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Have you ever looked back on old photos Or videos of what you wore and Immediately cringed I know I've been There and over the many years of talking And learning about fashion online these Are the top five tips that I've learned That have instantly improved how I dress For the better the first tip is rule of Thirds not only is this trend going to Improve your style it's also going to Make you more attractive by making you Appear taller okay now hear me out Beauty standards for men and women are Higher than they have ever been I mean We've all seen the video Perfect k gu Sex four under 61 you're not in my radar My fellow short Kings I'm 5'7 okay I Know what it's like but cosmetic height Surger is like $75,000 or something like I think I don't know I haven't checked Using the rule of thirds will extend the Length of your legs to make you appear Taller this method is all about Proportions we see it all around us on a Daily basis in art and architecture a 1:3 ratio is the most aesthetically Pleasing division of space which is Famously known as the golden ratio the Best part about it though is that it's Super easy and affordable to do to Recreate the rule of thirds all you need Are cropped t-shirts jackets hoodies That sit at the waistline this also Looks best with jeans or pants that have

A higher rise now you might be saying Yourself Bryce sounds expensive no it's Not it's free .99 you can easily crop Your own shirts at home there are a ton Of tutorials available online for you to Use if you don't want to cut up your Shirts cool try tucking them in this Method works for streetwear outfits as Well all I'm wearing here are sweatpants And a hoodie however if you do feel like Your wardrobe needs a refresh Urban Outfitters has cropped te's entire Studios makes cropped hoodies aie has Cropped casual shirts and unicone makes Cropped jackets as well as pants that's Where I picked up these trousers I have Two different colors and I can't Recommend them enough everything in the Video will be linked in the description All right this next tip is called ju to Position which is all about creating Tension in your look this means taking One or two contrasting elements and Putting them together to create one Unique Look there are so many different Ways to achieve this one of the easiest Ways to do this is by going with a Formal look and mixing in elements of Street wear or men's wear or vice versa To do this mix some classic tailored Items like a blazer with something Casual like a relaxed pair of jeans or Even sweatpants with loafers which may Not make sense at the surface but when

Worn like this looks absolutely fire now Some key items to achieve this kind of Look would be hats jeans and sneakers Which always give off a more casual vibe In Blazers trousers and loafers which Are typical for more of a men's wereare Aesthetic now the man himself Ralph Floren is the absolute Godfather of this Aesthetic like look at this tuxedo Jacket with jeans and Solomons this guy Does what he wants he inspired guys like ASAP who was one of the best dressed Alive but also Devin Booker does a great Job of mixing elements of men's wear and Street wear in fact whenever you see him With a more formal top you think he's Going with a pair of loafers or boots But no sneakers and when he's super Casual up top surely he'll wear some Kicks right nope leather boots Okay so We've all seen those color combos videos Over the Internet over the past past few Years honestly if you've seen one you've Seen them all and after this tip you'll Never need to watch one of those again Three words light medium dark you grab One article of clothing that's a light Shade one that's a dark shade and one That's a medium shade it creates great Balance in your outfit it's Aesthetically pleasing and the Possibilities are endless you can do Dark pants medium tea light jacket light Pants dark tea medium jacket medium

Pants light tea dark jacket you get the Point the best part is that you probably Don't even need to buy any of these Items they're likely all already in your Closet and for bonus points I like to Create a gradient type effect with my Outfit where I wear clothing items that Go from darker to lighter the darker Items are on top all the way to white Sneakers or black shoes all the way to a Light colored hat we've all been there You have clothes in your closet and yet You look at it and you still think I Have nothing to wear guys this next tip Will give you countless outfit ideas With the 333 method you will never run Out of outfit ideas again essentially You will take three tops three pants and Three bottoms and it will give you Endless combinations let's go with a Great cardigan a white tea and striped Oxford for pants dark trousers midwash Jeans and gray sweatpants and for Footwear black loafers brown boots and White sneakers I'm not saying Everybody's going to have all these Items but they are pretty simple in Nature all right cu the [Music] Music [Music] And just like that 15 outfits now you Can change the cardigan for a hoodie or Swap for some black jeans but the

Important thing here is having good Basics so that you can interchange the Clothing items and never run out of Things to wear now the next tip is to Get your clothing tailored I have been One of the biggest culprits of this Buying clothes online and simply being Too lazy to bring them to the tailor one Of the biggest signs of a stylish person Is understanding how clothes fit with Your body it can also completely change How you think of a clothing item take These midwash vintage Levis for example I bought in styled them dozens of times Before finally getting them tailored and The way they fit is night and day now I Want to wear them all the time same with These gray trousers before I used to Have to Cuff them at the bottom when Wearing them but not anymore it gives a Nice seamless look a perfect example of The importance of fit is this recent Cole sprous outfit the clothes are Literally wearing him a good example Would be Jeremy Allen White always Wearing things that work with his style And sticks with what he knows and likes Now if you've never been to a tailor you Want to ask them to hem the pants that's The key word usually you stand on the Platform and the tailor will recommend The adjustments for you if it looks good Say yes otherwise you can give them Specific measurements of what you need

And usually it costs around $10 to $20 Per pant but trust me it's way worth it Now to learn about some of the top Trending clothing items for 2024 you got To check this video out there's a hoodie Style in here that I know you'll Absolutely love