The Adidas Takumi Sen 10 is the latest version of the brand’s lightweight speed shoe. According to Adidas, it’s designed for training and racing up to 10k, featuring two layers of Lightstrike Pro cushioning along with Energyrods to provide a propulsive and snappy toe-off and minimise energy loss.

There’s a mesh upper designed to offer a high level of breathability as well as wick sweat away from the foot, a Slinglaunch heel construction for a locked-down fit, and a traditional lacing system to ensure there’s no slippage.

Tom, Nick and Mike have been testing the shoe out in training and racing to see if it delivers the goods.

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00:48 – Design
01:22 – How’s The Fit?
04:12 – The Run Test
16:38 – Early Verdict

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Adidas Takumi Sen 10:

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another running shoe full review in this Video we are going to be taking a look At the idas dumi sen 10 now we've sent These from the guys over at sports shoes We're not paid to do this review uh so We can say whatever we want but a big Thanks to sports shoes sending these Over so that we can do some videos on Them also if you go into the link below You can find uh the link through to the Sports shoes website where you can find Out more about this shoe right let's Dive in and do the Review yeah The Adidas Tumi sen1 costs £170 or $180 It weighs 192 G or 6.8 Oz for men in a Size 8 and the drop is 6 [Music] Mm the Adidas Tumi S10 is the latest Version of the Brand's lightweight speed Shoe according to Adidas it's designed For training and racing up to 10K Featuring two layers of Light Strike Pro Cushioning along with energy rods 2.0 to Provide a full and snappy toe off and Minimize energy loss there's a mesh Upper designed to offer a high level of Breathability as well as Wick sweat away From the foot a sling launch heel Construction for a lock down fit and a Traditional lacing system to ensure There's no slippage the shoe also Features a healthy covering of Adidas's

Impressive Continental rubber out soole To improve grip and Durability so I found the fit of the Adidas Tumi S10 to be very good for me In my normal running shoe size got a uk9 Here which is a us9 .5 in Adidas Generally a US 9.5 or us 10 it kind of Varies a little bit with Brands but this Is a fairly tight fitting shoe and a Narrow fitting shoe as you'd expect from A lightweight short distance racer like This but I have a narrow f it fits very Well for me but I also don't think it's Aggressively narrow and tight so you Know it's not as uncompromising on that Front as some Adidas shoes have been in The past but you know it is a fairly Tight fit all around as you'd expect for A shoe like this but it works well for Me really secure hold for running fast And decent hold around the heel as well I haven't had any problems with the heel Which I sometimes do have of Adidas's Heel design no heel rubbing haven't had To heel lock it so yeah very good for me In my normal running shoe size so fit For me has been generally fine in the Tumi s 10 now I've had mine in a UK size Eight that is my typical running shoe Size and what I would say first and Foremost it's definitely a pretty narrow Fitting shoe it is a shoe that's quite Hard to get on I think initially but I Think once it's on it does feel and kind

Of wraps really nicely what would say is That there's not much give in this Oppo So I think if you maybe had wider feet It might feel like a bit more snug Particularly the middle of this shoe so That is something to keep in mind here Now up front it does feel pretty snug in Terms of the toe box but I think you Know for this type of shoe and the types Of runs that I would be doing and want To do this in this shoe I think that Amount of space kind of works for me and I think there may be an argument to go Half a size up in this shoe but I think Ultimately for me i' be quite happy with The level of space you're getting up Front of the toes the other things I'd Say you are getting a little bit of Panning here in the kind of inside of The Hill which I think is important to Kind of keep things things kind of Nicely in place at the back of the shoe My only kind of real kind of little Criticism is maybe what you're getting Here in terms of the tongue and the Lacing I have found bit challenging to Get a good lock down there there has Been a couple of times where they've Come loose and I've had to kind of Double tie them um before I've kind of Gone out and had some issues there but Ultimately when it's worked it's been Absolutely fine so what I would say is It is a narrow fitting shoe for my

Narrow fit it's been absolutely fine It's a bit snug up front in the toes but For me I think that kind of works Particularly in the distances you're Probably going to use a shoe I would say Go true to size there may be an argument To have a look at going half a size up If you like a little bit more space up Front in the toe box so it for me in the Adidas Tumi sen 10 I'm an eight in the UK this is an 8 uh sometimes in Adidas Shoes they are a little bit small uh From the UK sizing so I would normally Go up half a size in some shoes like the Adodas adios Pro 3 which uh is uh I've Got a size eight in those um and is a Little bit too short on my toes the These I didn't have a problem with at All uh it fits me fine plenty of space Uh in the forefoot um and not too narrow For my average sized feet so I would Stay to my size in this Shoe so in terms of run test I haven't Actually run in the previous Tumi s Shoes and I haven't had a chance to race In this shoe just yet but what I've Basically done is used it for the kind Of speed Focus the kind of faster Sessions I have had that kind of come up In the last few weeks to put it to the Test and that's including kind of some 5K 10K runs at there are thereabouts in Terms of some of my quicker kind of 10K 5K um kind of pace and then I've done a

Track session as well i' tried to push It beyond that kind of 10K distance as Well to see how maybe can handle some Longer kind of running as well too and Ultimately you know I had some Expectations of how this was going to Feel I've used the hawas yellow Road I've used the New Balance super comp Pacer as well which kind of sits in this Criteria of this kind of short distance Kind of Shoes I was expecting to be you know Keep me low to the ground going to be a Little bit on the firmer side and also You know but in return giving you Something that feels pretty responsive Feels good when you are running at your Quicker Paces in this shoe now what I Would say is I didn't feel like it was Actually as firm as I expected it to be And I think particularly in that first Session when I was running it was kind Of a five mile run kind of at around Seven kind of minute mile Pace dropping It below that as well too and I felt Like when I was engaging with this mids I think that's the key thing here you Know not getting a shoe that's doing a Lot of the work for you or trying to you Know Assist you in a massive way it's More about you know you run your hardest And what you get is the rewards from Running your hardest and I think you Engage that Mido I don't think it's

Massively as firm as I thought it would Be and I think there is a good amount of Cushing there to make sure there's There's a little bit of a bounce there It's not huge but there's enough there To make that feeling feel very nice Overall I could just feel the you know The transition in this shoot it's very Very quick very what you would expect to See from a kind of a shorter distance Shoe and it felt great running quicker In this shoe and that was the main thing For me I just felt like I was getting Through those kind of transitions very Very quickly kind of Heel To Toe Straight you know and what you would Expect and when you are running quick it Feels nice to run quick in I think the Track session was a really good example Of where the shoe really shines and I I Had a session where I was doing kind of Five times 640 M and then I finished off 300 M so kind of shorter reps there and Kind of but a shorter sharper session And it felt good the weight feels good You know I know it's jumped up in weight From the previous shoe but for me I Think the general weight of the shoe Feels very good it's still pretty light It's a breathable shoe as well too and I Felt like I was flying in that session And it feels nice and as I said this is Not a shoe that's massively assisting You but if you are working your hardest

And you're working at those quicker Paces then I do think you get something That works really nicely it is Responsive it feels aggressive Rive but Not overly aggressive I don't think it's Massively unstable I've never felt like It was unstable in any way too either And there's an outsole that feels great That track session it was a bit wet and It was absolutely fine from a traction Point of view I think even kind of Cornering feels great and it feels Nimble to do that as well too when I did Try to run longer in this shoe what I Would say I did find in that five M when I was getting nearer the end of that Kind of five mile run that I was feeling A little bit of discomfort at the arch At foot and I don't it's really a Mixture of maybe getting a little bit TI Or easing off a little bit whether it's Design of the shoe but I did notice that And I think on the longer run I did kind Of an eight mile run in this shoe I did Feel like the latter stages of that run I was feeling that that kind of arched a Little bit more in terms of the Discomfort as I said didn't stop me from Running in the shoe but it's something I Notic maybe said to me would I want to Run longer than 10K in the shoe I'd be a Little bit unsure about that but Ultimately apart from that apart from That kind of arch kind of thing that I

Noticed I think elsewhere the shoe has Felt great and as I said it's not a shoe That is going to do a lot of the work For you you've got to put the work in And when you do I don't think you get a Massively I say surprisingly I didn't Think it was um you know it wasn't as Firm as I expected it to be but you get That kind of firmness that makees sure You get something that feels responsive And when you are kind of running quicker I think below kind of 7 minute mile pace For me it worked really well I think Above that maybe it's not quite where it Wants to work at where it wants to do Its best work and you're really engaging Or getting the most out of the midle That you're getting here but overall Very kind of polished experience as I Said in the shorter distance that I've Done the shorter session I've done I Haven't had a bad run in it that longer Run I think slightly longer than kind of 10k run kind the eight mile run I think That you know I did start to notice some Things which maybe would put me off Running a little bit longer in it but Overall though it's been great to run in So this is the first time that I have Tested did the Tumi sen line um and on Paper it's not really a shoe that I Would generally look at using I like big Cushioned midsoles I like bounce um I Like softness and the Tumi range has

Never really been one that is designed To do that it's a short distance fast Ratio basically 5K to 10K distance so I Was quite surprised when I tested this Shoe out to find that I really like it Um I have used it for quite a few things Now I've used it for 5K race I've used It for three track sessions and a couple Of easy runs as well just to see how it Felt at a more comfortable Pace uh what I found is that it is a very very Enjoyable shoe when you're running fast For track sessions it's probably my Favorite track shoe at the moment it Just feels so light on the feet um but You do get a nice bit of propulsion from The combination of that uh Light Strike Pro midell foam and the energy rods 2.0 In it so it is a really nice Faso if You're looking for something that just Picks up the pace cu really fast Acceleration um and feels like you've Not got anything on your feet basically The other thing I would say about them Uh the shoe as well is that um I because I love big cushion shoes um I'm not Normally a fan of something that has a Smaller um Mido uh stack height in it um But what what I felt from this shoe is That that cushioning is actually fairly Adequate it it doesn't feel like there's Limited cushioning in it you can still Feel a nice bit of cushioning in this Shoe despite the fact that it is a

Relatively lean smaller shoe um so uh It's definitely a comfortable shoe for Doing those 10K distances in um when I Am out doing track sessions in it I can Really feel that it's quite a Comfortable shoe it's not just sort of Your average racing flat style lean uh Midsole it does have a little bit more To it I wouldn't say I feel a lot from The ngg rods but it's the same feeling That I get from things like the Adidas Adios Pro 3 where it's a bit more subtle In comparison to something like the Alphafly or the vapor fly um it's Definitely doing something it feels very Poppy um and does feel very quick uh but It's not a noticeable feel from that Midle foam and the um energy rods so Yeah even on the easy runs I actually f It felt quite nice um due to that really Nice light sty Pro midle phone um so Yeah I I it's a 5 to 10K ratio uh I Would definitely say it fits into that That band uh I probably wouldn't use it For much more although I think if you Were used to using less Cushing shoes This is a really good shoe for maybe Half marathon distance maybe even Marathon if that's the that's the sort Of feeling you want but um for me Definitely a 5 to 10K shoe uh and I Almost got a park run PB in this um I Think I was 1 second off normally I Would use my alphafly ones for uh park

Run um but I use this and it yeah it Just felt great it just felt really fast So overall I'm really impressed with the Shoe uh and definitely it's pered part Of my ration for those shorter runs Training sessions faster efforts Intervals all those sorts of things um And yeah well worth the look if you're Looking for a short distance fast light Shoe I've done 50k in the ID Tumi 10 uh That's included a couple of workouts a Fivemile race a a decent progression 10K And know track CRPS 10times 400 down the Track and I really love the shoe just Like I really love the idasa Kumi S 8 Which uh you know I used for a couple Hundred kilometers with lots of racing Just cuz it's just a really nice feel to The shoe and they're saying with the Adidas Tumi s 10 which is almost a break From the standard fast shoe you use These days which is a very high stack Shoe very big bouncy shoe this is a much More direct and aggressive shoe but Still has a fair amount of comfort there It's still a reasonbly high midsole with A super foam in it but gives you that Slightly more grounded Nimble feel Really lets you feel the speed a bit Better and just feels fantastic to run Fast in just really fun basically to run Fast in so the changes I've noticed here With this Tumi sent 10 compared to the Eight which I think was quite similar to

The nine I do think it's got a slight Little bit of extra firmness you get a Slightly more responsive ride a little Bit more snap from the new way the Energy rods are set up but do think Overall they're very similar shoes in Terms of performance level but yeah it Does I think maybe add a tiny bit of a Pop there to the for foot in particular So the race I did in the Tumi sent 10 Which we've got a race video up on the Channel was a f mile race in Victoria Park in London I ran my 5 Mile PB in That race of 26 minutes and 6 seconds And yeah I felt really good for that so Light so aggressive so easy to pick the Feet up and accelerate especially if You're actually racing as I was for lots Of know trying to join groups move away From groups that kind of thing being Able to put little surge of speed on in The shoe feels really good same Obviously when you're kicking for the Line as well and that kind of differs a Little bit from some of the big carbon Shoes where it's more about getting into A rhythm and just pounding along at a Certain Pace this feels more like a Racer in that light feeling that you Have that allows you to change your Speed a little bit during those events Same time I think in that race it kind Of showed well I do think the skum lacks Compared to those big stack carbon shoes

Like Victoria Park is a big flat space With sweeping turns it's easy to use a You know a tool shoe in that kind of Environment and you do get a little bit More bounce and propulsion from the 40 Mm full Super Shoes with the full plates I do think you just get a bit more oomph And it can help you hold a really Fastpac deep into a race and maybe Overall give you that faster time and I Think the Tumi s didn't really deliver a Time that was going to be much slower Than those shoes over that kind of Distance but it's something that would Come into play I think over long events You know half marathon for sure and and Marathon and maybe even things like 10ks If I'm on a nice flat stretch I would Probably rather be in a big stack shoe Over the Tumi 10 myself but there are Lots of events and real world running Situations where I do think it has a Little bit of an edge because it is so Light and Nimble the scum set 8 I use For a half marathon and a very twisting Course and I think that was as good as Anything you could use on that course Because of the way it allows you to Attack corners and accelerate out of Them a bit better than the bigger Slightly heavier less stable shoes that Also makes it good for lots of things Like Park runs where you're just do Little looped courses with quick turns

And all that kind of thing or just real World training like I did the Progression 10K in the shoe where I went From I think 345k down to 313k something Like that there was a kick in the last Okay and that was on a loop near me and It's a pretty good loop I pick it Because it's fairly open and flat There's not too many people around but There are sections where you're dodging People you're on narrow roads kep a Thread between a couple of ballards and A couple of sections and things like That and that's where this is a really Great shoe for it because it's just Easier to do it in a lightweight shoe Like this that is quite grounded quite Stable quite agile and it makes it Really good for those craning situations First run I did and it was like an easy To steady run around my local area and Again things like hambur Pavements post Boxes there's people there's dogs it's a Good shoe to use for those sessions You're not just on a fantastic circuit Lined up with pristine ashal or even on The track that said it is an amazing Track shoe and I loved using it for a Track session where I did 10 times 400 m In it uh that was actually a longer Track session where I did the first half Which was 10 * 1K at 320 Pace in the Puma fast R2 the second half was 10 * 400 m at 75 second Pace in the Tumi sand

And it did kind of show off the Differences between these two levels of Super Shoes in terms of stack and bounce With the pumer feeling really good for Those longer r reps you know cruising Along at that pace helping me hold that Pace really nicely and then when I drop To the shorter reps slightly higher Speed a little bit of extra aggression You got from the Tumi made up for the Slight lack of Bounce you have compared To the pummer which is a fair bit Heavier but does give you a bit more of That booming propulsion you expect from A super shoe whereas the tumia is more About that lightness and speed and you Still get obviously propulsion from the Shoe it is still a reasonably High stack With energy rods and Light Strike Pro in There it's just a little bit lessened Compared to some like the adios Pro 3 Which you've got the bigger stack and It's more geared towards providing that You doing bouncing sensation this is More about really giving you the the Revs for acceleration and fast running And Agility to my verdict on the Adidas Tumi Sen 10 I love it I think it's a Fantastic um RAC shoe and I was not Expecting that from how it would appear On paper uh it has successfully become a Shoe in my rotation now for those Interval sessions and short distance uh

Races those sorts of things where I want A light shoe but I I also want a bit More from it I want a bit little bit of Energy return uh I want some of that Energy Rod feeling of propulsion in There uh it's got the lot really um for Those shorter distances I definitely Wouldn't use it for anything over 10K But um I I'm picking the shoe up now More and more for those um short sharp Efforts where I just want something that Really helps me go fast um for a short Period of time alternatives to this Would be things like the New Balance uh Pacer which I I don't mind that shoe I Just didn't feel like it was really Giving me a lot about I think there's a Little bit more to this shoe I think That foam is better than the foam that You get in the uh New Balance Pacer uh So yeah definitely a shoe that is in my Iritation now I'm very impressed of it Verdict is that Tumi sentan is a Brilliant shoe it's one I really love I Do think it's a slightly hard shoe to Recommend if you're building a kind of Classic running shoe rotation though so If you're you're putting in your easy Day shoe your cushion shoe your daily Trainer your mid-level shoe that can do Workouts can do a bit of everything and Then your allout racing shoe if I was Just going to buy one of each of those Shoes none of them would be the Tumi s

I'd buy a more well-rounded carbon shoe Especially someone who usually goes for Marathons over shorter events get Someone like the alphafly which is still A very light shoe still brilliant for 5K Would probably still take it over the Tumi for you very easy 5Ks in a circle That kind of thing then the mid- level Shoe the Tumi not really a daily trainer It's a bit too strip back it's it's not Going to be IDE deal with something like A super trainer or a a shoe like you Know the New Balance Rebel or pum Velocity we've got a bit more cushioning Bit more General use shoe and then Obviously it's not a cushion shoe for Easy run so it's hard to slip into that Kind of rotation unless your only races Are things like 5K 10ks and then you've Got a very good short distance racer Here I still would take somethingone Like the bfly over that in that Situation because it is just as light as Tumi gives you a bit more cushion bit More bounce and propulsion but you know It's up there with those kind of shoes For short distances but if I was Building a for Sho rotation if I was Going to add an extra Sho to my rotation I would pick the Tumi probably over Everything else because it's just such a Fun shoe to have around for Speed Sessions and races where you're not Necessarily going all out but races just

Aren't in perfect conditions like I do a Lot of that kind of thing like Park runs Or Club runs and things like that where You know you're not lining up your big a Race on a big city course that's just Hammering down long straights with like Barriers and everything you know that's That's a different kind of race to me Almost to compared to the the day-to-day The bread and butter of racing which Does involve those kind of random little Courses in towns or you know a club race In the evening I have a lot of like Club Races in the evening over the summer Where you're just heading out random Country Roads and things like that that Tumi worked really well for and I did Enjoy it in the five mile race even on a Great course in Victoria Park as well so Then it brings so much fun uh to speed Sessions it's a really good track shoe It's a really good you know 10K 15K Workout shoe on the road as well and Just love having it around so if you you Can slip into rotation quite easily Alongside you know another General Training shoe for other kind of speed Session or longer workouts or just you Slightly easier runs the Tumi does a lot Of stuff really well and it'll certainly Have a spot in certain rotations who Runners who do a lot of the stuff I've Just been talking about above in that Case I would say you wouldn't have to

Really go for the latest version of the Shoe I do think the Tumi 8 was just as Good as it I didn't test the Tumi said 9 But I think it's quite similar all Around so you'll be seeing those shoes In sales Tumi is a shoe that pops up in Sales even the newest version and it has Dropped you know to around 100 quid $100 Before maybe slightly less than that and At that price it becomes a bit more Approachable because you I wouldn't pick It up as a fun workout shoe and the Occasional short distance racer for it's Full price it's quite a high price for That but if you get it at a nice big Reduction it's a great shoe to have Around I think does a really good job on Lots of runs and like I say it's really Fun to run it so yeah really enjoy the Tumi 10 if you have a use case for it You know it's worth grabbing I think so My verdict on the Adidas Tumi senten is That this is a shoe that I have very Much enjoyed running in I think when you Use it in the right scenarios the right Distances the right speeds I think Absolut you get a experience here that I Think feels great when you're running at Your fastest now if I had a 5K race Tomorrow if I had a kind of interval Session a track session would I use this Shoe would I be happy to use this shoe Absolutely I'd be happy to grab for this I know that I would get a good

Experience and a good session from this Shoe I think ultimately for me if I was Doing those kind of speed sessions if I Was doing a kind of short distance race I probably would use a carbon shoe that I'm probably already using for kind of Running marathons which I know can kind Of kind of transfer those shorter Distances as well but if you wanted a Dedicated shoe I think absolutely this Is a kind of standout option where you Maybe don't want to be running in your Carbon kind of racer for all of your Distances all of your sessions now I Haven't run the previous t s shoes I Haven't run n streak fly the only other Shoes I've run in this kind of profile Have been the Hawker cell Road I think The New Balance super comp Pacer as well Too both very good uh shoes two shoes I've enjoyed running in as well too Designed for the same types of runs I Think for me I would probably put this Just above those two shoes I think There's not much between it and the Cello Road where I think maybe I felt it A little bit in my legs in the kind of Quicker sessions that I did in the cell Road I think the upper is nice and thin Like it is on the Tumi S I think you get A good level of mid you know kind of mid Cell bounce there and that kind of low Kind of aggressive feel um as well too It's the same with the super comp Pacer

But I think once I'd use the cell Road And obviously using this as well I feel Like these two this shoe and that shoe The C road is a bit of a step up from The New Balance shoe I would say also you're probably getting A little bit more in terms of outsole um I think durability from this shoe Compared to those two shoes so if you Are looking for a short distance um kind Of racing shoe speed shoe for me from The ones I've tested this feels like the Standout one for me now I know it's got Heavier than the last shoes but I think Ultimately in terms of my experience it Hasn't felt like a heavy shoe and I feel Like it's a a great shoe to run speed Sessions and yeah I'd have no issue if I Had a kind of flat uh kind of 5K race to Do you know and I wasn't using my carbon Shoe I'd happily grab the shoe and I Know that I get a good experience from It and I know I'd get a good level of Out soole grip I know I'd get something Nice and light something that has a Midsole that's you know when I put the Work in I'm going to fill the rewards From it as well too so yeah all very Happy in my experience with the Tumi S1 Absolutely if you're looking for a short Distance racer and a kind of speed work Shoe this is absolutely a standout one To use that's it from us on the Adidas Tumi 10 thanks a lot for watching don't

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