The Boston 12 is a big update for the Line very different to what we've seen For the Boston 10 and 11 which are Obviously big changes to what we've seen In the past from the Boston line they Were Big Mac stack training shoes with Lots of tech going on the midsole and That's the case with the Boston 12 as Well but in general Aid that has Stripped it right back improved the feel Of the ride made it a lighter shoot and All around it's a much better shoot I'll Say that now it's a little bit of a Spoiler for the review it cost 140 Pounds in the UK 160 in the US it weighs In at 259 grams or 9.1 ounces in my UK 9 Which is a US nine and a half it has a Seven millimeter drop with a stack Height of 38 millimeters at the heel and 31 at the forefoot as Fair bit lighter Than the Boston 10 I tested which was Just under 300 grams and had a slightly Higher stack as well the Boston 1011 had A stack that maxed out at 39 and a half Millimeters so got a slightly lower drop With the Boston 12 and a slightly lower Stack so the big drop in way is to use Changes all over the shoe but we might As well start with the upper which has Been stripped back considerably you've Got less padding on here less overlays Just a less built up feel than you have