3 Types of outfits every man needs

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Here are three types of outfits every Guy needs first up is the Cozy fit this Consists of oversized hoodies crewnecks Sweats and of course a comfortable pair Of sneakers you want to go with some High quality sweats for example one that Everyone knows is the fear of God Essential sweatpants next up we have the Casual fit this consists of t-shirts a Good clean pair of sneakers and some Pants like denim or cargos it's calm Cool and relaxed not doing too much but Doing just enough lastly we have formal Outfits this is when you have to get a Little more dressed up for an event Could be a date dinner or a more formal Party a nice sweater or collared shirt Will be good for the tops you also need A good pair of chino pants and of course Some shoes now you can go with boots Loafers or if you want to stick with Sneakers then go with a clean pair of All whites with minimal branding