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Do you need some stylish bedroom accessories to help you get started in your next home? In this video, we’ll show you 10 items that will make your room cooler, more comfortable and more stylish!

From stylish men’s bedroom accessories to amazing bedroom tips, this video has everything you need to spruce up your room and make it your own! From stylish bedding to must-have bedroom essentials, this video has everything you need to make your bedroom perfect!

A stylish well-curated bedroom is Essential for every guy so in today's Video we're going to be going over 10 Must-have accessories that will elevate Your bedroom now before we get into it If you guys like fashion sneakers and Men's Grooming make sure you hit that Subscribe button down below now let's go Ahead and get into it so first thing you Need to elevate your bedroom is wall art You need art pieces that will create an Instant focal point in your bedroom now Depending on your taste you can opt in For contemporary prints graphic posters Or even curated photo displays that Reflect your personal style and interest Now I mentioned this before in my last Room video but this here is a cause Print now if this cause print was 100 Legit it'll cost thousands of dollars And to me it's just not worth the Investment so I went ahead and made this On a Custom Canvas website that'll allow You to print pretty much anything so if You want something that's super specific That's going to be your best option this Right here is going to add a unique and Artistic Touch to your bedroom now next Thing you need to elevate your bedroom Is a good betting set and truthfully This might be the most important thing When it comes to making your bedroom Look good you want to invest in high Quality bedding that combines both

Comfort and style now of course you want To avoid anything lame like those Childish looking sheets and get Something that's a little more grown up So you want to look for bedding that Incorporates bold patterns geometric Shapes or subtle textures if I were you I would stick to neutral colors with Pops of vibrant Hues for a nice clean Aesthetic getting into the next Accessory you need is a bedside lamp now With the bedside lamp it's both Functional and aesthetic you want to Choose a statement piece that Complements the overall style of your Bedroom there's literally so many to Choose from that'll match the vibe of Your bedroom now one of my favorites is A Sleek metallic finish or an industrial Design for a more modern Vibe it all Comes down to the look you want to go For when it comes to your bedroom now Next accessory we have up is an accent Rug now with the right accent rug it'll Tie the entire room together so you want To opt in for an eye-catching pattern or Even a monochromatic design that Contrast with the flooring now obviously You have expensive hyped rugs you have Custom rugs and you also have affordable Rugs now you can decide which way you Want to go depending on your budget now Next accessory we have up we got to talk About some storage you want to keep your

Bedroom organized and clutter free with Some stylish Storage Solutions now this Could be floating shelves minimalist Clothing racks or if you're a sneaker Head like myself some clear sneaker Displays now you can get these at The Container Store but I would suggest Going on Amazon because The Container Store can be pretty expensive now not Only will this declutter your room but You also have easy access when it comes To your sneakers real quick guys I want To give a huge shout out to today's Sponsor manscaped this performance Package 4.0 is a game changer when it Comes to creating the ultimate Men's Grooming and hygiene bundle now my first Impressions when it comes to the 4.0 Package is amazing you get everything You need and more when it comes to how You look and feel down there now Therefore 4th generation electric Trimmer features a new and improved Ceramic blade designed to reduce Grooming accidents you also get a LED Light for a more precise shave and one Of my favorite features cordless Charging it's even waterproof so if you Have to hop in the shower for a quick Shave they got you covered you also Received the weed whacker 2.0 to get Those nose hairs now this uses a 7000 RPM Motor with an improved steel blade System and upgraded cutting performance

From their first generation weed whacker To better whack your weeds also included In this 4.0 package are two products That I never know I needed until now the Crop preserver ball deodorant and the Crop reviver ball toner spray apply the Crop preserver after your shower for All-day body odor protection now Manscaped even threw in two extra gifts To their performance package 4.0 so here You get the manscaped anti-chafing Boxers and the shed travel bag all of This to take your boxers and comfort to Another level so go to manscape.com Today and get 20 off plus free International shipping when you use Promo code GT Vision at checkout that's 20 off plus free shipping with promo Code GT Vision at manscape.com with all That being said let's go ahead and get Back into the video now next up Something that every bedroom needs is a Mirror now mirrors not only serve a Functional purpose but it also creates The illusion of a larger space so you Want to make sure you choose a statement Mirror with a unique frame design or one Of my personal favorites a full-length Mirror that enhances the visual appear Of your bedroom while making it Functional for dressing up taking fit Pics or even just trying on clothes next Accessory you need to elevate your room Is plants now you can introduce some

Touch of nature into your bedroom with Some house plants now if you're like me You want to select low maintenance Options like succulents or snake plants To add a touch of greenery into your Bedroom now the cool thing about plants Is that it increases the air quality but It also gives your room a nice calming Vibe now if you want no maintenance Whatsoever then fake plants are probably The way to go I mean that's what I Started out with so if you're just Getting into it it's a great place to Start so last accessory you need to Complete your room are Artful Accessories look having an empty TV Stand or a desk just doesn't look right You want to add some personality to it And add some final touches so you can Add in some art like statues figures or Even Legos like I said this is great for Any desk or TV stand not only does it Fill in the empty spaces but you can Also showcase a little bit of your Personality and interests so there you Have it 10 must-have accessories that Will Elevate any bedroom again don't Forget to check out today's sponsor Manscape first link in the description Down below as always I appreciate you Guys for watching and I will see you in The next one peace [Music] Thank you