If this shoe had dropped back in 2020 it Would be going for hundreds of dollars Over retail this is the upcoming Air Jordan one low Shadow a low top version Of an OG Air Jordan 1 the last time we Got a shadow colorway of a pair of Air Jordan 1es was back in 2018 when we got The shadow OG Highs but now on May 10th Of 2024 we're set to get the low top Version of the OG classic and honestly This shoe is perfect for summer and the Good news is even though this is going To be a pretty popular pair of the Air Jordan one lows it shouldn't be that Hard to get in fact there's already been A pretty large shock drop of this shoe That took place in the sneakers app last Week the 202 four Shadow lows come out At a retail price of 140 bucks and they Fit pretty much true to size but I'll be Honest it's a dope shoe and it's kind of Crazy to think that