The Adidas Adizero Boston 12 is a very different shoe to its immediate predecessors, being much lighter and softer underfoot than the Boston 10 and 11. It will be going up against fierce competition in the ‘super-trainer’ market though, so are the changes enough to make it a standout pick? We’ll give our verdict on that in our full review, but for now here’s Nick’s first impressions of the Boston 12.


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00:00​​​​ – Intro
01:24 – Design & Key Stats
04:37 – First Run
07:35 – How’s The Fit
08:23 – Early Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick in this video I'm gonna be Doing my first run review of the Adidas At Boston 12. this video is brought to You in partnership with our friends over At Precision Fuel and hydration if You're a keen Runner checking out a Plated or rotted training shoe like the Adidas Boston 12 then you're probably a Pretty Keen Runner and along with Getting the best gear you're someone who Probably needs to keep an eye on their Fueling hydration On The Run that's Where Precision Fuel and hydration's Range of products can help you out uh Right now we're enjoying a bit of a heat Wave in the UK it's been over 20 degrees For many days in a row which is very Rare and I've been using the Precision Fuel and hydration electrolyte tabs to Keep myself hydrated on the run and just In general I'm very sweaty right now and That's just one of the many products They offer Runners to help them fuel Their training late this summer we're Actually also going to run my first Ultramarathon I'm going to be using the Precision Fuel and hydration race Planner on the website to get an idea of What I need to do for fuel for that Having only ever run up to Marathon Distance before this is a really useful Tool on the Precision fuel hydration's Website where you can prep races in a

Wide range of sports you give them the Distance you give them a few details Around about yourself like how sweaty You are and how hard your trying to push On the day what your general goals are And they will give you a personalized Race plan that you can use to plan out Your hydration and nutrition for the Event you can check that out on the Precision Fuel and hydration's website And if you're going there to shop for Items check out the comment below where You'll find a code that gets you a Discount across the entire range Foreign Boston is a shoe with a long history of Being a favorite with Runners it used to Be a pretty lightweight but cushioned Fast training or racing shoe one of the Best Marathon options in its early days And then was reinvented with the ads Boston 10 to be a Max stack daily Trainer with some of the daily this is a Modern carbon technology in it with the Boston 12 a lot of changes has been made To try and let's say respond to the Criticism that was out there of the Boston 10 and 11 which was a very Similar shoe to the 10. so the new shoe Cost 140 pounds in the UK and 160 in the US it weighs in at 259 grams or 9.1 Ounces in my UK 9 which is a US 9.5 That's even lighter than any of those Lifts out which is very very rare very

Rare that a shoe comes in lighter than What the manufacturer says so that is a Big drop in weight from the Boston 10 And 11. it's also a change in the drop Of the shoe it's now a seven millimeter Drop with a stack height of 38 Millimeters at the heel 31 millimeters At the forefoot I've also seen stats out There suggesting it's a 6.5 millimeter Drop but on the ads website it's 38 and 31 so going with that there definitely Are some big differences in the stats Compared to the Boston 10 I have here I Didn't test the Boston alone because it Was so similar to the Boston 10 so Comparing it to the 10 here the 10 in The UK 9 was 296 grams or 10.4 ounces so You've got a 40 gram drop here to the Boston 12. the Boston 10 had a Stacklight of 39.5 millimeters per heel And 31 at the forefoot for a drop of 8.5 Millimeters so Adidas has reduced the Drop by lowering the stack height at the Heel with the same amount of cushioning Under the forefoot of the shoe achieve The big drop in weight you've got Changes all over the shoe but it's very Noticeable that the upper has been Significantly changed on the Boston 12 It was much lighter and thinner mesh Upper with fewer overlays you haven't Got that kind of suede toe bumper you Had on the Boston 10. the tongue is no Longer gusseted or gusseted at the

Extent it was on the Boston 10 which Almost created a two layer effect in the Upper and got a lot less padding around The back of the shoe and actually a Little bit less support as well at the Heel there is still a little internal Heel counter on the Boston 12 but not as Much as on the Boston 10. you've got the Redesigned heel as well which is Probably something but it's not gonna be A positive for me and has this new heel Design with two strips of padding and Then a gap at the back which has caused Me quite significant uh heel rubbing in Various shoes before so I've already Heel locked the shoe before my first run In it but you had a lot more padding on The Boston 10 which made for a more Comfortable upper all round but it's Also much heavier shoot changes continue Into the midsole where you've still got The Dual density set up with a layer of Light Strike Pro on the top and then a Layer of Light Strike Eva beneath that But in the case of the Boston 12 the Light Strike is Light Strike 2.0 which Is lighter and softer than on the Boston 10. I've been testing the adios 8 Recently and really this new EVA foam is A lot softer than the previous versions On ads shoes so that should change the Ride feel quite significantly you've Also got an updated Rod system in the Boston 12. it's Adidas's energy rods 2.0

These are glass fiber infused energy Rods rather than the really thick big Carbon ones you get on the adios Pro for Example then on the outsole you've got Continental rubber outsole it's a Slightly different setup to the Boston 10 but the same principles are there Really good forefoot coverage and then Two large strips of rubber back so You're going to get good grip and Durability out of this outsole as a Pretty thick layer of rubber as well Which is quite impressive because it is A pretty lightweight shoe So just heading off to do first run in The ALS Boston 12. nothing too mad on The phone today because I'm racing Tomorrow and it is very hot but I'm Gonna do 10K and mix up the paces a Little bit maybe a little bit of a play In the middle some fight like style Stuff just to see how it works at a Couple of different Paces then when I Get home I'm probably going to take one Shoe off pop on the is Boston 10 and do A short test running in both shoes for a Little while and just see how the doing Phones feel it it won't be a perfect Test because the Boston Twitter because My Boston 10 has a lot of miles in it so Has softened up a bit but it'll be Interesting to see how the midsize Compare on the two shoes so yeah off now For the 10K

So 10K all done in the Boston 12 and it Was really enjoyable it certainly still Still felt a little bit blocky on the Easy sections of the Run um softened up A little bit it is softer under the hill For sure than the uh pasty versions of The Boston as a heel Striker is quite Noticeable that what that creates the Slightly softer feeling foam and Probably the slightly lower drop as well There's a really smooth transition when I did up the speed like it felt a lot Better running it I just did like a Couple of little um pickups like a 400 Meter and 800 meter and a stride at like You know pushing the pace a little bit And it just felt really smooth and Impressive like got the pop from the Rods then and it just felt a lot better Live issue around that's it's Interesting because with the Boston 10 That didn't really I wasn't really the Case like it felt quite solid and stable And comfortable and easy bits and then a Bit much when you hit the um hit the Faster section so it's I'm now gonna go Pull the Boston 10 on one foot and have A little jog just to test them side by Side and see how that feels but yeah Enjoyed that 10K it certainly felt a lot Livelier at Payson before and a lot Softer and smoother than a previous Versions So just a little run in the two Boston

Side by side Boston ten Boston 12. I did Some easy pick it up in the middle and Then some slow at the end see how they Feel it's a much lighter nimbler shoe The Boston 12 for sure it's really on The easy Paces certainly on the faster Paces the upper has like a Barely There Feel compared to the upper on the Boston 10 which is much more hugging much more You know present a bit thicker that kind Of thing I do prefer the fit of the Boston 10 around the heel though I will Say that um it's got a nice snug fit With the cushioning there compared to The Ada system which they've got on all Their shoes which tends to uh have a Risk of rubbing my achilles but overall The upper's Improvement it's much Lighter feels much racier and the shoe Is really mostly softer more fluid a bit Bouncier when you're running fast or Slow actually it does seem to upgraded Across the board like it wasn't someone Who really hated the Boston 10 Um just running and it just now reminded Me that I do think it's quite a good Shoe but it's a much denser bigger Slightly blockier shoe especially when You run quick compared to the New Boston Which I think is going to prove a nice Upgrade for people who are looking for a Slightly uh faster feel and actually a Softer feel as well when you're running Slowly although maybe you're going to

Get a bit more support from the upper on The Boston 10 when you are moving at Start bases So the Boston 12 fits me well in my Normal running shoe size here in the UK It's a uk9 it is a US 9.5 and an eu43.5 Which is sometimes a bit smaller than How my UK 9 converts and other sizes but With Adidas in general a US 9.5 works For me I have quite a narrow foot so That sometimes helped with any of their Shoes but don't think this Boston is as Narrow as past versions it's not a very Wide fitting shoe but I certain thing Was a bit more room there yeah and I had Certainly had enough room around the toe Box myself the heel has got Adidas's Design which I don't love with the two Strips of cushioning and the Gap in the Middle but I didn't have any hero Problems today on the run I did heel Lock it straight away and not taking any Risks this design and that seems to have Been okay but yeah so he'll look out for Because that design has caused issues For me in the past for sure So early verdict is a positive one on The Boston 12. like I said you said I Didn't hate the Boston term I put a lot Of miles into it and it broke in a bit And it felt quite reassuring and Versatile as a shoe it wasn't fastest But it was nice for chunking out long Runs in particular but I do think the

Boston 12 is going to be significant Improvement just because it's lighter Retains some of those characteristics of The Boston 10 and being quite built up But stable shoe and a supportive shoe Loses a little bit of that I think with The lightweight upper but it is still Nice and stable underfoot for such a big Shoe thanks to the way Adidas has set up The Foams definitely a little bit softer Definitely a little bit bouncier and That's straight out the box I do think It will break in a little bit as well Because Adidas shoes tend to a little Bit with their phones I have been Walking around in it quite a lot to try And speed up that break-in period a bit But yeah I really enjoyed today I Certainly felt more fluid um and natural When running fast in the shoe compared To the Boston 10 and I think that's just Because of the way the firms almost sync Together a bit better when you've got That softer one underfoot it's not such A jarring transition you get a nice Fluid and fairly soft roll onto the Deep Wedge of large strike Pro in the Forefoot nice ping off that and the rods And it's up good running fast like I Want to do some sustained fast efforts In it for sure for our full review and a Long run because I did find the Boston 10 just one of my favorite long run Shoes um just in particular for that

Role I do think it's a shoe that you can Run long in at good Paces quite Comfortably Um you just see if the new shoe still Has that or if it rips my heel to shreds After 20K we'll see so yeah nice Enjoyable first drive in the Boston 12 Today look forward to getting out on it Again soon That's our first look at the Adas Boston 12. a lot more testing to do and then We'll get a full review up and some Direct comparisons to the adios and Other super trainers with these uh Plates and rods in them um please like And subscribe ring Little Bell so you Get notified when we do launch new Videos and dive into the description to Grab that link to Precision Fuel and Hydration to get yourself a discount on Their goods and check out their race Planner