These are the 10 most resold sneakers of 2023 starting things off with number 10 The Jordan 5 UNCC I didn't expect this Shoe to be on the list number nine the Jordan 4 SB Pine Green I'm actually Surprised that this shoe is this low on The list number eight the Jordan 1 unoe Seems about right number seven the Nike Dunk low light orwood brown this Japanese inspired design comes in white Denim next up with number six the Nike Dunk low industrial blue and this is Basically the same shoe as the last one Except in blue and white denim number Five the Adidas campus zero it's not Really one of those hype shoes that you Think of but it sells a bunch number Four the Adidas Yeezy slide slate gray I'm not surprised the Yeezy slide is on The list but I am surprised that it's Just one colorway number three the Air Jordan one next chapter this shoe Actually released alongside the Spider-Man across the spiderverse movie Number two the Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2023 It's crazy to think but it's been over 10 years since this shoe last retro Finally at number one the Air Jordan 3 White cement reimagine yeah makes sense