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It’s that time again, a brand new month full of insane new sneakers to get ready for. Like always I’ve made a Top 10 list of the most hyped sneakers that are dropping and let me tell you guys here’s a lot to get excited about this month because it’s pretty packed. We may even have some of the most hyped sneakers of the year dropping this month. So to make sure you are ready & have all the dates be sure to catch the full video!

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It is May guys and it’s time for me to Get you all ready for the month ahead And there’s definitely some bangers this Month there is the top 10 most hype Sneakers dropping in May coming at Number 10 is the Nike Dunk High gold Mountain now these are gonna be dropping On March the 9th and even though I don’t Expect to hype on these things to be Absolutely incredible I do think it’s a Super clean colorway on a pair of dunk Highs obviously another Chinese New Year Themed pair of dunks I feel like there’s Been a bunch this year this one Definitely keeps it a lot more subtle You’ve got all over gray and white Panels on the upper relatively nice Materials with the suede that covers all Of the light gray coming in at number Nine is a little bit more of a confusing One it’s the Jordan one craft or Vibrations of Niger so these are gonna Be dropping on the 27th of May and the Confusion comes from the name of this Sneaker so when we first got the leaked Images of this pair of shoes people were Calling this the vibrations of Niger However when the Nike team showed it off On the Nike sneakers app during a live Stream they didn’t call it that at all They just said it was a Jordan one craft Either way overall as a pair of Jordan Ones it looks like it’s going to be Relatively good material and with all of

Those sale hits like on the laces the Outsole and even in between the actual Leather panels it definitely has a more Of a vintage look taking the number Eight spot is a release that’s right Around the corner a pair that we kind of Have seen before it’s the Nike Dunk low UNLV Saturn so these are going to be Dropping on May the 5th and like I said This colorway has released relatively Recently within the past couple of years But this is the Saturn version so yeah If you want a pair of this might be Relatively limited considering it’s Dropping on the Nike sneakers app and Not the regular Nike app taking the Number seven spot is a pair of Jordan Ones which I think probably will be Underrated it’s the Jordan 1 low OGX Sale now these are gonna be dropping on May the 25th and this is kind of the Second colorway of this OGX I guess Experimental type of way that Jordan Brand has done the Jordan one low Essentially it’s kind of like all the Materials on it are flipped inside out Because it’s completely raw Edge and you Get a bunch of exposed foam on it now I’m not entirely sure if I prefer this L1 to the original black colorway all I Know is that black colorway was slapped On because it is actually really nice on Foot and I guarantee we’re gonna see a Bunch of off-white Customs done on this

Pair of shoes just like the last Colorway guys the third and final drop Of the represent ss-23 collection has Landed and it is packed with Summer Ready pieces a huge thanks to represent For sponsoring today’s video and sending Out some of my favorite pieces to show You guys one of my favorite combos is The storms in heaven denim set I think These work incredibly well as a pair but Obviously you can wear them individually Which just maximizes the versatility of This outfit both the denim jacket and The jeans come in the classic represent Vintage blue and cream color I’m such a Big fan of this colorway because it goes So perfectly accented by darker or Lighter colors now the sizing I’ve Listed everything down in the Description so you can go and check it Out along with my measurements now I’m a Huge fan of shirts during the warmer Months and this latest collection from Represent has a bunch of different Options so my two favorites start off With something a little bit louder like This floral shirt but if you want Something a little bit more toned down The storms in heaven print is phenomenal It’s gonna go with so many different Outfits and both of these shirts are Incredible quality they both have an Oversized fit so they’re perfect for Layering with a t-shirt or a tank top

During the warmer months and they’re Incredibly comfortable because of their Super high quality flowy material that Represents you now there’s a bunch of Other insane options as part of this Collection so go get ready for Summertime and check out all of the Links in my description because I’m Going to have everything down there Thank you guys so much for using my Links when I have them it helps the Channel out massively of course thank You to represent for sponsoring today’s Video but let’s get back to it Taking the number six spot is the Nike Airship and we’ve got two colorways Dropping on the same day and that is the UNC colorway and the Chicago colorway Now both of these colorways are gonna be Dropping on May the 10th and the UNC Colorway is definitely like the flagship Of this pack because it’s the pair that We’ve seen the most and it’s also the Pair that kind of got confused with the Nigel Sylvester friends and family pair Both of these colorways in my opinion Are really really strong for two reasons I think they’re both very aesthetically Pleasing they both come with that Vintage style but I also think that the Materials are a huge selling point so if You wanted something like that I think These two colorways are some of the best That we’ve seen recently making the

Number five spot is the Nike Kobe 4 Pro Gigi colorway now these actually just Dropped out in the US on May the 1st They were also accompanied by a couple Different jerseys as merch and I imagine They were extremely limited because they Sold out and they are still reselling For a ton of money it will say that in Terms of a future release globally that Might actually happen although nothing’s Confirmed I have seen a lot of rumors That they are gonna drop in the EU and The UK however if they do it’s going to Be incredibly limited coming at number Four is the amyond door New Balance Collaboration on the 1906 R now these Are actually going to be dropping right Around the corner on May the 4th so if This is a pair that you’re after Definitely be on the lookout you know For a fact they’re dropping on New Balances website because they have them On their launch calendar I assume There’s going to be some Raffles from Different retailers and I expect that These are going to be limited and a lot Of people want them but if you’re not Really into all of the hype Factor you Can definitely find somewhat similar Colorways from New Balance that are Currently sat on shelf alright before we Jump into the top three I actually got Quite a few honorable mentions to just Spill out because there’s been quite a

Few sneaker delays so I did want to Mention some of these for you guys out In the U.S first one is the lucky green Threes those already dropped here in the EU in the UK however you guys are only Getting them on May the 18th the Jordan 1 white cement is going to be dropping For you guys down the US on May the 6th Globally we also got the Pharrell Williams and Adidas Samba collection a Bunch of different colorways that’s Happening on May the 7th then two pairs Of sneakers that I wanted to mention However we don’t don’t have specific Release dates they’re just dropping at Some point in May the first one is the Jordan 5 low dongdan taking on a very Travis Scott Phantom type of vibe and Then these Sean Weatherspoon gazelle Collaboration should be dropping this Month as well all right with the Honorable mentions out the way let’s hop Into the top three most hype sneakers Dropping this month starting off with Those Spider-Man Jordan Ones that’s Right to be more specific the Jordan 1 Spider-Man across the spider verse a Little bit more of a Trippy version of The Spider-Man Jordan Ones is going to Be dropping on May the 20th now even Though I’ve heard a lot of people say That they absolutely hated this pair of Sneakers when they first saw images that Has definitely changed because I’ve seen

So many people say how hyped they are For this pair of shoes I mean honestly I Don’t think it’s the worst sneaker in The world but there is definitely a lot Going on with this pair of shoes a lot Of new panels a lot of new kind of Material nevertheless I can imagine These things being relatively hard to Get so if this is a sneaker that you’re After definitely be ready have your Account set up on the Nike sneakers app And uh good luck coming on number two is Of course the the Nike Dunk low harito’s Collaboration I believe this is going to Have two different set drop dates for The US I think they’re dropping on May The 4th however here in the EU and the UK they’re going to be dropping on May The 10th so just keep that in mind and I Also believe that they’re going to be Dropping alongside a bunch of different Merch which I actually kind of like the Look of this is a Nike SB dunglo Collaboration that we’ve been seeing for A long time now and it is definitely got People hype all of the taupe colored Burlap style material that’s on the Upper actually Cuts away to reveal Orange leather underneath of course this Pair of sneakers is going to be very Very hyped and because it’s a Nike SV Dunkle collaboration it’s also going to Be very limited all right taking the First part the most high pair of

Sneakers that’s going to be dropping Here in May the Jordan 4 Thunder that’s Right these are lined up to drop Globally on May the 13th however some People around the US have already Received exclusive access I would also Expect the EU and the UK to get Exclusive access at some point this week So again just be on the lookout for that If you did want to try and secure your Pair before the actual release look this Is an OG this is pair of sneakers that a Lot of people have been waiting on a lot Of people just like this colorway in General yeah we’ve had a lot of really Solid colorways of the Jordan 4 this Year so maybe you’ve had your film maybe You’ve bought like three or four pairs And this is a pass for you for most People this is definitely a must cop This month and for a lot of other people One of the best sneakers that’s dropping This year that about rounds It Up Guys Good luck to anybody who’s after any Sneakers this month and if you want to Check out last month’s most hype sneaker That video is right there [Music]