A simple guide to styling shorts ????

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A Simple Guide to styling shorts first Off it's all about fabric don't wear Sporty nylon shorts with a dress shirt Or vice versa smart tailored shorts with A casual sweatshirts it's going to cost Too much so here's how to style shorts Properly Chino shorts and linen shorts Should be worn with either a t-shirt or A tank top and a lightweight shirt for The shoes you can go sneakers loafers Espadrilles or sandals Sporty shorts should be worn with a Sporty top you can't go wrong with a Plain white oversized tee for shoes Sneakers will be your best bet [Music] Smart shorts should be worn with a shirt Shoes can be loafers Derbies or sneakers And when in doubt when uncommon Fabrics Like leather you can never go wrong with A simple t-shirt and sneakers And that is how you style shorts have a Beautiful day my friend