The Asics Superblast and Adidas Boston 12 are two of our favourite shoes at the moment, with both being versatile daily trainers with enjoyable rides. They have quite different designs though, with the Superblast having a very high stack of bouncy foam and no plate or other tech in the midsole, while the Boston 12 has Adidas’s glass fibre-infused energy rods in its midsole to provide some extra pop. Run Tester Nick is a big fan of both shoes and he runs through their pros and cons in this video.


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01:18 – Design & Key Stats
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09:08 – Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick in this video I'll be Comparing the Asic super blast and the Adidas Boston 12. this video is brought To you in partnership with Precision Fueling and hydration and let's talk a Little bit about fueling and hydration Before we dive into the details on the Two shoes because it doesn't matter how Good your shoes are if you're not Getting those two things right on the Run you're not gonna have a very good Time of it Precision fueling and Hydration have a great range of products To help you fuel your runs whether That's carb gels carb drinks or Electrolyte tabs electrolyte mixes and They've also got a really handy race Calculator on the website which you can Use for races or general training runs To basically plan out your run and see Exactly what you might need in terms of Fuel and hydration I used it quite Recently right now I was lining up a 51k Run out on my holiday in Wales and it Was really useful just to try and engage Exactly what I might need for a run that Was much longer than anything else I'd Done in the past using that tool you can Customize things like the expected Conditions on the day your expected Effort and then you'll get some advice You can use to try and build a nutrition And hydration plan for it it's important

To hear the advice because I didn't Really and I ran out of water on my run Which wasn't very smart so cool you can Check that out on the Precision fueling And hydration website and if you use the Link in the caption below you'll also Get 50 off their entire range of Products all right let's dive into the Shoes foreign So the super blast and the Boston 12 are Both trainers that fit into this super Trainer category that we have these days Or the shoes that you use for your daily Training that have some of the tech from Super Shoes in them but they're doing a Different way there's no plate in the Super blast that's the main difference And it has a much higher stack height It's also a lot more expensive the super Blast cost 195 pounds in the UK or 200 That's the latest color release this one I think the previous models were a Little bit more expensive but hopefully That's a sign of things to come with the Shoe though it's going to be that little Bit cheaper the as Boston is a lot Cheaper though it's 140 pounds or 160 Dollars interestingly the super blast is The light issue despite the fact it's The much bigger shoe it weighs 251 grams Or 8.8 ounces in a UK 9 whereas the Boston is a 259 grams or 9.1 ounces Boston has a seven millimeter drop the Super blast drop is eight millimeters

And super blast stack height is 45.5 Millimeters at the heel 37.5 at the Forefoot whereas the bust that is 38 of The heel and 31 millimeters at the Forefoot on the design the Boston has a Very lightweight and stripped back mesh Upper really minimal padding around the Shoe in general very thin tongue a Little bit of an internal heel counter At the back there and you've got a dual Density midsole with a layer of Light Strike Pro on top that's adios's best Phone the stuff used in the adios Pro The bounciest lightest phone they have And then Light Strike 2.0 on the bottom This is an EVA foam it's not softer and Lighter than the previous versions of Light Strike we saw in shoes like the Boston 10 and 11. in between those Layers of foam you have Adidas's energy Rods 2.0 these are glass fiber infused Rods that run under the forefoot of the Shoe to act like a plate and create a More efficient propulsive ride on the Outside you've got good coverage of Continental rubber very grippy material The forefoot's pretty much entirely Covered there and two large strips at The back it's not the thickest layer but It's pretty durable stuff and it grips Exceptionally well on the superloft You've got a pretty lightweight mesh Upper though it does have substantially More padding and more structure at the

Heel than you get on the Boston then You've also got a dual density midsole But obviously most of it is one density It's the FF turbo foam on the top here That's a really thick layer this is Asics's best foam it's the bouncy staff Used in shoes like the metal speed Sky Plus an edge Plus Underneath that you've got a thin layer Of FF blast plus which is another pretty Good phone from Asics it's used in shoes Like the magic speed it's just a bit Firmer and more durable than the FF on Top which is the bouncier softer phone Also got side walls of foam on this shoe And a really wide base to try and help Create stabilities in the outsole you've Got some ahar plus rubber which is used Fairly sparingly though the key impact Areas on the shoe are covered it's a Very hard material it's pretty good on Grip but it's not as good as the Continental rubber on the Adidas for Sure Foreign I'd be happy in my normal size in both Which is a UK nine in the Adidas that Equates to a US 9.5 or it's a us-10 in The Asic shoe now those are my normal Sizes for both Brands but you do get a Slightly tighter fit in the Boston as You'd expect from the way that that Comparison works but same time the Boston in general is just a tighter

Fitting shoe it's got a more racy feel To it the upper's thinner more stripped Back it's less comfortable upper I'll Say for daily training but good for Speed sessions so I have had some heel Problems with Adidas shoes in general That use this design so I've heel locked This shoe to you know counter those Problems get a bit more lace pressure on The top of your foot from the shoe than With a super blast because it is such a Thin tongue in general yeah you've got a Much lighter upper that is less Comfortable than the one on the super Blast which I've had no issues with at All it's a roomy shoe it's really Comfortable you get a good enough hold Around them heel and midfoot with plenty Of room in the toes so they are slightly Different fits but I was happy in my Normal running shoe size for these Brands with both of these shoes so if You're looking at width the um Asics is The wider shoe of these two the Boston Isn't bad on that front it's not a Y2 But it's certainly wider than the Adizero shoes of old which used to be Very torpedo-like So I'm a big fan of both of these shoes I think they really deliver on what they Set out to do which is to be a versatile Daily train that really can handle a mix Of pretty much every kind of run but They go about it in a different way the

Super blast is just this Big Mac stack Very cushioned shoe with no plate with a Very bouncy and lightweight foam uh that Delivers a really bouncy ride whereas The Boston's almost a more traditional Super trainer in that it does look and Feel more like a companion to something Like the adios Pro 3 with a similar Setup in the midsole with those energy Rods whilst being a bit more durable and Suitable for everyday use both of us and That would be very versatile they have The comfort for use on easy runs and Long runs and then they also have the Speed if you're gonna try and use them For some of your Speedy training Sessions as well I'd say actually the Super blast is surprisingly speaking now Obviously it's more of a cruising style Of speed you get into a rhythm within You get bounced along very nicely but I Did go down the track with it for some 800 meter reps I remember quite Distinctly like swearing when I went Through the 200 meter Mark looking down On my watch going oh I'm going a lot Quicker than it feels like a bounce Through that in around like 34 seconds I Had to take it back to then do what was Quite a controlled rep for 800 meters And and yeah it's just it doesn't really You don't get a lot of ground feel with The shoe obviously and it doesn't feel Like you're moving that fast at times

But you are moving fast it's got a Really bouncy propulsive ride it almost Feels sometimes like it does have a Plate with the amount of punch you are Getting from it but then it's naturally A lot better for more kind of daily use And Tempo runs and the kind of sessions I do a lot of especially with marathon Training which is like long progression Runs or like hour-long steady efforts Around Marathon effort but not marathon Pace necessarily during training and it Really does hoover those up because it Is fast it is lightweight you can get Into a nice ticking rhythm with it and Really bounce along at a good speed Whether it protects the legs really well And it doesn't feel quite as aggressive As a Pikachu even one like the Boston Which is obviously built for everyday Training Boston certainly feels more Grounded you're getting a snappier feel To it especially when running fast and Definitely when I was doing 400 meter Reps in this shoe I could feel the pace A lot more clearly in it Judy actually a Little bit better as well but in general You know how fast you're moving when You're using the Boston whereas Superlast is a bit more of a mystery Sometimes it definitely has a snappier Feel than the super blast when it comes To fast runs then I find the character Two changes a little bit when you then

Slow down and do either long relaxed Runs at a decent pace or just all out Easy runs in your daily training it Feels a little bit smoother a bit softer The Foams meld together a little bit Better and you get a slightly more Smooth ride compared to the snappy feel You have with it when you do up the post I also say that the Foams are soft Enough on the shoe that it it's never Felt harsh for me on long runs or Anything like that other no discomfort From the ride of it when I'm doing long Easy runs even with the rods in there It's still a very high stacked shoe with A couple of soft Foams in there it's not Quite as high stack and soft as the Super blast but it is still a very Comfortable shoe for those long runs Underfoot a bit more of a problem with The upper though I do find the upper on The bust and just not great it's not Caused me any significant problems but It's something I kind of have to think About with each run you get a bit of Lace pressure you have to heel lock it To avoid rubbing at the heel I do anyway And in general it just feels a little Bit too aggressive enough for a shoe That I want to use for a bit of Everything really it does have the edge Though on grip compared to super blast This Continental rubber is great it's Really good for wet Pavements it's also

Very durable just gives you a little bit More confidence especially if you're Doing use the shoe for Speedy runs where You do want reliable purchase under for When rounding Corners if you're doing Sessions on the road or even on the Track which can get obviously get very Slick the grip's not bad on the super Blast but it's definitely not amazing And they obviously get a bit less rubber There in general also these little holes Will pick up Stones occasionally if you Take out anything even slightly Gravely So when I rounded both shoes at the same Time it's noticeable how much more soft And sinky the super blast is it's got a Much more notable heel in general as a Heel Striker it's really clear that You're landing on the heels in this shoe You get a nice transition from there and It's bouncy I don't think it's really a Downside to the shoe but it certainly is Noticeable and actually maybe sometimes It can be something that you feel when You don't want to feel you want to get Into more of a flowing rhythm with a Shoe but you do kind of hit that heel Each time I do anyway Um and you get a nice transition it's Very comfortable but with the Boston I Do think it's a faster transition you Move on to the mid foot and forefoot a Little bit quicker and you get a Slightly snappier more grounded feel as

A result and Boston has a slightly Flatter feel I'd say there's less bounce To the midsole but it is still pretty Bouncy and certainly comfortable enough To use for a variety of runs even if the Super blast does have a more comfortable Feel and a bit more bounce in the Midsole A couple of cracking shoes here both Very versatile both really enjoyable to Use for a variety of runs you could even Pick up both of them and use them as a Two-shoe rotation there was a fair Amount of overlap here but the super Blast will have the edge on things like Long runs easy runs and then the Boston's a slightly speedier shoe I'd Say if you are looking at building Rotation though I'd probably get the Super blast myself as the better long Run shoe easy run shoe like tempo run Shoe I really love using it for all Those runs it's incredibly fun to run And that's a big thing with super blast I didn't mention earlier but I should Mention it it's a shoe I really look Forward to pulling on that's the case With the Boston a little bit but not Quite as much and if you did that with a Super large you could then pick up a More speed Focus shoe than the Boston Like something like the magic Speed 3 From Asics or a carbon racing if you use An old carbon racing shoe as your speed

Shoe for a rotation I think if you're Just looking at buying one all-rounder Maybe the Boston's the slightly better Pick especially if someone does a lot of Short sharp workouts so I do think it Has the edge on the super blast just by Being a much more Nimble shoe with a Snappier ride I think the Boston is Still very good for your daily training For easy runs and all that kind of thing And then it does have a little Edge when It comes to those fast sessions it's Also race legal probably doesn't really Matter that much but if you are Considering a shoe that you want to do All your training and race again then And you want to stay within those Regulations that are built more for Elites then the Boston is legal and Superloft technically isn't you're not Gonna get kicked out of any races if You're using the super blast unless You're very fast indeed which gets you You're using a carbon super shoot Obviously so yeah I think the Boston Slightly more practical shoe as well Because it has got a better grip and it Is a lot cheaper than the super blast Which is really a luxury shoe but you Know it is it does live up to that price Taken away because it is so good and it Can do the job of so many shoes within a Rotation you could really get the super Blast and then just one fast shoe you'd

Have a very solid rotation for every Kind of run with the Boston you could Look at getting a more comfortable shoe As well alongside it just because I Don't even up is that comfortable you Might want just a pure cushion shoe to Use for easy runs and it still isn't an Out and out speed shoe so you still Would probably be looking at getting a Carbon shoe or something like that to go With it so you're looking probably a More free shoe rotation if you're Fitting the Boston into one whereas I do Think the super blast works really well In a two-shoe rotation because you can Just get a carbon shoe it and then You're covered pretty much everything Really well indeed so you might save Some of the money you spent on the Superb boss back by only needing a Couple of shoes to go between but yeah That's the overall how I make it I think The Boston is a slightly more practical Shoe slightly better for those fast Workouts the superlast is the more Comfortable shoe better for daily Training better for long runs still Pretty quick if I was building a Rotation from scratch myself right now I'd be getting the super Blaster pair With a speed shoe but if you are looking For the more versatile practical Do-it-all shoot I think the Boston 12 is That and it is a lot cheaper especially

As it's popping up in sales quite a lot So if there is budgetary considerations Then the Boston is very much the clear Pick the super blast is a luxury like I Say So that's our comparison of the Asic Superloft and the NES Boston 12 let us Know what you think in the comments Below have you picked up one or both of These shoes what did you think please do Like subscribe ring the little bell do Head to the Precision fueling and Hydration website to check out their Range of products a link in the caption Below will help you do that and Otherwise yeah we'll see you next time