The Adidas Supernova Rise sees Adidas give its typically affordable daily trainer a bit of a revamp, including giving its Boost midsole the boot for a new Dreamstrike+ one in to help make the new Supernova a better fit for your daily runs.

Testers Nick, Mike, Kieran and Tom have all put in some early running time with the Supernova Rise to see if this is an Adidas daily trainer to get excited about.

00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Price and Key Stats
01:15 – How do they fit?
03:52 – The Run Test
14:19 – Initial Verdict

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Hey this is mik from the Run testers and This is our multitester first run review Of the Adidas Supernova rise thanks to Sports shoes for providing us with a Review sample used in this [Music] Video so here's the key stats you need To know for the Adidas Supernova rise It's designed to be a daily Trainer shoe That's priced at £130 in the UK and $140 In the US it weighs in on average2 77 G For a men's version and 234 G in the Women's version and we've dropped our UK Men's size eight on the scals as shown It's got a 10 mm drop and the stack Height is 35.5 mm at the hill and 25.5 Mm at the 4 foot you've got a mesh upper Up top with Adidas's Comfort heel fit Which places cushioning phone and some Softer material to provide comfort and Support at the heel the headline news is The new dream strike plus mids Sal which Is set to take inspiration from madis Light Strike promol used in its top end Racing shoes to provide ample comfort And cushioning for daily training runs That's a company by a support Rod system That's packed into the outsole to offer Added stability and [Music] Support so the fit for me in the Supernova rise it's this is a size eight In the UK I'm a size eight uh I found it To be a very comfortable shoe there's

Plenty of space in the forefoot the Upper is nice and loose so you can move Your feet around in a bit and there's Plenty of space before the big toe as Well there's loads of padding in the Upper um the only thing I would say About it is that I struggled to get a Good lock down fit in this shoe possibly Because there is so much padding in it Um and as a result I really had to tie It down to feel secure when I was out on The run today other than that I would Stick to my size in this shoe so the fit Of the Supernova rise is all good for me In my normal running shoe size I'm a uk9 With Adidas that's a us99.5 sometimes Their shoes can be a little bit tight And narrow but I have a narrow first I Think maybe the Supernova rise isn't the WID is shoe but it fits me very well got A really nice padded heel and tongue on It which is different to a lot of the Adizero shoes which have those paper Thin uppers that are a bit uncomfortable Yeah it's got a really nice hold Comfortable feel and I was very happy in My normal running shoe size so when it Comes to fit for me I ran in my regular Running shoe size which is a uk8 and a Half and I found that these fit really Well true to size I find adid Das shoes Come up always come up for me a little Bit narrow in the midfoot and that's Still true here to a certain extent but

It wasn't troubling particularly it just Is something that you could feel the Midfoot lockdown was generally good the Rise held my foot nicely in place with No heel slipping and just about enough Room in the toe box so I think I would Recommend going through the size unless You've got particularly wide feet and You don't get on with Addy's shoes for That kind of narrowness in the midfoot So fit for me and the adid Supernova Rise was okay I had mine in the UK size 8 it definitely is a little bit on the Narrow side and I got pretty narrow feet So I didn't think it would be a major Issue it's not so much particularly we Getting up front in the toes here I was Pretty happy in terms of space up front Of the toes and wouldn't feel like I Need to go bigger to get that extra kind Of room but I think it just does Noticeably narrow a little bit more when You get past that and up into the Midfoot here which I guess will make it A little bit better suited for kind of More kind of quicker daily training Miles but it is something that I have Noticed compared some other daily Trainer shoes elsewhere it's been Absolutely fine you do get a fair amount Of padding here and that's something That kind of add Das has really kind of Pushed here on the super noiz you're Getting this very big padded T I'll get

Into this a little bit in the run test But I found it A little bit big for me and like just You you need to work a little bit harder To kind of get a good lock down with These lace on top of that time but Getting more into that in the race test As I said but yeah as I said the main Thing for me it's a little bit on the Narrow side that's something to be Mindful of here but I think going a UK Size 8 which is generally my normal size Has been fine on the Supernova [Music] Rise so I'm just heading out to do my First run in the edas Supernova rise uh Looking forward to this one I've got my Son Sunday long run on the plan so I'm Going to do 90 minutes just on field Just going to cruise around probably get A little bit Mucky at times cuz it's Been very wet here lately uh I used a Supernova way back in the day actually I Think it was my first sub three Marathon I had a supernova on my phone and it was A big much bigger shoe than this big old Stack of boost so it interesting to see What this new phone is like the dream Strike foam and whether this can sit in As a more of a versatile daily trainer Than Adidas has really had in the past Compared to things like I know the Pegasus and stuff like that I mean I do Think the Boston 12 is a very good kind

Of daily trainer in itself but it's a Bit more racy and lightweight and the ERS thinner and that kind of thing so This seems to have a bit more comfort About it we're really intoed to see how It feels over a long run [Music] Today so I've just gone through 10K uh In the shoes so not loving them so far They're uh W quite what I expected They're not as squishy certainly as they Feel in the hand on the foot and the Stack almost feels a bit lower than it Actually is uh especially under the 4 Foot so you know the phone's okay it's Not giving a load back it definitely Feels much more like a daily trainer Than a very cushion shoe so obviously Got another 10 11k to go just cruising Along we'll see how they feel at the end But so far just yeah just kind of [Music] Okay so all done now ran uh about a half Marathon basally the 90 minutes nice and Nice and relaxed uh better from the shoe For the shoe in the second half I'd say It felt a bit smoother transition eased Up a little bit it was a little bit Stiff first half and although I don't Think it's like super comfortable still Uh it was you comfortable off of that Kind of run I think it falls in between You know the very very cushioned shoes We've seen a lot of this year and then

You know the slightly nippier light Lightweight ones so that said I've done Very similar run to that in the as Boston 12 and I think it's a more Comfortable shoe for me I think just has A smoother better transition and Slightly better phones but yeah Al it Was fine today certainly feels like it's Got that Workhorse daily trainer vibe to It uh but nothing to outstanding there I Like I'll do some other runs in it keep See if the ride keeps improving a little Bit how that shoes do sometimes take a Bit longer to breaking than others I Found in the last couple of years but Yeah and okay first running it nothing Nothing too well but it might you know F Was kind of a gap in ad just lineup That Workhorse trainer equivalent to Something like the Pegasus or the pum Velocity Nitro 2 it's kind similar vibe To it to those shoes but whether it's uh Going to be as popular or as good as Those shoes is the question so I've just Come back from my first run in the super NOA rise now the marathon trading plan Has me down to do six miles a day I did Just little over that pretty easygoing In terms of the pace that was required In this year though it definitely felt a More uptempo easy run simply because What it feels like to run in this year Now my experience of daily trainer shoes From Adidas has mainly been around

Previous versions of the Boston I Haven't tested the latest one I always Found those shoes to be a little bit on The firm sign I can definitely say this Is not like the Boston shoes that I've Tested in terms of it's kind of day Adidas daily train is shoes there is a Lot of Bounce in is Shue it kind of Reminds me I mean as soon as I put it on It reminded me when I started getting Running of something like those kind of Early Nova blast versions where it Really has that you know aex talks about That kind of trampoline kind of bouncy Feel to it that's definitely what I Found in this shoe and as I said I went Out to go and do an pretty easy run I Definitely found the nature or the General nature of the shoe made you want To go a little bit more uptempo in this Because there's just such amount of Cushioning here and a lot of kind of Very noticeable prominent bounce in the Shoe there's a good rocker in it as well But it's the bounce that makes Main is The overriding feeling of running in This shoe now for me that's absolutely Fine I mean I think stability wise it's Okay I do think you know maybe I prefer Maybe if it was maybe raining a little Bit you know I'm absolutely up for kind Of having that kind of really nice Lively energetic ride but I felt in the Latter kind of stages of my run I did

Feel it a little bit more on my knees And I wondered if it was just a little Bit of that kind of aggressive bounce That you're getting here in this shoot It definitely felt comfortable one thing I mentioned in the fit is I was a bit Worried about how this tongue is very Padded and very big and I found it quite Difficult to kind of really get a good Lock down of those laces on Top This Tongue it's so much padding here and I Think maybe Adidas maybe not quite got That right for me I mean I know it's Really about offering a good level of Comfort on those kind of longer runs but Ultimately the lockdown just felt a Little bit sloppy for me in that first Run didn't slip around at the hill and I Do think there's good padding here at The hill generally but I'm not 100% Convinced over the kind of the padding Of the tongue here outso wise absolutely Fine had no issues I mean it's pretty Treacherous out there it's very rainy It's very windy um it's wet so you know Perfect condition kind of test how much The outo kind of handles those Conditions absolutely fine I didn't find Myself slipping around cornering was Absolutely fine as well I think there's A good level of rubber here both the Forefoot and the heel as well too so Yeah I did find as I said I went out to Do a pretty easy kind of going run I did

Fine because of the the level of Bounce And L less you get in this shoe Ultimately makes you want to want to run A little bit quicker in it and the Weight feels okay for it as well too to Run a little bit more uptempo I just Wonder if maybe that that level of Bounce and that ride maybe needs to be Tempered a little bit for me personally Based on that first run and also my kind Of little kind of worries about the kind Of the lockdown that you're getting here On the tongue and the latest as well too But I can see this feels like a good Addition to the kind of daily training Shoot you get from Adidas I'm just wondering whether maybe is a Little bit on the aggressive side in Terms of the level of bounce that you're Getting here and the liveliness and Maybe has Adas got the balance right Here but I'll get into that in my Initial verdict now for the run to Straight out of the box I think these Had good stepping Comfort they're quite Plush padded colors and tongues they're Not quite as instantly disappearing on The foot a natural fitting of something Like the S ride 17 that I tested Recently which were a joy straight out Of the box but this is a pretty good fit And yeah they were you know there were Shoe that wanted me to go and running Them quite early when it comes to the

I've got these in towards the fir and More responsive end of things they're Not too firm they're not over firm but They're somewhat a little like a Livelier add Z SL I get smooth Transitions good roll through from The Rock ring with a 10 mil drop I felt Almost sort of tipping into the toe off The Landings are cushioned but the P Based dream strip plus Mido foam and Those support rods that support Rod System quickly stiffens I think to give A lot more immediacy here there's not as Much sink as you get with some shoes but I did get some spring but basically You're getting a compliant responsive Platform to run off without the squish That you might find in bigger stack Softer daily shoes now I put them Through about 12 miles in my initial Test with a mix of Paces from 9 and a Half minute miles up to my marathon pace 6 and 1 half minute miles and they Performed at both ends of that they were Much better at faster paces and I Actually found myself almost encouraged To tick along faster in this shoe There's a really good energy to them I Thought and i' put these at the firmer Faster end of daily trainers I think That some people might even enjoy racing In them potentially now I'm not 100% Sold on the thicker uppers that you've Got here this kind of engineered

Sandwich mesh upper it just feels a bit Dense for me but overall I first run Really kind of impressive I'm really Excited to take them out and do more I Think you're going to have a versatile Shoe here so my first run in the shoe Was actually a race uh down in Brighton Or in uh Peace Haven near Brighton and It was more of a trail race and I really Shouldn't have worn this for a trail Race because it's not designed for that Um but last year when I did the race it Was really dry and a lot of people using Road shoes this year it was really muddy And wet so I I did not uh make the best Use of this shoe uh for a first run uh So I'll only talk about the road Sections there was about 8 kmers on road And about 8 kmers on the trail sections And what I found is that it's a very Solid comfortable daily shoe um I didn't Really notice anything particularly Amazing about it the midso foam is bit Softer than what I I'm used to with a Lot of aded dases I've tested uh this Dream strike plus midell foam um and I Didn't really notice anything there's a Lot of other features within this shoe I Think there's there's they've got this Sort of um uh Rod design in it I didn't Really notice that in it either uh but What I would say is that over the course Or those 8K that I did um on the road it Did a very comfortable job um I'd say it

Fits into that realm of shoes like the Oncloud surface 7 uh something like that Uh and it just feels comfortable it's a Very comfortable shoe to wear um there I Didn't really get a lot from that mid Foam it's not necessarily bouncy U it's A nice balanced foam um but I would say The shoe for me feels a little bit Chunky uh for what I think it delivers I Think there's other shoes out there that Are a little bit lighter um like things Like pumer liberate Nitro 2 shoes like That where they're doing a similar thing But they just feel a bit lighter on the Feet and a bit nimbler this feels a bit Clunky um it's a great Workhorse it just Powered through those kilometers very Comfortably I didn't have any issues at All I even went down to about 4 minute 10 km in this shoe um as part of that Race that I was doing and it it seemed To deal with them okay I didn't think About the shoe on my feet so it Definitely feels like there's a little Bit of Versatility in it um but it's not A particularly light shoe so I don't Think it necessarily be a great one if You were racing or anything like that it Actually feels quite traditional to me It feels like a lot of shoes um that Brands make that have been around for a While uh things like the ride range Stuff like that where they're just a Solid shoe it doesn't really do anything

That amazing um but it yeah it did the Job completely fine um I felt very Comfortable in it the other thing I Would say about this shoe is that the Outsole um just did a relatively good Job it's a bit of a strange outso really Because it's got the sort of mix of Different rubbers on it um on the uh Most of the road sections it was fine I Did find it was a little bit slippy on a Couple of Road sections I think it might Have been this midsole section here Which is quite smooth Um but it it did seem okay for me it was Definitely completely fine on most of The road conditions and the it was quite Uh there's a lot of elevation in the run Today and um yeah it probably pushed it A bit a bit far um to the test other Than that think it was a solid Comfortable enjoyable run and had no Real issues with it at [Music] All now verdict then based on my initial Mils I think this shoe will cat to a Wide range of Runners for a lot of Different runs it's a welcome anti to The really big big stack dailies that We've seen become more pre prevalent if You wanted something different to that And I was impressed by how responsive This was if you're a fan of big hulking Great monsters like the Invincible or The Nimbus 25 this might be a little bit

Too stiff for you perhaps a little bit Too much coming up from the tarmac Underfoot but I really enjoyed that kind Of immediacy and that sort of connected Ride and I enjoyed my early miles in This shoe I felt like I was getting Plenty of benefit from the foam that Rods The Rocker combo encouraged me to Move faster And I was you know happy running a Quicker Clips in this shoe with lower Heart rate so overall I felt like I was Having to work less hard in it so Overall I think the rise stried a happy Balance the cush is not too soft and Heavy but it's also not too thin and Firm and though this isn't the lightest Daily trainer on the shelves it felt Light on the foot and nicely precise Actually but with a good stable reliable Platform to run off for my money so far I' say there's good versatility here and For 130b I think for the longer mile Tests or I've done that I think you're Going to get good value in the shoe too I like the fact the Adidas is offering As well and no questions 30-day trial if You're not happy with how the Supernova Rise performs after 30 days you can just Send them back no matter how many miles You've done in them that's kind of Pretty fair to me it's obviously just One run so just early verdict here but I Think this is a pretty solid shoe the

Supernova rise I think when you looked At the explosion of all the different Tech in the shoe that sent over and the Facts the new phone it all seemed very Exciting in the phone felt quite soft to The touch but on the run it firms up a Bit it's stable it's comfortable but not Very cushy or anything like that it Doesn't give a load back on that first Run so be hoping to see a little bit More from it in the future at the moment It feels okay like a good solid shoe and There's nothing wrong with that I think That puts it in a good bracket you know Going up against things like Pegasus Obviously testing the new saky ride at The moment as well which is another Pretty solid shoe P Vost Nitro 2 Obviously I'm a big fan of it's yeah I Think the super no rise will fit quite Well into that bracket you know it's a Shoe that maybe ad hasn't really had the Adzer SL is a firmer shoe I didn't enjoy It for long runs really much and then There is the Boston which I do think is A great daily train that does a bit of Everything but I know it is a bit racy And lightweight for some people and Certainly the upper isn't as comfortable As the one on the Supernova rise so There is a bit of a gap potentially in Ad's lineup it will be interesting to See how the super over R feels on some More runs for the moment I think it's

Solid shoe but one that didn't really uh Massively excite me on that first run There so my early verdict on the Supernova rise is that it is a solid Workhorse daily shoe that doesn't really Wow in any way um the as the cost is Actually a little bit lower than what You you'd expect from most premium daily Shoes at the moment £1 130 is uh near The lower end of that of what you're Expecting to pay these days a lot of Shoes are coming in at like 1601 170 now So it's definitely a cheaper option if You're looking for a daily shoe and to Be honest I think it I think it's fine For that I think I think it's it's Priced well um I from that first run I Didn't have any issues with it felt very Comfortable um just felt like a shoe That I wouldn't think about on my feet Uh as I was running and I'd probably say Any sort of daily miles easy runs Recovery runs um it it feels like it's That's what the shoe is designed for um Nothing particularly exciting about it So I don't think it would be an amazing Long run shoe because it doesn't really Do a lot I probably like a bit more Bounce in my um long run shoes or a Little bit more softness or something That just sort of make makes the Run Easier which I don't think you're Getting from this but it's solid Comfortable work or shoe um I definitely

I'm I'm not against wearing it uh for Many more runs based on that run I did Today so initial thoughts on the Adidas Supernova eyes off that first run is That it feels like a shoe that's kind of Filling a void in Adidas's range in Terms of being a kind of very uptempo Daily trainer I think something that's Not overly firm giving you something That's kind of lively as well too which I think yeah I think it's been lacking In its collection and based on the daily Trainers that I've tested from Adidas I Feel like it there's a good place for Something like this in its range it Makes me think of other uptempo daily Trainers like the saky triumph I think Things like the oncloud eclipse I've Tested recently as well too and the aex Nova blast as well and I do think it has That liveliness of those kind of early Nova blast shoes and I think if you like That and you like that in a kind of Uptempo daily trainer then I think this Is going to pill it's at a pretty good Price I think in terms of when you look At what else is out there in this kind Of category so from that point of view It looks like a solid kind of addition To that kind of Adidas range of shoes my Only reservation is like I do think Maybe it's maybe too bouncy for me uh But again you it might be just be the Run that I've done today where it just

Didn't quite work for what I wanted to Do and I I think easing off it didn't it Felt like it really wanted me to run a Little bit not necessarily harder but a Little bit more uptempo in terms of my Run I think if you're looking for Something with a more uptempo Edge it Feels like a daily trender that can Offer that at least what I'm seeing that First run but yeah as I said definitely Sits in that kind of NOA blast Triumph um particular of kind of Category in terms of daily train issues And I think if you've been looking for An adid daso in that kind of mold um and You can get this kind of narrower kind Of fit to work for you then I think There's a lot of shoe here to like so They have it some initial multitester Thoughts on the Adidas Supernova Obviously plenty more running to do in The shoe before we get to a full review But if you've got any questions you know What to do and where to put them thanks Again to sports shoes for providing us With the review sample used in this Video as always like subscribe hit that Little bell to find out about latest Videos and yeah we'll see you for next R Test's [Music] Video