Best sneakers and shoes to wear this spring summer.
ASICS gel nyc
Puma suede x Rhuigi
Sean Wotherspoon adidas gazelle
New balance 990v6
Diemme hiking boots

My current spring shoe rotation first up Is A6 in the gel NYC A6 is having one of The best years in recent memory and this Shoe is super comfortable and can be Dressed up or down or somewhere in the Middle like you see here next up is the Ruigi Puma sued this is easily one of The best color palettes for this time of Year and the Puma sued is an iconic Sneaker mod next up is the Sham witha Spoon Adidas gazelle EAS the one of the Best sneakers to ever released last year Green's my favorite color and they're Made from sustainable material so you Can't go wrong can't forget about New Balance in the 990 V6 series easily one Of the most comfortable shoes that I own And each and every week they come out With new great colorways my favorite is The mindful gray have to include a pair Of boots as well these are the dmy Waterproof hiking boots they're Indestructible and they go with Everything