Vick takes on the challenge of these destroyed Air Jordan 1 Breds from 2001. Someone else tried to restore these Breds but only made them worse. Watch Vick work his magic and make these classic Jordans wearable again! #shorts

Somebody tried to fix these breads from 2001 and they went about it horribly the Souls were cooked there was nothing that Could be done to save them except Replace the Jordan one uppers with brand New authentic Souls I carefully removed The old souls from the uppers and got Them all prep ready for the new Souls After that I age the SS with a little Bit of coffee to get the perfect tone so They can match the patina on the uppers When it comes to a proper Rego it's all About the prep after everything was Bonded and restitched I reconditioned The uppers with a rejuvenator solution And mink oil now these 2001's are Wearable for another 20 Years