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Size reference im 5’7

Outfit 1️⃣
stussy tee (medium):
(similar) Nike ACG Shorts (XS):
brown Bag:
Hat is vintage
Casio watch:
Salomon ACS pro (fits TTS):
Mejuri ring:

Outfit 2️⃣
(similar – green is sold out) Represent Tee (medium):
Shorts (small):
Tissot PRX watch:

Outfit 3️⃣
Cole Buxton tee (medium – fits big):
(similar) represent pants (small):
Stussy Beanie:
gshock watch:
Asics Gel Kayano 14:

Outfit 4️⃣
Barons tee is thrifted
camo pants were bought from grailed:
Chunky vans (size 8 – half size down):
FOG Hat:

Outfit 5️⃣
Puma x Rhuigi (size 8.5):
Olive carpenter pants (size 29w 30L):
Tee and Hat are vintage
clear gshock:

Outfit 6️⃣
Olive mesh basketball shorts (size small):
Black tee (small):
black Stussy low profile cap:

Outfit 7️⃣
(similar) Floral mesh shorts (size XS):
grey tee (small):
New Balance 997 (Mint color is sold out):
blue jays hat bought from grailed

outfit 8️⃣
(similar) olive vest:
(similar) Light wash Levis 501:
White tee (medium):
NY Cubans hat:
orient bambino watch:

*tank tops im wearing in this video:

Outfit 9️⃣
Aime Leon dore bowling shirt (small):
Navy blue Libero shorts:
Onitsuka Tiger GSM:
Seiko Tank watch:

outfit ????
Stripped oxford (small):
Reebok club c (size 8.5):
ALD Hat:
tactical Shorts:

Outfit 11

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20 summer outfit ideas ranging from cool Street where it looks with the latest Sneakers all the way to menswear Styles You can wear to work even some fits you Can wear on vacation so let's start off With some graphic tee outfits because I've been kind of obsessed lately first Up is this stucy n64t as someone who Played N64 growing up this thing was an Absolute must it's in a natural white Color that I wore with some Nike ACG Cargo shorts I wear these on a weekly Basis the Salomon ACS Pros continues to Be a super slept on shoe but for Accessories I went with the Casio World Time a ring from a jury and this vintage Bulls snapback to match the red hits This next tee is from the brand Represent I love the forest green color I'm wearing a size medium here the front And back graphic are super clean and the Shorts that I paired them with are from Abercrombie in a size small to match the Air Jordan 4 craft which in my opinion Is one of the best Air Jordan 4 Colorways of the year the watch is a Tiso PR x 35 millimeter and the hat is From open bar funeral the Cole Buxton Fight Camp T is amongst my favorite I Love the Vintage boxing graphic along on The front and the quality is excellent I Wanted to keep the Cozy Vibes going so I Wore these plum colored sweatpants from The brand represent with zipper pockets

And a nice drawstring with the Asics Gel Kyano 14 to match easily my most Comfortable shoe the watch is a G-Shock GA 2100 and the pink beanie is from Stussy I thrifted this next t-shirt in New York for twenty dollars it is a Birmingham Barons graphic tee which fun Fact is the minor league baseball team That Michael Jordan played for when he Retired from basketball the pants Probably jump out to you the most these Are a pair of real tree camo pants that I got secondhand on grailed and I pair Them with the chunky Vans I absolutely Love these and to match the black and White hits I went with just a simple Fear of God fitted cap NASCAR teas are Amongst my favorite to wear in the Summertime because of all the loud Colors that you have on here this one Has a really nice washed effect to it I'm sure the shoes are always jumping Out to you the most these are the Puma Luigi collab Puma suede in this nice Pink color if you've ever wondered what It's like wearing a pair of pink shoes Just throw it on with some olive pants And trust me it's a great fit overall I Absolutely love this tea and this outfit And for accessories I went with a clear G-Shock GA 2100 and a vintage Phillies Cap graphic tees aren't for everybody Though so let's style some plain T-shirts three different ways to add

Some much needed detail I went with this Sick Cake Supply rope strap caseify is The world's most popular Tech accessory Brand known for their protective cases And Global collaborations they've Launched phone straps so you can wear Your phone and look stylish while doing It they're perfect for when you want to Go hands-free I don't know about you Guys but I hate when I have heavy things In my pockets they're made from 100 Recyclable materials and there are Endless color combinations assembly is Super easy so if you want to grab some Rope straps go to casetified.com Brice Cakes and gave 15 off here is how I am Styling them just throw it over your Shoulder and wear them with some fresh Kicks of course these are a pair of Air Jordan 5 in the metallic colorway the Shorts here do all the Talking in this Outfit these are another mesh shorts From Abercrombie for another mesh shorts Outfit we have this floor oral pair I Love the pastel colors that are on top Of the neutral base which go with a lot Of things despite the floral details to Match the accent colors I of course went With the New Balance 997 super rated in This nice mint color and a green blue Jays cap to match the look a white T-shirt can be styled in a ton of Different ways one of my favorites is to Throw a vest over top this is an olive

Quilted vest that I got from Zara on Feet we have the Clark's wallabies aka The Walter White super versatile and can Be dressed up and down I like to wear Them with these vintage Levi's light Wash jeans are an absolute must for this Time of year and for accessories I went With the Orion Bambino automatic watch And this New York Cubans american needle Heritage cap time for some dressier Summer looks this shirt is probably my Favorite shirt that I've picked up all Year it is the amelion door bowling Shirt gold accents are super clean with The contrast collar which I matched with These Libro seersucker shorts the Reebok Club C is probably the best bang for Your buck shoe in this video and on risk I have the Seiko tank and some gold Jewelry that I got from Amazon all melee And door can get up there in price so if You wanted to mimic this look just grab A striped blue Oxford I have worn this So much this spring and summer already To mimic some of those navy blue hits I Went with this two-tone cap as well as Some tactical shorts with zipper Pockets Super functional and the onitsuka tiger GSM I have been wearing these so so much For more cool shirt ideas look no Further than this one from p and Co it Is a mechanic shirt with these subtle Pinstripes on it's super super clean and The quality is excellent to complete the

Look I went with some selvedge jeans and These Adrian loafers from Doc Martens For some hot weather vacation outfit Ideas get yourself a printed open collar Shirt this one is actually made from Silk so the quality is excellent and I Paired them with some linen pants if you Live in a hot climate you need to get Yourself some linen whether it's a shirt Or the pants trust me you won't regret And to tie the whole outfit together Another pair of loafers these are the Bass we region loafers with the superlug Outsole crochet shirts are still in Style as well and this is a good hybrid Outfit of something that's dressy but Also still pretty casual you have this Cream color crochet shirt with more of a Boxy fit tanked up underneath as usual And some black trousers which I brought Back with those black loafers if you Prefer more streetwear inspired looks With the mesh shirts definitely got this One from stucy I've been wearing it a Ton lately and pair it with some olive Cargos the two colors match really well Together and I pair them with the Nike Air fear of God one this has been a Grail of mine and I'm super excited to Have them however they're like Impossible to put on and off layering is A bit tricky in the summer months but Get yourself a lightweight cardigan like This one this is actually from more

Apparel which is my clothing brand we Have an upcoming drop coming up in August I'm super excited to show you Guys here is a tea that goes alongside With the drop these are just samples so There'll be some adjustments but overall Super happy with how things turned out Pair them with these olive green shorts And the Adidas Samba boots worm the Shorts is another Trend that's been Going around recently and the easy boots Have always been one of my fav favorite Designs from the brand so I grabbed them From back of my closet and put them on With these hiking style socks the shorts Here are a pair from Abercrombie they're Sort of like a carpenter-esque type of Short with the fatigue pockets and the Hoodie is from the Richie Lee collection It has a nice fading throughout and Another hoodie inspired outfit is this Short sleeve stucy hoodie you never know What the temperature is going to be like You could wear something like this at Night time the trucker hat with the Orange details matches the orange Solomon xt6 one of my favorite shoes in My collection honestly to go with the George shorts have been buzzing recently I'm sure you guys have heard all about Them I bought them for like 20 bucks on Amazon you do not need to spend a lot of Money on them here's another way to Style them with a football shirt this is

A crown jewel in my wardrobe the Cristiano Ronaldo 2004 Euro Cup jersey This is his first ever tournament and of Course I had to style them with a pair Of Adidas samas that being said I am a Liverpool fan and this is a recent Pickup that I got from eBay 1993 Liverpool shirt I love the green details With those side Stripes super clean and I paired them with some Salvage denim From Uniqlo these ones have a nice Straight fit and for shoes I went with This Stephanie workers Club Pearl S-strike UK based brand only fitting With this type of outfit basketball Jerseys are also always a Vibe this is From AME Leon door and New Balance it is A reversible two-tone basketball Penny Warm-up shirt whatever you want to call It green on one side white with green on The other side had to wear them with my Favorite sneakers these are the New Balance 2002 R protection pack and to Bring the athleisure outfit together Pair them with some gray sweat shorts Very cozy comfortable outfit that never Really goes out of style to learn about Some of the best fashion trends to check Out this summer including some good Loafer recommendations check this video Out right here or for some super Underrated sneaker recommendations check This video out right here so why don't We click on one of those and I'll meet

You guys there