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Calling all sneaker heads put your Sneaker of the year to the test for a Chance to win 25 Grand try block is Hosting a $25,000 sneaker March Mania Bracket here's my pick to win the Bracket from the last four years these Are the first Jordan Force ever to Collaborate with Nike SB I love the Green but the best part about them is The new shape all you have to do is sign Up for trade block and fill out your Sneaker bracket it's a lot easier said Than done in the first round I had to Eliminate one of my favorites the Reimagined Weissman 3s in the last round It was by far the hardest it was between The SV forest and the Travis SCF Phantom Jordan Ones But ultimately the S4s are My pick to win it all share it with your Friends and tag us so we can see your Picks we've also partnered with trade Block to give you two free sneaker wipes And a special discount with all trades For the month of March shoot your shot Download trade block and fill out your Bracket today for a chance to win 25k