The Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 and Adidas Adizero Boston 12 are both daily trainers that use some of the top tech from their brand’s carbon super-shoes. They are also two of the very best all-rounder running shoes on the market, with versatile rides that work well for speed sessions and slow plods alike. But which should you get? Nick runs through the pros and cons of each shoe in this video.

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Hello welcome to run testers my name's Vic and in this video I'm going to be Comparing the Adidas Boston 12 and the Saucony endorphin speed 3. So the Speed 3 and Boston 12 are both Trains that fit into the Super category Of trainers in that they've got some of The tech from Adidas and saucony's top Carbon Racing shoes but are designed to Be able to handle a bit more of your Daily training as well as being able to Do some of the Speedy stuff you might be Planning as well the Boston 12 is a new Shoe and the cheaper shoe it's 140 Pounds in the UK it's 160 in the US They're sucking endorphin Speed 3 is 165 Pounds and 170 Speed 3 is a tad lighter It's 240 grams or 8.5 ounces in a UK 9 Whereas the Boston 12 is 259 grams or 9.1 ounces the Speed 3 has an eight Millimeter drop with a stack height of 36 millimeters at the heel and 28 at the Forefoot whereas the Boston 12 has a Seven millimeter drop stack height of 38 Millimeters of the heel 31 millimeters At the forefoot on design you've got a Mesh upper on the Speed 3 with a little Bit of padding around the heel there the Foam in the midsole is saucony's power Run PB foam that's a Piva based foam and Then you've got a nylon plate running Through the middle of it with winglets On the side there to create a little bit Of extra stability nylon rather than

Carbon to be a little bit more Comfortable and flexible for training Runs you've also got the speed roll Rocker on the shoe which has been a very Important part of a lot of saucony's Recent releases and then you've got Reasonable rubber coverage on the Outside it's very thin layer of rubber Though really the aim here is to keep The weight down while providing a grip Across the heel and forefoot a little Bit of exposed foam there but nothing Too bad in terms of durability the Adidas has a very lightweight mesh upper With really minimal padding around the Heel and tongue in particular it's a Very lightweight racy upper but you have Got a little bit of a plastic overlay on The toes there to add a bit of structure At the front of the shoe midsole is a Dual density setup top layer is ANS is Light Strike Pro that's their best phone Their bounciest foam the stuff used on The Adidas Pro 3 and primex strung and Underneath you've got a layer of Light Strike Eva this is Light Strike 2.0 Which is a lot softer and lighter than The Light Strike foam used in older Adidas shoes but it's still a little bit Firmer than the lightstrike pro on top To give you that dual density effect and Be a bit more stable than shoes that Just use Light Strike Pro in the middle They've got Adidas's energy rods 2.0

System these are glass fiber infused Rods they suppose you can see they run Quite far back in the shoe and follow The lines of your metatarsals under the Forefoot to act in a similar way to a Nylon or carbon plate to create a more Efficient ride and add more spring to Your toe off and then on the outside You've got Continental rubber outsole Good coverage on the forefoot and heel It's a reasonably thick layer of rubber There and obviously Continental rubber Is well known for the providing Excellent grip and durability Foreign Both of these shoes fit me well in my Normal size they are both uk9s although With something that equates to a us-10 And in the Adidas it's a US 9.5 even Though they do have pretty similar Length there there are some concerns of Fit though outside of the length like I Said length is fine I'd stick to your Normal running shoe size but yeah that's The concerns I have with it there's a Little bit of a problem with the heel I Have with this design that Adidas uses a Lot of its adziro shoes heel locking the Shoes seems to have sorted it for the Boston it's a very racy upper in general You get a little bit of pressure from The laces on the top of your foot Because of the tongue you can loosen Them certain ways it's not been a huge

Problem but yeah the upper is quite Stripped back quite minimal um I say It's a slightly less wide shoe than the Speed 3 as well that's actually been a Problem for me with the speed three they Widened the design of it a little bit With the third version of the shoe I Have a very narrow foot so I really had To cinch the laces tight to try and get A good reliable hold on the shoe and I Do have a bit of a heel rub issue with The Speed 3 as well which again has been More or less sold by heel locking issue But it's something to look out for if You have a narrow foot so overall on fit Those with narrow feet will probably Better suited to the Boston than those With wide feet you'll probably get a Benefit from the Endorphin Speed 3 but Then when it comes to the length of the Shoes I would stick with your normal Size for each of these brands foreign Shoes I think are really versatile shoes That can handle a nice wide variety of Training while being impressive at the Top end side of things like really being Good for fast stuff or having enough Comfort for easy runs the ride is a Little different on the two of them the Endorphin speed is more rockered and Smooth there's less snap to it the speed More comes from the very efficient Rolling motion you get from the speed Roll rocker combined with the plate and

Foam in the midsole whereas the Boston Has a snappier ride to it certainly you Get a little bit more of a kick onto the Rods and the light stroke Pro section on The front of the shoe when you're Running fast and then a nice poppy toe From it as opposed to the smoother feel Of the Endorphin speed 3. when you do go At easier Paces though I will say that Boston does feel like a pretty smooth Shoe the two Foams blend together quite Nicely it's not a really aggressive snap Through when you are running easy almost The ride profile changes a little bit Which I like because I do prefer a Smoother ride at those easy Paces you Get a little bit less four for fatigue From snapping through if you're a heel Striker like myself and the phones blend Really nicely to create a pretty smooth Ride and then when you do take it up a Notch you do get that snappier feeling From the Boston the Dolphins B3 feels More similar at all Paces I'd say it Really is very smooth relax you can get Into a rhythm of it very easily whether You're going all out easy recovery run Or going down the track to do some fast Reps you still get that nice smooth ride Overall so the speed has a more relaxed Feel it's more welcoming feel in a way More approachable the upper helps a lot With that because it is just a little Bit more comfortable than the upper on

The Boston uh 12 for me you've got more Padding on the tongue more panning at The heel which generally it feels like a More relaxed training shoe upper than The very racy feel of the Boston 12. it Is easier to get along with on those Easy run as a result for me but it is Still a very quick shoot I don't want to Downplay how fast the speed is I think It's strength really when it comes to Fast workouts is those longer harder Sessions it's really good at helping you Maintain a fast pace over long periods Where that's a race Pace workout or just Long Tempo runs that smooth ride with The phones really helps you just run Efficiently and just keep ticking over What it's costing you a little bit less Effort still has the pace though for All-out reps I've used the Endorphin Speed line for all kinds of reps down The track including three I do think the Boston has a more direct feel when you Go and run something like 400 or Something like that it's got that Snappier ride you feel maybe a little Bit more ground contact more grounded And it's easy almost to kick up the gear As opposed to the slightly smoother feel Of the endorphins V3 which means just Getting into a rhythm with it more than Just really accelerating hard which I Think is a tad easier to do in the Boston the Boston's also good for

Sustaining Pace over longer periods um But I think I do prefer the feel of the Speed for those kind of runs so I'll Often do something like maybe an hour Steady pushing towards Tempo pay so it Just feels very controlled in the speed Three Boston you probably get a little Bit more feel for the pace you're Running in and you feel a bit more Grounded but I'll say maybe it takes a Little bit more out of me over those Longer runs compared to the speed three I'll tell you on the uppers I do think The speed three edges I've never had Huge problems with the Boston yet but I Just don't really love the upper I find It a little bit less comfortable than The one the speed three on the outsoles I would say the Boston edges it it's Continental rubber outsole is fantastic For grip and durability it's a Well-known feature of Adidas issues for A long time and it's always been very Good for me Speed 3 can be a little bit Slippery on a greasy Services greasy Tracks greasy Pavements it's not Terrible outsole I still think it grips Well enough to do fast riding in wet Conditions but I think the Boston just Has the slightly better outsole Foreign So this is a really tight one for me These are both excellent shoes that can Do a wide variety of your training runs

And be really enjoyable for a wide Variety of your training runs uh the Price is fairly similar to the bottom is That a little bit cheaper but I think The price is fair for both shoes they do Do an awful lot for that price and I say There's no bad picket whichever one you Go for you are going to get a very good All-rounder training shoe the rides are Different if you're more into a Rocket Ride The Speed 3 has that compared to The snappier feel of the Boston but Again it's not as clear-cut as that at Slower Paces I do think that Boston Feels pretty smooth itself it's very Cushy uh at those easy Paces I found Speed three has that smoother ride Though and that continues into the Faster running where it does shine in Particular on longer sessions I think Where you can just roll through them or If you're looking at using one of these As a racing tube for something like a Marathon that's where I think the speed Three would have the edge because of That smoother more comfortable ride Overall the speed just edges it for me I Prefer the Rocket Ride on the shoe That's what I tend to go for I like the Fact it's got a bit more relaxed upper And more relaxed feel for easy runs if You're looking at using it as an as an All-rounder shoe and when it comes to The fast stuff it can and do those short

Sharp reps which I do a little bit of But what I more do is probably longer Reps because I'm usually in marathon Training it's like 2K reps or hard 20 Minutes hard 45 minutes that kind of Thing I think the Speed 3 does those a Little bit better for me than the Boston 12 which is I think a slightly more Impressive shoe when it comes to those Short shot reps but if I'm doing those Occasionally I'd probably use a lighter Shoe or a carbon racer and have the Speed 3 to handle the bulk of the other Training which I think it does a little Bit better than the Boston 12 for me the Fact the Speed 3 is that little bit Lighter also helps it probably makes it The slightly more accomplished All-rounder for my uses or the Boston Having that slightly better outsole Which obviously add a little bit of Weight is important and if you're Someone who's frequently running in very Very wet conditions like even worse than I have in London then maybe that will be A compelling reason to look at the Boston the fact it's got that slightly Better outsole if you have speed fatigue Gotta say as well because the speed's Been around for a long time now I guess The speed 4 will come later in the year Or maybe next year the Boston won't let You down if you want to look at an Alternative it's still a really

Fantastic shoe that does do a nice Variety of runs I say it's also one That's going to be available in sales Almost straight away like Adidas shoes Just tend to end up being you know Available using codes and that kind of Thing on their website straight away so You might end up saving a fair bit by Going for it although the speed three Obviously is an older shoe so I should Be popping up in sales as well overall Certainly both very very good shoes I Still slightly prefer to speed three Might depend on your ride feel and how Much you value that outsole and the Slight price difference whether you Might prefer the Boston instead Foreign [Music] Comparisons coming up we're going to try And do a full Roundup of them as well Once we finish testing a couple of them But until then please do like subscribe Ring the little bell and we'll see you Next time