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Today I’m reviewing the upcoming A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 5 Black Burgundy Crush! The A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 5 Black Burgundy Crush features a entirely suede upper and A Ma Maniere detailng. The A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 5 Black Burgundy Crush has a release date of November 22nd 2023 and a retail price of $225. Check out my full AMM Air Jordan 5 Black Burgundy Crush unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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This is the upcoming amam maner Air Jordan 5 the latest collaboration Between the two Brands and I've got to Say they did it again before we get my Thoughts though let's see what some Other people have to say about this Okay Joey I wanted your reaction on These These are nice and then check this Out there little A's in the mesh they're Crazy detail are so what would you give Him out of 10 I'd say like a 7 and A2 8 10 okay I like these these are probably One of the better FS I've Seen they What would you give it out of 10 over the last few years amam maner Has been releasing collaboration after Collaboration and each one has been Really solid obviously they dropped the Amam maner Air Jordan 3s first which in My opinion is the best collaboration out Of the collaborations that they've done It's also possibly the best Collaboration on a pair of Air Jordan 3s Again I mean that's just my own opinion But I feel like a lot of people feel the Same way in addition to the 3es you had The ones the twos the fours which Everyone also seemed to love and the Twelves and also the Nike airships and It seemed seems like amam maner is Trying to create every Jordan model in Their own variant or collaboration and This time around they're dropping the

Air Jordan 5 which should be one of the More popular collaborations that they've Done on a pair of Jordans because not Only is the Air Jordan 5 a popular Silhouette but this collaboration is Also incredibly wearable at least in This colorway speaking of colorways it Looks like there are two colorways Dropping at the end of this year Obviously you've got the black and Burgundy Crush colorway which we have Here and also the photon dust colorway Which should be releasing around the Same time and as far as release Information it looks like this black and Burgundy Crush color way is slated to Release on November 22nd for a retail Price of 225 bucks with the photon dos Colorway either releasing on the same Day or following shortly thereafter to Be fair though neither of these release Dates have been confirmed officially by Either brand so we don't know for sure Yet but it seems like that is the Tentative release date but even though This shoe doesn't release for another Month you can obviously still grab pairs Early I grabed my pair from fine line 1721 you can also grab pairs from places Like stockx which I made sure to link at The top of the screen but because of the Fact that you can grab pairs of this Shoe a month early and for not that much Of over retail I don't know if this shoe

Is going to be that difficult to get and I feel like that's been the trend with Recent Amo maner Air Jordan releases Obviously the 12s were not that Difficult to get whatsoever in either Colorway the airships were a little bit Tougher but that's because they were a Lot more limited the twos weren't hard To get and you can get them for right Around retail right now maybe even less And even sneakers that released a couple Years ago like the amam maner Air Jordan 1es are selling for right around retail Or just a little bit above I mean to be Fair the fours and the threes are still Expensive when it comes to resale but That's because they're the most popular Of the group hey really quick before we Dive any deeper into the sneaker itself Let's first take a look at the box so Here's the box it's a little bit Different than standard amam year Releases because it doesn't have the Sleeve in fact I believe every other Pair of Amma maner Jordan sneakers that Weren't the Nike airships also featured A sleeve so for whatever reason Amma Maner and Jordan brand decided to forgo The sleeve on this particular release And we're just getting a much more Standard looking box that being said the Box is still pretty interesting you've Got this texture made up of amer's logo Debossed into the entire outside of the

Box it actually kind of gives the Outside of the box box the same sort of Effect that you got from the clear Sleeve because it still features that Same pattern so even though it's not Shiny and it doesn't come with the same Sort of color you do get the repeated Amam maner logo on one side of the Box You've got the Jumpman in this glossy Maroon color and then on the other side Of the Box you've got this metal accent And of course you've got the size tag I Grabbed a size n which is my true size And we'll get into sizing a little bit Later on in the video so stay tuned for That and the official colorway of this Shoe is black burgundy Crush black and Then one other thing that I wanted to Show you guys inside the box is a Picture of someone wearing Air Jordan 5ivs in this cool sort of like n print Printing style you've also got amam Maner written on top of it cool little Hidden detail I like it with the box out Of the way let's get back into the Sneakers all right so I just pull up to The office to get Osman and Josh's Opinion on this pair of shoes but before I do that I want to show you guys the Sponsor of today's video Soul premise Now if you guys have been following my Channel for a while you know about Soul Premise I talk about them all the time They make incredible sneaker bags in

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Would you rock yeah I would I don't like Love five that much those are nice I Just like the little details they put Everywhere and actually you know what I'm going to match these to some socks But we have this crazyink dream crew Drop coming up this weekend we've got Four different pairs of socks and shirts And hats and I'm actually thinking I'm Going to try and match it to one of These now I I realized that this one is Probably the Gimme the white with the Black that's my favorite though I think With this even though it's a slightly Different like Vibe the Tans work only This one would yeah true but this is the Same color as a hat I love that we also Got the black hat and the shirt yeah These are crazy if you guys want to Check these out make sure to put some Photos up with the entire collection on Screen make sure to check them out they Drop this Friday 11:00 a.m. eastern time Apothecary dcom also we're giving away a Rolex hey check out our website link in The description below fire sneaker fire Collection check it out this Friday so Brian what do you think of these oh Those are clean would you cop I would Definitely what would you get them out Of 10 8 n they would be up there Jordan FS are very clean definitely the best Shoe I you showed me so far so diving Into the upper around the toe of the

Shoe you've got this really nice dark Black newbu it's very very well dyed it Keeps the entire upper of the shoe Looking very black and I love it I think It's a really nice material is it that High quality I don't know I mean you can See the Grain on the side I don't really Know much about grain you're going to Have to go to Rose Anvil for that I mean It does look and feel like it's slightly Better than standard Jordan brand newu So I'm happy about that continuing up on The toe you find more of that black Nuuk Material which actually wraps around Majority of the upper of the shoe and it Does give the shoe this very nice Premium feel moving up to the I stays of The sneaker you've got more of that Black Nuuk and then it looks like they Switched out some of the hardware on the Shoe from a plastic or a TPU material to This leather which actually makes the Shoe feel more premium once again I Don't know if it's a nicer leather than What they usually use I kind of doubt it Because it's right around the lace area And you can't really see much of it but I will say that it does feel nicer than A standard pair of fives that just uses TPU there then weaving through the lace Eyelets you've got these flat black Laces and if you don't love the flat Black laces Jordan brand also gives you A set of white laces and of off-white or

Cream colored laces if you decide to Switch them out at the top of the laces You've got this clear plastic lace lock Which comes in this sort of aged yellow Color which is sort of the vibe that you Get from the entire shoe all of the TPU Or rubber accents on the shoe also come In that sort of aged yellow color which Some people like some people don't it's Got a very off-white Vibe and we've seen It on some of the other amam maner Sneakers so it's not new but uh it's Interesting I don't know how I feel About it in this particular release I Kind of would have liked I don't know I I like icy stuff so I kind of would have Liked the icy stuff on this shoe but it Is what it is it still looks nice and it Ties in relatively well with the colors Used on the upper of the shoe then Underneath the laces you've got what Seems to be an entirely new tongue Construction on this pair of Air Jordan 5ivs first off the mesh has been Switched out from your standard TPU mesh To this mesh that actually features the Amam maner a logo which you can also see On the side of the sneaker this is Probably one of my favorite details on The shoe it's such a small change that You don't even really notice from a Distance but when you get up close and You see that the patterns made up of a Bunch of little A's rather than those

Pill shapes that you usually see on Air Jordan fivs it's details like that that Really lift the collaboration Above the Rest it makes it that much more special And I love that they did that on this Shoe I think that's incredible and it's Such a cool change and of course that Detail can be found again on the mesh on The tongue of the sneaker and on the Midfoot panel of the sneaker then at the Top of the tongue you've got what looks Like a standard Air Jordan 5 3M hit at The top of the tongue but it's actually Slightly different because first of all The tongue is significantly shorter than A standard pair of Air Jordan 5ivs which You may have already noticed because the 3M detail actually loops around the top Set of laces which no other pair of Air Jordan Fives does not only that the Edges of the tongue are left unfinished In fact the edges of the entire ankle Area are left unfinished not like the Off-white fives where you can see the Foam they are sewn together but they are Left with a sort of sharp edge which uh I don't mind it doesn't really dig into My ankle as much as I thought that it Would but um it's different than a Standard pair of fives of course in the Center of the tongue though like with Every other amam maner Jordan brand Collaboration the right tongue features A Jumpman embroidered in black and the

Left tongue features the amam maner a Logo but then you get to the back part Of the tongue which is actually my Favorite part of the sneaker I know it's Stupid to say because you literally Never see it but it features this really Nice maroon colored fabric with the Amer Logo embroidered into it repeatedly it Looks amazing it's very subtle it's very Quiet but I think it looks awesome and Of course another detail that I love on This shoe are the tags sewn onto the Back of the tongue on the right shoe You've got Michael Jordan signature on The left shoe you've got the amam maner Logo and like I already said one of my Favorite parts of this collab are the Details and the fact that not only only Does this fabric feature the amam maner Logo on the back of the tongue but that Same fabric in a different color wraps Around the entire sock liner of the shoe The details on the shoe are so well Thought out I absolutely love it they Could have gone for their standard Quilted sock liner which is not bad Would have been happy with that too but The fact that it's these tiny little Aman logos it's sick man it's awesome Then rounding off the inside of the shoe You've got another premium hit with this Black insole that features the Nike Air Logo embroidered into the insole in White which is something you almost

Never see and it really makes the shoe Feel that much more expensive which is Awesome especially when you're spending $225 on it that's so cool I wish they Would do that more it's such a nice hit Now let's get into sizing and fit and For that let me show these guys to my Wife and also try them on on the deck Because that's what I do now that's my Mo I'm a deck guy don't know what I Meant by that you like them yeah they're Nice what's the a for for Alan year you Know those threes that you have that you Really like the the white ones yeah the Air Jordan 5 version oh cool all right So we're trying on the amam Mayer Air Jordan 5ivs I'm assuming that they're Going to fit just like every other pair Of Air Jordan fivs cuz that tends to be The case with Jordan sneak Sak they Usually fit generally like all other Jordan sneakers but just to be thorough And make sure we're going to try these Guys on really quickly not going to Worry about tying it we got the lace Locks that's fine First Impressions yeah true to size no Surprise here what is your thought I Think they're cool you think they're Cool do you like this sort of aged Colored on the on the midsole on the out Soole mhm I know Ben does I don't know Can you stop eating leaves buddy it's Just like he just thinks they're chips I

Don't understand what's going on so out Of 10 what do you give them I don't know Pretty high like 7 and A2 compared to Your Amer Air Jordan 3s you like these Better or those are like my favorites I Really like Those I I don't know what he's thinking Like I don't know what he's doing well You think these are up there yeah but Not as not as high as those threes well No but I'm just partial okay fair enough Fair enough hey I agree with you but I Do really like these yeah they're nice Continuing back in the shoe you've got More of that black Nuuk and of course That midfoot mesh panel that comes in Sort of this off-white TPU or age TPU Color that features the amam maner logos Which again I think is so cool you Really don't see a lot of changes to the Mesh on Jordan 5s like we saw it with The wings Jordan fivs we've seen it when They sort of change out materials on the Shoe but you never really see them Changing the mesh on the Air Jordan 5ivs Sometimes you see them change the Material which of course is going to Change the look of the mesh but you Never really see them actually changing Up the pattern on the shoe but really For any of the Jordan FS that I can Think of from like the Last 5 Years Other than the wings you really only get Either that pill-shaped pattern thing or

Just a different material you never get This this is super super cool I love This moving even farther back in the Shoe you get more of that black Nuuk of Course cuz it wraps the entire way Around the upper of the shoe you've got Another black leather hit at the topmost Eyelets of the sneaker and then on the Lateral side of the shoe towards the Heel you've got the 23 logo not Embroidered like a lot of the other Details on the shoe but actually Debossed into the shoe which is Interesting because when you look at Other Jordan 5ivs it's either printed or Embroidered in fact in a lot of cases It's usually the only embroidered detail On the shoe other than like the tongue So to see a collaboration that literally Has embroidered details everywhere on The shoe even on the insole it is Interesting to see them opt for a deboss 23 instead of an embroidered 23 maybe It's because they've embroidered so much That they wanted to try something Different different I don't know it's Probably not a cost cutting measure I Really think it's because they wanted to Do something different on the shoe and Maybe contrast the embroidery details But either way it's very subtle very Hard to see unless you catch it in the Right light it's just it's just kind of There I'm actually kind of surprised

That they didn't get rid of it Altogether then moving around to the Heel of the shoe you get to the final Embroidered detail which is the Nike Air Logo embroidered in Black it looks Incredible it really makes the shoe feel A lot more expensive than it actually is Because this detail is never usually Embroidered so I love that they went for That it also really gives the heel of The sneaker a very cool 3D effect Because the embroidery has a sort of Glossy look to it so it catches the Light in this really cool way it's Awesome man they really knock this Collab out of the park then moving down On the shoe you get to this black Semigloss midsole and towards the front Half of the midsole you've got these Dark maroon shark teeth they don't Feature any sort of gradient or splatter Print detail which I like I like that They're keeping it simple one detail Though that they did change on the Midsole which is something I've never Seen before on a pair of Air Jordan 5ivs Is that they actually printed their logo On the lateral side of the air unit I've Never seen that before it's kind of a Cool detail it's not on the medial side Of this shoe it's only on on the outside Of the shoe but it's cool and it lets You know what kind of collaboration this Is even though you probably already knew

From the color scheme of the shoe Because every amam maner sneaker so far Has been a similar color scheme you've Got white and maroon white and gray Black and maroon black and gray which I Actually really like cuz I like minimal And clean colors I love the fact that They decided to continue their design Language throughout the entire Collaboration rather than switching Things up a lot between collaborations Like for example Jay Balvin who I Think's done some really cool stuff but Each collaboration looks completely Different from one another the threes Look completely different than the ones And the ones look completely different From the twos I don't know I like that They're keeping things consistent with Their collabs I think that's a really Really cool way of doing things and it's Great for collectors because if you're Trying to collect the entire set the Fact that they all look similar really Makes you want to grab the entire set It's probably a marketing thing and then Finally moving to the bottom of the Sneaker you've got this semi-translucent Yellow rubber material which I'm Assuming is designed to look like it's An aged Rubber and it's been on the shoe For a while that's sort of the vibe that They go for with some of their Collaborations on the right shoe

Underneath the semi-translucent rubber You've got the amam maner a logo and on The left shoe you've got the Jumpman so I have a lot of thoughts about this Alamer Air Jordan 5 collaboration first It's a lot better than I expected I like The shoe in images but I didn't know how Much I would like the shoe until I Actually got it in hand and noticed some Of these smaller details like the Embroidery on the sock liner of the shoe There are so many details that make this Shoe so much more special than a Standard collab and amam maner excels at That they do that every time that they Drop a collaboration sneaker and this Air Jordan 5 is no different I am Interested as to why they made the Tongue of the sneaker different and Shortened it it's not something I've Seen before but I guess I don't mind it It's just a weird thing to do to a Collaboration obviously I love the amam Maner a logo on the mesh I think that's Super super clean and for the price Point of $225 I do feel like this shoe Is definitely worth it in terms of Colorways that they're releasing this Black colorway as my favorite I think It's just super wearable super clean but As far as wear the shoe ranks in terms Of all the amam maner Jordan brand Collaborations I'm going to go with the Third spot I feel like this shoe is the

Third best amam maner collaboration the 12s are probably actually I feel like The ones might be the worst in my Opinion I love the ones but compared to The other amam maner sneakers that They've released so far it's probably The weakest purely from a visual point Of view this one for me is right up There with the fours which I had at Number two I think I like the four Silhouette a little bit better but the Details on this five are are incredible And blow the fours out of the water so I Don't know tied for number two or number Three I'm not sure which one I'm going To go with yet but let me know your Thoughts on that in the comment section Down below thank you all so much for Watching make sure to subscribe if you Haven't yet and I'll see you all in the Next one