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In today’s video we’re counting down the Top 10 Most Anticipated Sneaker Releases left in 2023 (That we know about)! This list includes Travis Scott Air Jordans, Bred Jordan 1s, Reimagined Jordan 1s, Air Jordan 4s, A Ma Maniere Jordans and more! Check out the full Top 10 Most Anticipated Sneaker Releases of 2023 to learn more!

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The top 10 most anticipated sneaker Releases still left in 2020. so rather Than organizing this list based on my Own personal preference I'm going to Organize it based on release date so the Release dates that are farthest away Will be at the end of the list and that Of course means that the release date is Happening soon will be at the beginning Of the list and I know this is a top 10 List but there was two other shoes that I really wanted to add so they'll be Honorable mentions starting things off With the first honorable mention we've Got the Travis Scott Jordan cut the Check so this shoe is Travis Scott's First signature sneaker and is a brand New silhouette from Jordan brand so far We haven't seen any official images of This shoe however it is leaked that Apparently one of the colorways of this Sneaker will be dropping in 2023 however We don't know the exact release date yet While this shoe is a brand new Silhouette it definitely has some Nike Inspiration in fact it kind of looks Like the shoe is a modified Nike Dunk With some skateboarding DNA also it Seems like some colorways of the shoe Feature straps and some don't I'm not Sure if that's just because the strap is Removable or maybe it's a completely Different silhouette until they Officially announced this shoe we don't

Really have any idea and like I said we Don't know which one of these colorways Is dropping in 2023 or even officially If any of these colorways are dropping In 2023 there's just some leaks and Rumors that are going around so I Figured it'd be good to put this shoe in The video because it's very possible That one of these colorways drops sooner Than later we just don't know when or How much or even which colorway I will Say though I am definitely looking Forward to this sneaker it's always cool To get hyped up new Jordan silhouette This reminds me a lot of like when Kanye Dropped the Nike Air Yeezys and I'm Definitely excited to get a pair in hand To give you guys a full review next up The second honorable mention is the J Balvin Air Jordan 3 Medellin Sunset out Of all the J Balvin collaborations with Jordan brand this is by far my favorite The sneaker is incredibly clean and Incredibly wearable the upper of the Shoe comes in a white tumbled leather Accented by yellow edges and of course Yellow hardware and as an a Medellin Sunset would make you believe the shoe Is inspired by a sunset so of course You've got sort of a gradient from like A yellow to a red to a black that's Actually my favorite detail of the shoe The gradient on the heel tap I just Think it's really really clean and

Really different as far as release date The J Balvin Air Jordan 3 Medellin Sunsets drop officially on September 2nd For a retail price of 250 bucks at Number 10 is the 2023 Air Jordan 8 Playoff retro this OG colorway of the Air Jordan 8 is also known as the true Red colorway and was first born by Michael Jordan in the second half of the 92-93 season and of course got its name From the 1993 playoffs in terms of Air Jordan 8s this is either one of the most Or the most popular colorways of all Time obviously because of its history Because of its wearability and because It's one of the original colorways I Mean of course you got the Aquas and The Bugs Bunnies and shoes like that but This is the shoe that I really think of Whenever I think of the Air Jordan 8 Maybe it's because of what Michael Jordan did in this shoe I just love it This is my favorite Air Jordan 8 Colorway of all time this shoe comes in An almost entirely black upper accident By red white and blue hits around the Sneaker and like I said it's one of the OG Air Jordan 8 colorways so if you're Trying to build a Jordan clock like I Have over in the side of my room this is The colorway that you're gonna need oh In case you guys haven't seen my Channel Or forgot about the $20 Here's the clock it's very heavy still

Haven't mounted it yet trying to figure Out what to do again I don't know dropping everything I did a Number on my foot I need to figure out What to do with that clock man as far as Release date this shoe is supposed to Release on September 30th for a retail Price of 210 dollars Ow coming in at number nine is the Travis Scott Air Jordan one low golf so For whatever reason Jordan Brandon Travis Scott decided to make the last Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 collaboration A golf shoe I'm not mad about that Because I've been golfing a lot recently I still suck but it'd be really cool to Wear a pair of Travis's on the uh I Still don't even know what to call it is In the field It's the links I think it's the links While this is not my favorite Travis Scott Air Jordan one low colorway Because it's a golf shoe I've got to Have a pair and I know for a fact it's Gonna be impossible for me to grab a Pair on the sneakers app so I'll have to Pay resale for it which I probably won't Because I just don't need to spend a Thousand dollars on a pair of golf shoes That being said unfortunately because The Air Jordan one low golfs are Basically standard Air Jordan Ones with A slightly different traction pattern I'm sure a lot of people are going to

Buy these just to rock casually and While yes I don't think this is my Favorite Travis Scott Jordan one low the Design is still very clean the upper of The shoe comes in all of suede material Accented by the sort of off-white Overlay and of course a black backwards Nike Swoosh I really love this shoe and I just know the chance of me getting These is ridiculously low so Is it worth even trying I don't know Another notable change to the shoe other Than the golf outsole is the golf Branding on the tongue of the sneaker Which again I don't think is going to Deter non-gulphers from getting the shoe But at the end of the day people can buy What they want to buy if they want to Buy a golf shoe and rock casually that's Fine with me sucks but still fine with Me when it comes to release this shoe is Slated to drop on October 13th for a Retail price of 170 bucks you know what If you're looking for a pair of socks That match this colorway perfectly or Maybe just a new pair of golf socks make Sure to check out my sock brand Apothecary this upcoming Friday we're Dropping the wavy collection on Apothecare.com which includes this shirt As well as four different sock colorways That all feature these really cool Embroidered smiley faces I don't know if That's in Focus probably my favorite

Collection that we've dropped this year I know I'm biased because this is a Collection that I designed with a couple Different designers I'm one of them I'm Really stoked on how the designs came Out so if you guys want to grab this Collection it drops this Friday at 11AM Eastern Time on apothecare.com next up At number eight the women's Air Jordan 1 Bread set so I talked about the shoe a Lot mainly because red one is my Favorite sneaker of all time so this Variation of the shoe is definitely Something I can see myself picking up And for for those of you that might not Know this shoe originally released as a Men's exclusive limited to only 500 Pairs in New York City back in I believe 2016. and I've told this story a million Times because like I said I've talked About the shoe a lot I was on the way to Work and I passed the event for that Sneaker there was no line and rather Than going in I went to a job that I Later got laid off from so big regrets There and now the limited version of the Shoe probably resells for two to three Grand which I'm not gonna spend on a Pair of sneakers I have but I won't do It again I mean I'm not planning on it So this is a shoe that I want to grab to Fill a void that was created almost Seven years ago now essentially what This shoe is is a bread Jordan one

That's not made out of leather but is Instead covered in a satin material it's Still the same exact color blocking and Colorway as a standard Air Jordan 1 Breds the only difference is the Material and also the wings logo on the Lateral side that is stitched instead of Pressed it's a super clean look and one That I've got to have and while sure I Would rather have the much more limited Version of the shoe because I'm a high Beast I'll still grab it because I Really like it and I guess the good news Is for me I don't have much longer to Wait I've already waited seven years This shoe should be dropping on October 18th for a retail price of 180 bucks Number seven is the Air Jordan 1 low 85 Neutral gray so over the last couple Years we've actually had a lot of Neutral gray releases we've had the high 85s and the standard low neutral Grays But now we're finally getting sort of a Combination of both with the 85 cut of An Air Jordan low neutral gray and I'm Actually really stoked for this release This shoe features a white leather upper And of course because this is an 85 cut Of the shoe the leather is a little bit Thicker and honestly a little bit more Premium it also takes a little bit Longer to break in than standard leather But once you've got it to break in it Feels amazing you also get a light gray

Nike Swoosh a cream-colored midsole and A gray outsole and when it comes to Sneaker heads it seems like people are Preferring Air Jordan 1 lows this year Over Air Jordan 1 highs I don't know if That's just because we're in the Summertime and people are wearing more Low top sneakers or if Air Jordan 1 lows Are just becoming more popular than Highs but either way I do think there's Going to be a pretty large demand for This shoe especially because it probably Will be limited because it's an 85 cut And it's a sneaker that I definitely Plan on trying to grab according to Sneaker news the Air Jordan 1 low 85 Neutral gray should release on October 25th for a retail price of 170 bucks Coming in at number six is the 2023 Air Jordan 12 Cherry so this colorway the 12 Originally dropped back in 1997 and was Made incredibly popular when Michael Jordan wore it during his fifth Championship season the shoe comes in a Relatively simple makeup you've got a White leather upper accented by Red hits On a mud guard and on the outsole of the Shoe this is definitely one of the Cleaner Air Jordan 12 colorways Personally I think I prefer the flu Games that black and red look to this Cherry colorway but still incredibly Clean and while this is not a colorway That I'm that excited about personally

It's still a colorway that I know a lot Of people out there are going to want to Grab it should be dropping on October 28th for a retail price of 210 Bucks Moving on to number five we've got the Air Jordan one High royal reimagined so Over the last few years Jordan brand has Been reimagining some of their more Popular Silhouettes and by reimagining I Mean slightly changing the original Colorway whether that's changing the Material or maybe changing the color of A part of the shoe but nothing major With this Royal one reimagine though it Seems like they're really changing Things up pretty dramatically Essentially what Jordan brand is doing Is taking the classic OG Royal colorway And changing it from a leather material To a suede material in fact at Sneakercon DC I got a really good look At this shoe at the rejuvenator booth And it looks like the entire upper of The shoe is suede which honestly I'm on The fence about I still love the Colorway I still love the shoe but the Suede while I love suede it's something Bad it just doesn't seem right it's kind Of like the exact opposite of what They're doing with the bread for Reimagines next year that uh instead of Coming in suede or coming in leather I Don't really exactly understand why They're switching out these materials it

Seems unnecessary to me but hey they're Gonna try it and I guess that's fine With them it's their brand it's their IP They can do whatever they want and you Know what I can't be mad that they're Experimenting I know I give Jordan brand A lot of crap because I think they Release a lot of crap sometimes but it's Good that they're trying new things even Though a majority of their business is Selling Retros so while this is not a Shoe that I'm incredibly excited for I Still appreciate that they're trying Something different I'm still happy that We're getting another Royal one colorway Because I think the last time we got a Pair of Royals was back in 2017. Actually this is a shoe that I'd love to Know your thoughts on in the comment Section down below also I've done a full Sort of short form review of the sneaker On my Tick Tock at real Seth Fowler so If you guys want to check out that short Form review make sure to click the link In the top of the description below and Follow me on Tick Tock we're trying to Hit 100K by the end of the year Originally I was going to say 100K by The end of August but that's just that's Not gonna happen unless you guys can Make it happen maybe you can I don't Know but getting to the release Information these Royal reimagined ones Apparently drop on November 4th for 180

Bucks not cheap ten dollars more than Standard pair but also not too expensive I guess moving on to number four on the List we've got two different colorways Of the alma mandir Air Jordan 5 Collaboration so apparently these two Colorways have different release dates So the black colorway which is the one That I'm gonna be focusing on should Release on November 22nd and the light Bone colorway apparently releases on December 1st I don't know if those dates Are set in stone I wouldn't be surprised If they both released on the same day or Maybe one releases exclusively to um one Year's website and one releases on the Sneakers app I'm not sure but uh either Way there are two colorways dropping This year there is actually a third Colorway but I think it's a women's Exclusive and it may or may not drop This year I'm not sure but either way I'm gonna focus on the black colorway One because we have more images of this Shoe and two because I think it's going To be the more popular of the three Colorways is my guess again let me know In the comment section down below I'm Not sure but this is colorway that I'm Personally drawn to and in terms of Design this shoe is kind of standard Fair for a pair of Air Jordan 5s you've Got a black nubuck upper accident by a Reflective tongue which comes in sort of

A silvery color of course you've got the Alma mangier a logo on one of the Tongues you've also got this really cool Netting detail on the side of the shoe That instead of featuring that sort of Pill shaped detail or cutout that we Usually have you've actually got the Alma Mania a logo sort of repeated on The netting I think it looks super clean And realistically The netting doesn't do Too much on the side of the sneaker Because it's backed by some sort of Fabric that really doesn't allow for a Lot of airflow so they could pretty much Remove that detail all together and you Probably wouldn't even notice it even When playing basketball so the fact that There is seemingly less ventilation on The side of the shoe shouldn't make too Much of a difference I actually love the Way this detail looks on the side of the Sneaker and weirdly enough it's my Favorite part of the shoe the midsole of This black colorway comes in black and Is accented by these maroon colored Shark teeth and the overall design of The shoe is rounded off by this sort of Pre-aged outsole that comes in a semi Translucent yellow oh and actually I'm Almost forgot I just looked at the Picture and I saw it but there is the Alma mandir logo printed on the air Bubble on the side of the sneaker which Is kind of cool it's a very small detail

But one that does separate the shoe from Other Air Jordan 5 collaborations I've Never seen that done before as far as The light bone colorway it should be a Very similar look except instead of Having black suede on the upper you've Got sort of a light bone or a sort of Almost greenish gray color on the upper Like I said both of these shoes seem to Have different release dates but the Retail price should be the same at 225 Dollars each coming in in a very fitting Number three we've got the Air Jordan 3 Fear so the last time this sneaker Dropped was back in 2013 and since then This pack of fierce sneakers has become Incredibly popular from what I can tell This 2023 version of the fear threes is Very similar to the original you've got A dark gray suede upper accented by Bright orange hits you've got sort of a Reverse colored elephant print you've Got this really nice gradient from like A tan to a black on the midsole of the Sneaker and of course the look is Rounded off by a white hit on the bottom Half of the midsole and a red air unit It's not an OG colorway of the threes But I think it's a pair that a lot of People missed out on and really would Have liked to have grabbed back in 2013 And now we're getting a chance to grab The sneaker once again and honestly I Don't know how popular it's going to be

Because threes are popular but based on What people seem to be liking in 2023 I Don't know if the hype is going to be There regardless I'm stoked for it it's A shoe that I'm gonna try and pick up at Least for retail and one that I'd be Happy to rock and for those of you Interested in grabbing the fear threes It should be dropping on November 25th For a retail price of 210 Bucks moving On to number two we've got one of the Most anticipated sneakers of the year The Air Jordan 11 DMP 2023 this shoe Originally released back in 2006 as part Of the defining moments pack and in that Pack you've got the Air Jordan 11 and The Air Jordan 6. and I believe back in 2020 we got the Air Jordan 6 retroing on Its own and now in 2023 we're getting The Air Jordan 11. and it looks like This year our holiday 11 release is Going to be the DMP 11s now I'm sure You've noticed by now but every year Around the beginning of December Jordan Brand releases a holiday pair of 11s Whether it's a classic retro like the Breads or the Space Jams or even the Concords this year we're getting sort of A retro because it is slightly different Than the original dmps and it's also Almost a Concord so we're getting a I Guess a new take on the dmp-11s and uh It's gonna be our holiday release so This is going to be the main Jordan

Release of December like I said this Pair does look a lot like a pair of Concord 11s however there are some Differences first of all instead of the Mesh on the upper you've got this white Tumbled leather and you've also got gold Accents on both the 23 numbering on the Heel of the shoe and on the Jumpman and Then the detail that I'm not too excited About and I kind of wish they had done Differently is the Milky colored outsole I really love semi translucent blue Outsoles I think the icy outsole is a Lot cleaner but let's be honest in a Couple years the outsole is going to Look like this anyway so I guess Jordan Brand is just getting it done early I'm Sure they're gonna make some story Behind it I'm sure there's a reason why They did it this way I guess it sort of Ties in with the gold better I'm not Exactly sure but either way it's a dope Looking pair of sneakers I'm happy to Have the dnp 11s back in a way and uh It's a pair that I'm definitely planning To pick up although I do already have a Pair of Concords and I don't really wear Them that much and this pair I'm Probably gonna wear even less so for a Retail price of 225 dollars which is What this pair is going to sell for Grabbing this pair on December 9th might Not be the right move for me but I'm Probably to do it regardless and then

Coming in at number one is the Nike Kobe 6 reverse Grinch so as you can probably Guess from the name of this shoe this is Literally the Grinch Kobe sixes except Instead of green on the upper they Switched it with the accent color which Is red so now it's a red Kobe six Grinch With green accents instead of a green Kobe 6 Grinch with red accents now I'll Be honest I prefer the regular Kobe 6 Grinches I think because I'm used to Them and while I didn't have the Original pair of the shoe I did get the 2020 release of the shoe so it's nice to Have at least one of the pairs and What's weird is that I usually prefer Red Sneakers over green Sneakers but Again I think that there's some sort of Nostalgia kind of hitting me with this Shoe so I definitely prefer the original To this new version of the shoe that Being said I don't think it's a bad look So as you can see in these images the Shoe comes in a red snakeskin upper Accident by a printed on black Nike Swoosh the rest of the shoe also comes In entirely red you've got a red midsole A red outsole the only color that's Slightly different is the green hits That you find on the laces and also on The logos it's definitely a very clean Pair of sneakers so I like the fact that They went with a black Nike Swoosh on The side of the sneaker instead of a

Green Nike Swoosh it makes the shoe look A little bit more all year round Wearable it's hard to wear Christmas Shoes when it's not Christmas and Honestly I'm happy that Nike's bringing Back some Christmas theme and they Stopped doing that for a little while Back in like the mid 2010s and even the I guess the late 2000s they were Releasing a bunch of Christmas themed Nike basketball sneakers and then they Stopped and now they're finally bringing That back and I would love to see more Themed sneakers from Nike not just like Individually themed shoes but like whole Lines of sneakers whether it's like a Halloween basketball pack or a Christmas Basketball pack or a Thanksgiving Basketball pack just something like that Those across the brand themes are really Really cool to see and we haven't really Had them in a while so I'm stoked on This and if you're looking to grab a Pair of the reverse grinches it's Looking like this pair is going to drop On December 16th for 180 bucks but that Wraps up the list thanks for watching And I'll see you all in the next one