One of the most BOTCHED restorations I have ever seen!!

These sneakers may be over 20 years old, but they are hands down one of the best releases in the game! ???? With 20 years of wear and tear comes quite a bit of damage. These Bred Jordan 1s were in desperate need of a sole swap and reglue. When we got the sneakers we noticed quickly that someone tried to patch the sneaker with a piece that looked like a Jordan 1 sole, but it was not even close to a good reglue.

To keep the sneaker authentic we needed to use a donor sneaker from an Air Jordan 1 Low and fully replace the sneaker. On top of wanting to keep the sneaker authentic we wanted to make it wearable. In the condition it was in there was no possible way to wear the sneaker comfortably. We needed to use the donor sole to replace the air unit, make the sole flat and add the extra comfort!

The first step of a restoration is always to deconstruct the sneaker using an Xacto knife to remove the stiching. For this restoration we had to do 2 different deconstructions; one for the original shoe and one for the replacement. Now that’s a lot of deconstruction! Although for whatever reason, the donor sneaker gave us a little trouble!

The main task of this restoration was the prep work. Although it is the most tedious task it is the most necessary! We needed to use a dremel, scraper and more to remove the dried on glue! Now that this is out of the way it was time to move to the donor sole. We had to age the donor sole to get the right shade. With 20 year old shoes there is quite a bit of aging that takes place, so when adding a new element you have to make it match!

FINALLY… We made it to the reglue part! It was time to stick the shoe together. We had to stick it together using Barge super Stick, but also had to stitch the kicks back together. Now that the shoe is stuck back together it is time for a quick cleaning! We used the Reshoevn8r Essential Cleaning Kit to clean up the entire sneaker prior to returning it to the owner. We had to use the Soft Brush on the uppers to condition the materials while also breaking down the dirt and grime. Finally we needed Mink Oil and our Horsehair Brush to make this 20 year old sneaker 100% wearable!

Let us know in the comments.. What is the best Bred Jordan 1 release of all time?!

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What's up everybody for today's big Restoration project we got these 2001 Brad Jordan 1es these things are cooked But the worst thing about these is the Souls Somebody went in and horribly Glued on a thin piece of rubber that Looks like a Jordan one soul and covered Up all this heel drag and called it a Fix now I have to go in and fix it we Got to replace the entire sole with a Brand new authentic Jordan One Soul Let's get [Applause] Started before we get started with the Restoration work I want to talk to you Guys about this 2001 retro it's very Different from the 1985 version the First retro the 1994 and the newer stuff For example let's talk about the sushis It is made out of newbu material and Almost every single pair that is worn is Completely cracked the collar area is a Lot shorter the overall height of the Sneaker is a lot shorter as well when it Comes to the tongue on the back there is A label the shoe is limited they only Came out with 38345 pairs this pair is numbered 20643 lastly the leather that they use For the 2001 retro is on the cheaper Side it creases horribly in my opinion Check out the the toe boxes specifically On this one and on the collar areas There is a lot of creasing as well now

The condition of this sneaker is heavily Worn there is a lot of creases there is Some scuffs on the side panels on the Sues there's a lot of cracking going on But the owner wants to keep some of that Original patina they are from 2001 we're Not trying to make them look brand new But we are trying to make them wearable At the moment they are not there's a lot Of Separation going on all around the Sides on the inside of the sole the Polyurethane is completely crumbled Making it super uncomfortable to wear Not to mention this extra piece of Rubber on the back is super Uncomfortable to walk on there's some Stuff in the way before we can get Started let's take out the laces and [Music] Insoles not the original Insoles time I get rid of this old so We're going to be using an X-Acto Knife To chop off all the old stitching this Part is going to be real easy the upper Should come right [Music] Off [Music] [Music] What you see right there is a big piece Of glue that's holding the upper onto The sole it's even th when they were Gluing on that extra piece of rubber From the outside in on the inside you

Can see how big that hole was I don't Even know how your shoes get to that Point upper are off check out the Insides of these old souls broken down Poly earthing and air unit stuff that Once made these SHO comfortable is now Completely deteriorated this is going to Happen to all shoes that contain these Materials it's inevitable with time Luckily in the new donors it comes with Brand new poly orane and a units so These shoes are going to be good for Years to come let's go ahead and clean Up all this stuff up on the uppers we Got to get rid of all this old stuff and Stitching before we can move forward With the prep [Music] Work So far so good we got the old souls Removed from 2001's those are trash we Still have to do the prep work on the Uppers but we'll come back to that later Next up we're going to be working on the Donors this is the Jordan one load that We got from the store all we need them For is the souls we got to rip off the Uppers first we're going to take out the Laces and insoles and with an X-Acto Knife from the inside cut up the Stitching so after that we can lay down Some aone and get the upper Off during this step we're just taking Care of the black thread not the white

Thread the black thread is what's Connected to the white thread on the Outside of the midsole we're just Chopping up the inside cuz we don't care About the upper it's trash Anyway the stitching on the midso is Part one of what's holding the shoe Together now we got to melt the glue We're going to go outside pour a a lot Of acetone on the inside let it break Down the glue go back outside in about 15 minutes throw some more acetone Inside and then rip the upper Off so the shoe is still intact I added A bunch of acetone a good three times It's still not coming apart so we're Going to go back inside with the steamer Hopefully some heat will separate It after you pour acetone into the shoes And use a steamer make sure you do this In a well ventilated area or with the Mask cuz this stuff reeks also what Makes this process a lot easier to Separate is by using a bone or steel Folder to separate all the Edges donor sols are good to go we got The uppers off took a little bit of work As you can see on the inside we got some Brand new polyurethane and an air unit Inside we still need some work we still Got to go in and remove all the old glue And a of so as well as you can see as is It is is a nice perfect fit but this White is too brand new for these aged

Uppers so later on we will age it now We're back to the uppers we do need to Do some prep work as you can see on the Bottom of the boards there is a lot of Nasty poly arth still stuck on there We're going to heat it up and then with The scraper we'll scrape it [Music] Off [Music] Got the majority of the polyurethane off The bottom time for the Dremel we got to Get all that old glue off all the sides In order for that glue to stick [Music] Properly [Music] We're done with the prep work on the Uppers for now now we're back on to the Sols before we can go in and remove all The from the inside we got to age these As is they're a bit too white for the 2001 retro I don't want to age them too Much where they look like they're 85 Souls I just want to give them a slight Cream tone so once we put them inside I'm only going to put them in there for A good 5 minutes or so until I get the Tone I like once we age the so all the Glue on the inside going to get that Creamy tone and I'll know exactly where To use a [Music] Dremel

[Music] Good to go with the Aging we put the SS Inside the coffee for about 5 to 7 Minutes and got a nice consistent cream Tone all around and it's not overdone Let me show you guys a side-by-side Comparison of a sole that's not aged With a so that's been Aged now that we're done with that part We still have to remove all the old glue From the inside of the soil as you can See all the darker stuff is glue that's Got to come off to remove it all without Damaging the sole we're going to be Using ad Dremel with a steel drill bit We want to go in and remove it all Without damaging the rubber itself all Around the rubber there's a texture to It if you do too much it'll take it off And it'll mess with the reglue [Music] Dremeling is complete for the uppers and The souls we got that nasty thick layer Of glue completely off right now we have Some soft roughened up leather that's Ready for glue as far as the SS go same Exact thing the metal drill bit is key To keeping the texture on the Soles and Getting all that old glue off during the Jumbling process of the uppers I did end Up removing the board from the upper Just to get all that glue off Polyurethane and to have a better prep Job this is okay to do sometimes if

Anything it's going to make the glue job A lot easier we still have to complete The prep work by using some acetone and Carob balls to give the SS a final wipe Down and same thing with the Board [Music] Time for the glue we'll apply a nice and Even coat all around the upper for the Best Bond we'll apply the glue a Millimeter above where I dremeled onto The upper you won't see it it's clear as Far as the so goes same exact thing all Around for the board just on the bottom Not on the top we are going to be using Bar super stick I did buy one of those Big gallons so that's why it's in this Mason jar FYI the stuff is yellow now They changed your formula up a bit it Used to be clear they said they are Going back to clear but for now it's Going to be yellow you don't want to use This stuff on clear sols cuz the yellow Will show but for this project it will Work [Music] Glue is cleared let's stick everything Together first we're going to start with The toe tip on both parts we're going to Heat it up we don't need too much heat For this part we just need enough to get A tacky and we'll stick it together we Want to make sure it's lined up properly First then we're going to let it dry for

A few minutes then we'll jump to the Back same exact thing make sure it's Lined up properly heat it up stick it Together after that we'll take care of Both sides for this process you don't Want to rush it take it step by Step [Music] So far so good everything turned out Great alignment's on point that's cuz I Took my time we still need to put these Boards inside for this part we're going To slide them in heat it up and then With the steel folder we'll press down To lock it In [Music] [Music] Glue job is complete we let it dry for Several hours now it's time to add the Stitching we're going to be using two Pieces of thread one of them was already Aged to match the tone of the midsole And the other piece is for the inside We're going to be using a sewing off We're going to stick the first piece of Thread inside then tie it onto the Second piece and then we'll go from [Music] There good to go these shoes pass the Stress test when it comes to the stress Test you want to make sure there's no Little gaps if there is tape it off lay Down some more glue heat it up and stick

It together it's very important now we Got to finish off this restoration with The deep clean they're not super dirty But this cleaning is going to be Beneficial in a few different ways for One once you put the Sho trees inside The sneakers and give it a good cleaning Specifically on the toe boxes with our Soft bristle brush and our solution and Water let them dry outside it should Remove the majority of the creasing Right now as is it's pretty crushed well With the cleaning and Sho trees and Letting it dry it should do the trick Also our solution contains natural oils The shoe is on the older side so once we Clean it it should also recondition the Leather and lastly I have been working With these shoes a lot these last couple Of days there is some hand grease on These sneakers let's clean it all [Music] Off [Music] Cleaning is complete we let it dry Outside for a good 30 minutes they're Good to go like I mentioned these shoes Are from 2001 making them over 20 years Old we want to recondition the leather And keep it as healthy as possible for Years to come so I'm going to lay down a Heavy coat of mink oil all over the Shoes let it sit for about an hour so The leather can absorb as much of the

Mink oil as possible after that I'll Grab our HSE aair brush and brush it In [Music] It's been a couple hours a lot of that Mink oil was absorbed nicely by the Leather I did spray a heavy coat so a Lot of it is still sitting on top so I'm Going to grab my horsehair brush brush It in circular motion to push it deeper Into the material and remove any [Music] Excess [Music] All right that's going to bring us to an End on how to get these 2001 Bread Jordan Ones a whole new life these shoes Are good for another 20 years these Brand new authentic Jordan one Souls fit The opas nicely they're perfect they're Glued and stitched on properly and They're full of grip ready to be worn What I like about this restoration is That we kept the patina on the uppers There's not too much of it we have some Scuffs on the inside obviously cracking On the new buug but honestly that's okay It gives these shoes character and it Makes it known that these shoes are from 2001 let me show you guys real quick a Side by-side comparison of the old soul And the new Soul huge difference on the Bottom full of holes all warped with This fake piece of Jordan One Soul on it

And over here is what it's supposed to Look like now what's crazy is in the Last 8 years of doing YouTube videos I've done a lot of restorations on Jordans but I've never done a Restoration on a pair of 2001 breads There's still a lot of shoes that I Haven't done if you guys have something Cool or rare or something that I've Never worked on before send us an email To the email down below with pictures And a description of what you guys have If I like what I see I'll do it for free But again I've done a lot of content Over the years so if something that I've Done on the channel I simply won't do it Hope you guys enjoy this video and learn Something from it this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday see [Music] Y [Music]