This project WAS incredible…. Until we lost the footage, but don’t worry Vick took care of that and today we get to present one of the most incredible restorations turned customs one year later with our friend @Flippinkickz ! In today’s episode of Restoration and Customs with Vick Almighty and Alex we had to turned a 1985 Chicago Jordan 1 into the Unicorn colorway the 1985 Black Toes. The 85 Black Toes are iconic to say the least and that colorway continues to be one of the most sought after releases of all time.. Plus they are reimagining in 2024, but that’s a story for another time! Will you pick up the Black Toe Reimagined release?!

Back to the restoration job! First the sneaker had to be deconstructed to make them wearable again. This took a lot of dremeling and sanding to make it the sole swap easy. Another way to make these wearable was to readd the lining and padding to make the sneaker comfortable. When we first got these 85 Jordan 1’s they were trashed with a lot of decaying material and a lot of crumbling. Once the upper was prepper it was time to move onto the donor.

For the donor sole we took apart a good shoe, but it was for a great cause! Alex and Vick had to deconstruct the donor sneaker using acetone and some force. However, they were looking way to brand new to go on the 37 year old base! To age these and make it match the 1985 release we needed to let them soak in some Folgers coffee to take on an aged stain.

With the donor and upper taken care of it was time to move to the next step. We had to sew on the tongue tags for a little bit of detail before adding the new donor sole on the upper. In this video Alex is dropping restoration knowledge left and right… Are you listening?!

Once the shoe was put together we had to wipe them down using some Reshoevn8r Sneaker Wipes to make sure all the dust and grime from the last 37 years was removed. When cleaning 85’s you have to be incredibly delicate! Last step of the restoration side was to remove the nasty creasing using the iron method.

Now the fun happens… The custom! We had to repaint over the red leather with black paint to make this look like a true 1985 Black Toe Jordan 1. Last step… We need to prolong this sneaker for as long as we possibly can. To recondition the leather and make them last longer we applied RESHOEVN8R Mink Oil and let it soak into the materials. One great thing about the 1985 Jordan 1’s is the quality is surprisingly top tier and the leather holds up pretty well!

There was a lot of steps and some challenges, but this custom meets restoration came out top tier! These 1985 Jordan 1’s are now not only wearable, but they can last for years to come. Plus the client now gets a Black Toe Jordan 1 making it a unicorn sneaker. Stay tuned we have a couple HUGE projects coming up with @Flippinkickz himself!

Drop a comment and share your favorite 1985 Jordan 1 release?! Is a 1985 Jordan 1 on your grail list to pick up?!

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Dude these look like actual 85 black Toes yeah it's pretty cool to see a a Rare shoe but it's not the rare shoe you Know what I Mean how did you guys lose that footage Dude don't worry about that man we took Care of that over a year ago what's up Everybody what Alex is talking about Over a year ago we did this Amazing Project from start to finish where we Converted some 85 Chicagos into the rare Unicorn colorway the black toes they Came out amazing un fortunately one of Our editors lost a footage to day one I Took that personally let's just say that Won't be happening Again part of the footage we lost was The deconstruction of the shoe while Vic Took care of the body I went ahead and Started dremeling the dremeling process On these 85s is not only removing the Glue but also roughing up the leather so That the glue is going to have a more Adher Surface all right we went ahead and Removed all the padding we then took it Outside to dremel The uppers so that we didn't create a Mess in here but now it's time to put in The padding first we are going to take a Layer of canvas to act as a structural Support when we glue it on the inside And then we are going to cut out the [Music]

[Music] Padding So we got the padding cut out and glued Together it's ready to install but Before we install it we actually have to Put in this piece of canvas we're going To glue it along this Edge on the inside The reason being as you can see how Flimsy this is when you glue this in it Adds a lot of structural support I've Already done it to this one and you can See it is not as flimsy so I'm going to Go ahead glue this in and then I'm going To glue the padding [Music] In Alex is all done adding the new padding To these 85s I got to say this is one of The cleanest jobs I've ever seen it's Perfect now we got to go in and lock it In we got to reapply the stitching using The post Bend [Music] Machine so the canvas is all glued in And dry once it dries it gets really Stiff so that helps with the structure Now it's time to put in this pad thing The way I'm going to do it is I'm going To put glue on the inside place it in There like this and then slowly glue Along the rest that needs to be glued And just fit it as I [Music] Go my hands are atrocious right now all

Done replacing the padding inside the Collars this looks Factory dude Originally this was was inside the Sneaker that's disgusting that's pretty Nasty look at all that sand and dust That was stinky too smell too now we got Rid of that 85 stinky smell so what's Next bro so next we're actually going to Prep the areas that we're going to paint We're doing so now before putting the Sole on that way none of the red paint Potentially bleeds onto the brand new Sole or the stitching so we're going to Go ahead and take care of it with asone Cotton balls and [Music] Q-tips we're going to take a quick break From the 85s and move on to the donors This is a good donor dude why are we Using these they are the 85 Cuts so not Only did Jordan brand put the 85 cut Upper on it but they actually use the Same so so it has a hump right here in The middle and it also is thicker so It's deeper for us to just basically Drop the shoe in the texture on it is Different than what you get on your Normal retro but you just kind of win Some lose some so we're going to take it As it is I like it it's an extra Touch Of authenticity to these 85s yeah it Is [Music] So now that the cord along the sole is

Removed it's time to put acetone in These and separate the sole from the [Music] [Music] Upper got our donor Souls now the next Step is to age these right now they're Way too white it wouldn't make sense to Put them on some 37y old shoes we got to Give it some age so for this next step We're going to be using the coffee Method one question though what did it Make sense to do the prep work first so You could do that but a little trick When staining it with coffee the glue is Actually going to take on a separate Stain from the rubber so you're going to Be easily able to see exactly what you Have to remove and you're not doing more Work than you actually have to gotcha Yep so let's go ahead and take care of This and we're also going to take care Of the threading that goes along it We're going to stain it the same way so It has the same Hue only difference is That only goes in there for like 10 Seconds right yep and the sols are in There for 10 minutes [Music] Cool you got a poo Now All right so the soles are stained and So is the cord they turned out great for The age that we want it to I'm going to Go ahead and prep this with the Dremel

Vic what are you going to do so I'm Going to focus on the upper next I'm Going to head over to the machine remove These Nike tongue tags on the black toes It actually has a white and black Colorway Nike tongue tag so we got to Remove these and replace them when Prepping the soles with a Dremel be Careful not to remove the texture that Is on the inside of the soles that Texture is there for a reason to help With the adhering of your bond removing It could actually we weaken your bond And cause separation the first step is To use a seam ripper to carefully remove The Nike tongue tags after that we'll be Using some Fox shy uniform Nike tongue Tags to replace them when I go in and Sew them the idea is to use all the Original holes and not create any new [Music] Ones all right so the tongue tags are on And they look great the next step to This is to put down glue but before that We actually have to make it fit so as You can see this heel here it's not deep Enough right the reason being is that There is like a plastic heel counter in Here that comes down and you it doesn't Really Bend but to make it Bend you can Heat it up and then bend it to shape That you need it so I'm going to heat it Up just bring it in like that and it'll Sit flush then I'll go ahead and lay

Glue [Music] Down All right so the glue was laid down and Now it is dry but we need to get it Sticky again so we're going to heat it Up to create that Bond and stick it [Music] Together all right so the glue job is Done these SES are on to the uppers what Does it look like to you Vic look good That looks beautiful that 85 so fits Nicely on an 85 upper it definitely does So what's next bro we are going to use These can you tell me a little about Them all right so today we're going to Be using some uated wipes we're just Going to give this shoe a good wipe down It's really not that dirty but we have Been messing with the shoe a lot it's Kind of Dusty from the inside collars so All we got to do is give it a nice wipe Down good to go with the wipe down now We're on to the tote boxes we want to Get a nice clean shape so for this we're Going to be using the iron method first We're going to grab some microfiber Towels and stuff it inside the toe box Then we'll grab a wet cloth use a little Iron to remove the creases very [Music] Carefully that shape looks a lot better Now we're on to the paint job for the Paint job it's going to be a two-part

We're going to start off with laying Down some bone all around the edge for This particular shoe they use red Leather that means All Around The Edge There's red leather if we just lay down The black that red will show and it's Going to look a little Jank so we'll lay Down the bone First Once all the Reds Covered up around the edges we'll move On to laying down the rest of the [Music] Black got the black paint on there not Going to lie that took forever between Laying down the bone all around the Edges getting the black on there solid But this looks beautiful this really Does look like an 85 black toe now we're On to the next step which is laying down The stitching all around the sole we got Our AG thread our sewing all and our Black thre that's going to go inside let Start sewing it [Music] Together stitching is in place now we're On to placing the text on boards back Into the soles real quick I want to show You guys this cool detail that's on some Of the 85 text on boards right here's a Text that translates to of the highest Quality and it's true these shoes were Made of quality materials cool detail so How you going to put these back into the Shoes so I'm just going to go ahead and Glue it right in and that will do the

Job cool sounds [Music] Easy the glue is dry it's time to heat It up to make it [Music] Stick so the text on boards are in and Now it is time for us to address the Collars these are fragile collars and This was a stressful process on the shoe So to prolong the life of the collars And prevent any future cracking we're Going to do something to it what are we Going to do big so we're going to spray Some rejuvenator mink oil on the collars And the rest of the leather what this Stuff's going to do is recondition the Leather and just make it healthy so We'll spray a nice even coat let the Leather absorb it after that we'll come Back and Lace them [Music] Up Mink oil is inside the leather it looks Great it looks a lot healthier now we're On to the final two details what's next Next we're going to throw in some donor Insults cuz they didn't come with the Original ones and then we're going to Lace them up with some Fox trar uniform [Music] Laces all right YouTube that is going to Bring us to an end on this restoration And custom black toe 1985 Jordan Ones It's not very often where you get to

Customize and restore a pair of 85s dude Yeah this was quite the process and Quite the experience at the same time We'll talk about the restoration first This was a proper restoration all around It doesn't get any better than that we All know when it comes to 85 shoes they Completely deteriorate on the inside I'll show you guys again that was on the Inside of the sneakers dust old foam Stinky foam we went in replac it all That was all thanks to Alex I learned a Lot of stuff what was the process like It was different than when we buil a 85 Cuz we don't have access the sock liner Laying all the way up we just kind of Have to shove it in there yeah it it Turned out good though I'm really really Happy with it he's underplaying it the Insides like it has a nice shape there's No crease marks it looks Factory you Guys same thing with the rest of the Shoe we did a good job using an 85 out Soole it flows perfectly with the rest Of the shoe I'm glad we didn't use this A regular Jordan one retro Soul yeah it Would have it would have not only Changed the silhouette of it slightly But also would have been a lot more Difficult so this is better for us and Better for the client because they get a Nice nice looking pair alignment's on Point dude you can't even tell the shoe Was restored that's how good it is

Pretty nice man now let's get into the Custom side of things the Chicago Jordan 1 was the perfect base shoe to create The rare black toe Jordan 1es am I right You are it float right into the black Toe very easily all we did was add the Black to five different panels 1 2 3 4 5 We thought it was going to be an easy Job 15 minutes at most we were wrong Right yeah there was a lot of details Especially with the edge how we applied A look there over the red leather to Make it look like it's not red leather Those small details if we would have Just painted all black it would have Looked kind of funky not proper with the Rest of the age of the shoe but it looks Good man we spent a lot of time making Sure that black was inside the stitching Every little crevice you won't see any Red I promise you that and lastly we Added some black and white Nike tongue Tags to fully complete the look dude These look like actual 85 black toes Yeah it's pretty cool to see a a rare Shoe but it's not the rare shoe you know What I mean it was definitely a pleasure And I learned a lot of cool stuff from Alex just by watching them glue adding The padding appreciate it dude no Problem anytime man hope you guys enjoy This video this is Vic Almighty and flip It kicks we'll catch you guys next time See you

[Music] [Music] Guys oh