Affordable back to school sneakers

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Here are three affordable sneakers for Back to school first up the Jordan 1 low OG black toe now these sneakers are an Absolute must-have for back to school The iconic black and white color scheme Combined with the red accents you can Never go wrong with now whether you wear Them with jeans or shorts these sneakers Will Elevate any outfit next up we have The Nike Dunk low medium Curry this Sneaker is all about earthy tones so Whether you're going to class or hanging Out with friends the Nike Dunk low Medium Curry is the perfect companion For both comfort and style moving on to The most trendy the Adidas Samba the Sambas Timeless design and low profile Gives them a classic look now not only Are they great for pairing with Athleisure outfits but they are very Affordable so you can beat these up and Cop a new pair no problem but I'm Curious what's your go-to back to school Sneaker