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I am buying the entire off-white the 10 Collection with just a 20 Bill well not Exactly okay I'm buying and selling and Trading things with this 20 Bill to get Up to the off white 10 collection but You guys get what I mean first stop Goodwill ready to do this Okay so we ended off last week's episode With a sneaker collection fund of 17.20 We had two pairs of sneakers in the Sneaker collection fund and one of them We actually ended up selling and that Was the kyries so I found these giant Kyries at Ross for 4.99 they originally Marked at 60 but it looks like we had Waited just long enough to get them for A really steep discount now I had these Shoes listed on eBay for like three Weeks and there was just absolutely no Movement so what I ended up doing was Selling them on whatnot which I knew That they wouldn't make as much because The audience wasn't as large and there Isn't as many people out there looking For a size 18 sneakers as there is on EBay not that there's many over there Either but I ended up selling them for 11 and after fees because the buyer paid For shipping we were left with 9.44 Which meant that we had a reasonable Profit of 4.45 cents which means I guess In theory we almost doubled up so when We add in the 9.44 cents that we made Off this pair of kyrese we have a new

Total of 26.64 to spend we also still have that Pair of Kennedy Meeks PE that we picked Up at the end of last week's episode and I'm actually kind of conflicted I don't Know whether I should buy that pair for Myself because I think I want to keep it And pay the amount that I paid at the Thrift store which is 10 bucks or if I Should uh just keep the 10 bucks out of The equation and just hold on to the Pairs part of the collection I'm not Actually sure yet what to do but let me Know what your thoughts are in the Comment section down below all right With that being said let's get to it all Right guys so it's pouring rain today But I'm headed to Center City Philadelphia to meet up with a new Friend of mine named Bailey and his wife Because we're gonna do some thrifting I Don't know if you guys caught the video Earlier this week but essentially what Happened was I bought a pair of Air Jordan 1 breads from 1985 from him and Now he's still in the area so I want to Do some thrifting with him and hopefully We find something dope so guys we just Met up with Bailey and Hannah we're Gonna do some uh some thrifting hope we Find something decent for the 20 secret Collection are you looking for anything In particular dude I'd love to find some Video games and of course I'm not going

To step on your toes when it comes to Sneakers but you know vintage clothing Video games awesome yeah sweet Well so the first stop is uh I think Philly age Thrift Pokemon earlier right yep switch it out You know what I mean but are there any Cases in there that are worth anything You're probably not no probably not Xbox Is a really low I mean you can get Xbox Games for cheap you can build a great Xbox collection true yeah I mean state Of emergency that kind of interesting I've never seen that before yeah it's a Rock star game warning check ID got the Manual and everything that's cool Anything Nope All right so unfortunately nothing at Affiliates but on to the next spot I don't know if they like authenticate Authenticate but I know that most things Here are good and usually the people who Work here know generally what they're Looking at They've got all sorts of stuff I remember in these rooms for a lot Got some Supreme Air Forces for 99 That's probably about what they go for I Would guess a lot of the stuff like Doesn't have boxes or anything though so Like you're buying it like slightly used With no box generally But I mean they have infrared I'm sorry

I was just sick That's dope yeah how much foreign How much do those usually go for I don't Know Well I got Travis's Well almost brand new it looks like See what's the price in these guys size 10 249 that seems about right I wouldn't Surprised that was going right and then They got Tom sacks for 50. what Size are these Size 11. Yeah Over here they got some some Force These guys right here for how much 179 is not a bad price On these guys let's see they got the Metallic Foams it's like the older Release for 99. not bad oh and then the Soleilies this is my size I'd get it it Is my size but a little too big 129 I Usually get like eight and a half inch Ladies she also got the Legend Blues for 70 bucks That's not bad not great but not bad Especially a little B but have you seen Anything you like A lot of things I like Yeah I got you gotcha that's the problem With here like you can find a lot of Really good stuff and sometimes it's Like a little bit below what you pay Sometimes it's a lot below but you have To kind of find those gems

So we've got a full sneaker section over Here we've got hold up bad bunnies now I Don't think these are legit but for 188 That is not bad if they were real but I'm just looking at the colors I just Don't you think these are real they're Bad bunnies they're like the 700 pair But I don't know if they're real They want 188 for them on there because I've got I've gotten a pair before Actually from Second Street and it Wasn't real in this exact same colorway So I'm I think the colors seem a little Off is my is my especially that Stitching up there would be my guess but I'm not sure I don't want to because It's part of the 20 secret class I also Don't have enough to buy them it'd be a Personal I don't know if I want to risk 188 per person they do have um Giant New Balance 990 v6s sorry v5s with New insoles 470 okay that's a no-go Slime is Nothing else I'm seeing we got some pgs In a giant size which are not worth it They are huge size 15 not sample though Kind of hoping that they're sampled Because they're this big but they're not All right Cheesesteak time let's do it I'm gonna need you guys Impressions After you eat them oh no oh no man I lost it I got it

All right guys so Bailey and Hannah are Headed back to Tennessee and uh Unfortunately we didn't find anything Today yeah but yeah it is what it is if You guys want to check out Bailey's Channel make sure you click the link in The description below also check out the Video that we did a couple days ago Where I got the crazy Grill yeah Seriously What do we have over here looks like we Got some KDs some KD oof sevens I think Either Seven's raid but I'm pretty sure They're shoot I don't know but they're Actually in really good condition I mean like excellent condition 20 bucks So I'm gonna check them out on eBay see If they're worth it probably not worth It there's one sale and it was for like 29 bucks so after fees it would just Cancel it all out it's the hyper Jade KD 7s and the kid size I think it might Have been a kid's only release two Actually got some kyries right here in a Kid's size probably not worth it okay so There is a pair of Asics here that look Brand new for 25. I'm gonna check these Guys out so it's very close to grabbing Them after seeing the price on eBay but The problem was this right here So that changed my mind because that Can't be fixed so unfortunately not a Nothing at Goodwill today So uh it is what it is man sometimes you

Have weeks where you don't find anything And this is uh turning out to be one of Those weeks Okay so we just pulled the Plato's Closet let's see if we can find anything Worthwhile first things first got some Blazers and a huge size for how much 35 Bucks probably not worth it some kawaiis It looks like These don't really move So I'm gonna leave those What else we got We got some Huaraches right here for 60. Yeah we can't grab these but that would Have been nice if it was 20 I probably Would have grabbed those Here we got some Air Max 95s It's like they're recycled there for 70. I think we're 70. some Skechers that Look a lot like a pair of Adidas from a While back Comment if you guys know which pair I'm Talking about so unfortunately nothing Can play this closet and the rainy day Continues but the good news is My vessies Are staying strong socks are staying dry Also if you guys want to grab the flower Collection the Apache flower collection There's a bunch of pairs available on Our website right now check it out it's An awesome collection it comes in three Colors they're all fire Okay so in the case today we got a bunch

Of boxes and some Lego Ultra boosts for How much Let's see No price Oh 40 bucks Probably not worth it we also don't have Enough in the fund so we're gonna leave Those got a bunch of stuff in this case Some giant Zoom wraps But that's about it oh the 11s are still Here but I don't know if those are real So I'm Gonna Leave the constellations Are messed up got some Nikes right here I forget what these are called but They're 15 bucks they're not bad I might Have to check these guys out this could Be something the XP racers Some Brooks it was like divide right Here for 10 bucks Not bad a little dirty I'm gonna check these guys out because They look like they're pretty good Condition other than like the dirt this Might actually be a pickup I think I'm Gonna grab these In the month alright so not a bad pickup For the first pickup of the week now it Does have a little bit of tearing on the Heel uh which doesn't bode well I'll be Honest I didn't notice that until just Now which I'm kind of disappointed about But what I did notice just now that I'm Happy about is that this shoe is Actually only 6.99 I said 9.99 in there

Because I didn't read it right but 6.99 Is you know a little bit cheaper not too Bad now two dollars cheaper which I'm Excited about which means hopefully the Profit margins will be two dollars Better Now the question is I don't know how Quickly these will sell these are Women's Brooks divide threes so um it Could be a minute it could be a very Short amount of time I don't know I'm Gonna list them as soon as I get home And hopefully remove them quickly that's The name of the game so unfortunately Um I don't know anything else about it But I'm hopeful so let's get back to it All right so it's really early in the Morning Um I don't usually get up this early I Get up early but not this early I'm Gonna grab some cash from the ATM and Then uh go yard sailing because I feel Like it's getting near the end of the Yard sale season this is the perfect Time to go yard sailing because Everyone's trying to get rid of Everything and uh we don't have a lot of Money in the sneaker collection fund so I'm gonna buy anything I can resell it As quickly as possible and uh hopefully We find something decent All right first one How you doing Pretty good

Would you do 20 for both of these shoes You guys might have noticed that the Sneaker collection fund is at like 19.65 Which is less than what I paid for these Two sneakers at the yard sale but the Reason for that is because I decided to Keep the Kennedy Meeks PES because I Think that sneaker is dope essentially What I did is added the ten dollars I Used to purchase that shoe back into the Sneaker collection fund giving us 29.65 I think yes it is okay we're good Okay awesome thank you so much Here you go thank you so much I Appreciate it YouTube all right so we Were able to get these two pairs of Sneakers a pair of LeBrons and a pair of Jordans a pair of Jordan 14s for 20. now I'm hoping that the Jordans are legit I Didn't recognize the tag and I'm a Little concerned that maybe um well my Hope is is that they're really old Because these 14s look really old They're in OG colorway there's a bit of Cracking in the bottom they are a kid Size so I'm thinking maybe that's what It is but the LeBrons I feel like was a Good pickup they were listed at 15. got Them for 10 because I bought both for 20. so uh hopefully I don't know these Look good I'm really stoked on these so It could be that these are really dope Or maybe they're not I don't know but We're pulling up to the next yard sale

Now like sneakers video games anything Like that fair enough Thank you so much I appreciate it all Right so I just saw a sign for a house That says everything in house for sale Including the house so let's see if we Can find something in there Oh nice All right so that was more of an estate Sale situation Um he'd have some wild stuff in there Before he passed so that was interesting Good to see but nothing that I was Interested in personally so uh I did Stop by another yard sale they didn't Have anything but they like my Phillies Hat hold up I had to film this because This is ridiculous so I'm driving past This house and there's like a full on Flock of turkeys in the yard like giant Turkeys what are they doing in South Jersey what are you guys doing here yo Why did the circuit cross the road Foreign I'm sorry about that is that after these Pickups we have a new collection fund of 9.65 but the good news is we now have Sneakers to sell which is great these Guys have been listed for like four or Five days and still hadn't moved yet They are a lot cleaner than they were Before but um I don't know why these Guys are taking so long to sell but Hopefully they'll move over the weekend

These guys I'm still not sure what to do With yet I don't know if these guys are Legit or not I think that they are but I'm still not sure I'm Gonna Keep Researching and then these LeBrons look Great but they just need a little bit of Cleaning so for that I'm going to use The brand new Apothecary sneaker wipes Which you get for free with every order On apothecary.com so if you guys are Looking to keep your sneakers clean just Make sure to carry one in your wallet And you should be good to go they're Great for cleaning up midsoles and all Sort of good stuff and uh it's gonna Make these shoes a lot easier to sell Because they're gonna be clean so that's Pretty much it for pickups oh and we did Have these bread ones from Bailey which Are incredible if you guys haven't seen The video where I got these guys yet you Definitely need to check that out There'll be a link at the top of the Screen also I would love to see some of Your crazy thrift and yard sale find so If you guys want to have some of your Finds featured in the next video make Sure to tag me on Instagram Twitter Wherever at real Seth Valor and I might Feature some of your finds in the next Video but guys as always thank you so Much for watching make sure to subscribe If you haven't yet and I will see you All in the next one