Size reference im 5’7 or 170cm
Buy AF1 here (I wear size 8):

rest of the links will be updated at a later time.

Outfit 1:
Denim SHorts (size 30):
Olive open collar (size small):
Tissot PRX:

Outfit 3:
ALD bowling shirt (small):
Dickies 874 (size 29w 30L):
White longsleeve (small):

Outfit 5:
Uniqlo U white tee (medium):
Kintetic Kings Green Paisley Shorts – 10% off use this link (small):
side bag:
jays cap was bought on grailed

Outfit 7:
Hat and tee are vintage and were bought from Throwback Vault
Similar Blue shorts (small):

Outfit 9:
More Apparel hat (drops Aug 25): www.moreapparel.store
Stussy hoodie (small):
similar Nike Acg shorts (XS):

outfit 11:
Kith hat:
Grey zip up hoodie (medium):
Levi’s Jean (29w 30L):

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No matter how simple the shoe we all Need some outfit inspiration from time To time so I thought let's put together Some fits with one of the most iconic Sneakers of all time and with me to help Is my buddy Nate which can give you an Idea of how to style them with different Body types he has a YouTube channel as Well so I'll link it in the description And be sure to toss them a follow outfit One starts with some summer Essentials First is the Olive open collar shirt This one is from Uniqlo is only 39 and Comes in four different colors perfect For dressing up or dressing down like You see here the other essential item Are denim shorts the perfect neutral Item for any outfit you can make them Yourself with some old jeans for free 99 Or you can grab these on Amazon from Lead denim for 29.99 socks I'm wearing In the video are the Uniqlo and stance Quarter socks and honorous we have the Tiso PRX and a ring from a jury Nate's Outfit has a great casual Vibe as well Starting with a brown mesh Polo from Urban Outfitters perfect for those Warmer days since the shirt is super Breathable brown and beige is an Excellent color combo which is why he Went with some carpenter shorts from Zara for for both our shorts we prefer An at the knee fit since they are a bit Wider accessories include a Casio watch

And Van Linker Shades another way to Style a casual button-up shirt is to Pair with a long sleeve underneath this Is the perfect fit for transitioning Weather as well the shirt is from Amelion door and it's easily one of my Favorite purchases the pants match the Overall Vibe and fit of the outfit They're the classic Dickies 874 pants The combo of the two gifts off this like Mechanic vibe that I enjoy and the Shades are from Aquila La another Personal favorite Nate's coming through With another crochet shirt from Urban Outfitters this time it's a button up in A cream color the herringbone pattern Adds some nice texture to the outfit Which pairs super well with some light Wash jeans these are the 90s straight Jeans from Abercrombie I'm almost Certain I have the exact same pair and I Can't recommend them enough overall this Is a great fit that you can wear on a Date night to work or just hanging out With friends if you're looking to add Some color to your outfits then you Should definitely grab yourself some Patterned shorts these ones are from Kinetic Kings Nate and I both have some Pairs and can't speak more highly of Them great fit and a ton of color Options because of the colorful pattern I went with a pretty muted outfit with a White Uniqlo tee and Light Beige

Drawstring bag and to match the shorts I Went with a hack Club exclusive Blue Jays hat this is usually one of my fave Fits in the video if you're on the fence About the bag here is another way you Can style it all of the tones for this Outfit mesh well together but the shirt Probably jumps out the most it's one of Our friends Brands called more than it Seems and if you want to support a local Brand and get a dope design as well I'll Be sure to link it in the description Nade shorts here are from black Taylor The side cargo pockets are super clutch For any extra belongings and are a must For the both of us graphic tees and Colorful shorts is always a vibe in the Summer months as well the tea is from a Local vintage store and features a NASCAR graphic which I'm a big fan of Because they always have a ton of colors To match some of the colors I went with These Carolina blue Nike woven shorts And another vintage Phillies cap the key To this outfit is pairing some of the Accent colors together with different Pieces without looking too matchy Another statement t-shirt outfit look no Further than this vintage Nike t look in My opinion some of the best Nike tees to Buy are always the most simple with just A logo on the front and the best part is That this one is a nice washed orange Color perfect for summer time

Abercrombie 90 straight jeans make a Return and accessories include a black Shoulder bag these next outfits feature Some great transitional looks with long Sleeves and shorts or pants and t-shirts First of which includes the stucy cutoff Hoodie layered over top a white long Sleeve love the simple front graphic on This one which pairs well with the Nike ACG Smith Summit cargo shorts these have Such a unique design to them with Front-facing zipper pockets and a Carabiner waist belt the hat is from my Brand more apparel dropping August 25th Follow us on Instagram for More release Info and to add some accessories you can Always throw on a pair of Shades these Are from retro Super Future for another Hoodie and shorts outfit Nate is wearing The goated gray hoodie and all of shorts Combo this one is obviously one of my Favorites the tones of each item here Are perfect especially the hoodie which Is currently sold out but I'll link some Similar ones below has a great boxing Fit to it definitely one of the most Essential items to home the shorts which Are from Nova men have a nice Wash Detail to it that I love with an at the Knee length that's not too long or Too Short the beige side bag acts as a great Neutral color that brings the whole fit Together zip up hoodies are an essential Clothing item as well this one is from

Abercrombie and if you've been watching The videos for a while now you know that I love you'd know that they have some Great Basics that oftentimes are Discounted the jeans are the Levi's 501 Truly one of the most iconic pairs of Jeans of all time with a fit that never Goes out of style and I love this super Subtle worn in details on this one as Well as the darker wash to add a little Pop of color I went with this kith Two-tone cap that has a low profile been Wearing a lot of these hat Styles Recently everybody needs a good crew Neck as well and this one is from Modern Tones which has a perfect shade of green The fit is on point two and the best Part is that they make a bunch of other Colors in different tones as well so They have something for everybody we Clearly love a good pair of cargo shorts And Nate is rocking another pair from Black Taylor my favorite detail is the Pop of white from the undershirt that Hangs out which adds some nice layering Details and for accessories we have an Urban Outfitters crossbody bag guys Don't forget to check out Nate's YouTube Channel which is linked in the Description click the video on the left For some outfit ideas with shorts or Check the video on the right for my Latest and greatest Clothing Haul I'll Catch you in the next one peace