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I'm giving away a pair of Nike Dunk Clothes in your size and the best part Is you'll have one of four colorways to Choose from the organs the pandas the Chlorophylls which is a personal Favorite as well as the Montreal Bagels So stick around to the end of the video Real Santa will be super simple however Let's get into the video Adidas is Loki Having a great year besides the super Popular sambas gazelles forums and the Return of Yeezys I think one of their Biggest hidden gems is the Adidas campus 2000. it's a chunky looking puffy tongue Shoe that draws inspiration from skate Shoes of the early 2000s I think the Reason the shoe works so well is it's Simple in design and shares that Y2K Aesthetic that's been so popular Recently for me I think what makes the Shoe is the gum outsole and extra Padding around the collar making them Super comfortable they also look great With bagier jeans if you're into that Kind of look the good news is that they Come in a bunch of colorways as well so You know I had to check out the classic Black and they're only 110 US dollars They fit true to size I'm wearing a size 8.5 which is what I wear in all of my Shoes so if you're looking for something New from the brand with the three Stripes you should definitely check These ones out however they are not the

Only brand that is giving that puff Treatment to their sneakers Vince just Put out their new school which is an Updated version of their classic Silhouette with a more rugged midsole Thicker laces and tongue and this like 3D stripe along the sides similar to the Adidas campus the simplistic design Makes them easy to style and I gotta be Honest I'm kind of really into this Whole puffy shoe Trend it's a little Unexpected but as someone who was born In the mid 90s skateboarded as a kid These have a very familiar blueprint That's definitely serving a shot of Nostalgia the best part is is that these Come in a bunch of different colors and They only cost 75 US dollars I cannot Remember the last time I bought a good Pair of shoes under a hundred dollars Similar to the Adidas canvas both of These shoes are in stock so I'll be sure To leave links in the description for You to check them out and for sizing I Have size down in my van so I'm wearing An eight the Salomon ACS Pro is another Low-key shoe that not not enough people Are talking about Solomon has gained a Ton of popularity with their colorful Xd6 and xt4 models but trust me the ACs Pro is an incredible shoe not only is it Super comfortable but it has this easy To put on pull tab lacing system and a Cool

Retrofuturistic kind of design that Doesn't look like many other shoes on The market with that being said it's Still easy to style looks great with Pants or shorts and comes in a bunch of Wearable lifestyle colors this shoe is Perfect for the person who wants to Break next but doesn't want to pay crazy Resale prices and for size reference I'm Wearing size 8.5 here one of my favorite Underrated collabs of the year is the Luigi Puma suede in the spring summer Ready pink colorway with all the right Details like the beige midsole premium Quality Suede and of course off-white Laces rigi is an LA based designer and Founder of rude who you may have heard From their Zara and Puma collabs pink May seem a little bit tricky of a color To style but trust me just throw on some Olive cargos in your set definitely a Fun issue to wear in the warmer months The Puma suede is one of the most iconic Shoes of all time with roots in Basketball with the Clyde and 80s Hip-hop b-boy culture and this shoe is a Celebration of that the shoes fit true To size I'm wearing a size 8.5 here and As of shooting this video they are Currently have a full size run with a 10 Discount so be sure to check that link In the description the Nike of Romero 5 Is easily one of Nike's hottest Commodities right now stores cannot keep

Them in stock and the great colorways Especially are selling like hotcakes They're usually one of the most Comfortable shoes in my collection as Well and if you've been a fan of the New Balance designs like any of the 990 Series then these are for you it Definitely has dad's shoe early 2000s Runner Vibes that's become so popular Recently and the simple colorway is of Course easy to style over the past few Years they have made some great collabs Like a cold wall and dorm Becker which Is a wild shoe they do have some Colorways in stock but my favorite has To be the metallic swoosh women's Version that came out recently they run True to size and trust me if you see any Of those gray colorways in stock be sure To buy them before they sell out the Merrell hydromach at is easily one of The most unique shoes that I have in my Collection aside from the cool design it Has an internal slip-on sock that slides Right into the shoe providing excellent Lockdown the shoe is perfect for those Of you who love soft slip-on shoes like The salehi memory Crocs or foam Runners And after trying on both this one is Definitely more comfortable and has way More structure and lockdown styling them May seem a little bit tricky but with The wearable colors it's a lot easier Than it may look they do fit a little

Bit snug and there are no half sizes so I recommend going up a size I'm wearing A size 8 here and I could have easily Gone with a nine Oakley is making a Comeback in the sneaker world with shoes Like the chop saw and the flesh with the Y2K aesthetic that's become so popular I Think that they've chosen the perfect Time to start bringing back their Classic models the brand brain data is Partnered with them to help boost Popularity by carrying their products as Well as collabing on some unique Colorways I've actually been looking for A size 8 in the ivory chop saw and it's Been extremely difficult to track down This shoe in a reasonable price so if You see something online or you have Them and you want to get rid of them be Sure to let me know Oakley was a brand That had the game in the Chokehold in The late 90s with some of the most Unique designed eyewear and accessories I have ever seen most of which was made In the USA but they were bought out by a Large corporation that chose profits Over creativity however things are Starting to take a turn with the Oakley Factory team and I couldn't be more Happy how to include a pair of new Balance on here and what better shoe to Show off than the 990v6 my first pair of Black New Balances which is great since I know they can literally be worn with

Everything saying that I wanted to style Them in a more menswear casual way since The New Balance are versatile like that You may notice that the shoes do look a Little bit big on feet I went with my Regular 8.5 and there's a lot more room In the toe box than I would have Expected so I might actually exchange Them for an eight in my opinion the Current sneaker of the year as the start Of June is the Action Bronson colorway Of the New Balance 990v6 which is Literally like an art piece the more you Look at it the better it gets alright It's giveaway time the rules to enter Are super simple all you got to do is Just follow me on Instagram at brycekix And you got a comment on this video Letting me know what country you live in As well as your Instagram username so I Can contact you keep in mind I will not Comment on your post saying that you win You got to be aware of the scammers and The Fakes out there I will only contact You via DM from Bryce kicks account that Is all alright so don't be fooled don't Be scammed I won't take you to another App nothing like that thanks so much for Watching and I'll catch you in the next One