The Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 10 is a lightweight shoe built for short races, and we’ve been itching to put it to the test with an all-out effort since it landed. Tom and Nick both went out seeking PBs today;Tom at his favourite parkrun and Nick at a five-mile race. Here’s how they got on.

00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:31 – Tom’s parkrun test
04:28 – Nick’s 5-mile test: pre-race
06:37 – Nick’s 5-mile test: post-race

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Hello and welcome to runers my name is Nick and this morning I went out and Raced a f mile race in the Adidas Tumi 10 going all out for a PB in the shoe For a race video to see how it fares Over that distance I was talking to Tom Afterwards and he also went out and ran Hard in the Tumi senten this morning he Did a park run which I think you're not Meant to refer to as a race but he did Run all out and he was going for a park Run PB so we thought it'd be a good Chance to combine our experiences of Those two runs this morning to see how The shoe fares over those short Distances when you're going all out so Yeah here's our experience of the AL can We send 10 today so I KN down to Preston Park park run today which is my local Park run in Brighton I've done it more Than any other Park runs so I've done it About 40 times now and I've only done About 55 56 Park runs uh at the moment it's Quite a tough park run uh because it Does have quite a big hill in it it you Start at the top of the hill and you go Down quite a steep bit and then there's A really nice like 600 meter section Which is just a really steady downhill Which you can really pick up the pace With but then obviously you got to go Back up it um and it's almost three laps So it's quite a tricky one to get right

And um my PB at uh the seafront part run Which is completely flat on a good day Is like the perfect place to to do a uh Fast part run and a lot of people do Sometimes you get like 800 people down There trying to trying to get a good Time um so it's uh so my PB at Preston Part run is 1814 um today I went down to try and Beat that and I managed to get 1815 although um I didn't managed to Actually bre get my part run PB at this At the Preston part part run I was Pretty pleased with that cuz I'm not as Fit as I was when I originally did my 1814 um on that course um hopefully at The end of my Boston Marathon trading I'm going to be a bit fitter and I'll go Back and try and break that I really Want to break the 18 minute Mark for Preston park because if I do that then Hopefully I should be getting more like 1730 something like that um on a flat Par run so the Adidas dumi 10 um I've Used it a few times now I've used it for Interval sessions I've used it for a Couple of easy runs and I've used it for A track session as well but this is the First time I've gone all out in it um in Race conditions um and I really Surprised about how much I like this Shoe uh if you watch the channel you'll Probably know that I'm obsessed with Big Max cushion shoes I like a lot of Bounce

I like really soft bouncy midsoles um And the uh I've never even looked at the Tumi sen range as an option for me Because it just isn't one that I'd Normally look at Um but in testing this I really really Want to it um in for track session it Was absolutely fantastic loved it um Just felt so light on the feet but with A lovely bit of pickup as well like you Can really pick up the pace quickly in This shoe um and doesn't feel like You're in a more minimal shoe I actually Think this midsole this Light Strike Pro Midsole um it surprisingly has a little Bit more to it than what I'd expect from A shoe like this it it feels not Necessarily soft but it feels like There's a mid soole there and you you Can really feel it when you're running In it so uh for me and somebody who Doesn't really like wearing uh shoes That are under like 38 MIM uh stack Height this has been quite a surprising Um shoe for me to wear so um at the part Run today um this first time I've done a 5K in this shoe all out and normally I Would wear my Alpha flies or my vapa Flies or my so endorphin Pro 3 to do That um but this worked absolutely Fantastically um I was a bit worried That after maybe a couple of K that I Would really start noticing that lack of Bouncy midsole in it but I didn't and it

Just felt really good I think it really Comes down to the fact that Light Strike Pro there's just a lot more to it it Just feels very efficient running at That pace and just feels so fast when You're when you're out running it but I Think it comes down to that fantastic Mid cell phone because uh if it didn't Have that and it was just a more uh Leaner shoe I probably wouldn't have had That same experience that I had in it Today so um I think yeah I'm really Enjoying this really looking forward to Doing a 10K in this shoe cuz um after The run I did today I think uh it's Definitely going to be uh it's an option Now for me to use for a 10K distance Just because I just it just feels like There's more to it than I would have Expected from that midsole so overall Very pleased with the part run I did Today 2 seconds off a PB which I'll take I'm happy with because I think over the Next few weeks I'm going to easily build My fitness up so I can actually uh beat That and I think this is going to be a Shoe that I'm going to use to do it good Morning from Lon I am Nick from the Runers I'm about to go and do a race in The adash Tumi 10 today I have got the Victoria Park five Miler within the Chingford league league of races local League we have here uh it's pretty flat And Fast 5 miles around Victoria Park

Two laps of a flat road course it's Quite interesting League CU half the Race is cross country and then half of Them are road and it should be a good Test of the shoe today it's a race I've Done twice before once like quite a long Time ago I think 2018 don't even Remember what shoe I was using then ran Uh 27 High something like that and then Last two years ago no two years ago now I ran it in the Nike Street fly when I Ran a 2630 odd so I'd like to try PB Today I think my PB 5 miles is 2612 2613 Which I ran in the alphafly in a quite a Random race out in the S6 Countryside That's like the second day of almost a Back-to-back training box I should be Able to go quicker than that in theory It's a flatter faster course today Tumi Sent on which is a great short distance Racing shoe I've always loved the Tumi Like since the Tumi S 8 I used a lot for Training I loved it as a fast training Shoe I also used that shoe for racing at 5K 10K and half marathon at times and Liked it on certain courses of lots of Twists and turns kind of the question With the Tumi for me is always whether You take it over a full stack you know 40mm stack racing shoe like the vaporfly Which is also very light for any kind of Race really whether it's worth having That slightly nimbler feeling to the Tumi instead of the extra bounce you

Might get from a higher stack shoe so That's what I'm looking out to test Today I've Lov the Tumi so far my Testing the Tumi 10 that is it's pretty Similar to tum8 for me but interesting To see how it goes in a race today Whether I can push through the whole Race or if I get a bit tied in second Off so with the streak fly that's what Happened I think I ran a pretty solid 5K And then two slightly iffy KS six and Seven where I just felt I wasn't getting As much back from the shoe as I get from A a full carbon shoe and the Tumi has More propulsion to it than the street Fly I've always thought that the Tumi Eight was a better shoe than the Nike Street fly and I think it's going to be A better racing shoe today but obviously The only way to check that is to go and Put it to the test with a hard outing so I'm head down there now and then yeah We're checking after the race see how I Got on and how I felt the shoes [Music] Were So all done uh R 2608 I think uh so if That's confirmed that is a PB for me With high 5 miles which is pleasing Couldn't hold on in the last fourth and Fifth miles to get the sub 26 I think Actually I wasn't quite close as I Thought on the watch I was pretty close But then uh you obviously the watch was

Like 5.04 miles so i' have been a couple Of seconds over but yeah had a really Good run there ran the first three miles Nice and well paced I think went for 5K Around kind of 16 dead got on a nice Group there's a bit of wind here today So was kind of huddling up for a bit of It here and there and yeah then the last Two miles just dropped off to finish Fifth and uh had a yeah really good run So very pleased with that overall one Guy went off sa ridiculous run I just Went off like like a minute ahead after About a mile and a half um but yeah Fifth overall good run and the shoes Yeah really good basically exactly what I'd expect from ton which is they felt Absolutely amazing early on really Turning over well lots of power in my Legs got of pace there and then in the Last couple of K good still turning over Really nicely hold a decent pace but a Little bit less bouncy when you're Running with the wind so you don't get I Feel like when sometimes with some of The big carbon shoes when you're running With the wind you're just getting just You're flying along the flight time the Bounce the wind's greater but the kind Of bit of the fourth miles with the wind Today and I was just shuffling a bit Couldn't get quite enough spring into The legs but the shoes were still Turning over really nicely which

Obviously I like as a high Cadence Runner but you maybe don't get quite the Bounce that you get from some other Shoes the trade-off being that you get a Nice Nimble shoe you go around corner Corners very quickly and you can you Know pick your feet up and accelerate Whenever you want that was a big feeling With it every time I felt I was dropping Off a bit need to get my head back in The game just picking up a bit of speed Again was really easy in these shoes CU They're so lightweight you can just Really start turning your legs over Again quickly get a nice little Acceleration like running in a race when You may put in a little surge to try and Get someone or go past someone and it's Really nice to doing these shoes you Don't have to run in such a steady Rhythm which is sometimes how I feel With the big really big carbon shoes you Want them to stay in that Rhythm to Bounce along but yeah these are a lot More Nimble course today like is an Ideal I think for thei as well so it's This long sweeping fairly flat course With like long rounded corners and you Know like downhills open wide stretches Like B busy it's a London Park on a Saturday and lot of people out running Just normal runs but you don't that's The kind of course for example I think You want the big carb you want the

Bounce cuz you're just in a straight Line you're lining up and you're just Going to hammer it out get as much power Into your legs as much spring as you can Out of them as possible and just fly Along Tumi really excels more on those Kind of twisting courses it's a great Park run shoe for example when you're Going around a maybe a three laap park Run with lots of little Nimble turns and Stuff like that it's really good for That cuz you can take Corners really Well at speed and accelerate out of them And really know put some gas into it Without worrying about having a big shoe On your leg there's no big stability Concerns and that kind of thing and yeah It was actually a bit of a treat Rounding Corners today it felt so easy In this shoe compared to some of the big Shoes I've been using lately trade-off Then being that yeah you don't get quite As much explosive kind of punch from Them as you do some of the other shoes But you know there's still loads of that You talking Marg as always of these Shoes you got to qualify everything We're saying it's quite marginal stuff The differences between them and I do Think yeah they're certainly very far so Last few years I've done 5 miles in um The alpha Fly 2 you know this shoe and The street fly and you know quite Different shoes I think Tumi is perfect

For twisty courses the alply when I ran The previous PB in that like started With a big downhill Mile and you know You just murder that in the Ali 2 Because you're going so fast downhills With that big bouncy shoe and then Obviously the trade-off is coming up the Hills isn't quite so fun of the ALF 2 Cuz it's solid 50 g a shoe heavier than This one so all over um really enjoyed It today really enjoyed the shoe like We've got our review coming soon but I Do love to T it's pretty my favorite of All the kind of non-essential shoes out There like you're building a rotation You get your nice cushion shoe in there You get your kind of General daily Speedy shoe Tempo stuff and then you're You fast all out carbon shoe for racing The Tumi doesn't fit any of those boxes Perfectly well but in a fores shoe Rotation where you maybe have you know a Nice cushion shoe something a bit more Balanced that you can use for daily Training that's not just to recover your Own shoe and then Kumi for your speed It's the most fun shoe for Speed Sessions I think I've tested it's just It's just great to use because it is so Quick it's great for real world running When you're going to go into a session On twisty roads or going down the track It obviously feels amazing as well great For short races and things like Park RS

And other 10ks where you're on twisty Courses that aren't really Built For Speed you just want to race hard in them The Tumi feels really good in it and Then you maybe pull on a high stack shoe For those kind of races like today where You've got long straights you've got Sweeping turns you've got downhills you Just going to Muller them and a bounce Of your shoe but it still does those Races really well I have PP today so I Am very chuffed indeed really good day Out so the Vicky Park 5 Mile is a great Race it's obviously it's a chinga League Race so there's lots of Club Runners Here and it's it's really fast really Fun amazing field turns out lots of Familiar faces so had a really good time Thanks to Vicky park harriers for Hosting another great Event