The Prime X is Adidas’s regulation-breaching carbon super-shoe, with both versions of the shoe having a stack height well above 40mm. The original Adidas Prime X Strung was beloved for its bouncy ride, but was also notoriously unstable, something Adidas tried to remedy with the Adidas Prime X 2 Strung, which also has even more foam and two carbon plates crammed into its midsole. Which shoe is better? Tom, Kieran and Nick give their verdict in this video.

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and in this video we're going to Be comparing the Adidas primx strong and The Adidas primx 2 [Music] Strong the primx is Adidas's regulation Breaching Super Shoe obviously the primx 2 is the one that came out recently but The primx one is still widely available So you wanted to compare the two shoes In case you see both of them out there And maybe you can pick up a good deal on The one and see which one is going to be Worth it going to need a good deal Because it's a very expensive shoe it Cost £230 in the UK that's the primx one Primx 2 IS250 and they're both $300 the Primx 1 is much lighters shoe was 266 G Or 9.4 o in my UK size 9 whereas the Primx 2 is 313 G or 11 o in the same Size primx 1 has an 8.5 mm drop primx 2 That comes down to 6.5 mm but the Overall stack height goes up with the Prime X2 it's 50 mm at the heel and 43.5 5 mm at the 4T prime one is 49.5 MM at The heel so very close to 50 mm and then 41 mm at the 4T so the key differences Between the two shoes are in the midsole Now both have a big high stack of ad's Light Strike Pro foam the bouncy foam That's used in the adios Pro three as Well but with the primax 2 you've got Three layers of it you can see there one Two three and those sandwich two carbon

Plates that run wonderful length of the Shoe and one just under the 4ot whereas The prim X1 you've got two layers of Light Strike Pro foam and then you've Got adid is energy rods carbon infused Energy rods in there and then some TPU Plastic energy blades under the forefoot B there's a whole load of stuff in there All of it is designed to propel you Forward and make you run fast but quite Different setups and the ALS Prim X2 Also has a much more substantial midsole It's wider and you've also got no Cutouts on the bottom of the shoe in Order to make it a bit more stable and That's really where the weight gain Comes from both shoes use a continental Rubber out soole like you see on a lot Of adash shoes you've got slightly more Exposed foam on the prime X1 but in General all the key impact areas are Well covered and it grips pretty well And you got the strong upper which is Ad's layered yarn upper there's slight Tweaks to it though with the primx one You got a gusseted tongue whereas you've Got this stretchy sock like booty style Fit for the primx 2 rather than that Gusted tongue and it looks like they're Similar otherwise you got a slightly Wider fit in the primx 2 I'd say same Heel design but the actual heel fits Very differently on the two shoes which Will'll come on to in the fit section

Now so fit for me I ran in a UK and a Half which is my regular size in both of These shoes the original strong I found Absolutely bang on spot on true to size You got to work a bit to get the tongue In the right place because it's not Connected you have to sort of fiddle With that a little bit once it's laced Down these hold well they fit well They're snug but not restrictive there's Enough room in the toe box I I found That was one of the best things about The shoe was the way that they fit Overall particularly compared to the Sort of more fussy adios Pros now my Problem here with the strung two is that Booty fit I've got big high insteps I've Got wide feet and I struggle struggle Struggle to get them on it's a real pain To get them on I absolutely hate putting Them on that is never a good thing once They're on fits all right it's pretty Good they're snug they're bit more snug Than the the strung originals but Overall I get you know reasonable hold I've got a little bit of slipping in the Heel but I would still recommend going True to size in that shoe so for me it's True to size in both shoes I much prefer The overall fit of the original strung That wrestling to get the shoe on for me Is a big ah hate it so I have both of These shoes in a UK size 8 I am a UK Size 8 uh it's worth noting that adid

Dasu do tend to be a little bit on the Small size so people tend to size up Half a size in them what I would say is The original Prime X strung I found it To be a little bit short I definitely go Up half a size in this shoe I found it To be quite uncomfortable um and my my Toe was touching the end of the shoe uh I also when it comes to fit I didn't Really find the upper that comfortable Um one of the main problems I have with It is the heel section I got some major Heel rub in this shoe um and it made my Heel bleed quite a bit when I was out Testing uh it because it has this sort Of pointy non-padded um heel section on It so not very comfortable and I would Go up half a size in the original the New version I I've still gone to a size Eight it's a little bit roomier there's Still not loads of room in the forefoot For me I've probably done about uh 80k In this shoe now and I've not had any Issues at all I found it to be very Comfortable um and I would I would stick To my size eight but it's still not as Roomy as some people might want from a Shoe in the front of the toebox uh the Other thing I say about this shoe is That the upper for me is a lot more Comfortable than the original um it Holds my foot in place a lot nicer I Know some people probably don't like This new elasticated bit at the top

Works for me makes the shoe feel very Nice and comfortable I can get a nice Lock down fit in it and the back section There isn't seemingly any more padding On the the heel section of the shoe but I've not had any issues at all with heal Rub it's very comfortable so I have a UK Size 9 with both versions of the primex That's my normal running Sho size here In the UK with Adidas it's a US 9.5 with Lots of other brands is us10 so Sometimes ad shoes can fit me a little Bit tightly but I have the right length In both of these shoes the heel fit on The prim X1 was a nightmare for me I had Really bad heal rub even when I did heal Lock the shoe and that really diminished My enjoyment of the shoe that seem to Have been fixed with the prime X2 for me I've had no heel rub with this shoe at All even though it looks quite similar The design at the heel I guess overall The upper in general has a slightly Better lock down around the midfoot in Particular and overall I prefer the fit Of the two for sure it does create quite A nice secure lockdown in the shoe Especially which is good considering It's such a tall stack of foam that your Foot is sitting [Music] On so both of the primx shoes are great Fun to run in and ridiculously bouncy But I do think they have quite different

Rides the prim X1 has a faster turnover More aggressive rocker it is notably Lighter and it feels like it's tipping You forward a little bit more I that's Partially because the drop's a little Bit higher as well and it's less stable Like it's quite a wobble issue I really Like using this for fast training Sessions but it's kind of shoe where I Would think about where I was going to Run I'd try and pick it up for a fast Run go to a nice flat place where I Could go and hammer out a quick run Without having to take too many turns or Worry about dodgy Pavements or anything Like that or even use it down at the Track it feels very much like a Thoroughbred fast running shoe for races And fast sessions now the prime X2 is Even more bouncy I'd say but it's less Aggressive in how it feels on your Running it doesn't tip you forward quite As much you've got that really big Spring from the uh the way the foam is Set up with those two plates and it's Definitely more stable round because of The way the mid has been set up with the Without the big cut out the slightly Lower drop in general The Wider Design This a shoe that feels like it's great For cruising around in at any Pace Really probably up to around marathon Pace but I think it loses some of the Speed that you get with a prime X1 when

You start pushing beyond that doesn't Feel quite so nippy it's harder to turn Your feet over quickly because such a Big shoe it feels like it's one for Cruising but it is notice more stable Like it's kind of I can pick it up and Use it for a daily training run I don't Really have to think about where I'm Going to go and run you can go on camped Pavement you can dodge around tree routs And Pavements and people and it's not Quite so wobbly it's still not the most Stable shoe in the world obviously but It's a lot more stable than the one in My experience so I did a track session Last week uh using both shoes to kind of Directly compare them so basically I was Doing one mile rep then 10 400 and then Another mile rep so halfway through the 400 I changed from the two into the one It really was noticeable straight away When I pulled on the prime X1 just how Much faster and lighter it feels like it Really does feel very aggressive like I Was hitting the same Paces in both shoes It was quite a controlled session but I Felt much more comfortable turning my Feet over faster on the 400 in the prime X1 I feel like maybe you get a little Bit more bounce from the prime x 2 but I Think you do get a more aggressive ride And especially when you start to tire at The end of a rep or when you're really Pushing fast I think it's better to have

The slightly more Tippy forward feeling I got from the prime X1 it just has that Slightly more aggressive feel whereas When you're running at controlled fast Paces the prim X2 does feel really Really good because is so bouncy you get That EX aerated flight time and it Really feels like you're booming along When you are tired or trying to really Run fast it's just a little bit hard to Pick up and turn your feet over in this Shoe I found kind of highlight the Difference between the two shoes like One of the runs I did when I was testing The primx one was a fast hand G Progressing the pace from around 345k Right down to sub 320 Fork over the Course of that run went to a nice flat Spot ran hard it felt great it's exactly The kind of run I would do in the prim X1 but I really wouldn't want to do in The prim X2 it would just feel a bit too Big for that kind of run but then when I've been testing the prime X2 doing Lots of quite easy daily training runs Going from easy to steady Paces a nice Controlled 10K uh you know a decent is Pace that kind of thing and then a Control track session that's the G kind Of run I do in the primx 2 that I Wouldn't feel so great doing the primx One because i' just be going out on Pavements near me And there more stable Controlled feeling you get from the shoe

Makes those kind of daily training runs Really fun but then when you're looking For allout Pace I think the prime X1 is The shoe that has it so although these Shoes are first and second generations Of the same shoe they are actually very Different the the original primx uh Strung it is an incredibly bouncy shoe It really just propels you forward um it Is great it's a really fun shoe to wear I my favorite sort of run for this shoe Is 10K to 15K distance where I'm just Going out and it's a daily run and I Just want something to help me bounce Along and make that run a little bit More enjoyable it's quite hard to run a Slow pace in this shoe it really does Make you pick up the pace a little bit Um the thing I would say about this shoe Which I don't really like very much is The stack height uh I'm not massively Against big stack height shoes um but What I found isso is it is very very Thin um and as a result it's quite a Wobbly shoe uh I used this for a half Marathon race in eastborn um and by the End of the race I was really tired it Was a quite a hard half marathon there's A really big steep incline in it and What I found about the shoe is that I Really had to pay attention to it Because it was quite wobbly um and That's not necessarily a bad thing all The time I'm not always against wobbly

Shoes but I really did notice it in this Shoe um and although it's fun I think if You're using it for longer distances Where you might get tired and um you're Running maybe across roads that aren't Very even uh I think when I was running That eastborne race there was a lot of Potholes and stuff so I really did have To look where my feet were going um but I did find it to be a very fun shoe to Wear apart from that heel R issue which Meant that uh sometimes I wouldn't be Able to wear it because I would have to Wait for my heel to uh heel um before I Used it again but I did think it was a Very bouncy enjoyable shoe and just just Felt great like great fun when you're Out on the run now the new version it's A it's a massive difference on the Original version so it's noticeably Heavier um it has got a wide bait on it So it does feel a lot more stable it Isn't as bouncy it isn't as energetic as The first one um but I don't think There's much in it I don't think it's Becomes really uh dull like something Like the Nova blast one and the Nova Blast 2 uh had the problem with um but It does feel like it has lost a little Bit of the fun magic that you got from The original shoe now I actually prefer The uh Prime X2 strung because I like a Bit more stability but also I've just Found it's a really good shoe for faster

Training runs longer training runs Things like that which I couldn't really Do in this in this shoe the longer ones Cuz I just didn't like that wobbliness So I used this uh this the second one For a lot of my Berlin um latter Berlin Training uh where I was doing a lot of Tempo runs I'd have to maintain a pace My marathon pace for quite a long time I Was doing 18 M Tempo runs at one point Uh and this was a really nice shoe for It I just found that I could get a Really nice consistent Pace at my Marathon pace which was 405 minute kilm uh and this just felt Great for it it is quite a heavy shoe um And when you're holding it it does feel Quite heavy but when you're actually Wearing it the combination of the plates And the midell Foams doesn't feel that Heavy on the feet it feels like it's Repulsive bouncy and energetic um so I Would say that it's a superior version To the prime x uh strong original um but It does lose a little bit of the magic So if you're used to wearing the shoe And you love the original version then You're moving to this the second version You're going to notice that and it's Probably going to be a little bit of a Disappointment so for my run testing These shoes I've done loads and loads of Miles in the strung original love that Shoe ran really fast Marathon times did

All my fastest I think or second fastest Allout mile and I've raced a lot in it I've run a lot in it it was a real big I Was a real big favorite of it absolutely Loved it for lots of things in the X2 I Not raced a marathon I have done long Distance in it I've done all out fast Miles and uh yeah so I've I've done most Of that mainly on road little bit Off-road as well sort light River paths Just to test the stability and I've also Done a side by side mile just to compare Them on one on each foot and here is What I found so I've just done my Sidebyside mile I've got the X2 strung On my left foot I've got the strung on My right foot biggest thing that you Notice the minute you put both these on Is that extra volume of midsole foam in The X2 strung as with a lot of shoes That we've seen recently the brands go Yeah what what do we need to do here We've got this really Lively really Punchy really energetic already quite Big stack shoe what what do we need more Of I tell you what we need more of is More of our lightweight responsive super Foams in there to make them even crazier These are both absolutely Ely Bonkers Shoes to run in the strong was a Bonker Shoe to run in Lively energetic fun the X2 Carries On from that and the changes Here I think mainly there's just more Foam spread across the entire foot so

One of the big things that you feel is Actually kind of under the arch of the Foot in the original strung there's a Cutway there that means that the heel And the forefoot they're not Disconnected but you don't feel anything As you kind of roll through that step as Much as you do in the X2 I now feel that Foone very much under the arch in my Foot so if you needed a bit more arch Support maybe that's a good thing but I Feel it almost like a bit of a bulb it's A bit I can feel it under the foot and It's not necessarily a sort of natural Sensation what it means I think is that Actually as I'm rolling through my step It reduces the stability a bit neither Of these shoes are particularly stable But I do think that the X2 when you're Rolling through your step lack a little Bit of stability they're a bit more Wobbly they're a little bit less Controlled than I found with the Original strung the original strung just Feel a little bit narrower they feel a Little bit more agile a bit more Compact And I just feel a bit more in control as I'm running through with my steps in Each of them now when I'm up on my 4 Foot running with intent running at top Pace the way that you engage both these Shoes with Precision I think you have to To get the best out of them and to kind Of avoid some of those instability

Issues that's when these shoes I think Feel least different they feel or the Most the same whatever where you want to Spin it they feel most similar when you Drop back on your heels and you're Running a little bit slower maybe a Little bit more ragged then now I think The strung X2 there's more cushioning Back there in the hill I think that's Going to provide you a little bit more Protection from the impact at least it's Going to soak up a bit more of the road Now the X2 strong are also a heavier Shoe Can you feel it in the ride I think You can I think you notice it generally About how the shoe feels on the foot it Does feel like there's more shoe under Foot from a fit and comfort perspective I've obviously got a massive struggle to Get into the new x2s with that booty fit When they're on the foot weirdly I think They probably hold a little bit more the Back of the toes and the toe box is Probably ever so slightly more Restrictive than the original strung but What's really interesting even though You've got that sort of tight fit to get Your foot into the hold I think around The heel and the ankles and across the Top of the laces is actually a bit Looser on the strung and I find it a bit More hard difficult to get a kind of Dialed in fit on those no matter what I Do with the laces it doesn't seem to

Affect that kind of slight bit of heel Slippage it's not huge it's minor but It's more present than it is on the Original strung overall Comfort wise I Think that the original strung are Probably a little bit more comfortable For me because of that slightly room a Tow box if you like the fit a little bit More DED in up top up front you know a Bit more hugging across that top of the Foot then maybe the strung X are going To have slightly more race fit there for You so that's one difference as [Music] Well so my verdict on these two shoes is A tricky one uh I would very easily go For the prime X2 strong just because I Like a bit more stability in it I don't Mind the additional weight cuz I don't Think you would notice it when you're Out on the run it's think it's a lovely Enjoyable cruising shoe it just bounds You along really smooth transition um And it's just a really Solid better daily shoe than the Original now the original is more fun The original is bouncier the the Original just really has the feel of a Very very energetic Super Shoe um but The downside for me apart from that heel Rub which is a major issue for me um the The downside is the wobbliness of the Midsole um which it's not a major issue If you're doing short distances but of

Those long distances I I did struggle With it um and that's why I much prefer The uh Prime X2 strong ver these are Both really fun shoes but I do feel like They end up being good for quite Different things in my mind like the Primx one is a racer and a shoe that I Would Reserve fast sessions and races Owing to the instability you have here And the really aggressive feel like you Can cruise around in this it's a good Long run shoe as well but I think Overall is really its best qualities Shine when you start running fast primx 2 to me feels more like a super trainer In many ways it's kind of you can bring It out every day and bounce through runs Wherever you are and have just a really Good time it's a really fun Sho to run In and then it just lacks I think that Top end Pace cuz it is a bit heavy and It is just a bit big and Hefty on the Foot whereas despite all the size and Weight you have on the prime X1 which is Hardly a super light shoe itself it Feels light enough to really go and Pound out very fast off because of the Way it's set up I think the primx 2 is Still a decent racing shoe obviously and Especially looking something like the Marathon but it's not when I pick over You know 40 mm Super Sho to do ER racing Myself just because it just feels that Bit big and more slightly more trainer

Likee to me so you could get both and Live life to the 50 mm stack Max and Have a little rotation of two super Bouncy Super Shoes so if I was getting One though I would get the primx 2 Because it probably suits what I'd get From the shoe a bit better like I Wouldn't racing a 50mm shoe myself I Would use the shoes that stick to the Regulations myself and the primx one Just is probably a shoe I'd end up using More rarely as a result not only because Of the heel rub but because of it's Really good at it would just be for Speed sessions here and there whereas The primx 2 is a Sho that actually Really can hoover up a lot of training Miles and make them a lot of fun so it Does suit what I'd get from the shoes Quite well whether I'd get them any of Them at all we discuss in our actual Four reviews of each shoe but picking Between them I think the prim X2 suits Me better because what I'm looking for From it is that super trainer feeling of A bouncy shoe you can take out every day Without worrying too much about that Instability and heal rub so I guess one Of the big questions it's going to be Here is have they made it better is it Faster is it a better race shoe know is It punchier snappier as the ride Improved in a strong strong X2 I'm not Entirely sure that it it is actually I

Don't think that always adding more is You know the way forward and it maybe Feels like it's a little bit overdone Now there's a bit too much kills the Stability a bit not there was much Stability in the first place adds a bit Of weight makes the shoe feel a little Bit less agile little bit less Nimble And and doesn't really add much punch in Each step it's it's arguably called of Cradling your foot a bit better so Overall your foot feels held better by The footed and that so that extra stack Of foam right across the base of the Shoe than it did in the original strung But as that made it a kind of faster Sho As it made it better for Out Racing I'm Not really so sure it has I was Perfectly happy with the way that the Strs ran I thought they were fast and Punchy enough they gave you everything You needed when you were moving all out I don't think the strong strong X2 have Added to that if anything perhaps They've sort of reduced it a little bit They maybe a little bit Sinker a little Bit less responsive than the strung and I think they've made a tradeoff here Where there's just because there a lot More foam there just a lot less Stability the uppers I don't think are An improvement either so yeah for me I Think my verdict probably is going to be That I would go the primx original first

Particularly if you can get it at a Cheaper price on a deal on knockdown That's the shoe that I think wins it for Me still it's still the one that I Probably choose to go racing in the only Carry out to that and I say this a lot Is the danger if you're going to go Chase a marathon time you're not really Sure if you're going to make it the Whole way around and there's a chance That in that last 6 miles you might get Ragged you might need a little bit more Protection from the road in terms of the Cushioning stack and foot fatigue then I Think you're going to get a little bit More of that from the strong X2 than you Did from the strung but you know that's Again margins and uh I I don't think It's it's a huge amount of Difference that's our comparison of the Primx 1 and 2 let us know what you think In the comments below are you a fan of Both of these shoes or neither of the Shoes please do like subscribe ring the Little bell and we'll see you next Time