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Looking for tips on how to style sneakers the right way? Look no further! In this video, we’ll show you how to style sneakers for any outfit, any occasion, and any mood.

From casual to dressy, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about sneakers and how to style them to look amazing. From choosing the right sneakers to wearing them with the right outfit, we cover it all in this awesome sneaker style guide. So whether you’re a beginner or a sneaker pro, be sure to check out this guide to style sneakers the right way!

What's going on you guys welcome back to The channel where we discuss sneakers Clothing and Men's Grooming today we're Going over six rules when it comes to Styling sneakers now if you guys are Into sneakers fashion and Men's Grooming Make sure you hit that subscribe button Down below now let's go ahead and get Into it so getting into number one you Want to keep the sneakers clean and Crisp cleanliness is key I don't care if You're rocking a thousand dollar pair of Jordans or a ten dollar Walmart sneakers Your sneakers are the foundation of your Outfit so make sure they're clean clean And maintain them to keep scuffs stains And dirt at a minimum white sneakers in Particular are very versatile and Classic but they can ruin your outfit if They're not clean so use a soft brush Some detergent a toothbrush or even a Magic eraser to keep your sneakers clean So let's get into our second sneaker Rule you want to understand the occasion Sneakers aren't a one size fits all Solution to every outfit while sneakers Can elevate your casual looks they might Not be the best choice for a formal Event so instead opt-in for a Minimalistic clean designs for a Semi-formal setting and save the flashy Expensive sneakers for your streetwear Or athleisure looks understanding when And where to wear your sneakers is a

Major key to looking good in them so Let's go ahead and get into number three You want to mix and match different Styles now that we've got the basics Covered let's talk about mixing and Matching Styles don't be afraid to Experiment sneakers come in various Designs from classic leather to chunky To futuristic Silhouettes pair your Minimalist sneakers with tailored Trousers for a smart casual look or go All out on a retro pair of Jays with a Pair of baggy denim for a more Streetwear Vibe mixing and matching Different styles adds depth and Personality to your outfits real quick Guys I want to give a huge shout out to Today's sponsor which is point poison Poison is an online Marketplace for Authentic sneakers clothing and Accessories they do this with their Eight-step verification process along With their 10 plus quality checkpoint to Ensure you're happy with the product Poison has a hundred million active Users in 18 countries and regions with Over 300 million products authenticated All from the Best Brands like Nike Jordan Prada Chrome Hearts Gucci you Name it they have it now I shopped on The platform and picked up the best Sneaker to ever be released the lost and Found Jordan 1. these are an all-time Classic that every guy needs in their

Collection poison has competitive Pricing on authentic products so you can Get the best deal possible so if you Order now they are offering free Shipping to the United States so go Ahead and check out poison first link in The description down below and get your Hands on your dream sneakers so let's Get into rule number four balance is Everything if your sneakers are loud and Attention grabbing key keep the rest of Your outfit low-key and vice versa Balance ensures your outfit doesn't Overwhelm and that your sneakers are the Main focus when they need to be so Getting into rule number five you want To pay attention to proportions Proportions matter when styling sneakers If you're wearing bulky chunky sneakers Balance them with baggy jeans or cargos Now on the other side if you've got Sleek low profile sneakers Slimmer jeans Or cargos can work well to create a Balanced silhouette matching the vibe of Your outfit to your sneakers can make a Huge difference when it comes to your Outfits lastly let's get into rule Number six don't forget about your socks Now socks may seem like a small detail But they can make or break your sneaker Game avoid no-show socks at all cost and Go with crew socks for the best look you Can go Nike or unbranded which is what I Like to do so you can wear these with

Any type of sneaker now I get mine from Target I get the good yellow crew socks And I cannot recommend those enough They're affordable comfortable and a Nice switch up from your normal everyday Nike sock so that's going to do it for Me hope you guys enjoyed this one here Again don't forget to check out today's Sponsor poison first link in the Description down below appreciate you Guys for watching and I will see you in The next one peace [Music] Thank you