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Every day you wake up you look in the Mirror and you might not like what you See now as the Big Brother you've never Had I'm going to help you change that And love the man you see in the mirror With these glowup tips so before we get Into it if you guys like fashion Sneakers and Men's Grooming go ahead and Hit that subscribe button down below now Let's go ahead and get into it so Getting into tip number one I'm going to Show you how you can achieve a better Jawline now having good facial structure Is one of the most attractive things About a man I mean take a look at some Of these examples here now we all aren't Blessed with a beautiful jawline but There are some things you can do to help You achieve this look so the first thing You can work on is your cardiovascular Exercise engage in cardiovascular Exercise such as running cycling or Swimming to help reduce your body fat as You lose this excess body fat your Jawline will become way more defined now Another thing you can do is simply just Chew gum chewing gum is a simple way to Exercise your jaw muscles just be Mindful not to overdo it it as excess Gum chewing can lead to jaw fatigue and You definitely don't want that so Getting into glowup tip number two let's Talk about your lips and how you can get Them from this to this there's way too

Many guys out here with dry chapped lips And I'm going to teach you how you can Avoid that number one is exfoliation Take a soft toothbrush and gently brush Your lips this will remove dead skin Cells and dry flaky skin from your lips This tip will leave your lips looking Fresh and smooth so say goodbye to dry Chap lips with this tip so let's go Ahead and get into our next tip let's Talk about how you can achieve that nice Glowy skin to achieve this you want to Shave your face shaving your face with a Razor blade can exfoliate the top layer Of your dead skin cells this exfoliation Reveals smoother fresher skin underneath Now this can lead to a brighter Complexion and a more youthful Appearance removing dead skin cells can Also improve the effectiveness of your Skinc care now another reason to do this Is because shaving your face can lead to A more defined appearance by Accentuating your facial features it can Make your jawline and cheekbones appear Sharper which is really what you want if You want to achieve that glow up next up Let's talk about grooming because you Never want to be the musty guy that People avoid smelling good will boost Your self-confidence and self-esteem Making you appear more confident now Some of my favorite grooming products That I've been using for a while now are

Some from today's sponsor which is Native so let's start off with a body Wash which I use on a daily basis native Body washes often contain natural Ingredients making them suitable for Sensitive skin now one of my favorite Scents is the Sant of the wood and Shea Butter it just smells woodsy refreshing And sweet this will leave your skin Feeling soft but one of my favorite Parts about it is that it leaves your Skin residue free you get all of those Benefits and still smells amazing you Really can't beat it so now that you got The body wash down let's go ahead and Cover the deodorant because you don't Want to be that guy that's smelling like Lunch meat I'm sure you guys know a few People that don't use deodorant making Us all suffer so this is the vanilla and Sandalwood deodorant it's Woody earthy And sweet it provides up to 72 hours of Odor protection and it's not sticky it Feels nice and dry when applying it Smells amazing and no yellow stains on Clothing which is a huge plus lastly one Of my recent favorites is this coconut And vanilla body spray this here just Smells like a tropical vacation applies Like as air a cooling light mist that Dries on contact leaving you smelling Great and feeling fresh it also provides Instant odor protection and doubles as An overall fragrance spray now you can

Save $33 on your first bestsellers Native pack normally $36 but you'll get It for 24 if you use my discount code It's the best investment you can make For yourself you smell good you feel Good you look good so I'll leave that Link in the description down below for You guys to check out getting into our Next tip let's talk about morning Puffiness now if you do suffer from this Then you know what I mean icing your Face in the morning often referred to as Ice facials or ice therapy is a skincare Hack you need to incorporate into your Daily routine and here's why it reduces Morning puffiness the cold temperature Of ice can help constrict blood vessels And reduce swelling or puffiness which Is common in the morning this can make Your face appear fresh and awake this Increased circulation will help you Achieve that Rosy glowy look you're Trying to achieve instead of being dull In the morning lastly let's tackle bad Breath this one is super important so of Course you want to brush your teeth Every morning but it's super important You scrape your tongue with a tongue Scraper scraping your tongue is an Important part of oral hygiene that Offers several benefits for your overall Health so scraping your tongue will help With bad breath and just help with your Overall oral hygiene now you can find

Tongue scrapers at most drug stores or Online they come in various materials Including metal plastic and silicone do This and your bad breath will disappear So that's going to do it for today's Video hope you guys enjoyed this one Here don't forget to check out today's Sponsor native first link in the Description down below as always I Appreciate you guys for watching and I Will see you in the next one [Music] Peace [Music]