The Puma Deviate Nitro 2 and Adidas Boston 12 are two of the top super-trainers on the market, with midsoles crammed full of bouncy foams and efficiency-boosting tech. After refreshing his memory of both shoes with a testing track session, Nick runs through the pros and cons of each shoe in this video, and says which he’d get.

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00:15 – Design And Key Stats
02:28 – How’s The Fit?
03:25 – The Run Test
06:55 – Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and in this video we're Going to be comparing the Adas Boston 12 And the Puma DV8 Nitro 2. So Boston 12 and indeed here Nitro 2 are Both super trainers with dual density Midsoles and some kind of tech in the Midsole to try and Aid your efficiency On The Run they're both reasonably well Priced for super trainers costing 140 Pounds in the UK for the Boston 12. the Puma is 145 but they're both 160 in the US the Boston's a slightly lighter shoe It's 259 grams or 9.1 ounces in my UK 9 Whereas the TV8 Nitro 2 is 276 grams or 9.7 ounces also in the uk9 they both Have stack Heights of 38 millimeters at The heel but the Boston has a seven Millimeter drop down to 31 millimeters At the forefoot whereas the Puma has an Eight millimeter drop down to 30 Millimeters at the forefoot like I say They both have dual density midsoles and In the case of the Puma you've got their Nitro Elite foam on the top that's a Nitrogenfused peeba foam and then Nitro On the bottom which is a nitrogenfused Tpe foam you've got the power plate Running through those two Foams and that Is 30 uh TPU and 70 carbon trying to get My numbers right here and you've got a Fairly lightweight upper on the top with A good amount of padding at the heel and Some of Puma's power tape to try and add

Some structure and support to the upper And then a puma grip outsole with some Human grip ATR at the back now Puma grip In general is very good it's durable Grippy stuff and then the ATR stuff at The back is meant to be even more so on Those counts so yeah they're really Thick impressive outsole for a shoe that Is still quite light the Boston 12 is a Very stripped back and lightweight mesh Upper there's very little padding on the Heel and tongue of the shoe and really Not too much structure on the actual Upper itself but you've also got a dual Density midsole with Light Strike Pro on The top and then Light Strike Eva on the Bottom this is the second version of Adidas's Light Strike EVA foam which is Softer and lighter than the first Version and the Light Strike Pro is The Bouncy Stuff you see I choose like the Adios Pro 3. between them you've got Adidas energy rods 2.0 system these are Glass fiber infused energy rods they Basically run under the forefoot of the Shoe in particular to track along with Your metatarsals and create that Efficient propulsive ride that you Expect from play to choose or rotted Shoes as is the case here then you've Got a continental rubber outsole which Is another excellent outside you've got Really good coverage on the shoe it's a Much thinner layer than on the Puma but

It's really grippy stuff as well and has Pretty pretty durable for me in the past With Adidas shoes [Music] So I have both issues in my normal size Which is a UK 9 but with the Adidas That's a US 9.5 and the Boston is a Us-10 general Davis is a slightly more Aggressive fitting shoe but I think That's more down to the upper structure Rather than necessarily the overall size Of the shoe I have a narrow foot and Both of these shoes fit me really well In my normal size but I do think they Are both quite narrow shoes so that will Be totally look out for if you do have a Wide foot I've had no problems at all Really with the Puma on fit it's Comfortable it holds the foot wheels and There's enough panning of the heel to Make you feel comfortable and yet no Concerns about the length but yeah That's I have had some more concerns I've had to heal on the shoe to avoid Getting heel rub I don't really like This heel design on any of Adidas's Shoes and that's the case with the Bottom as well a bit of lace pressure on The tongue as well at times in general The whole upper feels very racy and Strip that which is nice but it does Mean it's not quite as comfortable as The fit you get from the Puma overall Though I would say go with your normal

Run exercise especially with these Brands for both shoes because I had no Real concerts on vent at all Thank you so both these shoes have some Of the classic super trainer setups Going on here with those dual Dynasty Midsoles and other Tech in there but While they are both very versatile shoes They feel quite different on the run but Pima has a much more daily trainery feel That's a lot of that is down to the Thick outsole on the shoe which Obviously a big Plus in the sense that It gives you lots of grip and durability It also does dull the ride a fair bit And reduce some of your ground feel and The upper is also more comfortable more Padded and again it feels a bit more Daily trainery when you pull it on and That's a good thing all around with the Offer I'd say it is a really comfortable Upper but it does make the shoe feel Quite relaxed on easy runs while it Still has the pace for faster ones the Boston still has good grip on the Outside but it's much thinner layer and It gives you a lot more ground feel it Makes the shoe feel a lot more Aggressive and fast and in general it Feels a lot lighter than the Puma even Though the difference in weight isn't Actually that much the Boston tools are Much punchier more aggressive shoe at Times I think a lot of that is down to

The lightest setup on the upper and Outsole but also down to the midsole as Well I do think that Light Strike Pro Foam just gives you a little bit more Oomph than the Nitro Elite on the Pima Okay both are very versatile and they Are comfortable for easy runs have a lot Of pace do a different feeling the Puma Has a bit more snap through to it it's Slightly more traditional ride to it With the way the geometry of the shoe is Set up yeah that is a bit like that but I do think you get a bit more of a Rocker a bit more of an aggressive toe Spring off the toes as well and running At easy Paces I think it feels slightly Smoother than the Puma to me I said I do Think the Puma probably has the more Relaxed appropriate feel for easy runs The Foams are still really soft Underfoot and the upper is a bit more Relaxed I think it does feel a bit more Suited to those easy runs because the Audio that's probably at the edge at the Fast rate of the spectrum it feels a bit Nippier a bit snappier and just a bit More aggressive because of the way the Shoe is set up to get a little refresher On both shoes I think we're both to the Track on Tuesday this week for a long Session running 20 times 400 doing the Reps uh alternating 80 Seconds 75 Seconds did the first 10 reps in the Puma then swap to the ALS for the second

10 reps I was having about kind of 100 Meter jog or walk recovery between the Reps and it was really noticeable when I Pulled on the OBS it felt a lot lighter A lot more aggressive a lot nimbler a Lot more suited to that kind of running In a way like really has more ground Filter if you're like I was leaning Forward and dipping into that big wedge Of large strike Pro on before getting a Nice explosive bounce back from it People felt there's a little bit more Relaxed throughout the workout at the Same time um I was hitting the pace Really comfortably in both shoes and Felt very good in both of them like I Don't want to do the Puma down as a Speed you just because the Boston felt a Bit faster like a lot of it is down the Field but the field is obviously really Important I did cruise through the wraps Really comfortable really enjoyed using The Puma got a little bit less ground Feel because of that outsole on the Track but I really didn't feel like it Lacked any kind of pace it's just that I Did prefer the feel of the Boston for Those reps because it was that much a Little bit more explosive and Nimble Under first and I really enjoyed Actually on the last trip going all out And having a nice big sprint through in The Boston and it felt very good for That as well so yeah that's probably My

Overall summary of The Two Shoes on my Testing is that they both kind of can do It all but in my mind I've really almost Got them set up in slightly different Ways like the Puma feels like a more Relaxed shoe built really well for daily Training that nice outsole that grips Well and a range of terrains but Actually it is still very fast and I've Done long hard workouts in the past with It and I've enjoyed using it for reps of The track you know several times and the Boston doesn't feel that comfortable When you first put it on it's Necessarily gonna be that great for easy Runs and long runs but I've done long Runs this year I've done easy runs too And I have enjoyed it once the upper Kind of settles against your 30 feels Okay in my mind a bit pegged as a Speedier shoe than the Puma again though This probably end up evening out quite a Lot on both counts it's just that the Way they feel on the foot means that I've almost categorized them slightly Differently when actually I think they Are very similar in to how versatile They are and the runs they can do Foreign For me because these are both great Shoes I really do think they can do a Bit of everything really well uh for me I'm probably just going to Edge the Boston because I do prefer the variety

Of the shoe I think it's got an amazing Ride feel the two Foams really do work Together well you do get a really nice Amount of punch from that Light Strike Pro under the forefoot in particular it Feels very Nimble and then on slow runs It does feel very comfortable still for Me go purely unrival I've slightly Further away the Boston feels however The upper is a problem and the Puma Probably has the slightly more practical Edge if you are looking for an All-rounder shoe because the outsole While it is very good on the Boston it Is better on the fumer it's going to be More durable when you do get a little Bit more grip but the durability is Probably the big thing with it I do Think that's going to last and last and Last because it's such a thick layer of Rubber the ride field is still also very Good in the shoe it's a slightly more Traditional one but it does just work I Think a few shoes I've said about this With humor in the past they're very Practical shoes like you can buy this And it can do every run and it will do It it doesn't feel as amazing as the Boston on fast stuff and maybe it's not Quite as exciting as other shoes like Endorphin speed and things like that but It does get the job done and the ride is Good it's not a bad ride I enjoy it and You can do every kind of run in there so

You can't really argue with the video And I try to as a very solid choice but If I'm just going to do this versus and Look directly between them I do prefer The way the Boston feels underfoot even If I do have my problems with the upper Hopefully next generation of Boston will Just leave the Foams on the foot Completely unchanged and make the upper A little bit more comfortable we just Take a little smidge of padding you Wouldn't like they need to add a lot of Weight to the shoe and that would make It a lot more suitable for lots of People I think to use as a versatile Shoe because It does take away from the enjoyment of It a little bit for relaxed runs you Don't have those concerns it's actually You know they did fix it with the Puma If remember the first version of the DV8 Nitro had very bad heel rub problems it Was a really aggressive upper Puma added A little bit of weight added some Padding to the back of the shoe and it Made it a pedicure round and a shoe a Lot more people enjoy so adding you know 20 grams of weight isn't really going to Kill a shoe in this category because the Versatility you have here is still very Much present and now the upper is more Comfortable and relaxed for those daily Training runs so hopefully the Boston Takes a leaf out of the Deviant nitro2's

Book on that front underfoot I really Can't filter it's got a very very good Ride and that's why I just slightly Prefer the 8S Boston 12 to the Puma Deviate Nitro too Foreign so that's the comparison of the Boston 12 and the deviate Nitro 2 uh let Us know which is your favorite of these Two shoes in the comments below please Do like subscribe ring the little bell And we'll see you next time