???? Welcome back to another exciting episode of Customs and Restorations with Vick! ????️ In this week’s edition, we dive headfirst into our very first customer restoration of 2024. This Air Force 1 Bapsta Restoration was a project Vick was very excited about! ???? If you’re a sneakerhead or just love witnessing incredible transformations, you won’t want to miss this!

???? Project Overview:
Vick challenged his followers to submit photos of their rare sneakers in need of restoration, and the response was overwhelming! Our inaugural project features a complete restoration of a pair of Bapsta AF1s. These iconic kicks arrived with soles cracked in half, and the owner’s DIY attempt left much to be desired.

???? Creative Problem-Solving:
Witness the journey as Vick and the team brainstormed and experimented with various sole mock-ups. The challenge was to find the perfect replacement that not only restored functionality but added a unique touch to these classic sneakers. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind solution that pushes the boundaries of sneaker restoration!

???? Unveiling the Transformation:
After meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, the big reveal is here! Watch in awe as the Bapsta AF1s undergo a stunning resurrection, breathing new life into a pair that seemed beyond repair. The transformation is not just about fixing what’s broken but elevating the sneakers to a whole new level.

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Hello to the incredible people at Rejuvenator just wanted to say thank you And that I am incredibly excited to see What you guys do with these 2009 aoyama City exclusive bapas there is Considerable amount of Soul Separation On the shoes but the biggest problem of Course are these cracked rock hard Souls I tried a little bit of a DIY project And uh failed miserably would like to Keep these wearable so that the world Can see the incredible craftsmanship uh Vic and the team over at rejuvenator Incredibly excited to see what you guys Do with [Music] These what's going on guys welcome back To the channel for today's restoration We got a rare pair of all black bapas You don't see these every day this is Going to be a fun project as is they're Not wearable the soul has a huge crack Down the middle we got to replace the Entire soul the client gave me full Freedom to replace a soul with any soul I want I'm thinking either a Jordan One Soul or a dunk Soul haven't decided yet Over the last few weeks I put out the Word that I'm looking for rare Restorations I've gotten hundreds of Emails I've already taken in a handful Of restorations this one's going to be The first one of the year I'm excited First things first is

Deconstruction to get it going we're Going to take out the laces and insoles And remove this old sole to do so we're Going to peel back the sole from the Upper it's really easy cuz the glue is Really brittle with an X-Acto Knife We're going to cut the entire thread That's hold the mle onto the [Music] [Music] Upper onto the prep work this part is Important we got to remove all the old Glue before we can apply new glue we got To remove it from the leather and the Suede so for this we're going to be Using a sharp blade basically what I'm Going to do is remove that top layer of Material to shave off that glue after That we'll move on to the Dremel all done with the skying we Shaved off all the old glue next with The Dremel using a 60 grit sanding bit We're going to go back and roughen on The material the reason why I'm going to Do this is so it can adhere better onto The sols when it's time for the Reglue [Music] Now for the donors you guys originally I Went to two different malls several Different stores looking for an all Black Jordan One Soul we were going to Make a hybrid with the Babe upper Jordan One Soul however after going to a few

Different stores I couldn't find exactly What I was looking for closest thing was A charcoal black soul with white Speckles that was no good there was an All black soul however I couldn't find a Size n so ultimately I scratched that And came back to the office to think of A new idea I was going through all my Projects and boneyard and I came across Something really cool an Air Force One Soul this makes the most sense it's a Better fit The Vape soul and the Air Force One Soul are basically the exact Same thing overall though the Air Force One Soul is a way better fit than a Jordan one soul I talked to the client To see what he thought and he loved the Idea especially the white it gives it a Much bigger pop instead of an all black Soul and it'll go nicely with the black And white tongue tag now the donor souls Are from a different project I already Removed the uppers but I still have to Remove all the old glue before I can Apply new glue so for this we're going To be using the Dremel once again but With the metal drill Bit all the old glue is completely off Before we lay down some new glue we got To use some acetone and carob boss to Give it a good wipe down same thing with The bottom Boards of the Shoes [Music]

Old glue is completely off we're done With the prep work next we're going to Go outside and spray some Bulldog Adan Promoter on the rubber outs this is just Another step that helps create a Stronger glue job once we let it dry for A few minutes we'll come back lay down Some glue on the Rubber outsoles and the Uppers then we'll let it cure for a few Hours and then we'll stick everything Together [Music] [Music] Glue is fully cured it's been a couple Hours as you can See the glue isn't tacky we're going to Heat it up in certain areas to get the Glue tacky once again before we stick Everything together I'm to start with The toe that is sit for a couple minutes Then we'll jump to the back and then do The rest [Music] [Music] [Music] Glue jop is complete I let these dry Overnight everything looks good on them Alignments on point no glue where there Shouldn't be real quick let's give it a Good stress Test yeah that's on there pretty good Next we got to restitch the sole for This we're going to be using some white Thread two pieces to be exact on each

Shoe and a sewing all we're going to Stick the first piece of thread inside The shoe tie it with a different one and Then start stitching it all Around Soles are fully stitched we're done with That process now we're on to the Cleaning we're going to give this shoe a Good deep clean ins set and out using Rejuvenated products overall the shoes Aren't too dirty but the uppers have a Lot of wear and tear the Bape tongue tag Is a little dingy it could be a lot Wider one thing to note is the toe boxes Have a lot of creasing once you put the Sho trees in give it a good cleaning let Them dry these toil boxes should look a Lot better let start this process by Going next door using the compressor to Blow off any surface dust off the uppers And Insides all right we got our bowl of Water that squirt two squirts of our Solution and insert our Sho Trees all right everything's pre ready To go the only brush we're going to be Using for the uppers is a soft bristle Brush you really want to focus on the Suede and the leather same thing with The tongue tag once all the materials Are all cleaned up we'll Pat it down [Music] Dry all done with the shoes the uppers Look great let's let those dry we still

Got to take care of the insoles and the Laces the insoles are pretty dirty There's a lot of dangerous going on We're going to give them a good scrub Using the medium Bristol brush and our [Music] Solution cleaning is complete thanks to Our rejuvenator products I let them dry Overnight overall the shoe look looks Way better the toe box is back to its Original shape the tongue tag is back to White insides look good same thing with The insole even the suede is less ashy But it still needs a redy so what we're Going to do next is tape everything off So we can lay down some Dye all taped up for this we're going to Be using some jakar black Dlow with the Airbrush we'll apply a couple coats then With the brush we'll brush it in apply Some more coats let it dry and that'll Be It [Music] [Music] [Music] N All done with the Dy the suede is Back To Black it's still buttery soft they Look perfect now this step is important Before we can take off the tape we're Going to go outside and spray some Rejuvenated water and stain repellent This will protect the Suede and it's

Going to lock in that die so it doesn't Rub off on my fingers or anything else Let's go Outside can't do it out here it's going To get my suede Wet Now let's let it [Music] Dry man these are looking really good The last step we got to do is take care Of the leather overall it's not in bad Shape there is a couple of scuffs here And there it's already prepped ready to Go so we're going to be using some Angelous flat black paint and a small Angular brush to touch it [Music] Up [Music] Leathers touched up that's it for this Restoration all that's left to do is to Lace them [Music] Up all right guys that's going to bring Us to an end on this restoration and Custom of these Babas honestly these Came out so good they look beautiful the Best part about them is they're wearable Once again originally these shoes has Some all black crack soles so you can See on the bottom huge crack can't even Bend them they're just not wearable now These have a brand new so that are Wearable once again with a nice twist

Instead of going with an all black soul We gave it a nice pop with the white in My opinion this was the right way to go About it for the rest of the shoe we Made it wearable once again we removed All the old glue appli some new glue for The new Souls now for the uppers we did A ton of work we use rejuvenator Products to clean the shoe inside and Out after that we gave it a good redy Repainted the black and protected it all Using a rejuvenator water and stain Repellent you can find all the products At rejuvenator dcom don't forget you Guys I'm still looking for Restorations That I haven't done before so if you Have anything cool send us some pictures With the description to the email down Below I can't wait to send these back to The customer hopefully he likes this as Much as I did can you hear me hey how's It going Vic doing good dude how you Doing rock and roll in here in New York So it's a b chilly but that's what's up Man we're here in Arizona it's kind of Chilly but it's getting warm dude I'm Just taking up your time I want to show You these bapas I spend a lot of time Working on them bro I love that we Collaborated big time on this project Where we were trying to figure out what Soul to put on them Jordan One Soul a Dunk Soul ultimately I think we went With the best

Choice dude oh my God those are sick Holy they came you added so much life to Them and gotten the creases at the toe That's amazing creases are out reshaped The toe box redy the entire suede it's Back to its original black soft texture Obviously the biggest difference Are the Souls see how close I I can get so like That EDG line dude it's literally Perfect there's no gaps it lined up Perfectly with the original soulle I Like the white pop a lot bro like the Black would have been cool too you know But it just kind of goes with that white Tongue tag yeah no man I think it's Amazing I I I love the white pop on it I Think that yeah like when we were going Back and forth as soon as I saw like the Mockup with the like the white soul man I was so in love like I think that these Look so so sick man I I'm curious to see What they might pop off with like white Laces but I don't know I kind of like The the all black look too yeah I kept The all the original all black laces but White laces uh might look dope too I Can't wait man to be able to rock you Know Vic Almighty custom on my feet it's It's a dream I'll tell you this man There's not many people out there with a Custom of mine usually I just do stuff For myself or private clients but I'm Glad you're one of the lucky for few to Have a restoration custom no dude I love

Them and I'm I'm going to cherish them Forever that's what's up man I'd love to Hear that well dude you have any Questions for me while you have me um no Man I I think that you know you did such An incredible job uh you know huge fan Been following you like since the Beginning dude very excited to see this On the channel again you know you're You're one of the best in the game Brother I appreciate that man and I I Can see you have good taste and shoes if You ever have any other cool projects Like this hit us up man maybe we can Make something happen Alfie it was nice To meet you man nice to meet you brother Good to seeing you sounds good later [Music] Bro [Music]