While the Adidas Boston 12 is pitched as a speed-focused shoe as part of the Adidas Adizero range, it’s one of our favourite all-rounders thanks to its comfortable, speedy ride. That versatility means it strays into the territory of the new Adidas Supernova Rise, which is sold as a daily trainer. Which is the better all-rounder option? Nick delivers his verdict here.

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Adidas Boston 12 Review:
Adidas Supernova Rise Review:

00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:15 – Design & Key Stats
02:35 – How’s The Fit?
03:24 – The Run Test
06:19 – Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and in this video we're going to Be comparing the Adidas Boston 12 and The Adidas Supernova [Music] Rise Bon 12 a supernova rise are both Shoes that I personally would classify As daily training shoes that can handle A nice variety of runs Adidas pitches The Boston 12 more as a racy speed Focus Shoe that's why it's part of the adero Lineup whereas the Supernova rise is Very much pitched as a training shoe but I do think they cover off similar runs Quite well so I thought it would be good To do this comparison for my reviews of The shoes I got the Adidas Boston 12 Sample from Adidas and the Supernova Rise from sports shoes so thanks to both Of them for sorting out the samples so I Could review the shoe Supernova rise is The slightly cheaper of the two shoes Costing £130 or $140 whereas the Boston Is £140 or $160 the Boston's a lighter shoe it's £2 59 G or 9.1 o in a uk9 whereas the Supernova R is 287 G or 10.1 Oz Boston Has an 8mm drop supern R has a 10 mm Drop supern R has a 36 mm stack heite at The heel and 26 at the 4ot whereas the Boston is 38 at the heel and 30 at the 4ot so with the botton you've got a very Lightweight mesh upper with very minimal Padding around the collar and tongue of

The shoe and really not much structure At all at the heel then you've got a Dual density midsole with a layer of Light Strike Pro on the top and then Light Strike 2.0 on the bottom Pro is The bouncy foam the best foam in ad's Lineup you see it in shoes like the Pro Racing shoe whereas light stri 2.0 is an EVA foam a fairly soft and lightweight Foam to to add a slightly firmer more Stable feel to the shoe than you'd have With just Light Strike Pro alone in the Mid of the shoe I add's energy rods 2.0 These are glass fiber infused rods to Add some more propulsion to your stride You've got a continental rubber out sole With great 4ot coverage two strips the Back bit of a cutout and exposed foam in The middle of the shoe there the super Over eyes you've got a mesh upper with a Whole lot more padding around the tongue And color of the shoe Which indicates this is more of a Training shoe than the Boston uh then You've got a new phone in Mido which is Dream strike plus which is a pe- based Phone but a little bit denser not quite As Lively and lightweight as Light Strike Pro you add has a support rods in The shoe which are these wide fairly Soft rods found under the midsole foam And above the out soole which are They're as much to provide stability and Support as they are to provide

Propulsion like you get from the energy Rods then you have an addy wear rubber Out soole with really good coverage Across the shoe but it is not Continental rubber even though it has Been pretty good on grip for me I will Say that but Continental rubber is one Of the standout features of Ed shoes [Music] Often I found the bow shoes fit me well In my normal running shoe size with Adidas a uk9 translates to a us99.5 Whereas of a lot of Brands a uk9 is a US 10 so sometimes added as shoes can be a Little bit tight if you're using UK Sizing but it wasn't the case with these Two shoes both of them had enough room In the toe box the fit is quite Different around the rest of the shoe Though then the Boston 12 the fit is a Little bit fussy had to heel lock the Shoe to avoid heel rub and in General to Position the tongue right get the lacing Right because it's quite a thin upper You can get a bit of lace bite if you Lace them too tightly and the heel can Move around a bit it's a slightly Complicated annoying upper I'd say but Not too drastically bad once you've got It sorted out whereas the super noiz is A really good upper it's a very Comfortable hold at the heel and midfoot You've got a lot more padding there and It's very easy to get a very good fit

With the shoe without having to worry About heel locking it or anything like [Music] That onto the run test then I did a lot Of miles in the Boston 12 last year it Was on my favorite shoes of last year Just because of the updates Adas made to It compared to the Boston 11 the new Design of the shoe is a lot lighter the New midsole is excellent with this Light Strike Pro layer on top and the Light Strike 2.0 underneath it's just an Incredibly versatile all round shoe Found it very comfortable when cruising Through long runs but it's also really Fast I've gone down to 400 meter reps in This shoe as well as doing faster Tempo Runs and that kind of thing and it Really can do everything pretty well I'd Say like the Dual density mids delivers A nice smooth transition onto that Light Strike pro at the 4 foot which gives you A lot of energy return especially when Combined with the energy rods underneath That does mean it's great for faster Runs but it is a comfortable shoe if you Are going to just go head out at a relax Pace and I know the ad does pitch the Boston as a speed shoot it's in the add Zero range and that's why maybe it felt It had a gap in its lineup for a more Relaxed daily trainer but I do think the Boston does that job really well as long As you get on with the upper which can

Be a bit of a pain like I mentioned in The fit section it's not the best upper For just relaxed running it does have a More of a racy feel even if the midsole Underneath does feel very well suited to A range of runs super eyes looked Excellent on paper because it did feel Like Adidas had taken some key lessons From the Adizero range to create a daily Trainer that was just a lot different to What we've seen for them in the past Things like the ultra boost which is you Know an okay shoe a nice crossover Running lifestyle shoe but it's not that Lightweight it's not that performance Focused whereas Supernova looked like it Could be because you've got this new Midsole foam there a much lighter design Of someone like the ultra boost more Comfortable upper than stuff in the ad Zero range like could be a really bit of A winner across the board but then in The end on the run I didn't really click With it for anything I found it a little Bit thin under the forfeit in particular And a bit dull there so whereas in the Boston you've got that slightly lower Drop and that deep section of Light Strike Pro on the for which delivers a Really energetic Lively ride I found the Super eyes felt okay at the heel like Reasonably comfortable and a little bit Of Bounce there but once you hit that For fo it feels a bit thin a bit dead

And it didn't feel that comfortable when The easy Paces or that Lively and Energetic when you are running at Fastest Paces did find it a pretty verse Style daily trainer like it's balanced Quite neutral platform that you can use For anything I was happy enough doing Progression runs moving from easy to Fast pacing it as well as all out easy Runs but I never enjoyed it that much For any of those runs and really that is Down to the difference in the mid sols Between the two shoes where you've got This much more lively and enjoyable Setup in the Boston 12 which is still Comfortable I think it's a more Comfortable shoe than the super for easy Stuff and there's a lot more Responsiveness and dynamism when you're Going to move at faster Paces superise Just feels okay it doesn't really feel Like it excels at anything I will say That the upper is certainly an Improvement on the Supernova R when I Was running in Bow shoes at the same Time it's notable how much easier it is To put the shoe on and Lace it up and How much more comfortable it feels on The top of your foot but underneath the Boston just feels better around it's Smoother it's got a bit more bounce I Think it's a bit more comfortable supern Rise is comfortable at the heel but then Loses that comfort as you transition

Through the shoe like I say onto this Slightly lifeless for foot you have here So when I was running both shoes at the Same time or doing any kind of run in Either shoe I just found that the Boston Felt that little bit better and then it Feels a lot better if you're going to go And do F [Music] Off so although these two shoes are Positioned fairly differently within Ad's range I do think they end up Covering similar bases and as long as You get on with the upper of the Boston 12 and don't find it too lightweight and Lacking in support in general I think It's the superior shoe for pretty much Any kind of run I think it's one of the Best all rounders on the market super Never eyes is a solid shoe and it stands Up well against the rivals in its Category you things like the sany ride Or the Nike Pegasus but I do think it's A shoe that just lacks a little bit of The energy and fun you get from the Boston 12 and although it's got a better Upper other than that I would take the Boston 12 on every single count it's Even got a continental rubber outo which You don't get on the supern rise supern Rise is obviously a little bit cheaper As well but difference in price isn't Massive and I don't think it's as big Big is a difference in performance so I

Would lean towards the Boston despite The slightly higher price both of them Are often in sales which might make the Difference between them a little bit Smaller as well I think the difference Almost between racer shoes like the ad Zero range and daily trainers is a bit Smaller these days because you can have A shoe like this which is so cushioned And supportive but still very fast Because of the improved foes you have Available these days so does make it Slightly academic apart from the way That Adidas almost sells these shoes and The fact has got a much more you know Relaxed upper fit compared to the Boston 12 that said I think the super over Probably is a little bit more Approachable and if you're looking to Buy one of these as your first and only Running shoe then I think it is a Slightly more you know accommodating Shoe for beginners it got that slightly More comfortable feel at the heel in Particular but if you are just looking For a general shoe that can handle a bit Of everything the Boston 12 is the best Option in ad's range I would [Music] Say okie dokie that's our comparison of The Supernova rise and the Boston 12 let Us know what you think in the comments Below please do like and subscribe ring The little bell and we'll see you next