Summer wardrobe essentials.

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These are the seven summer Essentials You need in your wardrobe number one Linen trousers because you don't want to Sweat and some heavy ass denim you want Something light breathable and Comfortable number two breathable white T-shirts uniqlo's aerism line is perfect For that and they have two versions a Regular fit and an oversized fit number Three shorts of course feel free to Experiment with different Fabrics I Especially like these leather ones from Nanushka and these nylon ones from root Number four tank tops whether you wear One on its own or underneath a Lightweight layer tank tops are the most Versatile summer essential number five Oversized shirts these are perfect Layered over a tank top short sleeved or Long sleeved you can easily dress them Up or down depending on the occasion Number six baseball caps the perfect Summer accessory to finish off a simple Outfit new era is probably the most Popular brand in this category with Their signature New York Yankees caps And number seven jewelry you don't need To go all blinged out a simple ring or Two maybe a thin bracelet or a subtle Necklace peeking out these small details Can really bring an outfit together and Make it look sharp