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$20. OFF WHITE The TEN. $20 Sneaker Collection Season 3! PART 3


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Oh shoot they got fals with the Box Decided to stop by Atmos on Walnut Street and apparently because they're Closing it's 40% off the entire store The entire store I'm talking everything I'm buying the entire offwhite the 10 Collection with just a $20 bill well not Exactly I'm selling in trading things That I buy with this $20 bill to get to The entire opy this hand collection and In today's episode we make some of the Most insane profit that I've ever made In any series like This so we are back at Plato's Closet Today for the day after Black Friday Hopefully we find something crazy it's Been left Over all right so it looks like they put Out more sneakers on the shelves oh my Gosh we got these I thought these were Fair gods for a second but they're not They're just AIDS but still so I'm just Going to check around this area see if We can find anything and keep you guys Updated Biz Ikes right here which is not Bad for how much they're in really good Shape actually super super good shape Barely worn 445 o it's probably not worth it but I'll check it out just in case I mean These honestly might not be a bad pickup Cuz they're going for like 70 and They're priced here at like 45 so this Might be something I grab not 100% sure

We'll come back to that I looked at These yesterday during Black Friday and These are kind of clean if these were in My size I genuinely might pick them up What price are they they are 25 actually Not bad let me check these guys out Really quick cuz I genuinely don't know What these go for so there was only one Sold listing for 47 probably not worth It but these are the uh the Reebok Iverson white parties so these are kind Of clean unfortunately nothing at play's Closet the day after Black Friday um I Was kind of hoping for more there was Stuff that I think I could flip like the Spizikes but that was really it I know That there's going to be more out on the Wall once the guy finishes organizing Them because that's what he was doing But uh unfortunately nothing today I Will be back either tomorrow or Monday Because I want to just make sure I'm not Missing anything but so far I feel like I got most of the good stuff yesterday All right so since last week's episode We have been busy we've sold everything That we had but first let me tell you About the sponsor of today's video Sneaker done and stay tuned because I'll Tell you how you guys can win this pair Of sneakers inside this box for yourself It's pair of Travis Scots sneaker dunk Is a marketplace where you can buy and Sell sneakers streetwear and trading

Cards from Japan and they guarantee 100% Authentication through their Verification process sneaker dunk is Japan's largest sneakers streetwear and Collectibles Marketplace and has Extended their services across the world With the global sneaker dunk app and if You happen to live in Japan or Singapore You can stop by their physical locations As well if you're having a hard time Finding those overseas grils in the US Make sure to check out sneaker dunk Whether you're looking for Japanese Pokémon cards are my personal Grails the Atmos Air Max ones they've got you with Their 100% authenticity guarantee or Your money back sneaker dunk is also one Of the only marketplaces to use x-ray Technology during their authentication Process ensuring that everything you buy Is legit inside and out let's see Them oh man they smell Greato look at these bad boys oh these Are gorgeous make sure to check out Sneaker dunk by clicking the link at the Top of the description below or by Scanning the QR code on your screen and Use code Seth for free shipping and to Enter the Travis Scott Air Jordan one Low giveaway which ends in 2 weeks huge Thank you to sneaker dunk for sponsoring Today's video and providing these Sneakers for this crazy giveaway so just To remind you guys where we started off

At the beginning of this week we had a Sneaker collection fund of $10.19 but we did have a lot of sneaker Pickups to sell and uh some stuff that We got for Crazy Prices so let's start Things off with the eBay sales and the First thing that we sold was that Wei Bundle that we had picked up for $60 Last week we ended up selling the Wii For $80 on eBay Which is less than I Would have liked but still not terrible And after fees we were left with $70.98 to add back into the bank which Means we had a net profit or a profit of $10.92 the next eBay sale were those Air Jordan 13s that we picked up from Plato's Closet Black Friday sale after Our 20% discount we got them for $28 Which is unbelievable and we ended up Selling those on eBay for $80 even and After fees and shipping we were left With $686 which means we had a profit of $468 so the first pair that we sold on Whatnot were the Air Jordan 11 cherries That we had picked up from Plato's Closet for for $64 and we ended up Selling them for $130 which is an Unbelievable price it's doubling our Money well almost doubling our money and After fees we were left with $123.6 which means we had a profit of $596 like I said almost doubling our Money the next pair that we sold were

The women's Air Jordan 1 NC to Chicago We bought those for $32 which again Incredible price all these pickups were Incredible prices and we sold them and Whatnot for $79 even so after fees and Shipping we were left with $71.25 which means we had a profit of $39.25 and then the final pair that we Sold the pair that I didn't really even Want to sell but I knew it was going to Make money so I sold it anyway was the Nike Dunk High year of the Tigers we Bought those sneakers for $48 they Included the Box they included the Accessories it was an unbelievable price And we ended up selling them for $120 on Whatnot and after the fees and shipping We were left with $17.96 to add back into the bank which Means we had a profit of $59.7 so just to refresh your memories We started off the week with a bank Total of $109 19 pitiful right well After those sales we were left with $452 6 it was unbelievable and the most Money by far that we've had this entire Series and I mean depending on what we Pick up this week which I am going to Try and spend as much of it as possible We could pick up a pair of the off-white Sneakers at the end of this video I Don't know maybe next video we'll have To wait and see all right so today I'm In Topeka Kansas visiting family I did a

Road trip out here and uh we're stopping By F's closet see if they have anything Because why not you know I stopped in St Louis to see the arch stop in play's Closet uh and Topeka because it's a Sight to see so let's do it hopefully we Find something all right so we are at The Plato's Closet in Kansas in Topeka Kansas and it's huge way bigger than I Expected shoot they got Fels with the Box that's actually crazy now we found Fels at play before and they weren't Real but these ones actually look legit How much they went for these let's see 40 bucks what size 11 that's actually Crazy I'm might to have to grab these That's a great price the box is little Speed up but still 40 bucks is an Awesome price see over on this side We've got some reboks bunch of Rebok some Croc slides that looks like About it okay before I was walking out I Found one more pair of shoes and that is This pair of Air Jordan 5ivs for 35 Bucks let me check these guys out They're in like really great condition All right so these are priced to 35 They're in really good condition however There's only two sales in the last like 6 months to a year which is like nothing Now they were going for like 60 but I Don't want to have these sitting for Like months before they sell so I'm Going to leave them although probably a

Good deal though and then actually I'm Looking to the left and I'm seeing this Pair of 4D forwards in uh size 6 for 35 Not bad cool shoe I don't think they mve Though all right so surprisingly in Topeka Kansas we found a pair of Adidas Fels in a really good color way this is The um the holy color way I think or one Of the Holy colorways it comes in this Really clean like pink green blue and Purple look now we found a fake pair of These at the Plato's Closet in Philadelphia or one of the play's Closets I don't remember exactly which One it was but we found one that was not Legitimate and then found one in Kansas That was legit at least from what I Could tell obviously I'll run it through Like the unbox app just to make sure but It's got the right weight it's got the Right out soole it's got the box even Which is crazy now the box is beat uh For sure but um I mean shoot for 40 Bucks not Bad all right let's hope the luck Continues in Goodwill we'll see r a run Off the bat right next to the front they Got some really good stuff got some Air Max 97s for $9.99 that's a great price Some Giannis some hokas really good condition Too for 19 Wow not seeing anything that immediately

Junks out to me to grab but Still some good stuff nonetheless Unfortunately Goodwill was not Bonkers okay so first things first see Some Iverson right here for 37 good on those what else we got we got Some um Nike trainers of some kind Nike tracks I Don't know what they are some Sakes but the shelves look pretty empty Today I wonder if it's cuz I'm coming at Night I usually come like during the day But fortunately today not too much got a Bunch of cowboy boots and still got These guys the dunk 85s for 40 pretty Beat so I'm good on those but I don't Know not seeing too much today kind of a Bummer I'll be honest they do have jelly Threes these always do well if these are For the right price maybe I'll grab them 27 that's that's actually not bad hold Up we got some UNCC 6s right here for How much 60 that's not bad they're a Little beat in the bottom definitely Some heel drag and then some standing on The Upper which is not great so maybe if They were like 20 or 30 it would be Worth it but not for 60 so unfortunately Nothing in Buffalo ex changes today I Usually go in the daytime maybe that's Why but I don't know nothing there Today so not much in Second Street Either it looks like which is kind of a

Bummer hoping for something but at least Not not on the Shelf ones some green Ones for $149 not terrible but that's probably About what they go for we got some As6 got some Rebok some Foams but I think oh these are actually Kind of cool the brain dead uh Rebox I Dig these These are actually sick but I Really don't think they go for anything And then I always see these These are Such a dope shoe for such a good price 89 bucks but I just don't think they go For anything else even though they look I mean almost brand new that's crazy That's a really good price but I mean You can grab them online for around the Same you just don't have to pay shipping Here so that's why it's such a good Price oh we have some s actually hold on These are going For 89 wow in the blue color way it's Kind of cool definitely one though you Know what let's do it let's grab Him all right so on the way out I Decided to stop by Atmos on Walnut Street and apparently because they're Closing it's 40% off the entire store The entire store I'm talking everything In store only but 40% off that's they Got I'm on yours what okay we're going To have to go through the store and see What we can find I might grab a bunch of

Personal pickups too cuz this is this is Nuts so I'm like really tempted to grab These I'm also really tempted to grab These cuz that's an extra 40% off that's Crazy it's better than the outlet yeah See that's ridiculous that's Crazy that's that's crazy oh these guys Too yeah I might grab these I might grab O these Probably it's ridiculous man that's Insane there's so many new balances too That's Ridiculous oh my goodness even got the Foams wow and the Noas that's Ridiculous wow was Wild oh my Gosh let's get home and check him out Out yo that was absolutely insane we got So much stuff way too much stuff Honestly and uh let's just go through it And see what we can sell and what I'm Going to keep I'm probably going to keep A lot of it oh also I almost forgot to Tell you guys about the brand new Apothecary pants that just launched on Our website Apothecary dcom you can grab Them right now Linked In the description Below we've got two different styles We've got the uh the cargo style and We've also got this really dope denim Style which I absolutely love and for Those of you that have been asking what Pants I wear in videos it's these guys

So if you guys want to grab some of the Highest quality pants available make Sure check them out on Apothecary dcom Again Linked In the description below Plus dude look at these details got the Apothecary logo snap on the bottom of These pants you got the metal Apothecary Detail on the caros seriously these Pants are awesome I've been wearing them For months you definitely need to check Them out all right so first things first We got the Sakai fragment uh LD waffles In a size 13 we got them for 85 bucks Not bad I definitely think I can sell These for like hopefully 120 140 we'll See what happens but grab these from Second Street definitely a solid spot I Don't always grab a lot of stuff from There because they don't always have the Best deals cuz they usually know what They have so so um they pric things well In this case I think I can make some Money on it uh I am going to run it Through the unbox app just to guarantee That it is in fact authentic um or I'll Sell it on eBay or something where they Just authenticate uh just right off the Rib um but that's everything that I Picked up from the thrift stores now Let's talk about what I grabbed from Atmos which is one of my favorite Sneaker stores in Philadelphia Unfortunately though Foot Locker is Closing down all the Us locations of

Atmos which is a huge bummer all right So first pick up we got the Air Jordan 1 Elephants which I picked up at the Outlet multiple times but uh we got a Brand brand new pair for 40% off which I Think made it a better price than the Outlet all right so I got the receipt For These Guys these were originally Priced at $180 $18 that's Insanity now I Think I can probably make some money off Of these really quick let me see all Right so it looks like they're selling For around 80 bucks so probably not Going to make any money on these um I am Happy to have these though because I Didn't have to pay shipping or fees so I Actually got these for about what I Would have gotten them for if I bought Them online so still a good pickup but Not something I want to buy with the $20 Sneaker collection funds because it Wouldn't be worth the flip all right so Moving on to the next one we have the Air Air Jordan Airships the uh is this right box yes it Is the Air Jordan airships the uh the Corporate airships which is a Collaboration that dropped I think two Or three months ago it's got gotam on The back it's actually a really dope Sneaker these sold out everywhere online At least from what I can tell and uh They usually are priced at they're Usually priced at 150 bucks I got them

For $90 which is unbelievable let me Check these guys out really quick online And we'll see if we can flip these for a Profit no okay so they go for around 80 Bucks again so again same sort of deal I Got these on my size just in case this Would happen where I have to keep them Which I'm happy about cuz I wanted all These sneakers but uh they go for around 80 I got them for 90 again with like Shipping fees I would have paid probably More if I had gotten them online so Still a good pickup for me but not a Good pickup to flip next pair we got are The Air Jordan one Lowe's the Retro Low's we also grabbed these at an outlet Uh probably an episode ago or two Episodes ago I think with kis actually Yeah we got these guys in a size 9 the Air Jordan one Lowe's very clean sneaker We got these guys four these were Originally priced at $140 bucks and we Grabbed them at $84 which is just an Unbelievable price I think we probably Could make some money on these so these Are also gone for $70 okay so that's Probably the reason these are still Sitting after a week of being on sale Cuz everyone checked the prices of these Guys online oh man oh man okay onto the Final one we've got the amam maner Air Jordan 12s in a men size 9 and half Women's size 11 but we got the amam Maner 12s a pretty decent looking shoe

Really surprised they had these actually Really really surprised have not seen These anywhere we grabbed these four These are usually priced at I believe 220 bucks and we grab these for 100 oh Sorry $225 and we grab them for $1 135 which is a great price that's like An insane price let me see um how much These go for oh all right okay so they Go for 130 bucks so I guess these will All be personal pickups which again I'm Not mad at they're all my size um but I Really thought one of these might be a Good flip I should start looking at Prices in store but I always feel bad Doing that cuz I'm not I guess in this Case I am reselling I don't know I just Don't like looking at prices in store Store well I guess it's not really a Pair of sneakers it is the CI B HX Slides which I actually don't have a Pair of at the moment in this blue Colorway uh I grabbed a size eight Because these do fit big and this is a Pair that I actually really wanted and I'll be honest I think this is a pair That I got for let's see $42 usually 7 I'm sure these go for more than $42 However I don't want to sell these oh my Gosh they go for exactly $42 they go for Exactly $42 in stockx that's the that's Ridiculous yo I can't believe that That's so crazy I mean it's such a dope Shoe though so I'm definitely keeping

This I'm definitely rocking it I can't Believe that wow everything goes for Exactly what it goes for online that's Probably exactly why it goes for that Online because people are just buying All these shoes and then reselling them All right so since none of those Sneakers are going towards a $20 sneaker Collection we only are subtracting the Amount that we spent at Second Street Which means we have a new bank total of $327 and6 and that is actually the Perfect amount of money to buy a pair of Sneakers from the 10 collection so Hopefully and that is actually the Perfect amount of money to buy a pair of Sneakers from the 10 collection so I Guess you're just going to have to wait Till next episode to find out what we Grabbed but with all that being said Thank you all so much for watching make Sure to subscribe if you haven't yet and I'll see you all in the next one