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This month, I tried:
Burberry London for Men by Burberry:
Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce&Gabbana:
Unwind by TUMI:
Haltane by Parfums de Marly:

Summer Is here so you know what that means. It’s time to upgrade your accessories. In today’s video we go over the best summer style accessories every man needs to own in 2023. These summer style accessories will improve your summer outfits.

Look summer is here that means we gotta Step up your accessory game so in Today's video we're going to be going Over 10 must-have style accessories for Summer now before we get into it if you Guys like fashion sneakers and Men's Grooming make sure you hit that Subscribe button down below now let's go Ahead and get into it so first up a Must-have summer staple for any guy is a Statement watch now look a statement Watch is the perfect way to show you Care about the small details when it Comes to your outfits now of course you Want to avoid those tacky oversized Watches and stick with something more Affordable and low-key like a Casio Watch now Casio watches has tons to Choose from that'll mesh well with your Personal style now another bonus is that Watches also make you look more put Together more professional and like I Said before shows you care about the Small details so second must have summer Accessory It's gotta be cologne now look We all love variety when it comes to our Colognes that's why today's sponsor is Sempered sempered is a fragrant Subscription service that allows you to Try a new designer for fragrances each Month for just Seventeen dollars they Also have over 600 designer Brands to Choose from from designer labels like Prada Gucci Versace to a bunch of Indie

Labels that'll have you smelling right All day and all night now since they are Today's sponsor you can get 55 off your First month at sempered using my Discount code GT Vision when you think About it that's only about eight bucks For your first month now all you have to Do is Twist to unlock and you'll be good To go now I picked up Burberry London to Me unwind Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue And parfum's de Marley Hollow Tom now They also come with cards that'll let You know what the profiles are for Example this one here has hints of Ginger lemon sage and Sandalwood now my Personal go-to is the Dolce Gabbana Light Blue this gives you that fresh Clean smell which is why it's a Must-have for summer now the fragrance Typically lasts for about seven to eight Hours and is perfect for that summer Heat like I said code g T vision for 55 Off your first month one of my favorite Sponsors on the channel so definitely Check them out so next summer accessory That's really a necessity is sunglasses You want to invest in a pair of Sunglasses that'll never go out of style Go for iconic designs like aviators Wayfarers or Club Masters now the most Important thing when it comes to Sunglasses is that you want to make sure They fit your face shape you can also Experiment with different lens tints

Such as mirrored or gradient it really All just comes down to you and your Personal style now next summer accessory We got to talk about is mules now I know Mules are a hit or miss for a lot of Guys but I'm telling you one pair will Change your life now you have mules from Crocs fear of God and amelion door these Are perfect for Beach days grocery runs House shoes or days you just want to let Your feet breathe for the most part They're pretty affordable and it's just Something that every guy needs so Getting into our fifth summer style Accessory you need a Sleek wallet now a Good wallet is a must-have accessory for Any guy now you want to opt in for a Slim minimalist design in leather or Other materials like carbon fiber you Want to avoid having a chunky wallet Because they come off messy and childish A good wallet is an investment every guy Needs to make because every guy needs a Good go-to wallet getting into our next Summer style accessory we gotta talk About hats you want to protect yourself From that summer heat while still Elevating your style with a Good Hat now Trucker hats fitted hats or even a Bucket hat are great options you can Also experiment with different Fabrics Patterns and colors to find one that Reflects you and your personal style now Next summer style accessory that will

Improve your outfits is a good bracelet Now a lot of guys sleep on bracelets but There are some fire ones out there that Adds a touch of personality and style to Your wrist now you can go for chunky Metal cuffs leather bands beaded Bracelets or for a more flashy Vibe you Can go with some ice any of these Options will have you looking good all Summer eighth summer style accessory we Got a touch on socks because a lot of Guys are out here wearing dirty white Socks and it's just not a good move now You might be thinking socks aren't Important but I'm telling you these can Make or break your outfits now crew Socks tend to look best with just about Any sneaker now if you want a more Mature look then no shows are the way to Go but please do not go with any mid Ankle socks these don't look good both Crew or no-show socks will be a much Better option so getting into our next Summer style accessory is Rings don't Neglect your hand when it comes to Accessories a couple rings can be a game Changer when it comes to the finishing Touches to your outfit now depending on Your taste you can go with materials Like sterling silver gold or even Stones Now whether you opt for a more single Statement piece or multiple Rings these Will definitely improve any outfit now Like I always say just don't overdo it

Or else it'll look like you're trying Too hard the goal here is to make it Look effortless so getting into our last Summer style accessory is a good Backpack since it is summer you're Probably going to be outside on a lot More and that causes for a good bag that Will be useful but not kill your outfits My advice would be to go for a Minimalist design and leather or nylon Now for day-to-day use a good sling bag Would be perfect these look good with Just about every outfit and of course They are super useful so that's going to Be it for today's video don't forget to Check out today's sponsor sempered first Link in the description down below as Always I appreciate you guys for Watching and I will see you in the next One peace [Music] Thank you [Music]