We hear a lot about how we only clean Nikes and Jordan’s, so today we are walking you through how to clean one of the highest requested Adidas Sneakers on the channel. In Today’s Shoe Care Academy Nick will give you a full cleaning tutorial on the Bad Bunny Adidas Forums. These all cream sneakers are dirt magnets and they have some incredibly tricky materials, luckily we have the RESHOEVN8R Signature Kit to make sneaker cleaning a breeze.

After we picked up these shoes and sent them with Vick to get dirtied for a week or so we knew we had our work cut out for us. Now at first we weren’t so sure these would need the washing machine, but after seeing the thick sock liner and inner lining we knew it was a must. Luckily this leather and suede sneaker is a sneaker that is perfect for the washing machine.

The pretreatment is always the first step of the cleaning; we used all three brushes and the natural solution to break down the surface dirt and grime. The three different brushes make cleaning each portion of your sneaker easy and ensures the cleaning method is effective.

After the pretreatment was completed it was time for the washing machine, one cycle on normal cycle with cold water to fully flush out the trapped in dirt. The dual sock liner and tongue in this sneaker collect every ounce of grime you come in contact with and they ultimately force the washing machine to help them out.

After they got out of the washing machine and properly dried it was time to reset the nap using the Dry Suede Kit. When suede gets wet it can cause the suede to harden and create almost a crunchy texture. The best way to fix that is to use a brush and move in multiple directions, not applying too much pressure and it will even out.

Overall the Signature Kit made these Bad Bunny Adidas Forums the star of the show again! Which Adidas Forum is your all time favorite?

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I promise that you won't want to miss This opportunity one lucky winner will Win the opportunity of a lifetime Including an all-inclusive trip to the Recruitment headquarters to meet the Entire shooting team plus you'll get to Go home with a one-of-a-kind custom Designed by you on top of all that You'll also win a ton of Refuge native Products from luggage to display cases And so much more it gets better you'll Also get thousands of dollars in gift Cards to our Secret Boutique many roles And guestlist AZ entering is easy head Over to reshovenair.com and gain one Entry for every dollar you spend good Luck everybody and hopefully I'll see You soon Welcome back shoe care Superstars to Another episode of shoe care Academy Powered by rejuvenator my name is Nick And today we're taking on these Adidas X Bad Bunny forum low Buckle but no Buckle Because our homie Vic Almighty decided To take him off as you can tell they are Extremely dirty and nasty and gross but It's all right we've got a bunch of Rejuvenator products over here and we're Going to clean them up stay tuned And just like that our cleaning station Is all set up as you can see we've got Our full line of rejuvenator products as Well as these shoes now these shoes do Have multiple different types of

Materials on them including suede Leather looks like some knit or some Type of mesh and rubber it's got a bunch Of different materials so for that we're Going to be using a couple different Rejuvenator products first thing is Going to be the rejuvenator signature Kit that's going to include your four Ounce bottle of solution all three of Your brushes soft medium and stiff your Microfiber towel your two adjustable Shoe trees as well as our patented Laundry system I'm also going to be Using our rejuvenator drying rack and Bowl combo as well as our cleaning mat I Might be using the rejuvenated dry suede Kit at the end of this depending on how Well these clean up that's really going To determine if we use it or not these Are really light gray and white suede And Leather so I don't know how bad the Staining is going to be and just how Quickly and easily we can flush that Material out with the solution and brush As well as the laundry system but we're Going to give it a try all these Products and more are available online At rejuvenator.com make sure you use my Link down below to save yourself some Money with all that being said all we Got to do now is get these cleaned up We're only going to be cleaning the Right hand shoe so that way we can use The left hand for before and after

Purposes so you guys can see how well Our product really cleans this stuff up So for that we're going to get rid of This one And this I don't need this either so we Have this shoe here what we're going to Do first is take out the laces All right we got the laces removed next We're going to insert the adjustable Shoe tree these are a size nine so we're Going to adjust the size and insert it Into the shoe now the purpose of this Shoe tree is to help reshape the sneaker As well as give you a nice hard surface To really scrub deep into the toe box as Well as help get rid of any creasing That there may be in the front of the Shoe next we're going to drop the laces In our bowl of water And do two squirts of solution into the Bowl we've got our solution in the bowl Now since this sneaker is suede and it Is Completely filthy dirty nasty we are Going to dry brush this sneaker before We put any solution onto it now since The sneaker does have suede elements to It we want to really get this top layer Of dirt off of the sneaker because you Don't want to be putting solution onto It because you're just going to shove This top layer of dirt deeper into the Sneaker so what we're going to do is Take our medium bristle brush which is

Included in both the rejuvenator Essential kit as well as the rejuvenator Signature kit also available in the free Brush pack by itself and we're going to Just dry brush the top layer of this Sneaker to try to get all of the dirt And Gunk off of it prior to putting any Solution onto it all right as you can See we got a lot of that top layer of Dirt off of this sneaker it's already Looking a lot lighter than it was and Now when we put Solution on it it's not Going to just create a super muddy nasty Mess on top of it and really push it Deeper into the material so after dry Brushing first thing we're going to do Is hit it with the soft bristle brush This is our softest brush that we have This is great for all of your suedes Nubucks premium Leathers standard Leathers any of your synthetic materials Mesh mitts canvas since the sneaker is Suede I don't want to really over Saturate it at first what I'm going to Do is just dunk it into the bowl get a Little bit of solution on it kind of Shake it off and then it's going to Start going and cleaning up these suede Panels and then Pat drying it with the Microfiber towel to really try to see How good we can get it cleaned to see if We do need to use the laundry system or Not So we went ahead and hit the uppers one

Time already using our soft bristle Brush all the way around as you can tell I've been Pat drying the suede because I Don't really want to over saturate it Because I'm trying to avoid the laundry System if possible depending on how good We can get this sock liner as well as These double tongues which by the way I Was pleasantly surprised that these just Button right off we're going to continue Working our way around I'm going to keep Using the soft bristle brush I'm going To hit the uppers one more time to try To really flush out some of these deeper Markings and stains especially in the Sock liner as well as the inside I'm Going to really scrub inside the inside Of the sneaker to really flush out all The dirt and trapped in debris and stuff All along the inside of the sock liner And then from there we're going to move On to the medium bristle brush which We'll take this and we're going to use It all on these plastic and rubber Outsoles and the back heel areas we'll Just get that all cleaned up and then We'll move on to the stiff bristle brush And kind of go from there All right All right I've hit the upper of the shoe Twice as well as went in and cleaned up The sock liner the inside of the tongue Clean the insole by taking the insole Out as well as scrubbing the inside

Underneath where the insole goes I pat Dry the insole and put the insole and Shoe tree back in next we're going to Focus on the midsole and these other Rubber and plastic pieces all along the Outside here for that we're going to be Using our medium bristle brush we're Just going to dunk it and get to Scrubbing and try to get all this Cleaned up the best we can Thank you all right that about does it For the medium bristle brush as you can See I did do the the midsoles as well as The tongue the other Snap-on tongue and I did hit some of these other suede Materials with the medium bristle brush Now depending on the type of suede you Might want to avoid using the medium Bristle brush that's going to be kind of At your discretion I usually like to do It on like some of this finer suede that Isn't super duper hairy and or some of Those really Ultra delicate nubucks this Suede is pretty pretty durable I mean Honestly super durable but it's more Durable than some other ones so the Medium bristle brush actually didn't Harm it at all and actually helped flush Out some more of those deeper marks on The toe box area it didn't really do too Well on the side of the shoe here so I Think we still might have to put in the Laundry system as well as I use the Medium brush along the back heel cup

Area this foam and this knit material is Just really holding in all that dirt I Don't think it's going to uh to come out Unless we really flush it out using the Laundry system but the next thing we're Going to do is take our stiff bristle Brush and for this we're going to clean The outsole area as well as some of the Darker marks along the midsole that the Medium bristle brush couldn't really Break down due to the type of material These rubbers and stuff sometimes the Medium bristle brush doesn't get down Deep into those grooves so for that we Use our stiff bristle brush you only Want to use this on hard rubber Materials and especially on the outsoles Of your shoes you want to avoid using it On any suedes Leathers nubucks canvas Knits or anything like that just because You do risk damaging the material Because this is a very stiff brush and It will pull as well as scratch also be Very careful on midsoles if they're Painted you don't want to use the stiff Bristle brush on any painted materials And even sometimes the medium bristle Brush you have to be weary of depending On the age of the sneaker because the Medium bristle brush does run the risk Of pulling the paint off but we're going To clean the outsole and then take it Over to our laundry system [Music]

All right so I hit the outsole using our Stiff bristle brush as you can tell it Looks a lot better now what I'm doing is Just kind of going over the shoe and Assessing how well our regular Pre-treatment did to see if the sneaker Still does need to go into the laundry System or not I've hit the uppers twice With the soft Crystal brush I hit the Midsoles with the medium and the Outsoles with the stiff as well as I Spot treated some of these other suede Materials using our medium bristle brush For a second need the third time to try To get this suede out a little bit Cleaner also as well as the sock liner And this back collar area that's like Foam and and like this knit cottony Material I don't really know what it is So all that's left to do is drop it in To the laundry system now this laundry Bag is patented to rejuvenator as well As it will fit two shoes up to a size 13. I know you guys always say that it Doesn't fit two shoes but I promise you This does fit two shoes in it I'm going To take the extra tongue I'm going to Slide that in as well also we're going To take these laces that have been Cooking in this bowl of water here here We're going to drop it into the pouch Cinch these up lock them down we'll head Off to our laundry room Now all we're going to do is drop the

Sneaker into the laundry Take one of your rejuvenator laundry Pods Clock Shut the door for here we're going to do A quick wash you always want to do it on Cold temperature or cool depending on Your washing machine so we only have one Sneaker in here so mid on the level is Fine I'm gonna put it on a normal cycle Since we do have a little bit more of That trapped in dirt in that back sock Liner area it's going to run 43 minutes Hit start Check back all right it's been a little Bit longer than 45 minutes we took the Shoe out of the wash and we set it Outside in the bright Arizona Sun to Help evenly dry the shoe now one of the Main things when it comes to washing Suede and cleaning suede is always Letting the shoe evenly dry we are lucky Here because we're in Arizona we always Have super bright sunny days so you put The shoe outside let it sit for about an Hour hour and a half or so and it's Going to be dry as you can tell the Rejuvenator laundry pods and laundry Systems really flushed out all of the Dirty sock liner as well as this like Nylon back heel area that I was worried About the suede's looking good there's Still a couple small spots on the suede That just has some deeper staining so

For that we are going to be using the Rejuvenator dry suede eraser And the dry suede brush after that we're Gonna have to reset the nap I also like To use the rejuvenator medium bristle Brush as well to reset the nap as you Guys know for my other videos so we just Gotta go ahead and hit this suede up and Get it nice and clean Foreign [Music] [Music] Got this suede looking great as you can Tell we use the suede eraser hit up some Of these darker stainings along these Stripes as well as on some of these Lighter gray materials then we went Ahead and used the dry suede brush and Reset the nap all the way around the Sneaker took a couple times this is a Process that you don't really want to Rush also don't push the brush really Deep into the material because you do Risk damaging it so just take your time Move the brush around get the suede back To its natural state the best you Possibly can I also used our medium Bristle brush at the end of it just to Kind of do a whole overall brush of the Shoe and as you can tell this suede went From crunchy nasty to nice and buttery Smooth just like it was from the factory Alright next step we got to do is a pop Our tongue on and then lace it up

[Music] That's going to bring us to an end on This cleaning of this Adidas Bad Bunny Forum low but there's one more step I Want to do since we just got done Cleaning all of this Suede and getting It back to looking like how great it Does now we want to make sure it stays That way for that we're going to use Rejuvenator's water and stain propelling For this you want to spray it outside in A well ventilated area so let's go Outside and do that [Music] All right now that our sneakers are Cleaned and protected let's take a look At the before Oh my goodness as you can see we've got The suede looking all nice and back to Its original gray the midsoles went from This dark Dusty musty Gusty greasy nasty Whatever color brown this is back to the Nice original color we've got the Leather on the toe boxes as well as the Tongues all back to its original color We've got the sock liner as well as this Like nylon back heel cup area looking Nice and fresh now if you want to Achieve these same results at home head Over to rejuvenator.com and pick up the Rejuvenator signature bundle that's Going to include the rejuvenator Signature kit rejuvenator signature kit Has four ounce bottle of solution all

Three of your brushes soft medium stiff Two shoe trees laundry bag as well as The microfiber towel signature bundle Also includes the rejuvenator cleaning Mat you guys know I love the cleaning Mat because it helps keep your surface Nice and clean and absorbs all of the Water solution dirt mud Gunk Grime Everything that's on top of your Sneakers and inside your sneaker right Into the cleaning mat so you can just Drop it in the wash and clean it Afterwards and it comes out looking Great also included is the rejuvenator Drying rack and Bowl combo drying rack And Bowl combo is perfect to give you a Nice spot to drop your brushes so that Way they're elevated and drip off to dry As well as a great spot for your bowl of Water and solution also drop your Brushes inside close the Box up perfect For storage next is the rejuvenator Laundry pods these things are great when You're dropping your shoes in the wash Because they have all natural oils as Well as other ingredients to help really Clean and condition your sneakers also Included inside the receiving your Signature bundle that I didn't use today But I never do one on these is the Sneaker wipes they're a must-have to Carry with you at all given times I keep Them with me in my little bag I keep in The car because my kids are always

Stepping on my shoes they're spilling Stuff on their shoes things happen in Life they're great to have on you at all Times we also use two other products That are not included in the rejuvenator Signature bundle that is going to be the Rejuvenator dry suede kit now the dry Suede kit has your dry suede eraser as Well as the brush the that came in Perfect for getting the darker deeper Staining out of this light gray suede Material all around the toe box heel cup As well as the side stripes and then the Brush really helps reset the nap back to Its natural state so that way you're not Stuck with a Crispy Crunchy nasty dingy Looking Suede and sneaker last but not Least we went outside and hit it with Rejuvenator water and stain repellent This is perfect for any suedes nubucks Canvas knits and other type material Sneakers it helps actually protect your Sneakers so that way if you do get any Dirt debris water splashes ketchup Mustard food whatever happens it helps Protect by adding a force field Basically around your sneakers to ensure Your sneakers stay protected that Concludes this episode of shoe care Academy powered by rejuvenator thanks a Lot for hanging out hopefully you Learned something new and you're not Afraid to go ahead and clean your Sneakers at home also if you're new here

Make sure you hit the Subscribe button WE Post two videos every single week Mondays with Vic customs and Restorations and every Thursday with Another episode of shoe care Academy Where we teach you how to take care of Your sneakers my name's Nick this has Been fun thanks for hanging out we'll See you guys later [Music] [Music]