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In this video, I’m breaking down the 10 different male style aesthetics and explaining which one might be right for you. Whether you’re looking for a streetwear aesthetic, a gorpcore aesthetic, or something in between, this video will help you find the style that suits you best.

What does old money mean to you? What does a blokecore aesthetic look like? And what about the gorpcore aesthetic? In this video, I’m breaking down the 10 different male style aesthetics and explaining what they are, what they entail, and which one might be right for you. So whether you’re looking for a classic style or something more unique, this video will help you find the style that suits you best.

Men's style Aesthetics what does it mean And how do you know what style aesthetic Will fit you best well in today's video We're going to be going over some of the Most popular men's style Aesthetics but Before we do if you guys are into Sneakers fashion and Men's Grooming make Sure you hit that subscribe button down Below now let's go ahead and get into it So first up one of my personal favorites Is the streetwear aesthetic when you Think of streetwear think oversized Hoodies graphic tees oversized tees Cargos and most importantly a good pair Of sneakers ranging from the Classic Air Force One to some hype Jordans with a Streetwear aesthetic don't forget to mix And layer different textures and bold Accessories like hats chains and Sunglasses to complete that perfect Streetwear look next up let's talk about The soft boy aesthetic for those who Prefer a more relaxed aesthetic the soft Boy aesthetic might be your go-to style This aesthetic focuses on comfort and Embracing softer colors they think cozy Oversized sweaters pastel tone shirts Light wash jeans and sneakers you can Also accessorize with some delicate Jewelry and beanies for that extra Touch Of softness now me personally I was Never really a fan of the software Aesthetic but I would love to know what You guys think about this one in the

Comments below third on the list let's Talk about blowcore now this fashion Aesthetic has been picking up a lot of Steam over the past year now the blow Core style is characterized by baggy Jeans vintage soccer jerseys and classic Adidas sneakers now when it comes to the Blowcore Footwear they usually rock Either Adidas sambas or gazelles now of Course there's other Footwear options Out there those two just happen to be The most popular when it comes to bloke Core getting it to the fourth one we Have the old money aesthetic now the old Money aesthetic includes Timeless class And sophistication inspired by styles of The upper class now this look emphasizes Tailored tops crisp dress shirts slacks And loafers now you also want to hopped In for some high quality fabrics and Accessories such as a classic watch and Sunglasses to complete this old money Look so getting it to the fifth Aesthetic we have vintage core now with The popularity of thrifting and buying Secondhand clothes wearing vintage or Retro fashion has become super trendy so You want to invest in a few statement Pieces that can be worn with a variety Of outfits a good example are tassel Loafers now Tyler the Creator is the Go-to person to look to when it comes to This aesthetic some key pieces are Sweater vests chunky Cardigans and a

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Think you'll like this one because it's Filled with everyday Basics that you can Easily combine and wear again and again Now Workwear does share some Similarities with streetwear with Brands Like Carhartt and Levi's being seen most When it comes to workwear like I said It's really some Basics like some cargo Paints or the typical Carhartt trucker Jackets now with it being 2023 raw denim Styles are in and that works super well With the Workwear aesthetic next up Let's talk about another one of my Favorites and that's the minimalist Aesthetic now this aesthetic revolves All around the basics in monochromatic Colors you want to embrace minimalist Silhouettes avoid big logos and opt-in For premium materials you want to focus On quality over quantity and keep Accessories and patterns to a minimum Getting into aesthetic number eight Let's talk about Gore quarter now Gorkcore Embraces outdoor adventure and Functionality now this aesthetic takes Pieces that weren't meant to be Fashionable for example a pair of Waterproof hiking boots and Intentionally styling them to create This core aesthetic now you might even Already own some gorp core items in your Closet without even knowing a good Example could be that North Face puffer You got for Christmas a couple years ago

Now last but definitely not least we Have the Y2K aesthetic now the early 2000s do have a special place in my Heart now I was just a young kid but I Remember the music the culture and most Importantly the fashion now when it Comes to the Y2K aesthetic you want to Embrace baggy jeans colorful tees retro Sneakers and statement accessories Combine all of this and you're going to Have that throwback look that's Definitely in style and there you have It some of the most popular men's Fashion Aesthetics now in the comments Below let me know which ones you like or Dislike don't forget to check out Today's sponsor teach Hanley first link In the description down below as always I appreciate you guys for watching and I Will see you in the next one peace [Music] Thank you