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Grab the Adidas YEEZY 350 Pirate Black 2023:
In today’s video I check out the Adidas YEEZY 350 Pirate Black 2023! The Adidas YEEZY 350 Pirate Black 2023 had a release date of June 1st 2023 and a retail price of $230! The Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 Pirate Black 2023 was originally released meant to release in 2022 but ended up releasing as part of Yeezy Day 2023! Check out the full Adidas YEEZY Boost 350 Pirate Black 2023 review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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After two years of leaks and obviously a Release date pushback the most Anticipated release of Yeezy day has Finally dropped what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and today I'm checking out The new ish Adidas Yeezy boost 350 Pirate black 2023. so even though this Is like the second easy boost 350 Colorway to ever drop it's actually Experienced the most restocks out of any Other Yeezy 350 and possibly 350 V2 in Fact this is actually the third time That the pirate blacks have dropped they First released back in 2015 they had a Re-release and a slightly modified Variant release back in 2016 and now We're getting the third and probably Final release of the shoe in 2023. now As you probably know the shoe is Supposed to release back at the end of 2022 however because of all the stuff Going on with Kanye and Adidas Adidas Decided to sever their contract with Kanye West and for a while it looked Like the shoe may actually never Re-release even though they produced Thousands of pairs of them but as we all Know now the shoe did finally release on June 1st for a retail price of 230 bucks And of course this release was part of That huge Yeezy clearance event that Adidas had and quite possible could be The last 350 V1 to ever release in fact I'm almost 100 certain about that I'm

Not 100 certain about the V2s a lot of You guys call me out in the comment Section of my last V2 review that I Dropped yesterday saying oh there's a Bunch more coming out I actually don't Know I wouldn't be surprised like I said In that review but for the 350 V1 there Have been no leaks of new colorways or Restocks or anything like that so I'm Pretty sure this is the last one that We're ever going to get especially Because Adidas and Kanye have parted Ways but with that being said I'm glad They brought this shoe back because this Is one of the most iconic Adidas and Yeezy sneakers of all time obviously the Turtle doves is probably the most iconic 350 V1 but for a lot of people this is a Pair that they had when the shoe first Came out because there was two releases Of this shoe and it's super wearable Because it's an all black colorway and Like I said in the unboxing of this shoe That I dropped a couple days ago this Was actually the first pair of Yeezys I Ever reviewed on the channel I think it Was a 2016 pair I bought it off stockx For like a thousand dollars and then I Ended up not keeping it and selling at The flight club for like a thousand Dollars because I didn't have the money At the time still still don't Realistically shouldn't be spending a Thousand dollars on shoes but I do it

Every so often and now in 2023 like Seven years later I'm really happy to Have this shoe back but even though the Shoe looks like the other pirate blacks There are some minor changes between This 2022-2023 release of the shoe that Separated from the older versions of the Shoe and the first and probably the most Major change is the box which I know Isn't that big of a deal but it's still The biggest change so let's check it out So this box is very similar to the easy Boost 350 V2s box in fact it's pretty Much identical other than saying just Yeezy 350 on the front rather than Yeezy Boost 350 V2 or Yeezy 350 V2 and it's a Standard drawer box the original box of The shoe came in this sort of like flip Top box it didn't have any printing on The outside similar to what we get with The foam Runners but uh in this case They went for a much more standard box They probably had the manufacturing set Up for this box already so they didn't Want to go back to the original because Why would they need to do that because At the end of the day it really is just A box so it doesn't matter that much and Then of course you've got the size tag On the front of the box I grabbed a size Eight and a half because that was the Only size available on Goat instant ship It fits albeit a little bit tight I I Did have a size 9 in the 2022 turtle

Doves which fit exactly like this pair So I can still give you guys sizing Advice and I can still try these shoes On for the awful portions of this video And the official colorway of this shoe Is pirate black blue gray sea black huh I didn't know I thought it was pirate Black pirate black pirate black but Apparently not and it's also funny Because on the go tag it says Yeezy Boost 350 pirate black 2022 and then in Parenthesis 2023 because obviously the Release of the shoe was pushed back and Actually if you look at the size tag Inside this shoe and you look at the Manufacturing date it says August 2022. So this shoe is produced and ready to go Back in August and I believe it was Supposed to drop in December but now Because of obvious reasons we're getting It in June 2023 which to be honest I'm Not mad about because at least we're Getting this shoe because for a while There it looked like Adidas might Actually destroy all of the produced Pairs of Yeezys that they had which Sounds crazy but that was legitimately Something that they were considering but Why don't we dive into the 2023 release Of the pirate black Yeezy boost 350s and Find out what materials make up this Shoe and whether there are any Differences between the 2016 and 2015 Pairs so starting off on upper of the

Shoe as you probably would expect and as You can probably see the entire upper of This shoe is covered in that original Yeezy boost primeknit now this primeknit Not only looks different than the Primate used on Yeezy boost 350 V2s it Also feels different it's significantly Thinner it's actually a lot more Breathable and a lot softer because it Doesn't have that sort of supportive Mesh underneath the primeknit and Honestly I kind of prefer the way this Feels on foot now with that being said The fit isn't as good as a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2s but the softness of the Primeknit feels more like a sock on your Foot than the 350 V2s which feel like a Almost like a Flyknit because it's a Little bit stiffer now obviously not Only is the actual knit of the primeknit Different than the 350 V2s but so is the Pattern this is sort of like Digi camo Thing or this sort of Digi line thing I'm not sure exactly what it's supposed To be but I honestly love it and I kind Of wish they had done a pair of 350 V2s With this same pattern I mean when you Compare it to some of the more popular 350 V2 colorways it's just simpler it's Just cleaner it's not as crazy it's not As out there and I definitely prefer it Again the upper of this shoe in my Opinion looks better in terms of shape And it feels better on foot but this is

Design is just cleaner now as with all Pairs of 350 v1s and most pairs of 350 V2s you do have the stitching detail Running down the center of the shoe Which I really like it gives the shoe This sort of handmade feel and then over Top of that weaving through the upper of The shoe you've got these classic 350 Rope laces moving towards the back of The shoe you've got this black piping Covering the entire ankle opening of the Shoe and then moving inside the shoe Around the heel of the sneaker you've Got this black sock liner which is Really nicely padded and it's actually a Detail that was added on the newer 2016 Version of the shoe I think it might be A little bit different than that shoe I Don't have a pair on hand to compare if It's exactly the same but it was a Detail that was added on the 2016 pair The 2015 pair did have some very light Padding around the heel but not that Much that padding also made the 2016 Version of the shoe fit a little bit Better than the 2015 version which fit Really really large but now let's get Into sizing and fit and the good news About this pair of 2023 pirate blacks is That they fit just like the 2022 turtle Doves which fit pretty much true to size They actually retooled the sizing of That shoe which was great and made it a Much more True one-to-one Fit than it

Was in the past one thing to keep in Mind though is that this shoe does run a Little bit narrow so if you're a wider Footer maybe go up half a size but again If you have medium to narrow feet you Should be good going true to size unless You like a little bit more room Personally I would say go true to size Because the shape of the silhouette is Just not as fitting as the shape of the 350 V2s it doesn't Contour to your foot As well as that shoe does that shoe like Naturally just stays on your foot even Without tying the laces this shoe still Does that just not as well as the 350 V2s I mean it will still stay on your Feet even if you don't tie the laces as Long as you grab the right size but uh In my opinion go true to size and you Should be good to go continuing back in The sneaker on the lateral side you've Got more of that black 350 Prime knit Accented by this sort of bluish gray Digi camo pattern which again I Absolutely love and then moving over to The medial side of the shoe you've got That classic 350 V1 suede patch on the Midfoot on the right shoe you've got the Word or I guess the letters Yeezy Pressed into the center of the suede Patch and then on the left shoe you've Got the Adidas Trey foil logo this is The tray foil it is the Trey foil just Double checking just making sure I've

Always thought that the suede patch was There for a little bit of arch support I Don't know if that's actually the case And even if it is the case it doesn't do That much for your arch I have a really High arch and it does pretty much Nothing for my Arch but it's there Nonetheless actually on the interior of The shoe there is actually another panel Which is stitched on the back of the Suede panel to give it a little bit more Support I'm not sure why that's the only Place on the entire inside of the upper Of the shoe that has like extra backing Other than the lace holes Um but who knows continuing around to The back of the shoe you've got that Classic 350 V1 pull tab of course you've Got that bright red stitching running Through the center of the pull tab which Is like the iconic detail on this shoe And is honestly really the only pop of Color on this entire shoe I know it's Such a small detail but because it's Just that one pop of color it's always Been my favorite part of the pirate Blacks and honestly even the turtle does If I remember correctly the other two Colorways is the 350v ones like the moon Rocks didn't have that red stitching Detail and instead had some sort of like Lightly contrasting color that still Match the upper of the shoe so I like That they went with this bright red for

The two more basic colors so turtle Doves and the pirate blacks I think it's A nice touch running down the center the Heel you've got another seam on the back Of the shoe connecting the two panels on Either side of the shoe together however Unlike the front of this shoe and unlike Pairs of 350 V2s it doesn't have an Exposed stitching detail it's all kind Of hidden behind the seams that's Actually a funny pun behind the scenes Instead of behind the scenes that's That's funny I like that I'm 30. moving Down on the shoe you get to that iconic Ribbed 350 V1 midsole the same midsole That was used or a similar midsole that Was used on the 750s and as you can tell This midsole is pretty different from The 350 V2s it's a little bit thinner it Doesn't have the same sort of shape as The 350 V2s it's very straight across The top and uh honestly the rubber that They used on this midsole is a lot Thicker than the 350 V2 so it doesn't Compress as well not only that but Because the midsole rubber itself is Thinner that means that there's actually Less boost in the midsole so it's not as Soft underfoot as a pair of 350 V2s and When you pair that with a stiffer rubber Use on the midsole it's just not as Comfortable underfoot it's not as bouncy It's not as soft it is still nice and at The time this was one of the only boost

Shoes available that Adidas made which Made it one of the most comfortable Adidas shoes out there and of course When you pair that with this super soft And stretchy and honestly breathable Prime and upper this was probably Considered as comfortable as the ultra Boost even though it it really wasn't I Remember back in 2015 everyone wanted 350 V2s because it was comfortable they Wanted it because of the height I could Absolutely confirm now that I have both Pairs in hand and I just wore both pair Is today that the 350 v1s are nowhere Near as comfortable as the 350 V2s they Are still comfortable but this is a much Superior shoe in terms of shape and Comfort so overall it's nice to have the 350 V1 pirate black back that was a Mouthful to say it's nice to have this Shoe back even though this is the third Iteration and the third restock of this Shoe because this really is one of the Most popular 350s of all time now Something that's interesting about the Silhouette that I didn't even realize Until I reviewed the turtle doves but a Lot of people have kind of soured on This design they feel like it's too Stuck in the past which is crazy to me Because this shoe looks like it's from 2050 regardless so I don't really know What people are talking about but it Seems like people have gotten so used to

The 350 V2s that a lot of people just Don't love this design anymore and don't Want to wear this design anymore however For people like me who were really in Their sneaker Prime when this shoe Dropped were really nostalgic for this Shoe so for someone like me I'd love to Have a pair of these in my size to Actually rock on a regular basis will I Actually grab a pair I don't know They're sold out now and resale is like 300 to 400 I don't know if it's worth it For me but still great looking shoe if You love the 350 pirate blacks and you Want a pair of them now is the time to Grab them before the price slowly creeps Up this is the last time we're ever Gonna get them interesting release happy That it's back would love to have a pair Of my size but I don't so there you go That's not a great way to end the review But there you go guys let me know your Thoughts on this shoe in the comment Section down below and as always thank You so much for watching make sure to Subscribe if you haven't yet and I'll See you all in the next one