Welcome to the Run Testers and our first run look at the new 361 Futura –
a heavyweight, high-stack all-terrain trail shoe that features a new N-TPU Engage midsole foam and is built for off-road cruising. We took it for a first run to see how it performs. Hit play on our 361 Futura review to find out.

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Design details: Drop, stack, weight, price
1:16 – Fit
1:53 – The First Run Test
4:37 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the renters it's Kieran here and this is our first run Look at the new 361 Futura it's a new Heavyweight High stack all-terrain Trail Shoe that features the new engaged Midsole foam it's built for cruising Off-road and we just took it for his First run to see how it performs want to Find out watch on [Music] So some really quick details before we Get into the first run then for the 361 Futura has a 30 mil heel 24 mil toe or Hilton Stone stack for a six mil drop They weigh in a very Hefty 320 grams or 11.25 ounces in men's size eight and a Half price wise they're 145 pounds or 140 Euros So it's gonna be a really quick Speedy Whiff around the shoe starting with that End TPU engage midsole it's designed to Be more resilient than the classic Eva There's a big stack of it here and this Shoe actually looks a lot like a road Shoe when you first pick it out of the Box up top you've got a pretty dense Engineered mesh uppers these are quite Thick they are quite dense plus you've Got really big plush padded heel collars Got a thin tongue with a little padding There to avoid lace pinch and then flip Them over and there's a substantial Vibrant Mega grip outsole with some Pretty serious lugs

Foreign [Music] Well I've just done that first run in The UK and a half which is my size and These fit pretty good true to size they Are there's plenty of room in the toe Box they are quite a big kind of wide Shoe into that toe box there's nice Amount of room good kind of Wiggle space For your toes They hold pretty good across the top of The midfoot heel collars nice and pad And hold as well I think they might slip A little bit on steeper downhills don't Get to test them so you have to lace Them down quite tight to get that hold But yeah I think I'd recommend going True to size in these shoes regardless So they do feel like a big shoe on the Foot [Music] So I've just finished my first run in The 361 future and there's a few things That you notice straight out the box With this shoe it's big it's plush it's Comfortable it's a cruiser it's got you Know big high stack of soft cushioning That kind of soaks up lumps and bumps Feels sort of spongy on the road big Padded heel collars that hold and Cushion the base of the Achilles and the Heel in place you know this is like a Big Cruiser basically and now while that Does bring a lot of plush Comfort you're

Paying for that in terms of the weight This is a heavy shoe on the foot it Feels like a lot of shoe as well it is Big it's got a big wide base to run off The thing is because the cushioning Underneath is quite soft particularly For a trail shoe there's a couple of Times when I felt the stability go if I Sort of felt my Landings are tilted out To the right or the left that cushion Platform doesn't come with the most kind Of stable base to run off it does Protect the feet is soaking up the lumps And bumps for the impact I wouldn't Really want to go fast on this I think It makes you feel like you have to work Quite hard to pick your feet up as well So I'm not sure as you went longer into Runs if you're going over a lot of Technical terrain where you're gonna Have to pick your feet you don't want to Be clipping your back foot these feel Like a heavy shoe for that to me for That you know they are designed for road To Trail they cope very nicely on the Road they run probably better on the Road I would say they're on the trail They're all right on kind of groomed Trails that I've done a bit like what I've got behind me here and they were Kind of fine on the roads they feel like Some Road shoes some very sort of high Cushioned Road shoes you have got pretty Big aggressive grip pattern on there

Though so they're a little bit sticky And overall from that first run my Impressions are these are just a little Bit more shoe than I would like so this Shoe to me based on what I've just done This is a plotter of the shoe quite Heavy it's not going to be the kind of Shoe that you're going to pick to go Fast For me it's the kind of thing where if You know you're going to run trails that Aren't too steep aren't too technical Nice flat groom trailers going to be Going through Villages and Townsend Spending quite a chunk of time on tarmac As well or you're going to be running Light through Park you might be doing You know actually the idea is like a Flat River path a lot of the stuff that I regularly run where you know you're Going to be going low and slow and you Just want something that's going to sort Of soak up the impact and be a good sort Of recovery Pace shoe then this shoe has It anything faster than that I think They're just a bit too heavy I don't Think they're going to be nimble and Agile enough to deal with particularly Technical terrain they just feel like a Little bit too much shoe on the foot and Actually that big stack of midsole foam And while it's soaking up the impact From the trails and the roads it's not Going to be your best friend when it

Comes to feeling your way along Difficult trails and having that ground Contact so yeah that's my first Impression from from this run [Music] So after good 11 miles or a couple of Hours on feet in the 361 Futura my early Impressions kind of verdict if I'm going To give it a verdict is that this is a Applauding kind of cruise shoe that yeah It's not my favorite it has wowed me I Haven't fallen in love with it it kind Of runs fine if you're plodding along And you just taking easy Trails but for Anything beyond that I'm not quite sure It's going to have what it takes it it's Comfortable it does soak up the lumps And bumps it's you know fairly soft I Think it actually if you took off that Kind of big hacking great grip it might Run better as a road shoe than a trail Shoe that's maybe a positive though on Compacted trousers as I've said but Overall I think from that first run yeah Summary really is a bit too much shoe It's a bit heavy it's a bit clumpy and Cumbersome the softness of the midsole Foam didn't provide stability that I'd Like all that kind of ground connection Ground contact the feel of the trails Under the underfoot so I think it's a Bit of a problem there as well and Overall this for me is kind of happy Recovery Trail plotter but not much more

Than that but we will test more and see If we keep that opinion later on All right [Music] So they have it that's my first run look At the 361 Futura Rotator Trail shoe if You have any questions that you want to See answered in the full review hit me Up in the comments below don't forget to Like And subscribe ring that Bell if you Want to see more videos coming up on the Channel Soon if you're interested in our best Road to trail shoes there's a video Popping up on the channel about now Otherwise it's been a pleasure to talk To you and we hope to see you again soon On the Run tested happy running everyone