of Your body hair now if you prefer a Smoother look without the risk of Cutting yourself then I would recommend Nair now Nair does smell really bad but It does get rid of hair easily now if You're a really hairy guy it doesn't Hurt to ask for help especially for Those hard to reach areas like your back Now next grooming mistake we have to Talk about is your clothing maintenance Now this one here I'm not gonna lie is a Common mistake that almost every guy Makes you want to take care of your Clothes to ensure they always look their Best so you want to follow the proper Washing instructions when it comes to Every garment you also want to iron or Steam your clothes as needed to remove Any wrinkles and maintain a clear Appearance you also want to pay

Attention to the fit of your clothes and Consider alterations if necessary to Ensure they fit you and your body type Now for the last grooming mistake most Men make and tend to avoid is their foot Care now most guys don't care about Their feet but it's super important you Take care of them now obviously you want To wash your feet on a daily basis and Dry them thoroughly especially between The toes you also want to moisturize Your feet to prevent dryness and Cracking and lastly do not forget about Your toenails you want to trim your Toenails straight across to avoid any Grown nails and use a nail file to Smooth any rough edges now another thing That will help your feet especially if They tend to smell after a day out is You want to get a good quality pair of Socks now one that I highly recommend Are the Goodwill crew socks from Target They're super breathable so your feet Won't sweat and have an odor and they're Pretty affordable and there you have it 10 grooming mistakes most men make and How to fix them now again don't forget To check out today's sponsor teach Hanley first link in the description Down below hope you guys enjoyed this One if you guys did go ahead and leave It a like subscribe to the channel if You are not already and I will see you In the next one peace