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Today I’m reviewing the Adidas YEEZY 350 V2 Steel Grey! The Adidas YEEZY 350 V2 Steel Grey had a release date of February 29th 2024 and a retail price of $230. Check out my full Adidas YEEZY 350 V2 Steel Gray unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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Did Adidas just release a fake pair of Yeezys well according to yay they did This is the Adidas Yeezy boost 350 V2 Steel gray and it's apparently one of The shoes that yay never approved in Fact yay specifically mentioned the Sneaker on Instagram saying anybody who Loves yay would not buy these fake Yeezys I never made these colorways and I'm not getting paid off of them and Adidas is suing me he continues by Saying all the new non-approved 350s are Corny and everybody know the 350 been Corny so Haier publicly coming out Against Adidas and the brand new 350 V2 Colorways killed the hype of the once in L popular sneaker in today's review We're going to find out but first I want To give a huge thank you to the sponsor Of today's video poison don't forget to Use code Seth one or seth2 for up to $20 Off of your order on poison while I talk About poison I'm going to unbox my order And show you guys what I just picked up Poison is a Marketplace for street wear And sneakers it has over five categories Of products and 350 plus Brands so no Matter what you're looking for they have You covered and they have the best price Compared to other platforms poison also Has an online verification service Called Poison verified where you can get Verification results on sneakers apparel Accessories and watches within 24 hours

Let's check out these sneakers really Quick I love that even the bubble wrap Says poison of course Inside the Box you Get your authentication certificate but Now let's see the shoes check that out a Solid everyday shoe I've talked a bunch About how much I like the Adidas campus Zeros obviously buying them from Poison You get the verification tag right here But an all-around great everyday shoe It's comfortable it's good looking like I said I grabbed these from Poison they Shipped quickly I got them for a great Price they always stay pretty Competitive with pricing on their Website and that's one thing I really Like about poison they stay on Trend Without breaking the bank poison makes It easy to find find the latest Styles No matter what you're looking for poison Has you cover so make sure to check out Poison for yourself and even grab the Same sneaker that I unboxed in today's Video by clicking the link at the top of The description below and make sure to Use code Seth one or Seth 2 for up to $20 off of your order once again huge Thank you to poison for sponsoring Today's video the Adidas Yeezy boost 350 V2 steel gray officially released on February 29th through the Adidas Confirmed app it dropped for a retail Price of $230 with Adidas not accepting Any Returns on the shoe because they're

Trying to liquidate their stock and even Though just last year the 350 V2 was an Incredibly popular silhouette that would Sell out consistently the steel gray Colorway is still sitting in fact at the Time of filming this video it's been 2 Weeks since the shoe dropped and there's Still a full size R sitting on Adidas's Website in fact this isn't the only Adidas Yeezy that's still sitting on Their website you've got the Onyx Yeezy Slides you've got Yeezy 500s you've got Foam Runners which to be fair have sold Out a little bit and not only that There's actually another pair of 350 V2s Sitting the flax colorway which to be Fair has already released it did sell Out in two sizes but most sizes are Still on the website so it kind of seems Like Kanye West Coming Out against Adidas has killed the sales of Adidas Easy sneakers which honestly is kind of Surprising to me because Adidas and yay Officially split back in 20202 and now It's 2024 and finally Adidas easy Sneakers aren't moving the way that they Used to sure right before Kanye West Left Adidas back in 2022 sales were Slumping a little bit and even last year During some of the clearance restocks of These shoes some pairs were sitting but It was never like this I've never seen Pairs of Yeezy slides sitting on Aid's Website for weeks so in today's review

We're going to take a deeper look at the Nony approved colorway of the 350 V2s The steel gray but first before we dive Into the sneaker let's take a look at The box and honestly it's very similar To every other 350 V2 box it comes in Your natural cardboard finish you've got 350 printed along the top on one side of The Box you've got Yeezy 350 V2 made by Adidas you've got boost running along One of the long sides of the box and Then of course on the back side you've Got the size tag so I grabbed a size 99 And half because that's the sizing that Adidas recommends for Yeezy boost 350 V2s and the color way of this Monochromatic shoe is steel gray steel Gray steel gray getting into the sneaker Itself as you can tell from the name of The shoe this isn't all All Steel gray Pair of 350 V2s and I'm not going to lie To you this is not one of the best 350 V2 colorways this is the kind of Colorway that you would get when a Sneaker is no longer popular and the Brand is just trying to knock out Colorways to sell as many pairs as Possible which I think is exactly what Happened with this pair starting off in The toe of the sneaker you've got this Steel Gray colored Prime knit which has No color variation in the knit Whatsoever it's all one shade of Steel Gray which honestly is kind of dull I

Wish they had thrown in some different Color variations in there somewhere to Make this knot just look like this solid Concrete pair of Yeezys of course the Texture of the prime it does change up Depending on part of the shoe that You're looking at the heel and the toe Of the sneaker come with this very Textured almost like Square pattern and Then the midfoot of the shoe doesn't Really have any texture whatsoever it's Just very stretchy and very plain Running down the center of the shoe You've got that seam that sort of Connects the two sides of the shoe Together it's present on all other pairs Of Yeezy 350 V2s however on this pair It's sort of flipped actually it's done The way that technically seams are Supposed to be done where the seam is on The inside and you just get this clean Line on the outside a lot of 350s though Actually do it the other way where they Flip the seam inside out so you can see The stitching on it you can sort of see It here in the Beluga 350s it's kind of Difficult ult to see cuz the color is so Similar but still it gives the design a Bit more character which I like running Down the entire lateral side of the shoe You've got the semi-translucent side Stripe which looks a little bit darker Than the rest of the gray found on the Sneaker it is still technically steel

Gray though I'm not sure if it's me Maybe I'm remembering it wrong but I Feel like the side stripe on this Colorway goes a lot farther down the Sneaker than it does on any other pair Of 350 V2s like on this shoe it's Basically touching the toe of the Sneaker Oh weird on the website it Doesn't do that at all on the website it Stops like here I wonder why that is Okay so it looks like some of the Smaller sizes like size 9 size 9 and 1/2 And right at the toe and then some of The larger sizes and a little bit Farther back like 11 11 and 1/2 but not That much farther back all right well That's something to keep in mind I guess If you decide to buy these shoes it's a Longer line than it usually is actually Let me know in the comment section down Below if you bought a pair of these Where the line ends on your shoe I'd Love to know if all pairs are like this Or maybe just a couple pairs are weaving In and out of the primate you've got These thick steel gray rope laces which Actually have ends unlike the infinity Lacing system and then around the top of The ankle opening you've got this steel Gray colored piping moving inside the Shoe the sock liner is of of course Steel gray it is a monochromatic shoe And you've also got the Adidas 3 stripes In this reflective material pressed

Under the heel the inso of the sneaker Comes and you guessed it steel gray with The Adidas and Yeezy logo printed on the Heel in black but at this point in the Review why don't we try these shoes on And see how they fit all right so we've Got the brand new Yeezy steel gray 350s I'm going to try them on really quick See how they fit see if they fit just Like the authentic 350 V2s on foot They're feeling pretty similar I grabbed A size nine and a half because that's What a DS recommends on their website I Usually go up a half size in my Yeezy 350s if I'm wearing it with the insole If I'm not wearing it with the insole I'll go you know to my true size size n But the insole usually does make it a Little bit tighter what do you think of These Yeezys you like them yeah they're Cool you think they're corny I think They're all right why would they be Corny Kanye said they were corny then Yes they're corny okay they don't really Go with my fit I'm not going to lie but They do fit I mean as other 350 V2s fit Nothing really that different you know For a fake pair of Yeezys as Kanye said So Kanye wasn't involved with no the Color no he said that this color was not His color he didn't approve this color Oh yeah he also said 350 is beenin corny Oh so I still like mine yeah know I Still like mine I only have one pair

Though I never really wear them anymore But it's not cuz kind I said that I just Don't wear them anymore so I'd say if You're grabbing these go with your Standard Yeezy 350 V2 size if you Usually go up half a size go up half a Size if you usually go true to size go True to size I will say up half a size They do fit how they should fit I think On feet which is what a Deus recommends So go with that I would say though like Why if Adidas is making shoes half a Size bigger or they're saying to buy Shoes that are half size bigger why not Just name that size the size that it's Supposed to fit like good question okay So these are size N9 and a half they fit Like a nine call a nine maybe they mean In comparison to their other styles all Dias's size I just kind of whack I'm not Going to lie no shade Adidas but that's Something you guys got to fix continuing Back in the shoe you've got the steel Gray colored pull tab I've always Wondered why certain colorways of the 350 V2s had the pull tab and other Colorways didn't it's not something that I've ever used I usually use the back of The sneaker if I have to pull them on But uh I don't know always a question I've had in my mind that that has never Been answered then moving down on the Shoe you've got some more steel gray on The midsole of the shoe except because

Of the rubber material that they use It's slightly darker than the prime it Then moving to the outsole of the shoe You've got more steel gray Rubber and of Course your cutouts through to the Boost So no this colorway of the 350 V2s is Not approved by yay and for a lot of People that's a deal breaker I'm not Personally one of those people but I'm Also not going to keep this shoe because I just haven't worn 350s in like a year It's just not a shoe that I really Decide to throw on anymore doesn't mean It's a bad silhouette though the 350 V2s Are still incredibly comfortable Underfoot the boost makes them very Squishy the upper is super breathable The colorway though I'll be honest is Kind of dull and I get that we've gotten Monochromatic pairs of 350 V2s before But this one in particular just looks Like Adidas is just throwing out Colorways and hoping that they do well There was something about the other Monochromatic colorways of this shoe Like the allh pair that just looked good And made sense this steel gray colorway Honestly does kind of look like Something that someone just photoshopped And then was like let's make it I have No idea what's going on behind the Scenes between yay and Adidas apparently There's a lawsuit apparently Kanye isn't Getting paid I don't know the whole

Story and because of that I'm not going To speculate but I don't know it's Messier than it probably should have Been let me know your thoughts on this Colorway in the comment section down Below as always thank you so much for Watching make sure to subscribe if you Haven't yet and I will see you all in The next one