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Outfit 1:
Entire Studios Zip up Hoodie (size small):
AnF Black denim shorts (size 30):
Beige Uniqlo tee (size small):
COS quilted bag:
FOG Athletics sneakers:

Outfit 2:
RLC collection (size medium):
(Similar) grey shorts (size 30):
Yeezy boots (fits small – size 9):

Outfit 3:
(Similar) Stussy Vest (fits small – size small):
Blue jays hat bought on grailed
Denim shorts are thrifted
Olive AJ4 (fits big – size 8.5):

Outfit 4:
Green represent tee (size medium):
Grey Sweat shorts (size small):
ALD Hat:
Vans Knu Skool (fits big – size 8):
Gshock GA 2100:

Outfit 5:
KOTN Crochet shirt:
KOTN Stripped field pants:
KOTN Beige Explorer pants:
KOTN white tee:
KOTN rugby shirt:

Outfit 6:
ALD Soccer jersey (fits TTS):
Grey baggy sweatpants (fits big – size XS):
NY hat:

Outfit 7:
(similar) Stussy Graphic tees (medium):https://www.stussy.com/collections/tees
Samsoe Jorts (size 28):
Adidas Campus 2000:
Hat bought from grailed

Outfit 8:
Wayne Gretzky tee bought from etsy
Camo pants bought from grailed:
(similar) camo pants i recommend:
Uniqlo bag:

Outfit 9:
Black washed tee (size small):
Camo sweatshorts (size small):

Outfit 10:
More Apparel tshirt (size small):
More Apparel hat:
(similar) Kinetic kings shorts (small):

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Outfit 6: 4:22
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Outfit 8: 6:03
Outfit 9: 6:56
Outfit 10: 7:28

A lot of people think that summertime is The most difficult time of the year to Dress well because you can't layer as Much now I definitely disagree I think The way to improve your outfit is to Focus more on accessories outfit one is A good example of that here's a plain Outfit that's nothing special at all but When you add a hat zip up Hoodie Sunglasses and a bag suddenly the outfit Comes to life and this hoodie is one of My favorite recent pickups it's from a Brand called entar Studios highly Recommend them if you are interested in More Street Wear Brands what I love most About this is the cro fit the wearable Colors the build quality is on point and It has a nice boxy fit the shorts are a Pair of denim carpenter shorts from Abomi I love picking up my shorts from There just because they're relatively Affordable and they have some great Styles accessories included quilted bag From cost as well as the Adidas fear of God Athletics sneakers I've been keeping These on ice and I can't wait to wear Them more this spring and summer and it Matches so well with the essentials Black fitted cap now this next outfit Follows the fashion tip known as ju to Position which is all about pairing Contrasting items to create one unique Look now on paper a hoodie denim shorts And hiking boots doesn't really make

Sense but when worn with similar tones Makes for a great outfit this hoodie is From the richy Lee collection I Absolutely love the fading of it and That sort of pairs well with this sort Of hiking style it's rugged it looks Worn in which I find fits that aesthetic Perfectly the shorts are another pair of Denim carpenter shorts once again worn In faded I have some light gray knit Socks that pair well with the Yeezy Desert boots which are just one of the Most slept on Yeezy products of all time And of course we have to come correct With the accessories I have this In the color green and I just absolutely Love it I love the baggy loose fit of it Which pair so well with a gray pair of Relaxed sweatsh shorts sweatsh shorts Are another one of the essential Clothing items you need for summertime I Absolutely live in these I like wake up And I put them on they're just super Cozy and comfortable to wear accessories Includeed black New York Yankees Am Leond door cap a black G-Shock GA 2100 And my favorite affordable sneaker to Wear this summer the Vans new school Only 75 bucks and super comfortable all Right right if you are a lover of cargo Pants like I am you got to check these Ones out uh there are like a combination Between caros and carpenter pants with All of the pockets there's two along the

Side two at the bottom they have a nice Loose fit thick material they're called Explor Pants and they go so well with This crochet knit shirt crochet is Definitely going to be in again this Year it's just super functional and I Think just looks great especially in This natural color now cotton is Actually sponsors today's video they are One of my favorite Brands to wear right Now this is the perfect example of me Wearing the R first and then eventually Working with them which is always super Cool they have some incredible spring Summer wardrobe Staples all of which are Sustainably sourced Like This Heavyweight crew neck t-shirt which is Ethnically crafted in Egypt in fact they Actually work with 3,712 small holder farmers in the Nile Delta and fume regions of Egypt and They've built 18 schools how cool is That products are on point two they have These lightweight yet premium feeling Field pants crafted in Portugal ENT Essential gray hoodies even some Statement pieces Like This heavyweight Rugby shirt they really are the perfect Balance of sustainability and fashion Since all of their clothes look great They're made better made to be used Longer and have a positive impact and of Course I have a coupon code for you you Can save 15% off using Bryce cotton 15

To save on all the products featured in This video all of the links will be in The description trust me they'll be your New favorite brand all right if you know Me you know that I love watching soccer I love football and this am leandor Football shirt was something that I knew That I needed to get for two reasons I Love the sport of course and Al is one Of my favorite Brands this thing has so Many cool details on it from the Pinstripes to the color just super Wearable was it pricey yeah it was a Little bit pricey but it was well worth It in my opinion I think I need to chill On the soccer jersey pickups because It's been like three or four already and We're only in April I wanted to pair Them with some sweatpants and these are Some wide fit heather gray sweats I Absolutely love these I'm just a huge Fan of wi fit sweatpants this season so If you're in the market I high highly Recommend these but the shoes Okay are a Recent pickup these are the Adidas BW Army one of my favorite sneakers from Adidas this year definitely one that I Think you guys should consider checking Out super wearable it's got that Adidas V but just something a little bit Different outfit 7 combines a number of My favorite clothing items that we've Talked about so far let's start with the Sneakers this time another great

Affordable option for the year the Adidas campus 2000 it has that classic '90s sort of puffy sneaker Trend that is So popular right now that we saw with The Vans and these ones are only cost You around $110 next are the denim Shorts these ones are a recent pickup They're from a brand called Sam soy I Believe I got them off of essence they Were a bit pricey however I did get them On sale but honestly they might be the Perfect pair of denim shorts like honest To goodness there's there's no Complaints with these once again links Will be in the description if you're Interested in checking it out and of Course the graphic T this is a stucy Graphic te which resembles the N64 logo I used to play N64 all the time as a kid I still have yet to be Donkey Kong 64 But I still have my system and it still Works now speaking of graphic te's you Can find some excellent ones off of Sites like Etsy eBay and gr secondhand And that's what you're seeing with Basically this entire outfit um except For a few exceptions but this tea is From Etsy it is a wing gresy promo tea Uh from the wing Gretzky Toronto Restaurant I absolutely love it the Fading the sizing everything about it is Great and the pants are from Grail these Are a pair of camo pants from the brand Mossy Oaks I've worn these a number of

Times I always get compliments on them So if you're in the market for a pair of Camel pants I'll be sure to link these In the description as well as some Similar options because sometimes you Can be these can be tricky to find the Hat is another vintage piece from a Local store it is a 1990 Chicago Bulls Cap um and of course you already knew I Had to style them with the Chicago Air Jordan 1es let me tell you something a Lot of people slandering the Air Jordan 1es but this is an alltime classic and a Shoe that I will wear for the rest of Time for an outfit that's even better Suited for warmer weather this one Features some camo shorts these ones are A pair of sweatsh shorts that fit above The knee build quality is really nice on These and of course sweatsh shorts are Just super cozy to wear I'll be sure to Leave a link in the description and the Tea here is a plain black wash t-shirt I Think because the shorts are so busy I Like to keep things pretty muted on top But the sneakers though let me tell you Something these are some Heavy Hitters Probably the most expensive shoes that I Own and yeah I think these just match Super well with the outfit especially With the olive green with the camo and The black accessories for more summer Ready color p palette this one features My favorite color green in a number of

Different ways starting off with the Shorts these are from kinetic Kings they Are a great pair of lightweight mesh Shorts that come in a number of Different prints this definitely gives Off more fisure Vibe and to match with The shorts I have this more apparel Graphic t-shirt this is my clothing Brand it's something that I've designed And crafted the t-shirt is 100% cotton In made in Canada and it's super premium And a nice heavy weights that's one Thing I focused on was the quality and The feel of the T-shirt it was of the Most importance excited I have a hat Option for you guys I have just a few Ones left so you guys want to shop you Should definitely grab them quickly and Of course the Air Jordan 4 craft is a Shoe that I've worn a ton of this year And it is perfect for spring and Summertime now for five fashion tips I Will instantly upgrade your style check This video out right over here