The Adidas Adizero Adios 8 is a substantial update on the past two versions of the shoe, with a new midsole set-up including a lighter and softer version of Adidas’s Lightstrike foam at the heel, and a stripped-back upper that helps bring the weight down. It’s a speed-focused shoe that uses some of Adidas’s top tech, but has a more traditional design than super-shoes like the Adidas Adios Pro 3 or Takumi Sen.

Nick took the Adios 8 for a spin today to see how the updates have changed the shoe compared with the Adios 6, the last version of the Adios we tested.

00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:14 – Design & Key Stats
04:17 – How’s The Fit
05:40 – First Run
09:50 – Early Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and this is our first run Review of the ads adios 8. The adios is obviously a very storied And long-running line within the Adidas Brand the early versions were the top Racing shoes available especially for The marathon marathon world records were Set in the early adios versions but it's Full amount of favor as a top tier Racing shoe with the Advent of the Carbon shoes era and the last couple of Versions have been okay just maybe not That inspiring for runners maybe looking For an alternative to carbon shoes so The last one I tested was the audio six And then the Audio 7 was pretty similar All round to the audio six we've got a Much bigger update with the adios 8. the Leaves can be available from June the 15th the price is 130 in the US and then The UK price not exactly sure but I've Seen it for about 120 and 125 from Third-party relay retailers but Adas Hasn't confirmed the price but probably 120 pounds would be my guess it's a much Lighter shoe than the ideal six okay I Can't compare the ideal seven because I Haven't used that shoe but I think it Was quite similar to the audio six the Adios 8 is 217 grams or 7.65 ounces for My UK size 9 which is a US 9.5 that's a Big drop in weight from the audio site Which is 204 45 grams or 8.6 ounces in

The same size it's got an eight Millimeter drop and the stack height is 28 millimeters of the heel dropping to 20 at the forefoot that's one millimeter Higher than the adios six but still a Nice low profile shoe you know much Lower than the 40 millimeter Racing Shoes were all quite accustomed to these Days the big change to the adios a that Everyone probably wanted to see was a Redesigned midsole you still got Light Strike Eva at the back and light stroke Pro at the forefoot but the Configurations and the Foams themselves Have changed so the Light Strike Pro is A deeper wedge of it it goes right Through to the bottom of the shoes you Can see that you've got a much bigger Amount of Light Strike Pro under your Forefoot to provide that Lively bouncy Feeling especially on your toes now the Light Strike at the back you still need The iPhone but it's Light Strike 2.0 and It's as softer a lighter phone than Light Strike that we had on the adios 6 Which wasn't a very popular foam I Didn't hate it myself but a lot of People really didn't like it it was Quite a chunky Eva Firm phone this is Notably softer to the touch the Lightstrike 2.0 it's obviously lighter Given the lightness of the shoe Hopefully will give a a better ride had A little run around with one kill each

Foot yesterday and it did feel notably Softer straight away especially as a Heel Striker Landing in this Light Strike area at the back the other change In the foot is the shank the torsion Rods the energy torsion rods there's Lots of different names uh for this that Is it that has a third prong running Through the middle you can see the old One on the um adios there this run from Midfoot to the forefoot to add a bit of Stiffness and and create a little bit of That propulsive feeling that you get From carbon plates like I just have this Torture system that's used for a long Time it's not a full plate but it does Work in a slightly similar way and They've redesigned it with the adiosite To have that third prong to provide a Bit more pop she was also quite a bit Wider all round to add a bit more Stability especially in the fourth of There's got a much wider base which Should help with fit because the Alias Has traditionally been quite a narrow Issue but also create a bit of stability Again that's something a little bit Different today this is range because The Full Races they have things like Takumisan the adios Pro and the primex Are not really known for their stability Is fair to say upper you've got a Lightweight mesh it's very stripped back

Very see-through as you can see so it's Really going for a lightweight feel You've got little overlays at the front There instead of the large suede toe Bumper you had on the adios 6 which Obviously added weight and a lot less Cushioning at the back as well like it's Quite a lot of padding going on with the Adiosity which tallied up with the idea It was moving it was being used more as A training shoot in the racing shoe These days but people are still buying The audio for a lightweight experience And you're going to get that with the Adiosity with really nothing going on at The upper at the back there much more Flexible lightweight feel does have the Heel design it had on the adios Pro 3 And primex on the prime X that rip my Heel to shred so I'm really hoping That's not going to happen with this Shoe outsole is Continental rubber You've got a nice coverage on the Forefoot two strips of rubber at the Back and not too much exposed foam there And the torsion rods also visible there In the middle it's obviously going to Provide great grip content rubber Outsoles are always very good but should Be a nice durable shoe and that's what You want from this because although it Is obviously a lightweight strip back Shoe built running fast most people These days are probably using this as a

Train eraser or a fast trainer rather Than a racing shoe because of the carbon Shoes out there that just give that a Little bit higher level of performance [Music] Foreign Of the shoe you've got a little bit of Thinking to do as often is often the Case with Adidas so my UK size 9 is my Normal running shoe size in the UK and It fits very well but that is a EU 43 And a half and a US 9.5 whereas normally I'm a us-10 or an eu44 so it's a little Bit shorter than Um other uk-9s would be for example Um but that works well for me kind of a Little bit small for my size in my Normal size so it fits me quite well It's not very narrow which is it is Different for an Adidas shoe especially The adios line which has always been Very narrow I mean it's not massively Wide either despite them widening it but I think it's got a pretty solid fit that Works very well in my normal running Shoe size sometimes at ALS I have to Size up so in the NES Pro 3 I had to go For a UK nine and a half because of the Fact it's smaller in us and EU sizes to Get a good fit there especially with the Slightly weird configuration of eyelets At the front of that shoe but I had no Problems with the adios in my normal UK Size today like had a really good fit

Around the toe box at the back of the Shoe little concerned about heel rubber Didn't get any significant heel rubs Today but I was only out like just shy Of eight I also I don't know this this Design at the hill hasn't always worked Perfectly for me I might heal lock Machine if I go for anything longer just To be safe but I didn't get any real Problems today so yeah all of that to Say have a look at the sizes Adidas boot Come up a little bit small if you're Just looking at UK sizes but I was okay I'm on all sides So I'm just heading out to do my first Run in the address adios eight uh Looking forward to it got a steady five Mile on the plan so it's a run I'll Probably do to mostly to feel or heart Rate and it's a little bit less than Like threshold or Tempo effort so I'll Run a little warm up to get to a Slightly quieter flat section of the Road near me and then run five miles Like I say mostly on field but it should Be like sub six minute mining so a good Test of these shoes at a decent pace Over a sustained distance and Drug back Home so yeah looking forward to giving The shoes a go they feel really good on The very light certainly a little bit Softer and uh smoother than before see How we run foreign Now which was a very pleasant experience

Uh in the Sun that did seven and a Three-quarter miles in total with that Five miles steady in the middle of that Which went really well like actually the First turn off miles I'm absolutely Loving it the shoot felt really good Very smooth really bounding along a pace That was quicker than expected it Started to get a little bit suspicious And I was doing an out and back route Turned around and there was the headwind So the second half of the ROM is into a Headwind so it slowed down a little bit To try and not let the heart rate as far You know start Rising too high for what Was a steady run Um but overall pays really good around Like a 29 low for the five miles and the Shoe felt great on the 13th really was Notably softer and smoother than the Adios sticks for me felt that you get Just a nicer contact with the ground all Round I think maybe the changing outsole Has changed that as well we've got that Smoother rubber rather than those little Strips which sometimes felt a bit hard And Slappy sometimes especially as a Heel Striker snapping through on it the Ride is still more of a Snappy ride than A very smooth bouncy one then you get From some shoes things like this Something you're talking speed or the uh Asics magic speed they're more smooth Rolling shoes this is more of a snap to

It it's probably more akin to something Like the Puma DV8 Nitro to the training Partner shoe from Puma um but it's Actually lighter than those shoes as Well and that really helps someone like Me shuffling High Cadence Runners and It's nice to be able to pick up the feet Nice and lightly if you're on runs like That today so yeah I really liked it It's got a soft to feel it feels deeper At the forefoot in general I know the Stack hasn't changed that much but There's more light stroke Pro and it Feels there's more depth to that phone They're slightly more boom to the toe Off as well so all around a really nice Little update it feels like from that First run today felt quite comfortable As well on the easy sections I'm gonna Go and change up have a little bit more Of a think about the shoe for an early Verdict on it but yeah really enjoyed That first run for sure looking forward To getting at it again Foreign First impression of the adios 8 here I Think AES has made the changes that were Very much needed to the shoe and it Really was a fun running it today it Felt fast light reasonably cushioned and Comfortable as well I think it's a shoe That will tackle the variety runs quite Well see that for our full review of Course um given the price and the

Technology here you're not expecting the Performance of a carbon plate shoe and Doesn't deliver that but what I think it Hopefully will be competitive against is Things like the Endorphin speed and the Magic speed and other plated training Shoes that are a bit more expensive and They maybe have higher stacks and a bit More Tech in them but this is a lower Profile slightly more traditional Alternative to those that give you some Of those benefits at lower price and With that more traditional ride and a More lightweight design like it really Is really light shoe a nice Snappy shoe To pull on it'd be really good for short Reps I think as well as having that Energy torsion system and the livestock Pro phone there to help you sustain Those longer efforts so I'm really Interested to see how it goes over Longer runs whether it's still Comfortable and whether it can kind of Maintain the efficiency that you get From shoes like the magic speed and the Endorphin Speed 3 which feel close to Full carbon shoes over those longer hard Runs in particular but yeah like I say I'm really looking forward to getting Out of the shoe again I think it's a Nice update and it's also been quite Excited for the Boston update which I'm Looking forward to trying soon hopefully As an indication of as is kind of moving

The right way for the shoes I think this Light Strike 2.0 foam is considerably Softer and better especially if you're a Heel Striker like myself and what I did Quite like the ideal six I think the Ride of the shoe is definitely improved With the add your S8 loads more testing To come obviously before a full review Left That's our first look at the adios 8 let Us know what you think in the comments Below please do like subscribe or ring The little bell and we'll see you next Time