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I bought the 10 most popular slides of 2023 to compare them these are weird and Find out which one is the best so Obviously it's summertime and during the Summer slides are essential in fact I Have a bunch of slides I have 10 more Pairs now that I did this video but Slides are the kind of shoes you can Wear pretty much all day long whether You're going to the beach to the mall Walking the dog or just around the house And as someone who reviews shoes for a Living I feel like it was important for Me to bring you guys a comprehensive Slide review of not one but 10 different Pairs of slides and I feel like in 2023 Not only do we have the most options Ever when it comes to slides but slides Are as exciting as they've ever been I Mean look at this this is crazy I love This and actually speaking of that if You want to grab any of the shoes Mentioned in today's video I made sure To leave affiliate links to all of these Shoes in the top of the description Below but now that we've got all these Slides why don't we take them outside Try them all on and find out which one Is actually the best let's do it this is Really difficult to carry there's only One side of the pair I have a whole Nother arm full of slides to take Upstairs this is this is a mistake I Should have grabbed the bag you ready to

See the most slides you've ever seen in Your entire life I guess so So as you guys know I bought 10 of the Most popular slides to try them all on And see which one is the best now I do Have this pair of Nike Slides on already Which is sort of gonna act as the Baseline the uh the basic Nike slide of Course I've also got my Apothecary socks On which some people are like why would You wear socks and slides well because They're comfortable and they look Awesome so if you guys want to check out A podcast Link in the description below Plus we've got this insane heskicks Collaboration coming out super sick Jordan have you seen it oh yeah I have It's cool it is nice life seal approval But these are the Baseline these are Like 24 slides and uh they're all right We've got 10 other pairs of slides here At least I think it's ten pretty sure And uh we're gonna try them all on and See which one's the best which one looks The best we got wife's opinion so uh Let's just do it I guess right should we Just get into it okay let's do it number 10 the Nike calm slides let's try them On I've actually never tried these so I'm really excited oh they're stiffer oh They're pretty firm what do you think Visually which one do you like better Out of these two these the easiest yeah

I agree yeah the easies look way better I also don't like the logo placement That much on these yeah they're not bad Though not bad so I'll be honest with You my expectations for this shoe were Sky High the hype on this shoe is unreal And uh the 50 price point is not bad It's just not amazing that being said Even though the shoe is number 10 on the List I don't think it's a bad pair of Slides I just think compared to some of The other slides on the list no matter What you're looking for you can find a Better option so the Nike com slides Come with the foam upper and a rubber Outsole which actually will make these More durable than some of the other Shoes on this list however the foam used On this shoe is pretty stiff so it's not Going to be that soft underfoot and also Though I will say I have very high Arches and there is really nice arch Support in these like it feels this is Best arch support by far out of all if You have high arches this might be the Way to go They're gonna give you a lot Of support and if you like firmer Rides Again great way to go like I said Outside I have really high arches so it Was nice to step into this pair of shoes Because it really felt like my Arch was Supported more so than most of the shoes In my collection it's not my favorite Looking slide in the world but it will

Get the job done sizing wise Nike com Slides do seem to fit true to size which Is absolutely a plus however I will say That they did seem a bit more narrow Than some of the other slides on this List and number nine the salehi memory Pollux Croc slides now these released I Believe a month ago and they're Completely sold out but these are much More traditional slides and they feel Much more like traditional slides They're not like super soft underfoot And these are definitely my favorite Visually because they're cool I like Them I love salahi members shout out to Slave Embry this is actually his Fingerprint on the shoe which is crazy Even with these yellow popcorn socks it Kind of looks like citrus they feel fine Like if you like a more firm ride They're definitely firmer they've got Rubber on the bottom but nowhere near as Soft as the other ones but they look the Best and apparently according to Crocs This is a brand new mold for this shoe Like this is a brand new pair of slides For Crocs specifically for sale heat Memory that he designed so the upper of The shoe is made up of Crocs cross-like Foam and the outsole of the shoe comes In rubber which means it should be Relatively durable Comfort wise like the Nike com slides this foam is not that Soft but it does offer good arch support

Which is always a bonus however it is Softer than the Nike com slides and Honestly if you're looking for a more Supportive pair of slides something like The Nike com slides or these might be The way to go because as we go farther Up on the list things get more cushy and If you don't like that you probably Won't like the other slides on this list Sizing wise these do fit big so I would Suggest going down a full size I Unfortunately went with the size nine Because I wasn't thinking I should Always know that when I'm buying Crocs Go full size down so if you're a size 9 Like me go with a size 8 if your size 10 Go with a size 9 and so on that seems to Be the case for every pair of Crocs that I've ever worn so just keep that in mind If you're buying Crocs and for me the Only downside with this shoe is how Difficult it is to get to grab a pair of These for retail is almost impossible But I guess the good news is is that the Resale price of this shoe isn't that Crazy it's like 10 or 20 dollars over Retail so it's not the worst but it does Kind of suck that you can't just walk Into a store and buy these coming in at Number eight the Jordan play slides I Haven't had Jordan slides in a long time Kind of your standard foam slide nothing Crazy what do you think of these Visually compared to the other ones you

Like these yeah I like those yeah you Probably have enough of this video if You want I don't know if it'll fit you But you can they weren't that expensive Either I think like 30 bucks it's not Bad so this slide is made up of two Different parts you've got an Eva Footbed and a synthetic leather strap Across the top of your foot I would say That it's soft dish underfoot it's Pretty standard when it comes to slides Like I would say when I think of EVA Foam slides or just foam slides and General that are relatively cheap this Is about what I'd expect but for 45 Dollars and in a lot of cases cheaper Than forty five dollars if you're budget Minded this is a great way to go and Sizing wise this does fit true to size Next up at number seven are the ufuas Let's try a brand that I've never Actually heard of before it's called Ufus in college I designed a dog toy Called the ufu I don't know if you Remember that you remember I do yeah I Stole my brand name oh these are weird The drop from Heel To Toe is ridiculous These were also eighty dollars these are Eighty dollar slides look also look how Weird that is like the way it kind of Like is inset in there I've never worn High heels but this is what I imagine High heel slides would feel like all Right I have mixed feelings about soft

Slide was that because they pack out Easier oh I see which means okay also Shout out to you rocking the George the Yang slides I'm not gonna show them on Camera but yo shout out George Nyack Once it was a sixer now we got paid and He's in Cleveland shout out to George They're just not my thing yeah I still I still can't get over that name This slide is incredibly soft to the Touch it's made up of some sort of EVA Foam I believe the official name of the Foam is ufoam technology so they just Love that ooh sound it's just like it Sounds like you're chewing on just a Huge piece of gum this foam really is Incredibly soft underfoot I mean if it Wasn't for the way that the shoe was Shaped I would actually probably put This shoe almost at the top of the list However because of the drop from the Heel to the toe when you're just Standing flat it's a weird feeling Underfoot I don't like it very much and I mean again they're super lightweight The foam is incredibly soft and uh I Definitely understand the appeal it's Just not for me sizing wise though if You do want to grab a pair of ufus I Would recommend going true to size Coming in at number six the Hoka Aura Recovery slides super smooth footbed Feet sliding really easily when you're Wearing socks now I will say that it

Comes like a pretty sharp point in the Front so when you lean forward you do Kind of roll but it's not the same way That the ufus are the ufu is like Literally when you're standing flat your Foot's kind of like angled like this With these your foot is flat until you Lean forward a bit too much in my Opinion what do you think you're my Style person me neither I wouldn't be Mad if you were wearing these like They're fine there's some nice arch Support they are true to size are they Softer than the Yeezy slides let's see No the easy slides are softer for sure But these are close I think I actually Like these better than the ufus might be The same sort of softness you know the Ubers are softer these guys are made up Of an injected EVA foam they are pretty Soft underfoot however they're kind of Ugly I just don't love the way that These slides look for sixty dollars if You're looking for a pretty soft slide Underfoot and you like the Hoka brand This is a really great way to go plus if You're looking to add a couple inches to Your height this slide can do that for You if you're like five two and you want To be five four go with these because They probably will bump you up a little Bit number five The Croc Echo slides now These are based off the Crocs Echoes Which kind of look like the salehi

Beverage and I've heard from Hess kicks That these are actually more comfortable Than the Crocs Mellows so and I can see That I can see that they're definitely Softer underfoot they're uglier I like a More simple look me too yeah I went down A size so these are size eight I'm a Size nine I would do that for anything Crocs can we throw on one of these guys Kind of getting a meaty comparison oh Yeah they're definitely softer they're a Little bit higher it's not like that Much softer though like it's not like Mind-blowing this stuff if you saw me Walking down the street in these which One would you be like which one would You holla at me in well you probably Wouldn't holler at me at all I would Take notice if you were wearing like That guy's wearing Crocs what a loser so Again when it comes to these Crocs I Would suggest going down a full size I Grab these in a size eight instead of a Size nine if it perfectly a full size Down visually I feel like these are sort Of a a discount salehi memory slide Which to be fair it looks nothing like The salehi memory slides but it does Look like the salehi membrane Crocs and I feel like Crocs is kind of not biting On their own collaboration but Definitely trying to profit off of it Which is fine they can do that it's Their brand but uh I just don't really

Love the way this slide looks I feel Like it's pretty ugly it looks like a Peanut especially in this colorway in Other color ways it doesn't as much but It's a weird looking slide as you may Have guessed this slide is made up of Cross-light foam and is actually Incredibly soft and comfortable Underfoot there's this sort of like Inner area which is made up of I'm Assuming the cross light which is really Soft and then this outer shell which is A little bit stiffer probably for Durability and uh it's very soft Underfoot like I genuinely might wear This around the house a lot maybe not so Much outside the house but inside the House for sure number four the Adidas Adelaide 22. let's try these guys on the Adlet 22s which Kanye said were uh Copies of the easy slides not bad not Not soft though what does Benny think Apparently he likes them they're perfect For the bottom of my feet like the shape Of these fit my foot perfectly true to Size no issues there not very soft but They feel really nice a little bit arch Support which I appreciate some nice Grooves for your toes but not too much Groove to where you feel like there's Too much of a drop let me compare them To the Soleil he's really quick oh yeah The Adidas Adela 22s for sure I also Like the Aesthetics of these what do you

Think of these they're nice looking do You think these are the best looking you Think so they're intriguing I mean I Like so ladies but oh fair enough fair Enough I really don't love when a brand Names their shoe the name of the year Like the adlet 22s it first released in 2022 if they don't release one in 23 It's just kind of a weird naming scheme So I don't know if they're dropping one In 2023 I don't know if they're dropping One in 2024 I have no idea but either Way this is Seattle at 22 and it looks a Lot like a pair of Yeezy slides but with That being said it's actually a Completely different kind of slide this Slide is made up of injected EVA foam Which I guess is also very similar to a Pair of Yeezy slides however the Consistency of this slide is much Stiffer than the easy slides it's not a Soft underfoot however the footbed of This shoe is much more contoured to the Bottom of your foot which feels really Good plus it's super lightweight Probably one of the lightest weight Slides on today's list and it also fits True to size which is always a good Thing and I think if you like the way This slide looks you can't really go Wrong with it especially at the 60 or Even cheaper price point depending on Which colorway you go for and even Though the foam isn't as soft as some of

The other shoes on this list it is still Soft enough underfoot and because of the Way it's contoured it feels great next Up number three is the Asics active Breeze we've got my favorite of the Slides I'm gonna be a little bit biased Because I love 3D printing these are the 3D printed A6 active breeze so these Shoes are uh pretty wild they're Completely 3D printed I bought them last Year for like 300 which is stupid I Think they retail for like 70 but they Were completely sold out and these feel Ridiculous underfoot So Soft now sizing On these socks I'm gonna be honest with You sizing really sucks because these Only come in like small medium and large And I'm a size nine and these fit these Are a large so I think they fit like Nine to twelve and they're much closer To like a 10 and a half 11 than a 9 or 12. so um unfortunately I probably Should have grabbed the medium I didn't Know that at the time I can't return Them I've worn them a bunch too unless You're like the middle size of the small Medium or large you're not really going To get a pair that's gonna fit you that Well it's either going to be a little Bit too small or in my case like a boat You like the way they look yeah they're Cool they're super cool right they're Pretty I love them I love the way that They look but the sizing really bums me

Out all that being said though I Absolutely think this is the future in My opinion this is the softest and most Comfortable slide on the list the Breathability is unparalleled because of The fact that it's literally just made Up of this lattice 3D print and I think In the future people will be able to Scan their feet and get support exactly For what they need printed out right for Them right when they're buying the shoe I think that's the future for sure and It's super cool I will say unfortunately That this slide is very difficult to get And very expensive if you can grab a Pair of these for retail you're going to Pay 80 but if you can't like I wasn't Able to you probably are gonna have to Pay like 120 dollars for these on the Resale Market I paid 300 because I got These right and they came out but uh Honestly I don't even regret it because It's such a comfortable shoe and it's so Crazy and I do have to say that during The review of this show I got a lot of Comments of people saying oh there's Gonna be dog poop stuck up in the bottom Of it and uh while I haven't had that Specific thing happen I have had a lot Of things get caught up in the 3D Printed I guess mesh area of the shoe And they're almost impossible to get out So if you're worried about getting Things caught in your shoes then maybe

This isn't the right way to go or maybe They should add some sort of like rubber Outsole I'm not sure but either way if You're worried about that or you walk Through a lot of dog crap then maybe Don't get these so for me the reason These shoes aren't on the top of the List even though I think they're by far The coolest is because the sizing is Screwed up and they're pretty difficult To get next up at number two the Adidas Yeezy slide next up let's go with an old Standard one that everyone knows and Everyone loves the Yeezy slides I've won A bunch I haven't tried them like Compared to other slides in a row though They are soft these are really nice so The problem with these is that Adidas is Not making these anymore so if you want These you're either gonna have to buy Them in like one of the random Adidas Like clear out sales or um through a Reseller unfortunately you're probably Gonna have to pay like 100 something Dollars for these but they're incredibly Soft let me compared to the ufoos yeah The easy slide's better the reason I Like the easy slides better is not Because they're softer they're about the Same it's because there's no like Drop From Heel To Toe uh the problem with the Easy slides though is that if you're Wearing them like with no socks which by The way again check out a pathcare link

In the description below they're gonna Rub against your skin that's the problem That I've had especially when going to The beach now unfortunately even though This shoe retailed for 60 dollars it's Completely discontinued Kanye West and Adidas have parted ways so there's not Going to be any new pairs of Yeezy Slides releasing so even though the Shoot did retail for 60 dollars it's now Reselling for over a hundred dollars in Certain colorways that being said this Injected EVA foam slide is incredibly Comfortable underfoot one of the softest Shoes on this list probably number two If you're just going off pure softness Underfoot plus it looks amazing I love The way the shoe looks there's a reason Why the shoe is so popular and one it's Because it's a Yeezy but two it's also Because it looks really cool if you do However decide to grab a pair of these For resale I would suggest grabbing Yeezy slides true to size because for me That's how they fit but it's a pair of Shoes that I think in the future I will Buy more pairs of and pay resale for Them because it's that good of a slide However if you don't want to pay resale For this pair of shoes or you just don't Like Kanye West this might not be the Way to go but uh I don't think that Should invalidate the fact that this Shoe is really great and finally at

Number one is the Crocs mellow recovery Slide now I've actually had a pair of These before they're very dirty so I Want to buy a new pair just to show you Guys what they look like when they're Clean and they're nice they're simple They're uh they're not too crazy but They're very soft underfoot what do you Think sure you like these um you've Probably seen me wearing these before Yeah very nice in her foot very cushy Kind of like a gel I think I grabbed a Size eight though let me see yeah size Eight so with these you want to go a Half size or a full size down because I'm a size nine size eight fits it's Even like a little I didn't even say Size Eight's a little big I'm not gonna Lie to you guys I did not expect that I Would put this shoe at the top of the List and I'm the one who made the list But after wearing the shoe and comparing It to all the other shoes on this list I Genuinely think that this is the perfect Mix of comfort style and price so let me Get the one downside out of the way First and that of course is sizing like I've said throughout this entire video Crocs fit big so grab this shoe a size Down that's the only downside in my Opinion aesthetically it's a little dull However when you combine that with the Incredible light ride foam Comfort Underfoot and the fact that this slide

Only really cost fifty dollars which is Not cheap but it's also not too Expensive it's actually the second Cheapest shoe on this list you get an Incredibly well-rounded slide that I've Actually had a pair of for six months I've been wearing them every day and They feel amazing no the slide is not as Cool as the acti breeze or the Yeezy Slide or even the slayy bembury pawlex Croc slides however this slide Definitely gets a job done and if you're Looking for an everyday slide that you Can wear to the beach the mall to work Out in whatever the case may be this is The one that I recommend but hey those Are just my thoughts and opinions I'd Love to know yours in the comment Section down below make sure to hit that Subscribe button on the way out and I'll See you all in the next one