Men's fashion trends will be huge in 2024 with affordable clothing Recommendations the first trend is Classic tailoring whether you call it Quiet luxury or old money aesthetic People are preferring to dress in a more Smart casual way with the absence of Large logos or branding even for more Street Wear aesthetic the trend is more Focused on the silhouette the shape the Color the materials than it is about Being decked out with logos which just Comes across as tacky things like Trousers loafers nit polos Oxford shirts And even a tank Style watch can help Kickstart this look I'll link as many of These items as I can in my bio Trend Number two is cropped clothing this one Is all about proportions whether it's Cro hoodies flannels t-shirts or leather Jackets they should all sit at your Waistline and the best part is if you Combine any of these items with some High-waisted pants it can actually Extend the length of your legs and make You appear taller lwood for cropped Hoodies uniel for t-shirts abomi for Flannels and carb Studios for a leather Jacket the third trend is a pop of color The perfect addition to any neutral tone Outfit is a primary color statement Piece whether it's a blue hoodie an Ombre knit sweater or a printed colorful Scarf for Beanie adding Reds blues and

Yellows can take your outfit to the next Level which Trends are you into which Ones do you hate let me know in the Comments