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I'm buying the entire off-white the 10 Collection with just a 20 Bill well not Exactly I'm buying and selling and Trading things that I bought with this 20 Bill to get to the off-white of 10 Collection but you get what I mean first Stop Goodwill [Applause] [Music] We just found sample Jordans at the Thrift store so obviously the FY the 10 Collection is not going to be easy to Get I mean it's like 10 pairs of Sneakers as you probably tell from the Name and each pair of sneakers goes for In most cases over a thousand dollars Now there are like three or four pairs That start at like 550 or 750 but a Majority of them go for over a thousand Obviously the Air Jordan Ones go for Five thousand brand new but you know Generally around there at least in a Decent size so I think the general rules For this challenge are going to be I can Buy any pair in any size and use Condition or new condition Um and I can trade for them I can do Whatever I need to do to get them I Don't even have to buy and sell sneakers Although the series is going to be Primarily sneakers and I'm kind of going To go in order from cheapest to most Expensive because I feel like that's the Most realistic way to do it so the

Cheapest pair I believe is the Vapor Flies uh and then it goes up to like the Hyperdunks and uh so on and so forth I've got a couple pairs of off-whites so I know how dope they are it's my Favorite sneaker collection of all time This collaboration put virtual so not on The map because he was already on the Map but like put him in a new Stratosphere and it's been one of my Favorite collaborations and collections I mean since it came out back in 2017 so I'm really excited about this and uh Yeah let's go do it A lot of good stuff today got some Flying into What else we have we've got some Ultra Boost STS I think And then something else I'm seeing over Here is actually some nmds some r1s In really great shape for 12 bucks or is that just 12 wide Box we're gonna check these guys out Because these could be something serious These are a definite maybe Wait hold up got some Ultra boost 20s over here has a lot of good stuff Today for 9.99 shotgun two shoes Check out to Adidas it's a real question All right so the ultra boost probably Not worth it go for around 20. but would Double our money but honestly if we're Looking for something that will do even More than that I think these guys might

Be the pickup for today we also have Some other stuff too We've got some Asics over there which Might be worth checking out We got some what are these under armors Let's check out a few of these that we Can find so these are actually looking Like a really good pickup I'm seeing Like Paris go for like 40 to 60. the Question is is how long it'll take for These to sell because I'm assuming these Aren't really like a Super fast seller I could be wrong about That though and for how much 9.99 it Might be worth the pickup So these And these How much are these We might have to pick one that would be 11.99 we are gonna have to pick one Oh no Shoot okay I'll have to figure it out oh Man so I hit a different aisle we've got A bunch of Brooks running shoes here Brooks addiction GTS and then Some Jordan 10s How much we're looking at for the oh They don't have insoles that's a problem But for 10 bucks Let me look up this particular colorway Without the insole that might be tough Let me check them out just in case Though all right so I'm only seeing Paris go for like 80 on eBay these here

The Jordan 10 Bobcats from 2014. however They don't have insoles They're pretty worn So I don't know what to do about this I'm really tempted to leave them just Because I don't want to deal with have Them sit for so long but I don't know Let me check out these Brooks everywhere Because I feel like there's a better Chance not a lot moving for this guy so Let's leave it there's a lot of crazy Stuff in the case I got these four teens which are insane But pretty beat probably out of my price Range yeah Same thing with these 11s right here Again pretty beat probably out of my Price range though and then we got some One lows top tens All sorts of crazy stuff some bronze man I wish I had a bit more money I would Grab these all right so I've decided I'm Gonna go with these because these have Been sold since like July 6th these sold Today or yesterday so I think there's Gonna be a greater chance of these Selling and they have a higher upside So Let's get them I'm not gonna regret it We'll see what happens so after a lot of Deliberation I did end up grabbing the A6 because they were 9.99 which is not Bad which means we now have Ten dollars in one cent to spend now I

Could have grabbed two pairs of sneakers In there but there wasn't really Anything that I thought would be Worthwhile the closest that I was to Grabbing another pair of shoes were Those Jordan Tens but they didn't have An insole they hadn't sold in a while And I feel like with no insole being Very dirty and just not selling in a Couple months it would just be a huge Sitter so I'm gonna hit up some other Spots if we can find anything else I Think potential profit and these guys Could be 20 bucks in profit maybe 30 Total gross sale I don't know but I feel Like it's a good first pickup so I'm Happy with that Is Hold up Sweet easy 350 V2s for 120. Not bad Some Air Forces for 60. Some women's dunks for 40. Some more air forces But nothing I really want like some Air Maxes that's about it here got some Ultra boost For how much 10 bucks Not bad actually might be worth checking Out From Air Maxes women's size And then got some Pumas they look like Asics Over here we got some crazy Jordans I

Think these are Jordan 28s and like a Massive size with the shroud Look at that that's crazy How much they want for these These are from like forever ago Uh I can't read the price looks like 45 10 as is 10 as is okay Not bad maybe these are worth it let me Check them out hold up this is a promo Sample We might have to grab this That's crazy let me check them out just In case but I think a promo sample is Probably worth it Would say all right so they are promo Samples but they're very badly worn like The Carbon fiber right there is really worn Through and they're just like this Particular shoe the 28 is just not a Popular model however it is a size 17. And it's been played in and it's a promo Sample which makes me think this is Either a player's pair Or a professional player pair or maybe a College player or something like that so I'm really tempted to grab them just Because of that But it's still ten dollars and they're Pretty beat I think we should just do it let's just Do it we're gonna grab them I wasn't going to but as I was filming This I decided

Yo we just found sample Jordans at the Thrift store I've never found sample Jordans at a thrift store before I found Sample Adidas I found sample Pumas but Never sample Jordans now to be fair this Pair is definitely a more obscure pair It's a pair of Jordan 28s I don't know Exactly the colorway because there's no Style code on this pair because it is a Sample pair now what's interesting about This shoe and I think I mentioned it in Thrift store already is that this shoe Is a size 17. so I'm assuming that this Is a promo sample that was sent to a College athlete maybe a local basketball Player maybe PJ Tucker probably not I Don't know what size he is I should Check but uh they're definitely worn one Pretty heavily and they're older so I Think that these were probably sent out I don't know I'm assuming around when This shoe first dropped that means we're Absolutely played in and it looks like They were only played in indoors because There's no dirt or anything in there so This is purely a basketball shoe and not Like a lifestyle sneaker so I'm sure it Was an athlete of some kind but um Really really crazy and uh they're legit I mean they're legit promo samples so Two weeks later yo so we just sold the A6 finally after like two weeks while I Was out thrifting no less and uh here Are the stats so we sold the A6 gel

Keanu for 24.99 the buyer paid in total 34.55 which included the shipping and Also some fees and because we paid 9.99 For this pair of shoes a Goodwill we're Left with a profit of 12.19 which means We now have 22.19 left in the sneaker Collection Foreign Nike Foot scapes That's crazy for 20 bucks I've not seen These at an outlet before not an outlet At a um thrift store before they're Actually bringing these back later this Year which would be crazy Got some Skechers we've got some Morels Merrell's We still got these Adidas from last time It's been like two weeks and they're Still here all right we got the Brooks Not bad some Pumas and then these guys Which are sort of a mashup of a couple Different shoes Decided oh we've got some brand new or Almost brand new Not sure what these are but they're Missing laces and they're 15 bucks but They're in good condition You got some Air Maxes It's about it on this side let's check The other side so over here not seeing Too much We've got Some Asics it looks like GEL Nimbus

11. okay What else we have Okay Swiss it looks like I don't know What they are some bands more Asics Nothing really oh these Adidas actually Look really fresh they're 20 bucks Though the other end of the store Nothing else got some Nikes Nothing worthwhile so unfortunately not Looking like anything today at Goodwill On to the next one 's in the case for 30. And that's about it inside the case oh We got some Air Forces right there some Have a Nike Day Air Forces but I think That's it hold up I think we just found some Royals No okay they're beat though That's crazy I believe we found these They're 20 bucks That's a lot that is a lot for a pair That can't be fixed because of the Outsole so I'm having trouble finding The style code of these guys On eBay but they are so beat that I just Don't think it's worth it I was also Wrong these are actually the 2017 pair But uh That's such a bummer these would have Been amazing if it wasn't for that we've Got a Marshalls pair so it's a tag you Know it's oh it's brand new 18 bucks Looks pretty beat on the side though

Probably not worth it Got some nmvs here and then some other Awesome Reeboks some Zig text haven't Seen these in a minute that's crazy Unfortunately nothing at Circle Thrift Today I usually find something and today We did find the Royals what they would Be so absolutely not worth it All right so the first thing I'm saying Is a pair of feelers that looks like a Pair of Air Jordan twos which is kind of Funny and then on top of our feelings it Looks like a pair of Air Jordan Sevens your sixes sort of a Combination of both maybe even some Fours in there Also some adidas Boost lookalikes Right here But that's about it so far oh we got Some Crocs with uh fur on the inside That's kind of nice hold up I found the Thing that we're looking for oh They have them that is so crazy for 89 Bucks it's a size 18 though But they have the true blue ones I Cannot believe that I thought it was Just a myth I thought it was a rumor but They actually have them That's crazy they also some kyries what Size are these for are these 4.99 these Are 4.99 Are you kidding me That's crazy what size are these size 18 Let me check these out online because

4.99 is pretty unbelievable all right so I'm gonna grab these 4.99 even though it's a size 18. too Hard to pass up especially when they're Going for like 60 on eBay definitely Worth grabbing all right so They're Jordan brand classic I just found that on the uh on the Shroud it looks like there was two Different colorways this like gray Fractal colorway and a red and maroon Colorway but I can't tell which team It's 2013 the 2013 key players yeah okay Here we go so it's No it's the next versus next 2013 Jordan brand classic it was at the Barclay Center it was Julius Randle and Jabari Parker were key players but this Play I can tell you right now this one Was absolutely played in Only on the basketball court Okay like the only like the outsole has No dirt in it whatsoever there's like The the car he's definitely whoever wore This is definitely a heavier guy because The carbon fiber and the midfoot which Is raised up from the outsole not by Much but a little bit is worn which Means he definitely um whoever it was Was uh definitely Rocking these carbon fiber yo Andrew Wiggins was on the team I wonder if it's Andrew Wiggins that would be crazy

Uh he's a size 14. he's a size 14. dude I'm going throughout everyone I think it Literally could only be him It's Kennedy Meeks let's see I think It's I really think it can't it's Probably not it could be Quran Um Iverson because he is six nine I Don't know dude I'm going with I would too I sent him a message so We'll see what happens yeah I really Wanted to film this because I just got a Response from UNC Champion Kennedy Meeks Himself I haven't read it yet here we go It says wow man wonder how they even got There dude so let's basically confirming It that's crazy let me message him back That's so wild I knew it was going to be A basketball player based on the Traction pattern or I guess not the Traction pattern but I guess based on The wear pattern of the shoe like there Was barely any wear on the rubber Outsole but there was a lot of wear on The midfoot panel um the the carbon Fiber which makes me think that you know Maybe he was coming down heavy I was Assuming he was something like a center Because he's probably a bigger guy if He's wearing size 17 and the fact that There was no dirt on the outsole really Made me think that there was this was Purely a uh a performance basketball Shoe and then earlier today when I was Filming b-roll I found the Jordan brand

Classic tag right here um I called Tom Stefaniak who's another sneaker YouTuber Who was another sneaker YouTuber who Knows just way too much about basketball And players and we kind of went down the Uh the list of players that it could be Based on knowing that this is from the Jordan brand classic from 2013 and that This is the uh the colorway of the PES From the East side so I mean it's it's a Crazy story man I can't even believe it The fact that Kennedy confirmed it is Even crazier so I'm just I'm just so Hyped on these and I don't think I'm Gonna be able to sell these I'm gonna be Honest I really don't think I'm gonna be Able to sell these so at this point We've got 17 and 20 cents left to spend And two pairs of sneakers in the Collection the first pair is this size 18 pair of Kyrie's we got for 4.99 which Is wild especially because I noticed on The bottom of I think the left shoe it Was originally listed for sixty dollars I guess no one bought it and it makes Sense because the was Giant and I Don't know you don't see a lot of people Buying size 18 shoes then again someone Like Kennedy Meeks maybe might buy one Because he was a size 17 so shout out to Kennedy beaks for uh for responding to My message and confirming that this was In fact his pair the NCAA champion and Uh it's pretty wild to find a pair of

Sample sneakers at a thrift store like I've never actually done that before I Found sample sneakers at like Plato's Closet but they weren't actual PES like They repair the shoes that maybe like I Don't know they sent to an influencer or Maybe you know it was a different Colorway that they weren't going to Release this is literally a PE that was Worn by a basketball player who later on In his career won an NCAA Championship So that's pretty insane and uh this is a Pair I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able To sell and just in case you guys forgot Let me show you guys what we had at the End of last season if you guys didn't See it it's stupid heavy Clock The Jordan clock If you guys missed out in the last Season of the 20 secret collection we Built an entire Jordan clock from Jordan 1 to Jordan 12 all on the OG colorways If you guys want to check that out there Will be a link to the playlist in the Description below but with all that Being said I'll see you guys next time