The Prime X 2 Strung is a tricky shoe to classify. Despite having a 50mm stack height and two carbon plates – making it illegal for use by elites when competing, adidas has designed it to be a race shoe for recreational runners. Those carbon plates replace the previous energy rods found in the first version and sit within three layers of Lightsrike Pro foam.

The upper is made from the same Strung material seen in the first iteration but is redesigned with a new sock-like, stretchy section across the midfoot. There’s also a slightly wider base to add more stability and an updated Continental rubber outsole to improve grip and durability.

Tom, Nick, Mike and Kieran have been testing the shoe out to see if it’s worth buying.

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers another Running shoe full review in this video We are going to be taking a look at the Adidas Prime XR 2 now these were sent to Us by the guys over at sport shoes We're Not paid to review the shoe so we can Say whatever we want but a big thanks to The guys over at sport shoes for getting These over so that we can actually do a Load of reviews about the shoe right Let's dive in and do the full Review the Adidas ad azero primx 2 Strung cost £250 or $300 weighs in at 298 G or 10.5 o for men in a size8 and The drop is 6.5 Mm primx 2 strong is a trick issue to Classify despite having a 50 mm stack Height and two carbon plates making it Legal for use by Elites when competing Adidas has designed it to be a Rao for Recreational Runners those carbon plates Replace the previous energy r rods found In the first version and sit within Three layers of Light Strike Pro foam The upper is made from the same strung Material seen in the first iteration but Redesigns it with a new sock-like Stretchy section across the midfoot There's also a slightly wider base to Add more stability and an updated Continental rubber outsole to improve Grip and Durability so the F for me has been much Improved with the second version of the

Adids primex strung I had really bad Heel rub with the first one that really Diminished my enjoyment of that shoe and Actually in general I think the fit's Been improved for me with this shoe I Know some people don't really like this Kind of booty knitted tongue style we've Got here but I found that it held my Foot in place really securely on Fast Runs didn't get any moving around Laterally on the top of that big stack Of foam which is good and although the Heel design doesn't look like it's been Changed much really I think the overall Lock down of the shoe is much better and I haven't had any heel rub with the Primx strung too luckily good amount of Room in the toe box as well so I would Stick to my normal size so I'm a uk9 With Adidas that's a us 9.5 and Sometimes I need to go half size up with Adas because that's a bit smaller than Some other brands that convert to a US 10 but with the prime X I was very happy In my normal uk9 whereas in the adios Pro 3 for example I would size up but Yeah all in all the fit was very good For me with a new Sho so fit for me was Interesting the shift of this kind of Booty style upper I think is a bit of a Problem I really struggle to get my feet Into them and I basically need a shoe Horn to get them on it's a real real Struggle it's the same problem that I

Had with the first generation offer flly When I've got this kind of booty Construction it's honestly like a total Pain for me to put them on it kind of Puts me off wearing them once they're on Though once I've squeezed my foot Through this kind of narrow opening the Fit is generally quite okay it's pretty Snug but it's kind of what you expect From a race shoe like this however it's Not as quite as secure and as dialed in As I would expect overall from the Wrestle to get my foot into them after That you know you think they're going to Be really tight and hugging I found There was a bit of movement in the heel Area that also wasn't really helped much When I started to kind of fit down the Lace and try and get a better lock down It's not loose but it's also not 100% Secure either however despite that and My struggles squeezing into them with my Big cut of high in steps and wide feet I'd still recommend going true to sizing These because in terms of the length and What's going on in the toe box that's Probably what you'll need this fit for Me has been pretty good overall I've had Mine in a UK size eight now I kind of Mentioned it in the first video I've had Some issues in terms of discomfort with The kind of lacing and getting a good Lock down here I have tweaked things a Little bit and it has been better since

Then you know I think you I do think you Really need to have to play around to Get a good lock down make sure things Are not slipping around to get the kind Of best fit in this shoe but I like the Fact that you're getting a good amount Of space up front here in the toe box I Think it kind of naturally kind of opens Up with this kind of upper material Narrows in it's kind of midfoot as well To give you that kind of more locked in Kind of racing style feeli here you're Not getting a massive amount of padding Here particularly up here you you know You're getting a little bit inside of The shoe so it's enough but ultimately It's trying to kind of I think balance Out keep keeping the weight down but Also giving you a little bit of comfort Over that or added comfort that you Would need over those longer runs so Yeah for me I would say go true to size I felt pretty good I do think you need To work a little bit to get a good lock Down and make sure you don't get any Kind of discomfort like I did kind of on The sides um of the kind of lacing here Particularly up top here on the top of My foot the fit for me in the prime X2 Strong was fine uh this is a size eight UK I'm normally a size eight in the UK Added ass shoes do tend to be a little Bit small in the UK so I would probably Say that if you're going to go by the

Standards of Adidas you probably want to Go half a size up for Comfort I've Actually been okay with these in the Original Adidas Prime X strung they were A bit too small for me my I found the Fit to be quite uncomfortable and I did Get quite a bit of rubbing on the heel Section these are size eight I don't Have any issues with them at all but There isn't a lot of space in the 4 foot So maybe get half a size up in the UK Now on the run test I've done around 25 Miles in the prim x 2 strung including An allout mile test and a 90minut mixed Pace test that's mostly been on the road With the odd kind of Park path or river Path thrown in for good measure for the Mile test I clocked one of my fastest Ever miles on pretty tired legs and These shoes performed really well on the 90-minute run test I mixed up the miles Between 10K half and marathon pace along With some slower miles to see how Protective the X to strung will be when You rock back a bit I'm thinking about Kind of those last miles of a marathon Potentially if things aren't going well Now I love the primex strung first Generation I ran some excellent races And clocked some great times over the Mile and the Marathon distance and I Felt like the strung uppers were some of The best of Adidas's uppers far more Comfortable than and a big step up on

Those kind of fussy uppers that you get On the adios Pros which I'm not really a Fan of unfortunately that's kind of Gone With the X2 because of the squeeze of Getting into these shoes for a wide Footed highend step Runner like me they No longer feel straightforward and easy To lock down and naturally secure They're generally comfortable and roomy Enough overall but I couldn't really get That reliable hold that I wanted and I Found that was much easier to adjust in The original Prime X strung now another Thing that I think has changed is the Stability wasn't World beating on the Original strung you wouldn't necessarily Expect it to be on a massive kind of Super foam stack shoe like this but in My tests I think I found the X2 Str or Even less stable there's practically no Stability here at all it's very Noticeably from the moment you start Running them I'm not sure if it's the Biggest stack in the foref foot which I Think you notice but these are wild I Nearly rolled my ankle twice during Testing you can feel the extra foam I Think under the ball of the foot here as It works to kind of roll you through Each step you got see those three layers Of Light Strike Pro that brings quite a Lot of lateral movement I find and you Really have to be focused on your foot Placement they also still don't cope too

Well in the corners I often felt my foot Sliding off the base this also happened With the Gen one but because there's Less foothold security I thought it was A little more pronounced with these two With these uh Prim XR 2 shoes now that Said when you are concentrated and You're Landing with Precision these are Still excellent they're incredibly Springy Lively energetic and fast it's a Big bouncy Bounder of a shoe it's a leg Sparing ride that I think that gives you Back plenty in each step unsurprisingly I think it performs best when you're Moving in your best form you know with Real intent with real race intent you're Going out and you're going to hit your Very best and though the lack of Stability isn't great when you slow down On tired legs this big three layer stack Of Light Strike Pro that's now got a a Slightly sort of lower drop I think Still does protect you from the road and Foot fatigue probably more than some of The other more direct carbon shoes Things like the New Balance SC Elite or Maybe the Hoka rocket X2 for example I've really been enjoying testing out This this shoe I've done quite a lot I've probably done about 100K in it so Far um and I did did quite a lot of runs In the original Prime X strung and that Shoe I had a lot of issues with it was Very bouncy it was a very enjoyable shoe

To run in it wasn't a very stable shoe They're both obviously very high shoes Um but the difference with the original Prime X Str is it had a really thin base So it was quite wobbly what I found is That it was a great shoe really fun Enjoyable fast shoe to run in if you're Going out for a training run on the flat You had a lot of energy you were paying Attention to where you were running all Those sorts of things it was a great Shoot for that but what I found is that When I used it for a half marathon race Or when I did longer training runs and I Started to get tired I started to lose a Little bit of control when it with the Wobbliness of the midsole not a major Issue for a lot of people if you're not Bothered about if the instability of a Midol uh in a shoe but for me I just Didn't feel comfortable in that shoe um And I did have other issues with it as Well the main being a lot of heel rub um And it did mean that I had to wear Plasters with it at some points um just Because of the Hill section on the the First shoe was a little bit Uncomfortable and a little bit pointy uh This uh version is quite different than The original it's a lot heavier uh it Feels a lot chunkier um it's a lot more Stable uh but it does lose a little bit Of the magic that you get from the first Shoe which is that bounce and propulsion

Uh and liveliness but it still does have A lot of that in it it feels like a very Fast shoe I've done uh a couple of part Runs in this shoe now uh and I haven't Even been really going for a PB but I've Got very close to my fastest times it's A very fast shoe um despite the weight Despite the conversome feel of the shoe It does feel very very lightweight when You're running in it um and it's a good Shoe for training as well I did like the First one for training runs I found that If I was going out for an easier session Or standard run which for me would be About 4 minute 30 minute kilm uh I found That that was a great shoe it just made The run a bit easier and you just felt Like you could could go a bit faster in It this has probably lost a little bit Of that but I did a lot of my training For uh the final few weeks for Berlin Marathon in the shoe which meant that I Had to go out and maintain a consistent Pace around my marathon pace which was About 4 minute 05 kilometers um and I Found this shoe was great for that I Could really maintain um my marathon Pace in this shoe for for extended Periods of time I'd have to go out and Do maybe 12 to 15 miles at my marathon Pace um and this shoe was great for it It just really cruised me through it Felt very comfortable um I mean I'd I'd Even go as far as to say that if I

Decided to use this for the marathon it Might be a good shoe it's probably a bit Heavy for that so I probably wouldn't Advise you using this shoe as a race Shoe it's by being heavier it's actually Become more of a uh daily training shoe As opposed to a race shoe but it's still Quite fast um and surprisingly fast Considering the weight of it I don't Really notice the weight when it's when It's out there um other than that what I Would say about the shoe is that It's a lot more comfortable than the First one so I think it's now it's They've modified the shoe quite a bit I Think it fit sits more in that realm of Shoes like the super blast and things Like that where you want a really nice Enjoyable shoe to do lots of miles in Longer miles um I wouldn't say it's Particularly great shoe for easy runs um It does feel like it's pushing you Forward quite a lot it's a little bit More aggressive than what what I'd like For a long easy run but when I'm trying To do a tempo run or maintain a Consistent pace at like anything between 415 and 440 minute km it feels great it It's a really good shoe for that and Some of the more Cushing shoes I've got For long runs don't really do very well At that pace so I think that's the sweet Spot for this shoe um especially if You're doing like marathon training you

Want a really nice enjoyable cruising um Relatively bouncy shoe to do a lot of Those miles in I think it's really good For that as well so um I think it's a Solid shoe it's very expensive shoe That's where the the rub really comes With this shoe um but I think if you're Looking for that sort of enjoyable Cruising shoe for lots of training miles I think it's a very good option so ins That run test and I have eased into Doing 50k in this shoe I think mainly It's because I have really enjoyed Running in this shoe overall I think Most of the sessions that I've done have Been very good I think probably at bar One I'll get into that in a minute but I Think in terms of the general runs that I've done you know post the kind of First run uh video that we did um I've Done some kind of more shorter r runs I've done some kind of longer um kind of 10 Mile plus runs that's kind of where I'm at in terms of my longer runs and Trying to run at kind of a mixture of Paces kind of more Up Tempo try to run a Little bit quicker in it try to ease off In the shoe as well and what I would say Overall is that this is a shoe that Rewards you when you are running a Little bit quicker I think anything from Kind of Up Tempo to kind of quicker kind Of race Pace it feels great to do that In um I think ultimately I I love what

You're getting from the midsole here I Think you're getting something that's Not too soft and squidy but also gives You a little bit of comfort there but Also a little bit of bounce as well There too but what I get from this shoe Is something because you've got quite a Wide feeling shoe something that's Ultimately pretty stable and controlled As well too where I think you lose that When you are running a little bit slower And I think you know you feel the kind Of awkwardness of the shoe but when you Are running a little bit quicker and Engaging what's in the shoe it feels Great to running I think the only bad Run I've had has been when I did a track Session with it I think we were doing Kind of shorter kind I think five six Time 800 meter um kind of reps and I Just felt in the session later in the Session I felt the heaviness of this Shoe and that I think what is going to Count against it in terms of maybe you Know using for kind of I said interval Sessions and things like that where I Did find the the weight of the shoe a Little bit more no sport on the longer Runs it felt absolutely fine you know I Almost like the fact you've got that Extra level of protection and stack to Kind of give you that um that level of Cushioning that you'd want over long run But also it doesn't attract from giving

You something that feels nice and Enjoyable and gives you that level of Balance I kind of want when I'm doing Those longer runs maybe the slightly Quicker um Paces overall outside wise It's feeled pretty good as I said I've Done over 50k here I'm not seeing any Terrible wear I mean it's got one of Those Continental um outsoles that Adidas uses and it's felt pretty good so Far so I'm confident it can handle a lot Of mileage at this shoe um compared to Some other shoes that I've used recently Not seeing any terrible wear just yet as Said over 50k a run so from a outside Point of view I think gripping feels Pretty good on roads and I think you Know long stretches it feels fantastic Um I think in terms of durability it Looks like it's going to be pretty good Um so far in terms of what I'm seeing in My um runs I've done uh in this shoe so Yeah overall very positive as I would Say I think you know you get something Great out of it when you're running Quicker in it I think when you ease off It doesn't feel as good and if that's a Shoe that you think it's going to be Then I don't think it works out that but But if you're looking for something I Think that excels kind of those kind of Quicker Paces over longer and I think as Shorter distances as well I think you're Getting something absolutely fine that

Works from that point of view so it does Have some versatility just I think at Particular type of speed um ultimately But yeah my run test apart from that Track session I think everything else is Pretty good uh in terms of my time in The ad that's Prime X2 strong so I've Done 50k in the prim X strong 2 across a Range of training runs and I have to say I' pretty much enjoyed every single step In the shoe it's really really fun to Run in that's probably the big takeaway I have on the shoe is that when you put It on you're not thinking about the Price you're not thinking about anything Else and you just go and running it it's Very very fun to run in this shoe it's a It is certainly a little bit more stable Than the first version for me it's still Quite wobbly but it's pretty more stable And I can go and just use the shoe Around me you know without thinking About the terrain too much so if you're Going over camber Pavements or slightly Broken Asault in general you don't Really have to worry about it whereas With the prim ex r one I would plan runs To get to a nice flat bit with good Smooth row so I could run in it without Worrying about stability and that kind Of thing I've done several easy to Steady runs in the shoe and a couple of Just steady runs like a couple of sub40 10ks and i' done some steady runs where

I moved from around 420 PK Pace down Towards about 330 perk pace which is my Marathon pace and throughout that pace Range it feels really good like it is Comfortable to use for easy runs you Bounce along and then you certainly feel The extra life in it though when you do Start to run fast it really does come Into its own once you start hitting Faster Paces you get a really bouncy Feeling you know long flight time in the Shoe and although it is a big shoe and Noticeably big on the foot it doesn't Really affect his performance at all at Those kind of Paces you get a Big Spring From it and you can just move Effortlessly quick I think it's fair to Say like pretty much in every run I've Done in it been moving a bit faster than I expected for heart rate and effort Level and that PR I did one progression 10K with second half did in around 1880 Minutes and just felt very easy almost Too easy to the point where you're going Ah I'm doing these kind of daily Training runs maybe I should be in a Shoe that I feel it a bit more because You know I don't feel like I'm feeling It in the shoe so maybe I'm not getting The benefits obviously you can just push A bit hard and get your heart rate up to Where it would be with any other shoe um But yeah it certainly is a shoe that Makes running quick feel pretty

Effortless that is though with those Kind of Paces so like I so those are More easy steady Paces for me up towards Marathon Race B you start pushing faster Than that I think you do notice the size Of the shoe a little bit more so took it Out the track to do a session where I Was also using the primx strung one to Compare them so I did a couple of Mile Reps uh and five 400 meter reps in both Shoes and it was all quite controlled Pace and just getting back into the Start of a training block so nothing too Hard you feel felt when I swapped into The prim X rung one having done my reps In the prim X rung 2 how much lighter The original shoe is and how much more Aggressive and you know dynamic it feels When you're rolling through you get a More aggressive toe off it really feels Much punchier and faster even though He's running at the same kind of pace Obviously but also say the primx rung Too felt good for the Reps but the one Certainly felt better if it was a much Racier shoe and in general that probably Be my concern with the prime X Run 2 is If you're picking it up as a shoe you're Going to take to those fast race Paces To look at Short distances and that kind Of thing I don't think it's that great But it is a really heavy shoe like it's Weight doesn't matter that much cuz it Is so bouncy but at the same time you

Know it's it's over 100 G heavier than Something like the paperly 3 or 50 g Heavier than the adios Pro 3 and that Kind of thing and that does tell you Know and if you're looking as a racing Shoe for me I enjoyed it a lot more on Just general training runs moving from Easy to steady Paces long runs Tempo Runs really good because you get that Phenomenal amount of Bounce and when I'm Trying to push fter than that I'm quite A high Cadence Runner I'm getting a lot Of my spe just from turning my legs over And shuffling along very quickly and That's obviously a little bit harder to Do in this sh Maybe you'll feel a bit better if you're More of a bounding Runner and it's all About the energy return you get here Which obviously is pretty Sensational so Yeah all and all really enjoy by running In the shoe but do have some quals about It so my initial verdict on the Adidas Prime X2 strung is that it's great I Really like it I think it's a great shoe I know a lot of people who tried the Original version aren't as fond of this Shoe because it loses a little bit of That magic from the bounds um I prefer It I I like the fact it's it's a little Bit more stable I like the fact that It's designed for a little bit more Comfort and security than the original Shoe but I don't think it loses a lot of

The the the benefits that you get from The first one even though it's a lot Heavier I don't really notice that um And I think it's a solid enjoyable Training shoe that you can do a lot of Miles in and maintain a really nice Consistent Pac in I wouldn't racing it It's just a little bit too chunky for That I think maybe if I was doing a Marathon this year I think I would Notice the weight later on in the race Earlier on it seems to uh when you're Doing faster sessions seems to be really Good but I think i' noticed that weight Um as I come came into the the later Stages uh of a Marathon distance or Maybe even half marathon distance um Other than that I think it's a solid Shoe I I think the problem comes down to The price because the way that I would Use this shoe I think there are other Shoes out there that are cheaper that I Could use for the same thing still the Sak endorphin Speed 3 is probably a Better option I think this is more Enjoyable shoe for those longer runs but I think the Endorphin Speed 3 is better Value because it's a lot cheaper than This shoe and you can use it for the Similar sort of thing I'd also say Something like uh the super blast is Another good option that's a very Expensive Sho as well so I I it would be Difficult to choose between this and

That one I think I'd probably go for This one if money was an option um but The super blast is a little bit better For easy runs as well it just feels a Little bit more comfortable uh and Obviously doesn't have a plate in it so Um it's a little bit more natural Feeling as well so my verdict on the Adidas Prime X2 strong is that when I Have managed to get this fit to work for Me what I've got is a really enjoyable Shoe overall I think it's a shoe that Can work for shorter and longer Distances I think mainly though you want To be keeping out uptempo Paces In Those Runs I think when you ease off you just Don't get the rewards of running in this Shoe when you are running a little bit Quicker I think you get something that Feels energetic bouncy but also very Controlled and stable as well which is Something I wasn't 100% expecting in This shoe I think the ultimate question Is is should you buy this shoe it is Very expensive and I think if you liked The prime X2 and you wanted something That felt a little bit more stable then I think that's what you're going to get Here in this shoe I kind of class this In that kind of super trainer category Those ones that you could potentially Run quicker sessions race in but also You know you get something a little bit More durable compared to those kind of

Top tier shoes now with this shoe it's Kind of sitting on its own in terms of That category I think you know I almost Thought the UN balc SC Trainer B2 would Be like that but it's not I think you Know similar with a Mac X it wasn't Quite like that either I think the magic Speed 3 is probably the only shoe that I Think kind of sits in that category but You know obviously hasn't got the same Level of Stack um high as it does on the Prime X2 strong so from that point of View if you are looking for something or I think if you're looking for something That can soak up a lot of that quicker Mileage and you you don't want to use Your kind of you know top tier kind of Racing shoe then this is something that Can deliver that ultimately though it's Very expensive and it's expensive to you To want to have something that does that But I do think as I said I think it's Something you can race in I think it Works for mixture of distances and yeah Mainly keeping it on the quicker side Ultimately but it is expensive and if You're willing to pay that I think you Are going to get a good shoe overall It's just you can probably get better Value elsewhere so Prim x r 2 is a Really fun shoe and not really what I Expected actually when I got it in this Feels more like a super trainer to me Than a Flatout carbon racing shoe

Designed for race day it does a little Bit of everything thing really quite Well brings a lot of fun to Everyday Training like it is just about the most Fun you can have just on a run in General but I don't think it's one that I'd be using for races myself or really Fast sessions it if it was like one that You'd have in a training rotation you Could even have it in rotation with the Prim exr one and use that as your race Day and speed day shoe with the prim X2 Being the more General trainer in it This actually suits me to be honest for This shoe because I wouldn't race in the Prim X2 because of the stack I and Obviously I'm not an elite Runner and The rules about stack I are mainly for Elites but I wouldn't really feel Comfortable using it it at my kind of Pace uh in a race and I've never really Seen it on the feet of Runners around me Either at all so but actually with the Primx 2 that's not really so much of Concern because I wouldn't use it for Racing either because I don't think it's Got the performance of legal shoes that Are just much lighter things like the AL 2 and the Pro 3 uh the mauno wave Rebellion Pro these are Big very bouncy Shoes but legal and just much lighter I'd much rather be racing them or going And doing Fast Track reps in those shoes Compared to the primx so I don't think

It's quite as fast I think it is more of That super train of vibe where you can Pull it on every day and bounce around To your heart's content however even Doing that role really well it's really Expensive for that role like super train You're going to drop $250 quid $300 I Know some of the price of these shoes Are getting out of hand but even Compared to the super blast that's Really really expensive for a shoe that I don't really think would have the Chops for me to race in even if I wasn't Bothered about the uh the legal stack Height so you can just spend a lot less And get very capable more practical Shoes that have a lower Stacks or even Less wobbly have better outsoles and Dophin Speed 3 the pum DV8 uh Nitro 2 uh The ads Boston 12 these are all really Great shoes that I pick up ahead of this And maybe they're not quite as bouncy And maybe not quite as fun but they are Lighter they are more practical just to Use on everyday terrain and have a lot Of speed in them still still are Comfortable for long runs like this is a Great shoe a luxury shoe though is how I' put it it's not a shoe that you Really need in your rotation at all but If you picked it up you are going to Enjoy using it I'll say that but you can Just get a much more practical shoe for A lot less that will serve you better I

Think and if I was buying a rotation now That is what I do I wouldn't go and buy The prime X strong 2 but if you do yeah It's great fun I really enjoyed using it But I think it's pretty important to Know that I don't think you're getting a Super Speedy shoe here you are getting a Very fun and Speedy shoe but not as Speedy as the first version of the shoe Or indeed I think uh legal races even The Pro 3 I think is a faster more Speed Focus shoe this to me feels like a Shoe that you pull on a lot more Regularly and used for a range of Training but not me necessarily those Flatout fast days now verdict for me Well this is a bit of a mix bag I don't Think the upper change works not for my Kind of feet anyway I much prefer having More control over the fit and the Lockdown I also think an already pretty Unstable Sho is now even more so because Of the bigger volume of squishy springy Wobbly Light Strike Pro across the base Now it's still not great in the corners So it's going to be best for straight Road urban city marathons and races Halves maybe as well the weight gains I Think are quite noticeable here too and That will potentially limit what some Runners might use this shoe for it makes It probably a little less likely as a 5k Shoe for example particularly on a Twisty turny course but despite all of

That I kind of love running in this shoe It's got fun wild crazy energy and on The right day moving with the right Intent I can definitely see this is Having Marathon PB potential if you're Willing to forgo the fact that it's not Got a race legal stack of course it's Just got that energy sparing effect that You need with six miles to go in a Marathon the same is the alpha fly in The original strung price Cy in the UK Is also a bit frustrating though in the US that's not an issue but overall I Have to say I think I prefer the first Generation if you can find that for its Original price or cheaper I think it's Easily a match if not better than this Version on many fronts having said that This is a shoe that I have really Enjoyed I am a big fan despite it's kind Of shortcomings that I've mentioned here It's a shoe that I've really enjoyed Running and I definitely will go and Race in it very soon so that's it from Us on this review thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click that little bell and check the Channel out for all the other videos We've got coming up we've also got our Monthly the podcast that comes out at The end of each month if you Eno the Caption below you can find a link to That big thanks to sport shoes as well For getting hold of these shoes for us

Um and because we've been doing a lot of Videos on these shoes recently um so if You go into the caption below you can Find a link to um find out more about The added as Prime X2 strong thanks a Lot for watching catch you next Time